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Out of Switzerland has arrived a male chastity device that has the potential to be the best plastic device money can buy. It’s not perfect at all, but is shows tremendous promise.

Note that this review covers the first version of the Holy Trainer no longer available. A review of the Holy Trainer v2 is also available.

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The status quo

If you’re like me and got into chastity some time in the past ten years or so, there’s a really good chance you started out wearing something made of plastic bearing the CB-X brand from A.L. Enterprises. For me, it was the CB-6000 (easily the best-selling device of its kind on the planet — even more so if you add in all the Chinese knock-offs). If you came to the scene a year or two earlier than me, it was probably the CB-3000 (which still has its fans) or even the CB-2000 (which has gone the way of the Dodo) or The Curve (if you got a big ol’ dick). In any case, for a variety of reasons, plastic is where you should start an exploration of chastity as a lifestyle. I’ve always answered the question of which device the same way: Get the CB6K. Now, though, I have to modify my answer. The Holy Trainer has the potential to be the best entry-level male chastity device on the market.

I spent the better part of a year locked in the CB-6000 (standard tube length). I know from where I speak when I say the Holy Trainer’s design is better in nearly every way. Having moved away from plastic devices after the first year, I haven’t spent much time thinking about them or their ilk. However, it occurs to me now that there seems to have been quite a lot of innovating done by A.L. Enterprises up until the creation of the CB6K. After that, the only changes have been to add a (much needed) shorter tube option and some colors and patterns. Since 2008, the state of the art has remained more or less…flaccid (ignoring the fascination with devices made of silicone which, in my opinion, ended up being a bit of a dead end). It’s a pity because as interest in male chastity seems to have grown quite a bit (thanks in no small part to the efforts of A.L. Enterprises), the method with which newbies do the deed hasn’t been advanced by the market leader.

Enter the Swiss

Three easy piecesThe Holy Trainer was introduced by a company called Novomedia in 2013. I missed the event since, as I said, plastic had fallen off my radar. The name is, in my opinion, very silly. My assumption is, like the Birdlock, it’s some kind of artifact of translation. In any event, henceforth in this review, I’m going to refer to it simply as “the Trainer.”

Everything about the Trainer suggests a thoughtfulness in designing something that builds on both the strengths and weaknesses of the CB-X line. There doesn’t seem to an element that wasn’t considered. For example, while the CB-6000 is comprised of six pieces (tube, three-piece A-ring, locking pin, spacer) and is a bit fiddly to get on, the Trainer gets by perfectly well with just three (tube, A-ring, and what they call a “safety cap” that stabilizes the locked tube). It’s way easier to get on and significantly more comfortable.

Quality issues

All is not perfect, though. The Trainer is made from a material called “biosourced resin.” From what I can find online, this kind of plastic is derived from plant-based sources. Typically corn or soybeans and not petroleum. The Trainer’s website highlights how flexible the clear version of the device is when warmed by the body. Flexibility, though, can also apparently lead to failure. As you can see, sometimes the tube breaks. In addition, I’ve heard from other wearers of the Trainer that the hole through which the lock is placed can break causing the lock to fall off.

My experience with the black model has been good after ten days of wearing it. The tube does indeed become flexible when warm (though not nearly so as the clear version). It seems to me, though, that eventually the locking post will fail. The clasp on the lock, in turning and moving about, has made the locking hole bigger (though not so much that failure appears to imminent). Also, the little brass lock provided and its sharp edges has already scratched up the soft plastic of the safety cap (which only goes to demonstrate the softness of the resin).

The numbers of failures I’ve heard about seem not too dissimilar to the stories of split tubes that were prevalent when the CB-6000 was first released. In any event, I tend to think plastic devices should be viewed as transient things. By the time I moved on from the CB6K, there were numerous stress fractures developing in its plastic that would have left me looking for a new one fairly soon (in fact, it led me to try the chrome CB6K which had issues of its own). No device should fail within the first six months of wearing it, but neither should they be thought of as indestructible. Bottom line, if you’re considering a Trainer, it seems you should not get the clear tube as that one sounds to be the most troublesome. Go for black or white.

