Unusually terrible interaction

I once said…

I might end up with a UTI or I might not. If I do, it’s an easy thing to get rid of (though it sounds like a bummer of a thing to have). I’m OK with that.

…in a post about risk.

I also said…

I have to say the only people I’ve read talking about this eventuality are those who haven’t worn the device.

Well, that’s not the case anymore. I’ve worn the Looker 02 and I’ve had a urinary tract infection. Or something so much like it as to make no difference.

It all started a week ago last Friday. Belle and I were at dinner and I started to feel achy. My assumption was I was just feeling the affects of my morning workout and thought nothing more of it. The achiness continued as I went to bed so I took ibuprofen.

But it got worse. And I got the chills. And I started to feel feverish. And, most importantly, I had to pee. Over and over again. By the time morning came around, I had a temp of over 101º and peeing was not only a regular imperative but was also becoming difficult.

I wasn’t in the Looker 02 at the time. I was in the Steelheart and had been for a few days since Belle came home. But based on the symptoms, it was clear to her, me, and WebMD that I had some kind of infection (either of the prostate or the urinary tract). So I went immediately to the clinic.

The very nice nurse at the clinic was perplexed. Men aren’t supposed to get UTIs, though it’s possible. She couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of it and I, admittedly, was less than forthcoming as to how it may have happened. She took my temp, all the vitals, and my symptoms and then had me pee in a cup.

Belle didn’t let me out of the device before going to the clinic. She didn’t even bring it up. Luckily, I wasn’t expected to pee in front of the nice nurse and instead did so in the little bathroom and then put my warm cup into a little pass-through cupboard for her to test. Yep, while cell count was sky-high.

She was still perplexed. She asked me if I was sexually active. Of course, I said. She then asked, “Do you void after intercourse?” I just blinked at her. “That means, do you pee after sex.” Of course I knew what that meant, but most times, the kind of sex I have isn’t involving the penis. I got hung up on processing my response and helpfully answered, “Errr…”

Eventually, I said I didn’t really pay attention. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. In reality, hardly ever. She told me I should. I said OK, I would. But I know that’s not where I got my UTI.

Earlier in the week, while still wearing the L02, I spent an enjoyable morning with a new anal toy from Mr. S Leather. They don’t sell it anymore, oddly, so I must have got one of the last ones. In any event, I really went to town on this thing and, my presumption is, at some point this is what led to the UTI. Bacteria must have gotten on the device and then migrated up the insert. I wasn’t doing anything special with the penis, obviously, since I didn’t have access, but incidental contact is to be expected. After, I showered and cleaned myself up pretty well, but not well enough, apparently. I don’t really know how I could have done a better job with the L02. I wasn’t about to send water up the insert. In any event, that must have been when the damage was done.

So she prescribed an antibiotic and that made me feel tons better after about 36 hours. For the next five days, though, peeing was difficult. I had to bear down hard on my bladder to get even a little trickle out. It felt as though I was never really done at any point. I suspect that’s a little preview of what to expect if I should ever develop prostate issues when I’m older.

Later the same night after I got my meds, Belle took pity on my and let me out of the Steelheart. Not sure what moved her to do so at that particular time, but I was out until yesterday after I got back from a weekend trip with some friends. I feel 100% better and have no issues peeing at all (though, while it may be my hyperactive imagination, it seems like I still need to go more often than usual).

So, what to make of this experience? On the one hand, it was totally avoidable. I feel quite confident that had I been in the Steelheart this wouldn’t have happened. However, I will again want to wear the Looker 02 and I’ll still want to play with my ass at some point. Now I know to be very careful if those two things happen at the same time. In fact, I should perhaps put a condom over the L02 when the time comes. I have, of course, used anal sex toys with the L02 in the past and I’ve been playing with my ass since I was a teenager. This is the first time I ever got sick doing so. Live and learn. I’ll be careful, but I’m not going to overreact.

In a way, the UTI kind of feels like an STD. I’m chalking it up as a similar experience. Luckily, as I suspected two years ago, the UTI was easily dealt with (and a bummer of a thing to have).

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  1. I have a long and sordid history with urinary tract infections. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    If it ever happens again, ask for the little orange pill. (I forget what it’s called, but the docs will know what you’re talking about.) The antibiotics do their job, yes. But the little orange pill alleviates the discomfort, the urgency, and that never-quite-done feeling.

    Also, if you go through this again: Skip the 5-day treatment. Just knock the fucker out. Ask for Cipro; you’ll be good to go in 24 hours.

    And… Cranberry juice.

      1. Little orange pill is probably Pyridium. Will help with the pain/urgency, but does turn urine orange, and the orange can stain clothing.

        Another little orange pill is Dulcolax, so be careful which one you get.

  2. I am REALLY surprised the doctor didn’t want to look at your cock. I would have and I’m not even a doctor!

    Um… maybe I’ve just been watching too much porn… :P.


  3. So you went to the clinic, with a suspected UTI, wearing a steelheart which you weren’t allowed out of? You’re 100 times braver than me, mate!!

  4. I think if they found out you had a tube up your dick they would have wanted to ream it out a bit to clear out any junk.

  5. Going to the doctor, wearing a steel chastity device, about a problem that is associated with the body part locked inside the steel device was asking for trouble.

    I’m surprised the doctor didn’t want to inspect, what would you have done should the doctor have asked to inspect?

    1. I’m not a doctor, but I highly doubt she would have wanted to inspect the *outside* of the penis even if she had known what I had been wearing. At most, she would have asked additional questions (any blood? pain? etc.). I was at a simple clinic, not a urologist’s office after all.

      But, if for some reason I ever find myself in the type of situation you describe, I would simply tell the truth. The penis is locked into a device I can’t remove. I wouldn’t volunteer that information unless I had no other choice, but when push came to shove, I’d just tell the truth.

      1. I’ve dealt with UTIs since I was nine years old, and never once has a doctor wanted to “inspect” my vagina. Unless a piss test showed some sort of *other* infection – STI, etc- the docs would have no reason to “inspect” the meat. o_O

  6. Hi T, from my own unfortunate experience (oh God I’m peeing blood, why am I peeing blood!?) sometimes UTIs happen to guys, no Looker required, so the insert on it is not necessarily to blame. Best guess then was not voiding after intercourse also.

    1. I’d need to go back and look, but I bet the time lapse between when I came down with the UTI and last time I have intercourse was perhaps two weeks. She doesn’t let me stick it in all that often. But I suppose it’s possible something other than the L02 as to blame. It just seems the most likely culprit.

      Also, thank god I never peed blood!

  7. UTIs are so suckful. Ugh. I got them all the time when I was younger and more…frisky. You can get those orange (or pink, or red, or something) pills at the drugstore that alleviate the pain, and that helps a lot. But the last time I did that, the doctor’s office complained that they made it harder to diagnose. That was my PCP and I was like, sure, maybe if you could get me in sooner than 2 days later, jackasses.

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