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In the old days, I’d sneak out of bed late at night so I could go jerk off without waking up Belle. Now, I sneak out of bed in the middle of the night because I can’t sleep due to not being able to jerk off and I don’t want my tossing and turning to wake Belle. The more things change.

That’s where I was last night. I took half a tab of the melatonin as it seems to be enough at such times, but not last night. I took the other half and became quite sleepy, but not so sleepy that it could overwhelm the quiet intense signal emanating from my crotch. In other words, I had it bad. Real bad. But, sometime after 1:00 AM, I finally succumbed and drifted off.

I’ve been wearing a new device since Friday in order to write a review on it. It’s the Holy Trainer from Switzerland. I’m well into the review post, but have had to slow down and temper my enthusiasm for the product after hearing on Twitter from people who’ve had serious quality issues with it. Personally, the unit on my unit hasn’t shown any symptoms, but I’m holding out a bit longer just in case. In any event, the problem seems to be rooted in the “biosourced resin” it’s made from. The clear plastic gets very soft and pliable when warm and that seems to be leading to it failing and breaking. The device I have on is black and doesn’t get anywhere near as soft as the clear appears to get. In any event, I was prepared to give the Holy Trainer my unqualified support (despite its silly name), but now I’m not so sure. The review should be up sometimes next week, if all goes well. If anyone with experience with the Trainer (good or bad) wants to post about it to the comments here or via the feedback page, I’d appreciate it.

Belle and I are travelling to New York City at beginning of February. She gets to go all over for business and I’m usually left at home with the kids but this time we finagled various family members to watch over them so I’m going, too. We’re going to see some sexy cabaret show or something and I plan on going to the Museum of Sex since it’s close to where we’re staying, but otherwise we have no hard plans. I’ll have a whole day to myself, too. Any suggestions?

This past weekend, Belle took note of the fact that the Trainer wouldn’t set off the metal detectors at the airport. She seemed to suggest she’d have me in it when we went through security since it’d just be the two of us. Hopefully the millimeter wave scanners won’t be on when I pass through.

If you want to see what the Trainer looks like in situ, hit the jump for an obviously NSFW image I posted to Twitter yesterday.

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  1. The device doesn’t look bad on you! I hope the rest of the review process goes well!

    When you come to NYC you’ll be super close to us! 🙂 I’ve never heard of a museum like that in the city and now I’m curious since we’re down near there a few times a year seeing family. I’ll have to look that up!

    Glad you’re getting in some time with Belle while she gets to travel. This past year, for school rotations, my hubby had to travel a bit and we’d go as a family. Little mini vacations for a week at a time. The kids and I hit museums – since we homeschool. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the link… haven’t had a chance to look yet. No school for my kids today because my younger one is sick so we’ve been playing video games and Lego’s! 🙂

  2. Following your blog off and on, haven’t gathered enough of your tastes to make good recommendations for NYC. But if you bring a warm coat and the weather is compliant, definitely recommend a walk on the Highline from the West Village up into Chelsea.

  3. There’s nothing quite as obnoxious as unsolicited advice, so this is not-advice. I’m just sharing information.

    Melatonin can actually have some negative affects on the body when taken in supplement form, and there is a risk of toxicity with it, the impacts of which vary by individual chemical makeup.

    If you *often* have difficulty sleeping (for, ahem, whatever reason), it’s possible to mitigate the agitation through diet. Green tea, if consumed in the morning, can help hone your focus during the day but in a relaxed way, which leads to better brain function and healthier sleeping patterns at night, for example. Also, salmon and turkey promote healthy sleep (says the vegetarian), and there are aromatherapy options as well.

    I love that you let Belle have her bed and try to give her uninterrupted sleep. My husband does that for me, regardless of which one of us is tossing and turning, and I really appreciate it. I’m sure Belle does as well. :-]

    1. Not sure if green tea will help while wearing a CB, but it’s worth a try. I’m wearing a CB-6000 now for 4 weeks, but I just keep waking up a couple of times each night. Maybe the holy trainer is also an option. I’ll check out the review.

  4. Thumper, I will be curious to read your review of the Holy Trainer. I have also heard that the resin design has the potential for irritation. However, I note that some men have observed an allergic reaction or similar challenges with metal devices. This would seem to validate that nothing is perfect.

    I have no personal experience, but it has been observed to me that the Holy Trainer is rather well suited for men who do not have a PA fitting. I gather that the penis tube is constructed in such a manner that a pull-out attempt would be more likely thwarted compared to some other devices. I would welcome your insight.

    1. Pull out? No. Not at all. It’s a bitch to get back into it because it’s so snug, but pulling out is just as easy as it is with any trapped-ball device. I also read guys saying it was pretty secure, but it’s not really.

      Irritation is interesting. I had only read that the clear tube breaks when warm and soft. I have had zero issues so far, but yeah, every penis is like a sparkling snowflake.

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