Get up in there

So since my last post, she’s let me come twice more. If you’re me, that seems like a ridiculous number. None of them were especially great since they all happened with her on top. That might be part of a plan. Who knows. 

The last time, she was up there and I was bound and determined to get her off before I lost it, but that didn’t happen. That orgasm might have been passable except she wouldn’t stop fucking me and the head of the penis felt like it was being electrocuted. Eventually, it got too soft to stay in her and slipped out. She just kept rubbing against what was left of the erection before rolling off of me. She grabbed Pink and went to work on her soaked and gooey pussy before deciding she really wanted my tongue in there. 


I did as I was told but tried to keep my ministrations higher up near her clit where there was less of my ejacualte. Not enough for her, though, because she pushed Pink back in there and told me to move lower. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was barely touching her when she shoved her pussy into my face and told me to, “Get up in there.” 


Anyway, she’s been very attentive to my mood since all these orgasms. I’ve been just fine, to be honest. I’m trying hard to keep myself in the frame of mind that she’s in control and I will have or have not whatever she chooses. Sometimes I might come, sometimes I may not. I haven’t for at least a week now. Maybe two. Huh. I can’t recall. Weird. 

No then yes

Saturday, we were going at it.

Me: I want to come…
Belle: No.

/More fucking.

Me: Please.
Belle: NO.

Sunday, shortly after waking up.

Belle: It was wrong of you to ask yesterday.
Me: I know.
Belle: But I may make you. How do you feel about that?
Me: It’s up to you.
Belle: Say that again.
Me: It’s entirely up to you, Belle Fille.
Belle: Don’t ever forget that.

She continued on telling me that this was for her. Not me. She wanted to feel it, not give it to me. A little while later, after I had warmed her up in the usual ways, she was on top of me and I had her tits in my face. I was twenty miles from coming, then five miles, then 100 yards, then three inches all in about four seconds. While I was coming, she kissed me all over my face.

The last time I came, it was spectacular. This time, pathetic. No, seriously. Like, half an orgasm (volume-wise, as well – just a little spurt). I was ready, mentally, but apparently not physically. It’s not how I would have chosen to come (with her on top) but, as I said, it’s entirely up to her.

She hadn’t come yet so she rolled off of me and finished herself off with Pink while I listened and played with her nipples. Last night, she checked in with me to see how I was doing. In truth, I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a little over a week. Not too horny, not really jamming on the denial thing. She had let me out and I had been that way for five days or so, but that’s not what caused it. I didn’t really care if I was out or in (but, perhaps due to the pathetic orgasm, I have resisted being locked up since). We had relatives in town so maybe that had something to do with it. In any event, I don’t really feel like I came but also don’t feel all that Thumperish, either.

Belle commented that fucking me really wasn’t as great as she was expecting, either. She thinks she’s become more accustomed to my getting her off with my fingers. Maybe she’s been “trained” to prefer what our dynamic allows, too. That she would rather have my hand than the penis does, I admit, cause some stirring in certain places.

The Reddit tsunami

Yesterday, a thread was started in the WTF Subreddit regarding a chastity device with an urethral insert (never seen it before so no idea who made it). Later on in the thread, after all the “OMG!!1!”-type comments, someone posted a link to my Looker 02 review (specifically mentioning the insertion video).

That was at about 1:00 in the afternoon, give or take. Almost immediately, I got a WordPress notification saying my stats were “booming.” I didn’t see it because it was a nice summer day and I was in the pool. My hourly views were about 13 times average. An hour later, I got another notification I also didn’t see. My hourly views were now 31 time average. Sometime between that notification and the next, I saw what was happening and why. The next bulletin from the WordPress bot was two hours later telling me my hourly views were 42 times my previous hourly average (which was itself inflating due to the tsunami of Reddit looky-loos). The last alert from WP told me I was getting 56 times my previous hourly average.

Screenshot 2014-08-11 08.03.53
The tsunami, visualized.

So yeah, Reddit can send a site a lot of traffic. At the end of the day, Denying Thumper had received over nine times the traffic from its previous highest day (when Dan Savage linked to me from his column).

This is one of those times where the venn diagram in my head that represents this blog gets fuzzy. On the one hand, yay, eyeballs. On the other, ew, eyeballs. I don’t really want to be a public figure but I do want to share my experiences and thoughts on a subject that isn’t often talked about in polite society. When Dan linked to me, I was thrilled because that audience is pre-qualified as the kind of people I’d like to think are reading me. The Reddit thing is the exact opposite. I was linked to from the WTF Subreddit, for fuck’s sake.

The silver lining came from Caged Bob on the Twitter following my tweet on this event:

I reckon that while the majority would be are fucktards, there will be a few who stick around to read & learn about chastity

This is the big question, of course. How many people curious about chastity and denial will hang around to learn more versus how many were just here to ogle at the freak? WordPress’ stats are pretty rudimentary (and, last time I looked into it, there was no way to integrate Google stats into a hosted blog). Oddly, the page linked to had twice as many views as the number reported as being referred from that post on Reddit. Most of the traffic seemed to hit that page and bail, but the homepage, the chastity advice page, and several others had about three to six times the normal views. That’s encouraging, I guess. Those people did more than skip off the site like a flat stone.

I’ll admit that my initial reaction to this attention was not positive. I don’t like being used as a sideshow freak. I pondered changing the URL to the page so the links would 404 and the prurient voyeurism of those clicking it would go unfulfilled. But I didn’t do that. While I don’t enjoy the attention, I’ll leave everything as it is and take the attitude that more than anything, Reddit is ravenous and will move its attention to some other site quickly enough (as the chart above already shows). The link to me will get buried in the Subreddit and the attention will quickly fade. And maybe 1% of those who found me from there will be open and receptive to what I’m doing here and get something out of it.



I can’t stop looking at this (ridiculously NSFW) picture. It fires on so many of my kinks. That cock, apparently twice the heft of the penis — the beautiful pussy, ready and available but also absolutely not — the perspective, as if sitting at the end of the bed watching — the fucking look on her face, “I told you…this is what I want.”  Even his stubbly chin is hot.


Plus, I’m unlocked. Bad combination. Much suffering. I’m going to have to lock myself back up…