HNThumper LXIV: Penis packing panties

Lacy underwear picture following the jump…

Lacy boy briefs

I happened to be able to go to the 2014 MLB All-Star Home Run Derby on Monday. Unfortunately, Target Field has, like most MLB stadiums, installed pointless metal detectors so my typical state of having some bits locked up in stainless steel might have turned into a security situation. I told Belle I could go in the plastic Trainer, but she let me go unlocked. I took the opportunity as I got dressed that morning to take a picture of the penis peeking through purple and black panties. The only thing I’m wearing under the lace is a metal-detector safe Gear Essentials Grip plastic cock ring.

I sat there wondering how many guys in the park were wearing something similar, as I often do in such situations. Once I got home, I immediately went back in the Looker 02 since I figured that’s what she’d want and I left the key on her nightstand while she slept.

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9 Replies to “HNThumper LXIV: Penis packing panties”

    1. I noticed it a lot more outside a device, but not especially itchy, no. Rougher than the cotton I usually wear. And yeah, the “made to fit” thing is huge.

  1. Lately I’ve considered wearing panties of my own, and while I do own a few ladies pair, I have noticed that with the cage on, it isn’t the most comfortable of options, these look like they may solve my problem

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