Holy Trainer FTW

Andy, a UK-based blogger and prolific sex toy reviewer who writes Ruffled Sheets, has posted a new review of the Holy Trainer.

This really is my favourite ‘off the shelf’ chastity device. After I bought mine I was quick to tell people how good they were … If you’re thinking of experimenting with chastity, do yourself a favour and lock your (or your partner’s) penis in one of these.

I agree with everything he says about the device and many of his points came up in my review of the first generation Holy Trainer. The new design only makes it better.

Andy dings it for having an ugly key and, truly, it is ugly. Certainly not suitable for external wear by a keyholder, but it’s the exact same kind of lock and key employed by Steelworxx on their integrated lock designs and it’s such a great little lock for that purpose that I’m willing to let the ugliness of the key go. Belle was never one to wear a key visibly anyway (though I’m sure she’d make an exception for the Steelwerks key and I hope she gets the chance someday). Andy similarly faults the manufacturer for not including multiple ring sizes, as did I. I suggested they provide an upgrade option to buy more than one at a time at a discounted price but just including them would be preferred and knock one of the CB-6000’s competitive advantages out of play. I have to imagine a plastic molded device being sold for $165 (in the UK, available from UberKinky for £147) has a substantial amount of margin built-in and the inclusion of a few extra rings shouldn’t break the bank (especially as they sell them and the cost of the molds are amortized away). Selling a sole, single-piece plastic ring for $48 borders on criminal, IMO.

But those faults are relatively minor for what I think is the very best starter device you can buy today. In his review, Andy remains generous in his view of the CB-6000 but I think the Trainer is so much better in nearly every way that I just can’t bring myself to recommend it to anyone. If you’re looking to dip your, er, toe into the world of enforced male chastity, you will not go wrong with the Holy Trainer. In fact, I think it’s so good I don’t know that upgrading to steel would ever be necessary as long as the plastic aesthetic and lack of steely durability wasn’t an issue for you.

In any event, go read Andy’s review. Oh, did I mention he was super hot? Fuck yes he is. Indeed.

5 thoughts on “Holy Trainer FTW

  1. Extra rings are worse when you discover later that you want one. The express shipping (required to the USA) makes it $70. I’ve done this twice, once to go down to 40 mm and again after they released the 36 mm ring.

    1. Just wondering how is the 36mm ring? I also dropped down to the 40 mm ring and it still seems a little loose compared to a CB 6000 45 mm ring. But like you it will cost me over 70$ to get another ring so I would hate to get the 36 and find out it is too tight.

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