With that out of the way, I’ll give you my opinion of the Trainer based on six criteria: Cost, aesthetic, fit/comfort, security, hygiene, and stealth.


The Trainer costs $149, the same as many of the CB-X devices. However, the CB-X products include five A-ring size options in the box. You’ll need to choose from one of three sizes when ordering the Trainer. Since additional rings are $49 a pop, I’d like to see Novomedia offer a bundle of all three and a tube for $200. I think this would be especially helpful for newbies.

Like the CB-6000, the Trainer comes in a variety of colors (clear, black and white), though wood grain and camo aren’t offered (ironic darn). Unlike the CB6K, there’s no additional cost for anything other than clear and you get to choose which color A-ring comes with the tube if you choose clear (which you shouldn’t).

Depending on how you want to score this one, CB-X line seems to have the advantage.


Hey, that's me!

This is, of course, totally subjective. I can tell you Belle likes the look of it far more than the CB-6000. She’s not a fan of plastic at all and much prefers the look of steel, but could live with the Trainer. I like its looks, too. It’s much sleeker and less clinical looking looking than the CB-6000 which looks like some kind of urological prop. The Trainer appears to be a proper sex toy. Of course, the black finish does help immensely in that regard.

On the downside, they felt compelled to stamp the device’s stupid name on the safety cap.

Bottom line, I think the Trainer’s the best looking plastic device on the market. Much less fussy-looking and much cooler than the competition.


Every penis is like a sparkling snowflake. That is, they come (or don’t) in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Therefore, any conversation about fit and comfort regarding a mass produced chastity device will, to a certain extent, be inherently a YMMV kind of thing.

That said, there are several elements of the Trainer that have been designed specifically with comfort in mind. I’ll start with the CB-6000’s biggest flaw: its A-ring. The CB6K A-ring, besides being a bit of a puzzle to assemble in the first place, is perfectly circular and has squared-off hard-angled edges. It’s the source of almost all the real discomfort one can experience while wearing it. And yes, I know, there is a certain amount of discomfort that is inherent in the chastity experience, but there’s discomfort that feeds the soul and there’s discomfort that makes you cry like a baby. In my case, I found the seams on the A-ring where the various bits fit together instigated hot spots on my skin that caused sores to develop. Also, the hard edges of the ring cut under my scrotum in a most severe way. Misery.

The Trainer has a solid one-piece ring that’s anatomically shaped. Not unlike the Steelworxx anatomical ring, the Trainer’s sweeps forward and bends at the bottom. In addition, its oval-shape allows more space on the sides of the scrotum. If you take a look at male anatomy, you’ll find this shape respects the parts of the testicles that actually cause most of the aching pain when annoyed.

The ring comes in three sizes: 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm. The CB6K has five ring sizes: 1.5″ (~38mm), 1.625″ (~41mm), 1.75″ (~44mm), 1.875″ (~48mm) and 2″ (~51mm). The extra sizes are nice, but I think those chosen by Novomedia will work with the vast majority of men’s anatomies. Also, as I said above, the CB6K comes with all five ring sizes whereas the Trainer only comes with one.

I  ordered the 40mm ring. This is based on the Steelheart Belle keeps me in most of the time. In a perfect world, I would have wanted about 42mm or so, but I figured the anatomical shape of the smaller ring would make it work out OK (and was right). When measured, I found the ring isn’t 40mm in any direction. It’s only 40mm when the tube is attached and the opening is measured from the bottom of the ring to the top of the inside of the tube. So, what you’re ordering is an effective size, not an absolute one like with most devices. From side to side, it’s closer to 50mm. The net result, along with the total lack of hard sharp edges, makes for an amazingly comfortable combination.

The Trainer’s tube comes in two lengths, not unlike the CB-6000. Novomedia measures the tubes along their bottoms which is very strange. Most device manufacturers I’m aware of measure along the top of the tube. Novomedia says their short tube is 48mm long (about 1.9″) while CB-X says the short CB6K tube is 2.5″. KeptForHer says they’re about the same (and they appear to be so). In my measurements, I found the tube to be closer to 3.75″ long from end to end and about 4″ long measured in the traditional way (from the back of the A-ring to the tip of the tube).

