Holy Trainer v2 review

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What you get in the box.

The second iteration of the Holy Trainer male chastity device was released about 12 minutes after I finished my review of the first. In my experience and opinion, the new version makes what was already the leading plastic device even better.

Note that this review primarily covers how the device has changed in its revised version. For the most complete version of my opinion the Holy Trainer, be sure to also read my review of the v1 Trainer. One NSFW image puts the rest of this post after a jump…

Previous conclusions tested

Following my time in the first Holy Trainer, I was left with the following conclusions:

If there were no questions about quality issues, I’d recommend the Trainer unreservedly over the older and now very dated-looking CB-6000. It’s far more comfortable and attractive. On the downside, it costs a bit more and doesn’t offer as many A-ring sizing options. But, again putting aside the biosourced resin complaints, I think these detractors are more than made up for by its better features. Unfortunately, the issue of quality is a real one. Not everyone can afford to toss up their money in a gamble their combination of anatomy and device attributes won’t result in an early failure.

If you’re the wearer of a steel device and want a plastic spare for those times when it’s more appropriate (like me), then I do recommend the Trainer with some reservation. The black option seems more durable than the clear. If you’re looking to replace a CB-X device and have had issues with comfort, take a chance on a black or white Trainer. If every penny counts, you might want to stick with the tried and true until Novomedia revises the Trainer’s design.

When I bought the v2 Trainer I chose the clear version specifically to test the notion that the colored plastic was, for some reason, stronger than the translucent. I’m not especially a fan of clear devices and Belle, in particular, doesn’t like them. She far prefers devices where the contents are hidden away. Of course, this is a personal preference.

Since questions of quality seem to follow the Trainer and its unique biosourced resin around, I’ll address that right off. I found little to no difference between the black v1 Trainer and the clear v2 as concerns the material from which they’re made. I assume any inherent issues are still there, though I haven’t had any at all. The plastic does get somewhat softer when warm, but even in a hot shower or after sitting in a hot tub, the devices I wore never got to the point where either of them felt like I could make their structural integrity fail as it has for some guys. In normal wear and as warm as the human body gets them, they were only barely softer. Some flex was possible in the tube with strong pressure applied, but again, nothing that made them feel as though they were about to break. My assumption is, if you don’t apply that pressure, they won’t break on their own.

Seamly differences (v1 on left, v2 on right)
Seamly differences (v1 on left, v2 on right)

One of the advantages of the Trainer is that its tube is a solid unit, unlike the the tube found on the CB-6000. The CB6K can be prone to splitting (and that seemed especially prevalent in its early iterations). The Trainer does have a seam, but it appears to be from the mold in which it was cast and not from two pieces being joined into one. The location of that seam has moved from the v1 Trainer from the sides to the top. Personally, I’d rather have it back on the sides as it’s less noticeable, but once on, it more or less disappears anyway.

On balance, and based on my experience, I think the Trainer doesn’t deserve the reputation of being insufficiently durable. As I’ve said before, every penis is a special little snowflake and some guys just might not be built for it, but on me over the weeks I’ve worn them both, I found nothing at all to complain about regarding its construction or materials. It is, of course, a plastic device and plastic is not as durable as steel so it will, eventually, fail.


Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetThe v1 Trainer consisted of three parts (not counting the lock): The A-ring, the tube, and a “safety cap” that married the two together when locked. The v2 Trainer eliminates the safety cap through the use of the same style of horizontal lock used on devices like those made by Steelworxx. It’s called the “Magic Lock”  on the Trainer, though it was originally designed for cabinetry applications. Not sure of its magical qualities, but it’s well used by chastity device makers thanks to its small size and simple and sturdy brass construction. Get it as wet as you like, it’ll never seize up as I’ve had small padlocks do.

The main upshot of this is that the overall profile of the device is reduced. Note that both devices I wore were the short size with 40 mm A-rings.

In my original review I noted…

It seems to me that eventually the locking post will fail. The clasp on the lock, in turning and moving about, has made the locking hole bigger (though not so much that failure appears to imminent). Also, the little brass lock provided and its sharp edges has already scratched up the soft plastic of the safety cap (which only goes to demonstrate the softness of the resin).

Using the horizontal lock eliminates that concern completely. The connection between the tube and the A-ring is made similarly to the v1 device: You slide the tube into a notch on the front side of the A-ring. Once in place, the lock slides easily into position leaving the entire device feeling security mated. Simpler and easier than before.

