Turning more tricks

A little over a month ago I told you how Google had changed their algorithm such that my CB-6000 tips and tricks page, which had been growing in popularity, had suddenly plummeted down their rank and taken traffic to the page with it. Recently, I’ve noticed it start to claw its way back up to the point where it’s currently the fifth thing listed by Google when people search for variations of “CB-6000.” I don’t know if that’s due to a change in how their ranking works or a natural result of people clicking to it more often and Google naturally promoting it. In any event, it’s back to being the number one page on the site (after the homepage) and is steadily marching back up to its previous levels of interaction.

Screenshot 2013-12-11 13.53.35

If you’re like me, you find this kind of thing interesting. If you’re not, move along!

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