The other way

Schnoff screwed up.

You should read his post, but the short story is, while attending to his prostate, he lost control of his impulses and accidentally came. “Accidentally” except for the part where he was jacking off with a Pure Wand up his ass.

I don’t point all this out to make fun of him or make an example of him or anything. Mostly to commiserate with him.

I am coming around to the idea that failure is a necessary part of success. I had been obedient since we started in August, and I am upset that I can’t say that any more. At the same time, coming without permission led to growth: I was cheating and kidding myself about it, and that had to come to a head eventually. I was forced to look at what I was doing with less self-deception. That’s a good thing.

I have been in that place.

Recently, I was unlocked due to the fact that I felt like total shit and the device was making me feel worse by its simple existence affixed to my body. I was sick (which is also a big reason why I haven’t posted in a long time — that and the vacation we were on). Belle let me out (I wasn’t entirely sure she would) and I was free for about four days or so. Maybe a few more. In that time, I didn’t play with myself. “Play with myself” is now defined internally as stroking the erect penis and/or stimulating that sweet spot under the penis’ head. I still touch it and fiddle with it absentmindedly and give it a squeeze if it’s hard and I’m liking that, but I will not “play with it.” Which means I’ll not be able to find myself in that spot Schnoff did. Not again.

Funny thing is, by the time Belle decided it was time for me to go back in I was telling myself I didn’t need to go back in. Bear doesn’t use a device on Schnoff like Belle does on me and that’s always seemed a little weird from my perspective but I was digging not having to deal with the steel and all the extra crap that comes with being locked up (and I wasn’t feeling 100% healthy anyway — not really until just a few days ago). It’s not that I was swearing off chastity devices, but that’s how it works sometimes. More time out leads to wanting more time out and more time in leads to being happier in. It made me think of Schnoff and Bear’s arrangement. Which is why reading his post was…ironic.

But Belle wanted me back in. It wasn’t a request.

I asked her this past weekend after she let me get her off while locked up the whole time why she keeps me this way day in, day out. Why has this dynamic moved from something that was at first a thing I was advocating to something she has so fully embraced. I bet there are a good number of guys who fantasize about being in my state who’d like to know that, too. I’m not sure I got to the bottom of it, but she has a few reasons for wanting me locked up. First, she doesn’t trust me with the penis. And, if I’m honest, I’ve not given her any reason to. Sure, I was good and have been for quite some time on those off days I’m not locked, but I’ve given her plenty of reasons to think I can’t control myself. Situations that sound a lot like Schnoff’s. Second, she just likes knowing my state. See reason number one. If I’m locked up and controlled, I can’t make any mistakes and that makes Belle’s life somewhat simpler not having to worry or even think about me being true. Of course I am because I have no choice. Third, I think she just likes the control. After that, I’d say there are a number of ancillary drivers. Like I think she’s more accustomed to the penis when it’s a shiny tube than a meaty one. Like how she associates my denial and my submission to her with a romantic act. Like how she thinks my attitude and behavior around the house are better when the penis can’t dwell on my mind.

I didn’t write this to suggest device denial is better than willpower or that Schnoff is doing it wrong or anything like that. This is really more about me stretching my fingers and knocking the cobwebs out of the blogging corner of my brain. But it was also a chance to do a little exploring between the cracks of the various ways this denial thing can be done.

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  1. > Which means I’ll not be able to find myself in that spot Schnoff did. Not again.

    I am happy, and just a little bit envious, that you can say that with such confidence. Because I found myself in that spot, again. Post about that is – shall we say brewing. More over yonder in a bit.

    Thanks for commiserating. Also, I can tell when you mention me, because I suddenly get hits. 🙂

    > Bear doesn’t use a device on Schnoff like Belle does on me and that’s always seemed a little weird from my perspective

    Can I tease and say “that’ll be addressed in said brewing post” ?

    I see some of the same changes you see in Belle, in Bear. He is adamant that I only come with permission. Much more so than he used to be. I LOVE, adore the assertiveness. It makes me feel all gooey and submissive and wanting to do something for him NOW. Since he’s ill and I can’t get him off, that means laundering the drapes, which need it badly.
    Wait, stop, no more – I really should write that over yonder, and not here. But thanks again for this post. It’s really valuable to have someone say “you are not alone, I am like you and get where you are coming from”. That’s why I have a blog in the first place, to provide that for others. And that doesn’t mean I am an island unto myself. I like knowing you are around; as I hope others get a warm and fuzzy from knowing I am around.

    1. Can I tease and say “that’ll be addressed in said brewing post” ?

      Oh, now you have my attention. Or…more of my attention.

      I like knowing you are around; as I hope others get a warm and fuzzy from knowing I am around.

      That’s what it’s all about sometimes.

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