As I’ve said before, shorter tubes are better for comfort and general livability than longer ones. My anatomy in the short Trainer tube is far more comfortable than in the standard CB6K tube (I’ve never worn the CB-6000S). I feel only compression during erections, no pain. (In fact, that’s a hallmark of the Trainer all the way around. I have rarely felt any pinching at all. Can think of only once in ten days of wear.)

Not only is the tube length about perfect for me, it’s by far the most snug tube I’ve worn. The thing is skintight around the shaft. I’ve experienced little to no lateral movement of the penis while inside the Trainer. In fact, I was forced to bring one of the old stockings out of retirement to get it on properly. It was too snug to get the penis all the way into it and there simply wasn’t enough room in there for the penis and my fingers.

Soft or not, the plastic has sharp edges. This can be felt readily on the outside edges of the few openings at the end of the tube. It’s not a big deal since that doesn’t contact your skin. The edges that do rest against your body appear to have been sanded down by hand prior to shipment. A welcome touch.


It’s a trapped-ball chastity device with no provision for integration with a Prince Albert piercing. Therefore, it’s completely defeatable. No worse than other devices of its kind, though. It feels more secure on me because the tube is tighter and better fitting, but it’s not actually. It’s about the same as the CB6K, slightly worse than the Looker 02 and its urethral insert, and (obviously) can’t hold a candle to the Steelheart I usually wear.


The Trainer doesn’t stink. I mean, it just doesn’t. In the time I wore it, I didn’t encounter any serious issues with hygiene.

Line 'er upThe first thing in its favor is the snug fit. Urine has less space at the end of the tube in which to contact the interior and has a hard time sneaking back up the tube to hanging around and fester. The second thing in its favor is how the end of urethra often times is neatly lined up with the main opening at the end of the tube. The CB6K’s tube has a much longer opening than the Trainer’s. At first, I thought that was going to be an issue, but in practice, I haven’t found it to be. That’ll be another reason to get a tube that’s closer to your real flaccid length (which means, for a lot of guys, the shorter one). Lastly, Novomedia claims their bioresin “demonstrated antibacterial qualities.” I can’t evaluate that, but it certainly seemed cleaner than all my other devices except for the Jail Bird and it’s open cage design.

Because the tube is closer to my flaccid size, urinating while standing was never an issue. As I said, the slit at the end of the penis was almost always lined up or close to it so I had few, if any, seriously misdirected streams. Good thing, though, since the opening in the tube is too small for me to get the tip of my pinky into. If I needed to adjust the placement of the meat, I had to do so by pushing and pulling the tube around a little.


IMG_411146134Due to the shape of its ring and the way in which it connects to the tube, the Trainer lays very flat. In fact, it actually nestles within the scrotum. Looks kinda comfy. This, plus the shorter tube and general lack of other doodads protruding from it, make the Trainer easier to conceal than the CB6K I used to wear. In typical day-to-day wear, it’s very hard to see

However, in the specific situation of being on one’s back in a gym, its light weight makes it less prone to sitting lower between my legs than a steel device. This leads to a strangely shaped bulge occasionally popping up. The lock will rotate sometimes and, because the hole through which it’s attached is a snug fit, it can get stuck in the “up” position. In lightweight workout clothes, this can be quite noticeable. Also, while having my legs stretched by my physical trainer dude, I’m quite certain the lightness of the Trainer made it very visible. I actually caught him openly looking at it, though he didn’t ask what it was. Since then, in similar situations, he’s very obviously been curious about the protrusion. In the past, I’ve suspected as much, but I’ve never been totally certain he was dick checking me. Now, thanks to the feather-weight Trainer, I know he’s doing it.


If there were no questions about quality issues, I’d recommend the Trainer unreservedly over the older and now very dated-looking CB-6000. It’s far more comfortable and attractive. On the downside, it costs a bit more and doesn’t offer as many A-ring sizing options. But, again putting aside the biosourced resin complaints, I think these detractors are more than made up for by its better features. Unfortunately, the issue of quality is a real one. Not everyone can afford to toss up their money in a gamble their combination of anatomy and device attributes won’t result in an early failure.

