Happy new year, pervs!

I don’t like resolutions. Just don’t like the feel of them. The built-in expectation that many or most will fail. I prefer goals. Things to work towards.

In that spirit, Belle and I discussed our 2014 goals this morning prior to getting it on. First things first. On the orgasm front, she’s reiterated her goal that I should have none. Zero. Donut. She’s on board with my goal for her: 100. That’s not even two a week. No pressure. Totally doable. So, to sum up, the ratio of orgasmic release between the two of us is infinitely weighted in her favor. As it should be.

There were some other goals exchanged. I will continue to work at being the best sub I can be. In whatever way I can. She’s decided she doesn’t want me to ask her every single day how I can serve her. Too much pressure. Now it’ll only be on the weekends. Regardless, this will likely be something I will work on for the rest of my life. There is no perfection in this regard.

Another goal of mine is to get Belle into some ridiculously sexy lingerie. Something with straps and buckles. I really like straps and buckles. Straps connected to stockings and bodices with breasts spilling out. Mmmm. Good stuff. Yeah, that’s a goal.

The goal of Belle taking a boyfriend was discussed, but she’s not interested. One man is enough for her and, at times, too much, so no way she’s going to deal with looking for another. She’s also concerned that she might develop feelings for this other guy and I say of course she would, but there’s feelings and then there’s feelings. But whatever. Moot point.

The last goal was another of mine. I told Belle I really wanted to start getting fucked. Not just by myself, but by another person. My first suggestion was she could do it, but her position on that hasn’t much changed in the past 18 or 20 years so it remains very unlikely. On the other hand, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with me getting a boyfriend/friend that is a boy to do the deed. She’s said in the past that the concept of me being fucked by another guy doesn’t seem too far removed from mastrubation in her mind. It seems as though I have been officially cleared to investigate the options.

The only condition is that I have to remain locked up. As I should be. The penis is Belle’s, not mine and not something I can give to anyone else. So, assuming I go forward with this and she remains comfortable with it, what I have to offer someone is essentially a couple of holes and some hands. No penis.

I admit that I’m both excited and a little scared by the prospect of putting myself out there. I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say on it in the future.

In the mean time, Belle and I hope you all have a very fine 2014.

Oh, and…uh…ninety-nine to go!

13 thoughts on “2014

  1. Those are some awesome goals… And I look forward to reading about your experiences with looking for a boyfriend/friend. Happy new year to the both of you!

  2. If I may, can I offer a suggestion ? Granted, I’m not a woman and I do know sex is different for men and women, but….

    Don’t you think you know Belle well enough to take much of the burden off of her to find a guy for her ? My wife has the same kind of reservations about another man, but I want it so bad for her that I would do as much of the work as possible to find him so that the first time she would have to lift a finger would be after I’ve already screened the guys and met them and found one I thought would be good for her.

    I know there’s no way I could know if they would have chemistry together, but it seems like a good way to more than meet her halfway, don’t you think ?

    1. I think finding a guy is only half the issue. Then she needs to maintain said guy and having two relationships along with her job and everything else is not something she seems interested in at the moment. Also, I wouldn’t even know how to start looking for someone for her.

      I only want her to have a little something on the side if that’s what she wants. I wouldn’t try to push her into it at all, even if the pushing was an attempt to be helpful.

      1. I get that, though from my perspective, I wouldn’t expect she’d WANT a second “relationship”, per se. Though, again, I get that for a woman, that’s part of the whole package.

        I agree it wouldn’t be simple but I think simpler than you might expect.

  3. Well Thumper, that’s damned exciting. I mean you’ve been cleared to suck cock, be impaled by cock(s) and generally be a slut as long as you’re man clit remains off the table, so to speak. In essence, it’s a path thru the devilish details of letter of the law and spirit of the law, So to speak. How enthralling. Some lucky man will enjoy you and you him I think. Would you agree?

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