Bonjour, tout le peuple Français!

The article on chastity from The Kernel that Tom mentioned yesterday (in which I was quoted) apparently got picked up/recycled by a French website and now a metric crap ton of French people are visiting the blog. Only difference between the two (besides language) is that the French site linked to me and the Kernel didn’t.

Bonjour, tout le peuple Français!

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  1. I got way excited seeing a title in French as I sit here studying for french. I wonder where one might find a catalogue of sex blogs in French.

    1. There’s a mention of you at very the end of the article
      I quote it in French

      A ce sujet, lire le blog :

      “J’ai choisi de renoncer à l’orgasme afin de rester dans cet état permanent de besoin et de désir et de soumission totale à sa volonté. A certains cela pourra sembler fou ou malsain. Mais il s’agit de la soumission la plus totale et satisfaisante que je puisse imaginer.”

      Btw, the different sites of the group Le Monde get an audience of around 10 millions of views per month

  2. This might give the over 50 crowd battling ED a chuckle. As I read the article from the French website this morning while at the office, I realized I had developed a major erection! It was so massive yet rare that I came close to snapping a picture with my phone and sending it to my wife as proof that there’s still something alive in my pants!

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