Get up in there

So since my last post, she’s let me come twice more. If you’re me, that seems like a ridiculous number. None of them were especially great since they all happened with her on top. That might be part of a plan. Who knows. 

The last time, she was up there and I was bound and determined to get her off before I lost it, but that didn’t happen. That orgasm might have been passable except she wouldn’t stop fucking me and the head of the penis felt like it was being electrocuted. Eventually, it got too soft to stay in her and slipped out. She just kept rubbing against what was left of the erection before rolling off of me. She grabbed Pink and went to work on her soaked and gooey pussy before deciding she really wanted my tongue in there. 


I did as I was told but tried to keep my ministrations higher up near her clit where there was less of my ejacualte. Not enough for her, though, because she pushed Pink back in there and told me to move lower. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was barely touching her when she shoved her pussy into my face and told me to, “Get up in there.” 


Anyway, she’s been very attentive to my mood since all these orgasms. I’ve been just fine, to be honest. I’m trying hard to keep myself in the frame of mind that she’s in control and I will have or have not whatever she chooses. Sometimes I might come, sometimes I may not. I haven’t for at least a week now. Maybe two. Huh. I can’t recall. Weird. 

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  1. Only once has my wife had me lick her after ejaculating all over her chest. I enjoyed it. Even after loosing that spunk from cumming, I liked that I didn’t really have a choice. I would do it again and would do it between her legs.

  2. I should say up front, with denial of release as very normal part of my relationship with my wife I have not had the opportunity to give my wife oral following release much these days although in the past I have given my wife oral following a release on multiple occasions.

    As a submissive to my wife, I feel that she should not have to ask or instruct me to lick her following a release, it should be an expectation unless she has indicated otherwise.

    If I remember correctly, in one of your prior post there was some limited indication that you would consider it ok if your wife enjoyed another man. If that is still the case, would you be open to giving her oral following her extra play?

    Either way, as part of submission I would think that you would want to learn to enjoy and be openly willing to give her oral before and following intercourse by you or another and for that matter a release by you and or another.

    Enjoy the journey. 🙂

    1. “would consider it ok if your wife enjoyed another man. If that is still the case, would you be open to giving her oral following her extra play?”

      Eating another guy out of her pussy is among the hottest things I can imagine. But it’s unlikely to happen.

      My issue isn’t with eating ejculate. In the few times she’s let me fuck her and I’ve ejacualted without orgasm and then gone down on her, it’s been awesome. I love it. But once I come, it’s entirely unappealing.

  3. Ahhh, that gigantic sex organ between the ears strikes again. I remember as a teenager masturbating to the idea of giving a guy a blow job in the woods and the best part was swallowing it all. While I was shooting my load into my hand thinking I’ll swallow this and get an idea of what it’s like. But almost immediately after coming I no longer felt the urge to swallow it. It’s definitely part of the limbic hormonal response. Once the prolactin kicks in all bets are off!

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