If you’re the wearer of a steel device and want a plastic spare for those times when it’s more appropriate (like me), then I do recommend the Trainer with some reservation. The black option seems more durable than the clear. If you’re looking to replace a CB-X device and have had issues with comfort, take a chance on a black or white Trainer. If every penny counts, you might want to stick with the tried and true until Novomedia revises the Trainer’s design.

I wish the plastic wasn’t an issue. The Holy Trainer device shows real promise. Hopefully, its obvious design improvements over the CB-X line will spur A.L. Enterprises to return to their innovative roots.  That can only be good news for everyone interested in male chastity.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughtful and rather comprehensive review. In a word, I am saddened to hear that the HT is not very durable. In my view, this is a very key flaw. I was looking for an alternative to my metal CDs for those occasions when something other then metal would be more appropriate. I was hopeful that HT would do the trick. It sounds like it will, but not of the long haul.

    I have always appreciated your wit and insightful writing style. The part of me that craves for black comedy I think would enjoy reading your revue of a guillotine….

    1. Well, like I said, I don’t think plastic should be viewed in the same light as a metal device. I expect the steel ones to last a lifetime. Plastic is inherently less durable and even my CB6K was showing signs of failure by the end of the first year.

      If it was the case that the Trainer only lasted six months I would still recommend it more than the CB6K. It is *so much* more comfortable. And if you’re looking for a plastic device to supplement your steel one, I do think its the way to go.

      1. My Holy Trainer arrived in the mail yesterday and I plan to try it out this morning. I have been using a Jailbird and a Steelheart. I tend to swap out about once a week or so. I may add the Holy Trainer into this rotation. Do you rotate your devices? Or is it better to go long term with one device at a time as part of the commitment to being locked>

      2. I like to mix them up but Belle likes the Steelheart and would leave me in that all the time if she had her druthers. The shortest time I wear any device before rotating to a different one is a week. Usually more like two (unless it’s the SH in which case she’ll leave me in it until I ask for permission to swap).

  2. Sure would like to know what size A ring you wear with your CB6000. I bet a lot of guys are considering a move from the CB6000 and this would give a reference point for selecting a size. Thanks a bunch for this review.

      1. so you went from 45 down to 40 and not just to the same size. That’s a huge help as I would have just gone with the same (or closest) size. Thanks.

      2. Yeah, there are two things at work. One, the longer you wear a device, the smaller an A-ring you can tolerate. At the very beginning, a 50mm (2″) ring was tight on me. Now, I can easily wear one that’s 40mm. Two, plastic and metal are different materials and the devices wear differently. In my experience, the same size ring in metal that I was wearing in plastic was too big. If you go back and read my original Steelheart review, you’ll see where I talk about that.


  3. Thank you for this very informative review.

    I have been thinking of putting my sweeting in a chastity device but have hesitated because, frankly, most of the ones I have seen online look a bit silly. (And not in a good, humiliating, way – just too odd to have sleeping next to me.)

    I might just give this one a whirl.

    1. Really interesting! The new design for how the tube attaches to the ring looks much improved. Sturdier though perhaps a bit bulkier. I like the new lock mechanism. Same type used by Steelworxx (or very similar). I’d love a chance to try that one out.

      1. I now have a Holytrainer 2 (2014) – see my blog for the review. Mostly it’s pretty much as you describe the Version 1, however it does seem sturdy and it’s nice to do without a padlock.

  4. I had the cb6000s for the first time some weeks ago. Felt comfortable at first but after a while the cage was too small and I also had chafe/sore under the sack. Tried a metal cage like a jailbird M200 (combined metal rings as cage). Felt indeed very nice, the ring around the sack was very comfortable, but the cage was responsible for sores under the penis after two days. I have now tried the cb6000 (longer version) wich suits me, but again the ring around the sack causes problems…isn’t there any comfortable chastity devices? Is the Holy one a nice alternative or have you had any problems with this one?

  5. Me again! A man over on reddit says his comes off really really easily when he gets hard. (http://www.reddit.com/r/chastity/comments/20djr7/so_my_newversion_holy_trainer_arrived_a_review/)

    I’m trying to work out if he has a bad fit, or if – because it’s straight – the HT is actually less secure than curved devices.

    What do you think?

