Good boy

Rule number 13 from Thumper’s Big Book of Blogging (Random House, 2008) is to never apologize for not having blogged in a long time. So I’m not going to do that. What I will say is I’ve been very busy at work in the kind of way that saps my brain and leaves me without a lot of gas in the blogging tank.

So. An update. Belle left me unlocked for more than a week. She let me out for the typical R&R and I found I had a small wound on the bottom of the shaft that needed to heal up and it took at least five of those days. Probably from some pinching and a badly situated weld on the bottom of the tube. The “don’t play with it” rule wasn’t really an issue because the little fucker hurt too much when I took it in hand, but sometime near the end of the unlocked period, I discovered whilst showering that the little fucker had healed sufficiently that I could, if I wanted to, play with it.

And I did.

So I did.

Not for too terribly long. Long enough to make it spurt in a non-orgasmic way, though. Then the guilt. Which made the pressure drop so that the stupid thing went soft. So, to recap, I haven’t come in over five months and desperately want to jack off but knowing I’m not supposed to but having done so anyway was enough to totally kill my hard-on. Training!

I did tell Belle about the transgression. She muttered something about punishment but never followed through.

Sunday, I had to go back in. I had been out for nine days and that was enough to be used to the feeling of being free and seeing the penis rather than the steel every time I went to the bathroom. She told me I had to go in on Sunday but had fallen asleep before checking and making sure I was. The thought of staying out one more night was a tempting one, but as I settled in for the night the subby nagging bit in the back of my mind told me to get up and put it back on. I left the key on her nightstand.

Monday night, Belle said to me, “That’s a good Thumpie, putting yourself back in like that.” I made a noncommittal whiny grunting sound.

“You’re better when you’re locked up,” she continued. I felt a pang of submissive reaction and avoided looking her in the eye. “And you know it,” she whispered, “don’t you?”

I melted.

Yes, of course. It’s true. By the end of that week out, I would see myself naked and unlocked and think, “Man, it’s good to have that thing off. Why do we even have to use that? What a pain.” Today, I got out of the shower and saw the shining steel between my legs and thought, “I’m a good boy,” and felt all the way down that locked was more natural than not. Funny how that works.

Last thing, then back to work. In that not awake but not asleep dream state we can find ourselves in in the morning, I dreamt today that I was jacking off again. I was edging myself and really enjoying it and then thought, “I’m just going to do it. I’m going to jack off just for the pleasure of jacking off.”

“But what if I come?” I asked. “What if I get too close to the edge?”

“Then I come,” I thought back. And I started to stroke it. I felt it get hard in my hand. It lengthened the best it can and swell up and I felt the locking of the orgasmic mechanism inside me and the ejacualte presure start to build for the shot across my stomach.

Then the bite of the Steelheart woke me up. I wasn’t jacking off. I wasn’t going to come.

I’m a good boy.

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  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while with great interest, and enjoy your writing. This post resonates as I started self imposed chastity and have not orgasmed for 5 wks. I’ve noticed increased attentiveness to my wife in most things, but I am also edging constantly: in bed before falling asleep, for an hour or so when I wake up every night at 2am, for 10 min after my alarm goes off, and in the shower getting ready for work. I just got a CB6K but am waiting on the larger ring set…too much pain at the 2am wake up to handle. Have not told wife about the device yet…still working on that, but she may certainly enjoy not waking to the 2am session. So in reading your post, I’m guessing my reaction to being chast but ‘free’ is somewhat normal? I am finding not orgasming is way easier than totally refraining from manipulating the near perpetually hard tool. Anyway, thanks for your great blog.

    1. It’s often very difficult to keep my hands off it during those rare periods of being allowed to go free. A day or so, usually no big deal. Once it goes beyond that, it’s a constant distraction. I find being locked up a relief since then it’s safely out of my control.

      Dude, you need to get your wife looped in to your secret pretty soon, don’t you think?

      1. Actually, I got some great insight from LadynMonkey…which I would not have even read had I not replied to your latest post. Our relationship is complicated, but best described for the last year as platonic best friends…I’d describe her as a prudish neo-Victorian. In the end I think she will get it but really wanted to get myself squared away before broaching with her. The larger rings arrived today and are much more comfortable. If I can go several nights without pain I’ll bring her in…I’ll keep you posted if you’d like. Hope this works because I love her and want this.

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