Other changes

Processed with VSCOcam with b3 presetBesides the new lock and mold seam location, there are a few other things different in the v2 Trainer. First and most obvious of the two I found is the removal of two vent holes on the head of the tube. I didn’t even notice this until I took the pictures for this review but I suppose two less holes makes cleaning slightly more difficult and air-drying that much harder. Can’t see why these were taken out, to be honest. All things being equal, I’d rather they be there than not.

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 presetThe other change was really minor. On the backside of the A-ring, there are now four very small indentations (most noticeable on the right side in this image and possibly an artifact of plastic injection molding). These aren’t a comfort issue. You can’t feel them at all. But, you can kind of see that the leftmost hole has clogged up with skin oil or something similar. I suppose this could be a hygiene concern over time, though I didn’t notice the v2 device being any better or worse in that regard over the v1. If you’re a neat freak, be warned. This will drive you nuts.

Caveat emptor

When I bought the v1 Trainer, I got it from the manufacturer. This time around, I bought from Kept For Her. The price, including shipping, was $5 cheaper than going direct and their shipping was more than prompt. If that was the end of the story, then US buyers would do well by using them for their purchases. But it’s not.

My, ahem, friend Drew also bought a Trainer v2 about the same time I did. He opted for black and purchased directly from the Holy Trainer website. His shipped from Europe (Switzerland, I assume) and he paid $5 more than I did. At first. Then he got a bill for $35 to cover something called a “harmonized system tariff” for the “body item” he purchased. Then he got another bill for $7 more. That’s $42 in addition to the extra five, nearly fifty bucks more expensive than KFH. Note that I didn’t see any extra import fees when I bought the v1, but who knows. The fact that it might happen is more than enough reason for those reading this in the United States to do the simplest thing: Buy from Kept For Her.

Update: As of the beginning of March, 2015, Mr. S Leather is also now selling the Holy Trainer for $189 (plus shipping). They only offer one ring/tube size combo at the moment (45mm ring, 60mm tube) and it’s not as good a deal as Kept For Her, but’s it’s nice to see the device getting more distribution.

New conclusions


In my opinion, the v2 Holy Trainer is better than its predecessor in every significant way. It’s just as comfortable (thanks in large part to its anatomically-shaped A-ring) and is now even simpler and easier to wear thanks to the integrated lock. Now that I’ve worn both the clear and opaque plastics, my previous concern about quality has been alleviated. Some men will still have issues with it but some men also have issues with the CB-6000. No device made for a mass market is perfect.

If you’re just starting out or are looking to augment your collection of devices with a good plastic one for those times when it’s better suited, then the Holy Trainer v2 is what I’d recommend over all others I’ve worn.

Revision history

28 December 2014 – Original publication
29 December 2014 – Added the bit about where to buy.
7 March 2015 – Added Mr S Leather link to buying section.

157 thoughts on “Holy Trainer v2 review

  1. I agree with everything Thumper says about both versions of the Holy Trainer. I have worn both v1 and v2, currently wearing a v1 right now. The only criticism I have of the v2 is the the area above the magic lock is very fragile and wears very easily from pushing/pulling the magic lock in/out. Also, word of advise to everybody is be very careful in hot showers and hpt tubs. The heat will make the resin soft. I ripped two rings, one in the shower and one in a hit tub.

    1. This is the kind of thing I read about the Trainer that just doesn’t match with my experience in any way. The lock and its slot show no abnormal or excessive wear at all and I can’t imagine the A-ring breaking like that. I’ve worn it in a hot shower, a bathtub, and even a jacuzzi.

      1. Could the clear rings and tubes respond differently to heat. It may just be the difference between people’s definition of “hot” and “warm” in relation to this material.

      2. I have been wearing the HT for about a year now. My first one was the HT v2. Two things happened. First the hole that the “magic” lock is insert worm thin very quickly and broke. It was replaced. Second, while in a very hot hot tub, the a ring broke. Never had an issue in the shower or bathtub though. Currently, even as I write this, I am in the original HT with a brass padlock. Been wearing it for about five months now with no problems. My only suggestion to the HT makers is that they need to fortify the area around the lock area some more, otherwise I will stick to the original until they either do that or stop making the original and I have to go to the HT v2.

      3. @ Plunder: I wore the original in black and the v2 in clear to test that. I didn’t notice a difference at all.

        @ Kinkngso: I hear stories like that but have never had anything remotely similar happen to me. I can’t even imagine hot hot that water you were in must have been.