    (I know that balltrap cages are never secure, but I would not want to try to pull out of mine when hard… which is a kind of security. You know what I mean…)

    1. I think it’s a trapped-ball device and they’re easy as spit to back out of. Without a PA fixing, there isn’t one I’ve worn in which I couldn’t do the same thing he did.

      1. Thanks. Yes, that’s what I thought. It’s more that it being a straight smooth tube I’m worried I might just kind of extend my way out. Does that make sense?

  6. Great review, thanks. I, too, have a question about ring sizing. I saw what you said about your CB size and it was very helpful. I have a slightly different problem. I can tolerate a smaller ring just fine. When I was using a CB (6000s) I preferred Ring size 3 (44mm) but anytime I got an erection, especially during the night, it was extremely painful. My testicles would lose circulation and throb. It was acting more like a cock ring, making my erection harder than normal! Not good. I moved up to a metal device and tried a 45mm ring but the same thing happened. I ended up having to use a 50 which is way too big, but is the only way I can get relief. 47/48 seems to be where the pain stops. But all feel way too big. When showering I feel like I’m always fighting to not fall out with the bigger rings.

    But here’s the thing — I’m not very big — not in penis length or girth, nor in testicle size. The 6000S was a good fit for me. So I’m not sure what’s going on here. My only explanation is that I’m a grower — but again, nothing to write home about!

    So, to my question(s). Does the wider, ergonomic shape of this balltrap allow for more room for the testicles to “breathe” during an erection? Is that the point? When people talk about tolerating a smaller ring, is it all about what happens during an erection?

    I think I’d be very comfortable in the smallest ring if not for the pain in my testicles during erections. And at $150 + $50 per additional ring, it’s just too expensive for me to experiment and HOPE to get it right.

    Thanks for the great blog.

    1. How long have you been wearing chastity devices? Your experiences sound a lot like mine when first starting out. The tighter rings felt better at all times except at night when they were pure torture. I found that over time something adjusted within me and I was able to tolerate smaller rings. From 50mm all the way down to 40mm (though I find about 42 to be about perfect).

      All our penises are shining little snowflakes, after all, so I can’t say for sure how the Trainer will work for you, but I have found that rings that are not perfectly round (like the CB6K’s) — wider than they are tall — are a lot more comfortable. Most of the testicular plumbing runs down the sides and a little extra space there makes a big difference. The Trainer’s ring is exceptionally comfortable. My guess is it’d work better for you than what you’ve worn before.

      1. I bought the CB about 3 years ago. I’ve been using a metal (Chinese brand, A080, very comfortable and discrete btw) one for the past two years. I go a few months wearing it almost 24/7 and then some time off, sometimes up to a few months. Depends how my wife is feeling and how life is going (busy, stress, travel, etc). My goal is to be in chastity 24/7! But it’s not very fun if you’re playing alone. We’re working on it 😉

        I’ve asked the guys at holytrainer if they’d offer the deal you mentioned above — namely, $200 for all 3 rings. I’ll let you know how they respond. I’d be much more inclined to pull the trigger if I had all three rings to experiment with. $150 + an overseas shipment is more than I want to spend on a guess.

        Great response, thanks for taking the time.

  7. Hello! For the black, do you think that the flexibility helps prevent pain from night time erections? Could the clear prevent pain more, or does more flexibility result in ability to stimulate by pressure or slipping out?

    1. I think the flexibility gives some relief, but a well-fitted device with a small cage would do more, IMO. The black one, at least, is not flexible enough to pleasure oneself through. The slipping out part is as easy as it would be in any other trapped-ball device.

      1. Hi, great blog Thumper…very informative! I’ve had a Holytrainer v2 since March and have found it to he a very comfortable (and first) chastity device. I purchased the smaller ring after a few weeks as I kept inadvertently escaping the 45mm ring. Unfortunately the lock fitting on one, and now a second replacement tube has broken which makes me wonder about the longer term durability. The guys at Holytrainer replaced the first tube under warranty and I’m awaiting a response following this second break… I’ve only been subjecting mine to normal wear, typically for no longer than a week at a time, and now wonder whether steel is really the only way to go?

        What devices might you recommend to a novice and (currently at least) unpierced fella looking to continue with chastity?

