Running man, continued

Earlier today, I said:

My preference would be to wear some running tights. They would offer some compression which helps with things like shin splints while also keeping me from getting cold when I run through the shadowy bits of my route (also, I think my legs look pretty fucking hot in them). Alas, the Steelheart isn’t made for that kind of thing. It’s not only plainly visible (which, all by itself, isn’t really enough to cause me not to wear them), but it gets pushed awkwardly to one side and I can’t imagine that would be comfortable on mile four.

After I wrote that, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods (because of course) and found my Goldilocks running tights. Seems they received some new pairs and/or reconfigured their floor so they were easier to find, but right there in the middle of all the other Nike running stuff were a few pegs with a different style of tights. The standard pairs, as I said, have a seam running right down the middle of the crotch forcing hard steel tubes to choose sides, but this new pair, besides being made of a cooler looking patterned material, has two seams that run down each leg into the crotch. Here’s a photo of me in the Steelheart in these wonderful tights:


Not, too bad. I mean, that could be a real penis. Sorta. If you didn’t have anything to compare it to, that is…

Of course I took a comparison picture. Are you new here? As you can see below, even when not sporting steel, these tights leave little to the imagination. You can even just barely make out the PA ring I’m wearing (it’s the big one — 4ga) in the top shot. The fabric pulled across the tube down below even lets a little of the steel’s sheen show through.

au natural vs secureHaving been left out by Belle following this morning’s sex (she came, of course, and I didn’t, of course), I was able to take these out for a run absent the Steelheart. I assume passers by were able to see the free meat moving around, but then again, the same was true for each of the other guys I passed who were wearing something similar. If letting the world see an outline of your package was an issue for them, then they wouldn’t be wearing this. Natch. You can guess how I feel about it.

The pants were great. I was warm even though there was a stiff wind and the lack of flapping material made me feel faster (and I put in my best 5k time, so maybe it was more than just a feeling). Since my comfort will likely not be impacted by these were I to run with a device on, I’m sure I will next time I take to the trail and it’s cold enough to warrant them.

And yeah, I do think my legs look pretty awesome in them. 😉

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  1. Sorry to be Rude, but as someone with a serious Lycra fetish (for which cycling is a surprisingly wholesome outlet), unf. And some.

    I don’t think most muggles know of the existence of male chastity devices so would just think you were keepingyour sandwiches down there or something.

    1. I like your muggles comment. Most muggles would not know what it was not pay that much attention to it. And for those who aren’t muggles, does it matter? They know what it is and may or may not say anything depending on how open that are. I wouldn’t mind.
      I run at night in shorts like your nikes even under lights. No one sees it but if they did, more power to them.

      1. It doesn’t really matter either way, right? If they know what it is, great. If they don’t…well, I’ll probably never see them again or, if I do, it’ll be right back there in the same place doing the same thing.

    1. I was thinking that too hate stuff flapping around when riding. Hey skins tights have the same layout, and cool yellow stitching, which makes you faster, naturally.

      *thumper disappears down another fetish rabbit hole*

  2. In the context of this particular conversation Nike’s description was spot on:

    “Thick mesh insets at the sides, knees and back leg offer enhanced compression for a locked-in feel”


  3. What about chastity cages to wear underneath that don’t show an un-usual bulge?
    Can you get something like the HTv4 Nub and lift things up so that balls are as far forwards as the lock section and so the plastic doesn’t show through?
    Honestly there could be a market for cage that is (relatively) secure, comfortable, minimizing, and good for use with tight lycra over the top, and variants on the rear ring to reduce the “balls pushed forwards” syndrome, for those who don’t want that appearance.
    This would be just a smooth comfortable bulge, no chafing, no visible penis line…

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