Chastity at the gym

Been in the Looker 02 recently. Couple of random observations regarding it and my thrice weekly personal trainer sessions.

  • He’s made me do Supermans recently (and today). This is a totally cake excercise for me usually, but, since I’m basically putting all my weight onto my hips, it ends up feeling like I’m being impaled on the L02’s urethral insert. The other day, I had to do them rolled out onto an exercise ball. Not painful, but like, “Oh, yeah. I’ve got this thing shoved up me. Right.”
  • Shoulder shrugs are a standing exercise where you lift a bar hanging down around your hips using your shoulder muscles (like a shrug, right?). No issues except for when, instead of sliding smoothing up and over as it would with an unencumbered penis, the bar gets caught by the rigid cage of the device and noticeably flips it up and then back down. It just looks in no way natural.
  • When you’re laying down on a bench doing decline crunches, the odd little lump in one’s workout shorts will often be visible. This can also happen when you’re doing any other kind of recumbent bench press, but is more pronounced when you’re laying in a position where your head is lower than your knees. In particular today, while doing barbell skull-crushers, the penis felt like it was moving down the insert while I was exercising (like, I could feel the insert sliding along inside the shaft of the penis), making the entire package at least feel a lot more present.
  • Occasionally, my sessions will end with my trainer stretching my hip flexors by laying me on a mat and pushing my knee forward into my chest while my other leg stays flat on the ground. Lots of stretchy crotch bits being stretchy and pulling the shorts flat along the line of my legs except, of course, for the bits that don’t stretch and just stand up all perky and weird. Bad enough, but worse when one of the other gym rats is standing there looking down at you and your trainer and chatting while your pronounced little bump sits there being pronounced. Worse yet when you’re wearing the only gray shorts you have rather than the black ones you normally wear and you notice that not only is the lump prominently visible, you can even see the bars on the sides of the L02’s cage and the ridge made by the device’s lock pressing through the material.

When I first started working out with this guy, the idea that my condition would be noticeable by him was mortifying. Now, even when I may be getting busted by other random gym goers, I just let it roll off me. I haven’t a clue what anyone thinks if they’re even noticing the weird little lumps and bumps (and I’m pretty sure they are) and I really don’t care. I’ve wondered if the trainer would ever bring it up and what I’d say if he did. He’s also Belle’s trainer. I think I’d probably come clean, but I don’t know for sure.

In any event, for the prospective chastity device wearer, all these things are totally doable while locked up. Doable while being as stealthy as possible? Maybe not so much.

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  1. I’ve never been “discovered”, but have long thought I would just say it’s a “sex game” my wife and I play. I mean, most guys would be jealous that my wife plays “sex games” with me! How many married men get little or no sex?!

      1. I don’t think I’d lie, either. My feeling about it now is that I won’t go out of my way to tell anyone what’s going on down there nor am I obsessive about hiding it. But, if anyone actually asks (and no one has yet), I’d tell them.

  2. Tell ’em it’s a truss. Most guys probably know *what* a truss is for, but has no idea what one looks like. If they ask to see it, give them a strange look and back away. Make them feel like the odd one out.

  3. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a runner. during 5k’s, I don’t have an issue wearing it. it doesn’t bother me nor does it have any pinching while running. I have both the metal chastity from amazon and the CB6000.

    1. I wasn’t as active when I was wearing the CB6K so I can’t really say much about it. The Steelheart and Jail Bird are no issues at all running 5k. I do that every weekend. They’re also very bike-friendly. I have had issues, though, with the Looker 02 and its insert. Wearing it and tight bike shorts is very problematic and it has also been known to cause issues when running.

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