      2. I think any of the three steel devices Belle has me wear are very good. My recommendation for most comfortable would be the Looker 02 (with or without the urethral insert) with the anatomical ring option.

  8. Hello! I’m certainly a “newbie” at chastity — even if I have already tried two devices. I started with a CB-6000 which seemed to be going great, until it gave me a nasty, agonizing 3/4 inch shallow scratch/cut along the bottom of my scrotum. So then I tried a silicone Bon-4. Despite what a misery that thing was to get on, once I HAD it on I thought it was it! SO much more comfortable than the CB-6000! Like it wasn’t even there!
    And then I was sitting at the computer, and with no warning, it WASN’T there! I just popped right out of it. I wasn’t fiddling with it, I wasn’t even touching it! Obnoxious to put on, and doesn’t stay on! I was getting very frustrated — but not the RIGHT kind of frustrated!

    Well, I have ordered a Holy Trainer, and it should arrive in a few days. Your review was very encouraging, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    I do have a question, though. You said that any plastic device is “defeatable”?
    Can you clarify that a bit? Are you saying you can get out of it, AND THEN GET BACK IN without detection — or can you just get out?

    For what my wife and I want from chastity, all that is necessary is that I not be able to get out
    I just have to know that if I cheat, I will not get away with it. It doesn’t have to be IMPOSSIBLE.

  9. Excellent review..Based on your assessment, I’m interested–and more important, so is Miss. My only concern is the closed back ring–I’m currently wearing a cb6000s, which I really like because the back ring’s not solid, which makes it easier to get both testicles inside than the old cb-2000 which I’ve worn in the past. One of my family jewels has a tendency to float around inside my body, which can make it hard to get it inside a closed ring simultaneously with the other one. I’m something of a klutz, but there’s noting to be done about that. Any suggestions on how to deal with that problem in the context of this device?

    1. Practice, practice, practice. Some days, for whatever reason, one of the testicles will be ornery like you describe. Eventually, I can wrangle him home. The nice thing about the Trainer ring, as I mentioned, is that it’s actually wider than it is tall and, before the tube is attached, is bigger than the effective size once it’s all assembled. Easier to deal with getting both your eggs and the penis though a perfectly circular hard steel ring.

  10. Like your review a lot. Even ask the people at Holy Trainer about the correct tube based on your measurement They still said it is smaller inside. Still hesitating what size tube to order . My length is about about 3.15 inch. I do like a tight fit but would not like it be too tight. Can you give me some buying advice small or standard?

    1. The only penis I’ve ever locked into a chastity device is the one on me, so take that into consideration. However, I have locked it into…um…wow, NINE devices. In my experience, smaller is better. It’s counterintuitive, but giving your cock less room to grow somehow translates into a more comfortable experience. In my experience.

  11. I bought a HT v1 device and tried it on today. Compared to the CB6000S, this device was amazingly comfortable. However, I think the HT v1 device has an engineering flaw which makes the whole device insecure and effectively useless. This was very disappointing for me since there is no point using this device.
    The locking stump does not prevent the penis tube from detaching from the O-ring. The small cap does nothing to prevent the tube from detaching from the O-ring either. In other words, once the lock is attached to the device, only the tube and the cap are locked together securely. The O-ring is completely independent and free to detach from the other two parts of the device. The O-ring is never locked or secured to the tube or cap in any way. So you are free to detach the tube/cap and the O-ring and this makes the entire device completely useless.
    The purpose of the locking device should be to securely attach all three parts of the device to each other so that they cannot be separated without breaking the lock. The locking stump does not do this at all and in my experience, this makes the entire device completely useless and a waste of money. I’m really disappointed since I purchased the device after reading many reviews online and the praise given to this device. I don’t know how this device could even be remotely secure compared to the CB6000S because it acts nothing like a proper CB and is nothing more than an expensive plastic sock.

    1. How do you really feel about it?

      I have no idea what you’re talking about. The HTv1, when assembled and locked correctly, is not what you describe at all. Did you get a real Holy Trainer or a Chinese knock-off?

