Holy Trainer v2 inbound

So since Andy’s review of the Holy Trainer 2 I mentioned the other day, the device has been on my mind. There were some loose ends from my original Holy Trainer review and I’ve always wanted to address them. Not only the new design, but the “biosourced resin” material and, specifically, the clear version which seems to get more reports of cracking and failure than the opaque models. Then, Belle and I scheduled a trip to NYC for next month in which I requested she keep me in the Trainer. So it was on my mind even more.

So, yes, I ordered the v2 Trainer this morning. The final straw was noticing that when one Google’s “Holy Trainer” my review is the first site listed that isn’t one of the holytrainer.com pages. It’s the same if you Google “Holy Trainer 2.” If you ask Google for “Holy Trainer review” or “Holy Trainer 2 review,” I get top billing. Well, friends, that was it. I couldn’t stand the thought that people might be coming here looking for a review of the HT v2 and finding a review of the old model. Also, since the clear resin might be a fatal flaw, I felt compelled to pick it up.

I started ordering from the HT site but thought $20 for shipping was excessive and checked out Kept for Her. The device is available there and ships via Priority Mail for $8. Total damage was $178 which was about five bucks cheaper than going direct (and, I expect, will result in faster deliver since KFH is domestic and HT is in Europe).

Back when I found out the HT v2 existed, I asked the manufacturer if they’d supply a review unit. They declined, as I recall, saying they had already sent out all the review units they were going to give away (since it’s highly doubtful they want any of them back). So here I am several months later shelling out my own allowance, but at least that means you know I have no skin in the game. No conflict of interest. In fact, if it breaks, I’ll be pissed. Also, dear reader, know that I bought the clear one especially for you. I prefer the look of the black device and so does Belle, as a general rule.

My plan will be to ask Belle if I can wear the device for at least a month. I want to evaluate how the changes in the design impact its performance and I want to give the clear resin a real test. I’ll likely post a new review based on a few days of wear but will be adding to it over time with notes on durability. KFH sent a shipment notification less than two hours after I ordered which says two things. One, I hope to be able it get it on soon. Two, KFH is on their game.

So, stay tuned.

Finally, I figured out my Google rankings might help determine which of the two best-known plastic chastity devices is the better seller if, as I do, you assume Google searches are an indicator of purchase intent. My CB-6000 tips and tricks page is also the top link if you Google for a CB6K review, so comparing the two pages’ traffic should be interesting directional information.

For the year so far, the Holy Trainer review averages 2,178 views a month. It’s usually in the top five pages every day. The CB-6000 review page gets  5,042 and is usually number two or three on the days I don’t post a new entry. Traffic for both is pretty flat and has shown little increase or decrease, on average, over the year. So, one might assume the CB6K remains the clear winner in the plastic cock lock wars. Pity, really, since I think the HT is a better device all the way around.

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  1. OK, I guess I will be the first to weigh in here. I have now owned two holy trainers, so I feel I might just be an expert now.


    For comfort, The best one I have worn, and I have worn the following; CB3000 (too stiff), Bon4 (good, but too hot), and ended up with a Jailbird (great metal devise, just need getting use to and adjusting). The HT is pliable, no sharp edges, little to no binding, well vented, and really easy to keep clean. Plus very stealth under most clothes.


    In my opinion, the only con is durability, but that can be over come with some forethought.

    My first HT was the v2 with the magiclock. It was a very good device. The area at the top where the magiclock is inserted split. Be mindful when pulling out and pushing in the lock mechanism. Ordered a new one because I felt that the product was great.

    My second HT was the v1 with the padlock. It is also a good devise. The ring torn on this one, but for a reason. First of all, I was wearing it in a hot tub, so the resin got really soft. Second, I ordered the medium sized ring instead of the small ring like I had before. It really didn’t fit properly, and I kept trying to adjust it. The combination of the hot water, the softness of the material induced by the hot water, and my fidgeting with it caused the ring to tear. It was easily fixed by ordering a new ring, also the correct size. Ring sizing is essential. Also, warning to not fuss with it in the shower, hot tub, or anywhere where heat is a factor.

    I have had mine for 8 months now, and have worn it daily except for a few weeks waiting on a new one to arrive and a new ring to arrive. Oh, and upon occasion when my Dom instructs me to wear my jailbird. Usually when we are going somewhere important, and the look of steel is a better option. The HT (either v1 or v2) is the best daily chastity devise there is right now.

    I agree with Thumper all around, the Holy Trainer is the best.


    1. I guess that durability issue is what keeps me thinking the HT is a “starter device” and not one’s “permanent device.” Steel lasts and plastic doesn’t, especially the bio-resin. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. How would you rate the HT’s / HT 2’s ability to get past metal detectors?

    We are a MM JB & WM users but would be interested in something that could go through security in certain buildings / TSA pre-check line.

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