  2. Thanks for this very thorough, carefully stated review. I’ve been in a CB6K for the last six months, with intermittent chafing problems with the O ring, which the different shape on the Holy Trainer may well fix. The lock seems to be an improvement over the standard padlock. My only concern is getting it on–I like the CB6K because the O ring is open, making it easier to get my one recalcitrant testicle through the ring. A closed ring has proven harder to get on in the past, although I’d be curious if the different shape makes that easier. Any thoughts on that

      1. Yep, I wore it though the regular metal detectors several times with no issue and then specifically requested I be screened through the scanner to see what, if anything would happen (I was in a brave mood that day). I did not even get a blink from the TSA agents.

        Thumper, on the pics above it looks as if the clear tube became cloudy. Is that the case or is it just the photo? As you know, I have the black one and it has held up well, but the surface as “shined” a bit from specific areas of wear and the white HT1 which yellowed, but I always worried the clear would get that “old” look.

      2. I think it’s clouded up a bit, now that you mention it. The plastic is pretty soft and rubbing against the insides of underwear and pants probably does that.

      3. Also, WRT to the TSA, I’ve read accounts both ways. Some like Drew’s where the device passes through without comment and others who get patted down. Seems like it may be up to the discretion/experience of the scanner operator to make the call.

  3. There is another option for buying a HT2 in the USA. LockedUpLove They’re based in Arizona. I haven’t purchased anything from them, so this isn’t a recommendation, but their shipping rates to the US and Canada seem very reasonable.

    1. I should point out as well that my extra “tax” was billed to me by US Customs approximately six weeks after the delivery of the Holy Trainer. While I am not ashamed, there are seven pages listing the “body item”, my name, and various other personal information gathered by, I assume, US Customs and that is a tad, well, creepy.

      Since I travel for a living and cannot afford to have one glitch on my record, I immediately paid this, but wonder if it is something I could have fought?

  4. The only issue I see with this is the same one I have with the CB6000. The ability to clean it easily without taking it off. I am very comfortable in the CB6000, only issue is the need to clean it without taking it off.
    I bought a generic metal chastity device from Amazon for a really cheep price, and besides the fact that it has a longer shaft which makes it harder to hide and the longer shaft forces it down when wearing pants and makes the O ring dig into the taint, it cleans really well and air drys without a problem. Seems like if I want a metal CB6000s with bars instead of being enclosed like the lori or jailbird, I’ll be paying a lot more. at some pint once you try the 35-65 dollar devices, you will know if it’s right for you and you can feel more comfortable getting the more expensive devices.

  5. I’ll be ordering one within the next few days. I have been craving to try one for months and months, but have been scared to order the wrong size and waste so much money.

    I have ordered a DickCage from keptforher before and I remember everything going smoothly, but I don’t remember how long it took to arrive. How long did it take for the HTv2 to arrive from when you ordered it?

  6. Would you recommend the HT2 over the CB6K or the other way around? I’ve never worn a device before but I’m looking to get one.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Great blog by the way. I almost bought the Boy Trainer 2.0 from Mr. S Leather and then decided to use some better judgement and find any reviews and I came across your blog. It’s been incredibly informative. It’s also really fucking sexy. Love the pics. Thanks again.

  7. As off today I am in the HT2 family aswell (clear, small, 40 mm). Now I have to start the training for wearing it longer times. Since I am uncircumcised my foreskin gives some problems for peeing. It is in the way. I have to find a solution for that. Any suggestions?

    1. Circumcision? No, kidding. Don’t you dare.

      I’m foreskin-deprived so I don’t have any experience with one. I’d try to keep it pulled back somehow, I guess.

    2. I don’t wear a device or have a penis, let alone a foreskin lol but I have heard of guys wearing that type of device that do try to pull it back before putting it in but eventually they will skip back down. So I’ve heard they’ve covered the tip so the foreskin doesn’t slip out the end.

      Like I said no idea what I’m talking about, only what I hear others do.

      Good luck!

      1. Skip back, that will happen. And the foreskin will get irritated. If I cover the tip, peeing is impossible… Meanwhile I wore the new HT2 nearly the whole day.

      2. I too have a foreskin so not matter what the device, I have to remove it to clean under the head of my penis. I am back in my HT2 after trying to get a good fit with my custom device which has become a money pit. Spend another $75 and it that does not fix the problem, spend more money to try something else. I wonder why I even bought it in the first place since my HT2 is more comfortable and light.

  8. Great blog! We’re new with chestity belts and ordered the test version of the curve last week. It already broke so now we want to try this one. We are using the ring with a diameter of 4.7 For the holytrainer we can only chose between 4.5 or 5. Any advice? Because this ring is oval, is it rather larger or smaller then the round ones we are using now?