    1. No idea. The package appears correct.

      My experience was nothing like yours. Once locked, the HTv1 was secure and held together. It never came apart, though I also didn’t try and break it or force it. I think your assessment that it’s “nothing more than an expensive plastic sock” is extreme, but perhaps you received a defective unit.

      In any case, the v2 HT uses an entirely different locking mechanism and design. You might want to try that one.

  12. Truly I was not exaggerating when I described it as “an expensive plastic sock”. I have been looking at a lot of the videos online for the V1 and comparing it against my own. I struggle to see how all three items could be attached securely to each other. In particular, how does the cap secure the other two pieces? It seems to me that the cap doesnt do anything at all. It is just a piece of loose plastic in my experience. I wish I could find a video that demonstrated that all three parts were securely attached to each other. A video where someone could try and jiggle the pieces to show it doesnt come apart… My experience seems isolated. I am beginning to conclude either I have a defective unit or I got a very good fake rip-off… I liked the V1 because it seems you can still use a plastic lock rather than be forced to use the specialized hinge lock in V2.

      1. We don’t want to use the V2 lock because we use plastic disposable locks that have the serial numbers on them instead. It didn’t seem as if the V2 was suited to plastic locks.

      2. The hinge lock can have a serial numbered tab slipped through it. It’s essentially a tube. I’ve not done it myself but I’ve seen guys on the web do it.

        Meanwhile, I put the old V1 back together again. Not while on me since the Steelheart is locked on now, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how what I have and you describe are the same thing. Once locked together, it’s a single secure unit.

      3. At this stage, the one I bought is so useless I’m just gonna toss it in the bin. It will serve as a warning to others if its truly a fake. I really think I got dudded. If you want to review it, I can ship it to you. PO Box no prob if privacy is a concern.

      4. I’ll take a few pics. In the meantime, this guy on internet had an almost same problem as myself:

        “Holy Trainer: About 1 year ago I ordered the original Holy Trainer in small, black with the small and medium rings. I had read that it was the most comfortable of all chastity devices, and I found that to be true. It had some very innovative design features that others have noted. On the downside, I found there was a lot of “play” to the device once it was assembled. The mechanics just didn’t keep the various parts that firmly in place. Worst of all, I found (accidentally) that by putting enough pressure on the inside of the tube, near the top, the locking mechanism would fail and the tube would pop right off of the ring, even without removing the padlock.”


      5. That doesn’t sound quite as dire as your “expensive plastic sock” issues. I dunno. When I had it locked together yesterday I probably could have twisted it hard enough to make it come apart, but I’m not sure had it been on I could have. Or that even if I could it would constitute a flaw with the device. It’s a plastic deterrent to masturbation at best (quite easily pulled out). Yours sounds clearly defective in some way. It should not just fall off in pieces. His? Not sure. Perhaps there’s an issue with expectations exceeding reality.

    1. I agree. V2 is leaps and bounds ahead of V1. The integrated lock is really nice. And I just flew last week for the first time wearing it. Fully body scan. No stops, pats, frisks, or questions. Just in and out.

      The only complaint I have about it is that you need to leave the keys out to relock it. With my old devices that used a regular lock, my wife would let me out and then lock the keys back up immediately. Now we gotta remember that extra step after we’re done, which some nights is a tough thing to remember if I’ve just exhausted her. But this little bit of “inconvenience” is totally worth it to have no jingle jangle, be virtually undetectable under clothes, and to have no travel restrictions.

      I have but two complaints about the HT:
      1) The slit in the front is way too high “up.” Why don’t they extend it downard UNDER the tip? Even a little! I find that if I’m not perfectly aligned — which is about 70% of the time — I spray everywhere when I pee because I hit the bottom lip of the device.
      2) More air vents. Things get steamy in there. It’s hard to keep as clean as I’d like. I don’t need huge holes that would allow access. But just a few more vents — slits, or small holes — would go a long way.

  13. I stumbled across this review whilst looking for a template for making additional holes in the Holy Trainer Mk2 Short.
    Having read it and realised I wan’t the only one getting hot and sweaty. Being an Engineer, I took matters into my own hands. I have created a template to print out and modify the tube with additional holes, a longer slot and a new small hole to add a PA lock. I’d be happy to send it to you and publish it if you are willing.

