Belle was finally able to read my last post. Now that the prospect of me getting a little on the side is real, she’s told me we need to slow down a bit. Until we can talk face to face about things, I won’t be doing anything.

Of course, she’s the most important thing in the world to me. This simply can’t happen if she’s not comfortable. Right now, she’s not. Maybe in the future she will be. We’ll see what happens next.

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  1. Hi Thumper. Sounds prudent and considerate and those are really positive qualities to have when you, yourself are such a loving partner. Your Belle sounds like a wonderful partner too and I’m sure that once her questions and/or concerns are fulfilled and satisfied you’ll be able to enjoy your field excursion(s) as you desire. Good luck man.

  2. So I get some really kinky and submissive thoughts when I’m locked and denied for a long time. I have really erotic dreams and have thoughts that I would never have when unlocked. So is this desire to have sex with a guy still there when your unlocked?

    1. My sexual attraction to other guys has been with me my whole life. Denial and chastity makes it more acute, but they intensify all my sexual urges.

  3. Good move. It’s great that you guys can communicate honestly about these things and address problems before they occur. It’s important that both of you be on the same page before you take a big step such as the one you’ve been talking about. 🙂

    – cagedmonkey

  4. oh thanlk god I was so worried.
    Its not about the desire it’s about the special thing between you two, a cherished space that isn’t spoken. Don’t break that for a piece of ass.
    I am not one to go to a lot of kink sites but this is the one blog that is kind of close to what I have. In the beginning when I was looking about and exploring almost all wasn’t what I have, it seemed so contrived. Like what they wished they had.

    What you have…That is something real and lasting and authentic. If i asked what is mine to do 50 sit ups he would do 100 to please me.He thinks that makes me happy but what it does is concern me about that the fact he gives too much of himself. i need to watch out for him constantly. i love that he puts me in charge of that. I cherish that and I cherish him for it.
    He thinks he is not on my mind but he is always on my mind and in that moment when i dont think I could want him more, something in me wants him more.
    i have fantasies too. I am hit on constantly and there is nothing on this earth that could compare to what i have with him. The fact he has given himself over to me , we have tapped into something real.
    But I would totally strap one on and give it to him. Like he deserves. I would laugh the whole time. i would tease him unmercifully about it. I would make him suck it too.

    1. Stop applying your world view and relationship parameters to me and mine. You are not us. Your worries are not ours. Your idea of how two people should live doesn’t necessarily apply to anyone else.

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