No then yes

Saturday, we were going at it.

Me: I want to come…
Belle: No.

/More fucking.

Me: Please.
Belle: NO.

Sunday, shortly after waking up.

Belle: It was wrong of you to ask yesterday.
Me: I know.
Belle: But I may make you. How do you feel about that?
Me: It’s up to you.
Belle: Say that again.
Me: It’s entirely up to you, Belle Fille.
Belle: Don’t ever forget that.

She continued on telling me that this was for her. Not me. She wanted to feel it, not give it to me. A little while later, after I had warmed her up in the usual ways, she was on top of me and I had her tits in my face. I was twenty miles from coming, then five miles, then 100 yards, then three inches all in about four seconds. While I was coming, she kissed me all over my face.

The last time I came, it was spectacular. This time, pathetic. No, seriously. Like, half an orgasm (volume-wise, as well – just a little spurt). I was ready, mentally, but apparently not physically. It’s not how I would have chosen to come (with her on top) but, as I said, it’s entirely up to her.

She hadn’t come yet so she rolled off of me and finished herself off with Pink while I listened and played with her nipples. Last night, she checked in with me to see how I was doing. In truth, I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a little over a week. Not too horny, not really jamming on the denial thing. She had let me out and I had been that way for five days or so, but that’s not what caused it. I didn’t really care if I was out or in (but, perhaps due to the pathetic orgasm, I have resisted being locked up since). We had relatives in town so maybe that had something to do with it. In any event, I don’t really feel like I came but also don’t feel all that Thumperish, either.

Belle commented that fucking me really wasn’t as great as she was expecting, either. She thinks she’s become more accustomed to my getting her off with my fingers. Maybe she’s been “trained” to prefer what our dynamic allows, too. That she would rather have my hand than the penis does, I admit, cause some stirring in certain places.

4 thoughts on “No then yes

  1. I think it’s nice that Belle keeps changing her mind. “You’ll never come again.” …. “On second thought, I want to feel you come. Come now.”
    That is what this game is .. or more inclusively I should say can be .. all about.

  2. Schnoff – I would agree with you; it is nice that Belle continues to change her mind for her own direct desires and satisfaction. Her control, Her desires, Her satisfaction, Her pleasure. It is truly up to Belle to determine if Thumper ever has another release or for that matter any variation of traditional intercourse penetrative sex.

  3. It is after all a Domme’s prerogative to change her mind. 🙂

    Submission is sexy though. My Boy’s submission turns me on, so the sexual pleasure is greater than if things were purely vanilla. You do get used to enjoying that high…on both sides I think.

  4. Once again as many have said, Belle’s in charge and it’s her decision to change her mind. I’ve got 5 words for ya; “Changes may occur without notice” That’s the hot part about being a submissive.
    I have experienced the faulty orgasm as well. It was really during a time of denial and I was allowed to masturbate. After about 3 weeks without an orgasm, I was allowed to masturbate, and it did not feel like I remember it. It didn’t seem worth wasting it. After reading your post, I think i figured out why; there was not a decent build up. yes, there was 3 weeks of a build up, but even then, the body learns to ingest what it hasn’t used. The sperm are used by the body and then replaced. the seamen does the same thing. And if you are told to “cum now”, it’s not hard to do usually, but it’s not very timely. The body doesn’t have enough time to build up seamen to carry the sperm, so you get little spurt and a chemical imbalance in the brain for not having that hard cum. This is also another form of a ruined orgasm, not as strong as some other strategies, but it leaves you feeling as you did. Still a turn on for most in the lifestyle. But I think in this situation here, it was the power of Belle that was the turn on and that she has the power to make you cum when she wants you too; no matter how good it actually feels for you.

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