    1. Yes please! That would be amazing. Thumper, you gotta add this 🙂

      Simon, if you don’t mind stretching that engineering brain of yours a little more… I don’t have a PA, but if you check out the “BuddyLock” chastity device and its “Dick Trainer” instructions on their website, you’ll see that you can get something similar by placing a rubber ring around the gland and then “locking” that loop. So if you do pull out, it’ll be obvious because you’re not wearing the rubber loop anymore! As long as the hole at the bottom is large enough (elongated instead of round) and back toward the base of the gland instead of up at the tip, I could lock the loop there. Ideally, I’d figure out a way to attach/affix (with a metal bar like buddylock or with a taut line) the loop with the integrated locking mechanism so only one key is required. But, that’s dreaming big, perhaps. One step at a time!

      Thanks for offering this up to the community, Simon. I hope Thumper can get it posted up somewhere.

  14. Here’s what I have discovered.
    I threaded a loop through the small PA hole at the bottom of the tube and looped it around my gland. I then pulled my penis down into the device. I then looped other end over the locking block and assembled it to the ball trap ring. I was shocked that I couldn’t pull out of the device. It actually worked!
    I tested this with a piece of nylon cord and got excellent results, the next step would be to repeat this with a silicone o ring.
    I think this is the o ring to try next I’m going to order one and see how it works. I’ll let you know.

    1. Brilliant! Any chance you can post pics of how you configured it? I’m having a hard time visualizing how it all pieces together.

      I leave for a trip next week, so I’m going to ask the Mrs. for a 15 minute reprieve while I make the necessary adjustments. It would be awesome to finally have an anti-pullout system in place before we go!


      1. Ah, I see! So the way it sits now, you could just slide the knot down under the device and slide it off, right? Meaning there’s nothing that’s actually affixing the loop to the cage/locking mechanism, right? I suppose if you have a smaller and flatter O-Ring you could have it sight tight against the back of the locking device and not impede the two pieces from sliding together, thus making it impossible to slide off.

        For what it’s worth, I had luck with other cages making anti-pullout using stretchy bra strap plastic. You can buy a six-pack for a few bucks at any women’s clothing store. I’d usually use a rubber or silicone ring snug around my gland and then run the bra strap loop through it, creating a link. I’d then heat up the ends of the bra strap with a small candle and also use a heated up pair of pliers. When it was hot enough, I’d clamp down hard and melt the two ends together, creating a solid loop. In some devices, I had to then It took some practice not to burn through or warp the plastic too much when doing it. But in the end, the results were pretty decent. I got the exact length I needed to just barely stretch the plastic to fit in with a locking device (and not be able to stretch it back off).

        The reason I use two loops is because I found that in order to make the anti-pullout part tight enough that I couldn’t escape from it or pull it back out the end of the device to slip it back on, I’d end up choking off the gland. so by having two independent loops, you can keep the loop around the gland loose enough for long-term wear, but pull the security loop tight enough to prevent any kind of manipulation.

        Thanks for posting the pics. Very helpful!

      2. As it currently stands, I cant slide it off! There isn’t enough to loop it around. But I’m only using a bit of nylon cord I could untie the knot and pull the string back inside. Once the o-ring arrives from China it will be a pretty secure solution.

  15. Your instructions were incredibly accurate. The additional holes and instructions for how to go about things with the masking tape were awesome. I wouldn’t have known how to transfer the template accurately without that tidbit.

    I tried using two rubber loops bound together as my anti-pullout device — one for the gland, one for outside the device that loops over the top similar to what you had but with it actually pinched between the top of the cage and the bottom of the locking block of the ring. It worked great! But there were two problems: 1) the rubber ring around the gland quickly irritated my skin. I think something softer, like silicone or latex, is needed. 2) My skin was pinched slightly between the external loop and the side of the cage. Well, it wasn’t pinched as much as it was rubbed by the rubber of the external loop. Again, because it was rubber, it annoyed my body.

    But the important part is, it works! I also experimented with a softer, flat rubber gasket (like you’d use to seal a toilet or sink). That worked great and was much more comfortable on my skin. But it was too stretchy that it’d be easy to manipulate.

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