  9. My HT2 sags down all the time along my cock. Not that I can get out of it, but I like it more when the HT2 stays close to the body. Do you recognise this? Should I use a smaller ring?

      1. But when I measure using the string method, the size is good or even too small. I think I will buy a smaller ring (the smallest).

      1. Day three. All the times waves of arousal, funny. I am considering to buy the 35 mm ring because of the sagging. I am just affraid this ring will be to tight.

    1. I have the 36 ring now, that’s is better! It does not sag down so much anymore and is more comfortable. The 6th day in, wondering when the horny frustration feeling starts.

  10. I am currently locked in the Bon4 device and have settled on the 44m ring and small tube. I debated ordering the HT2 and opted for the Bon4 because I travel 2 to 3 weeks a month. Based on your detailed review and Drew’s comments I may now order one. I guess the brass “magic lock” will not be an issue through metal detectors.

  11. I am a novice with respect to these devices. The longest I’ve spent in one is a week with a CB6K. How does this device work with a 4ga PA like yours? How does it compare to the cb6k?

    My experience is the cb6k worked well with smaller diameter Jewelry, 6-8ga for example, and the cage chafed under my balls.

    1. As I said in the post, I recommend the HT over the CB6K. It is better in every way than the CB6K, including A-ring comfort. I don’t wear my PA when in this device as there isn’t room in the tube and the ring won’t fit through the slot.

  12. An excellent review. It is one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. I was also able to adapt it to use with a locking leather waist belt to prevent pull out (I have a pierced frenum but not a PA).

  13. I’m considering getting a HT2, but am having issues with deciding size. On their website they have a method where you wrap a string around and then cut it to measure its length. Whenever I do this I measure over 6 inches, which says I need the largest ring size. I’m a little skeptical because I don’t think I would be the largest size. Any tips?

    1. That 6 inches your measuring is the circumference. You need to do the math to get the diameter. That is the distance across the circle. Most likely about 2.75 inches. Divide the circumference by 3.14.

      1. I was going to say that! Also, when starting out, I got a 2″ measurement as well. For the HT, I wear the 40mm ring and it’s quite comfy.

      2. My current metal cage has a base ring of 1.75. Is fine on that. I wonder if I need to go smaller on this HT by 1/4 inch? It looks like it may be just right the way the ring is designed.

  14. We have decided against buying an expensive metal device. Today’s world of metal scanners and such makes it impossible to travel. I had been looking at other devices and read yours again on this one. I have found most makers don’t make one small enough for me. I found that the HT does. So to take the plunge again into chastity we will have to order one. The current one, asylum, has a hinged base ring and the tube to protect that hinge and skin, asking with the seam it the top where it comes together causes issues. So the search had been on for a new one. This has included piercing and getting metal again with a solid base ring. Though as I said, metal could cause trouble in the metal detectors. We will probably get one soon.
    The real question is winter time nut pulling when you shrink due to the cold. How is that part?

      1. Want worried about slippage, they just pull so right it gets extremely painful

      2. We also have problems with “nutslipping”. My boyfriend wears the HT2, but with the 45 ring one of the nuts easily slips out and he has to be very careful in moving around not to get out of the device. Now we ordered the 40 ring, which is more comfortably during the day. The device stays more into place. But during the night when my boyfriend had erections the Penis/balls get all blue and painful. Any advice?

      3. Blue and cold is bad. Purple but still warm is not (I get like that all the time). There can be some pain, but individual tolerance will vary.

        Bigger rings mean greater comfort but things like balls popping out is more common. Smaller rings fix that, but are less comfortable when the hydraulics start. If you think chastity is something you’re likely to stick with, it’d probably be a good idea to move to a custom fit metal device with a ring somewhere between 40 and 45 mm.

      4. I have not had a nut slip. The blue part is lack of blood flow no oxygen. The device length may be to small. I am no expert. When I get those kinds of erections at night I usually get up for a few minutes. Attempt to pee and then the issue is solved for that time. I haven’t had one last longer than a few minutes.
        The pain I would say is normal. The intent of the device is to control the erections, teaching the man who is in control.

      5. I tend to agree regarding pain. It’s an integral part of the experience. Not so bad that you’re totally debilitated, but discomfort is chastity, to a certain extent. Belle doesn’t want me to be too comfortable. She expects and wants there to be some discomfort.

  15. Thumper. I have the Metal Workx cock cage.Our first cage, And I do like the weight of the meta Wife love’s having me locked up. HOWEVER I recently bought her a lock that you move the numbers to open. instead of a key’d pad lock Which was fun. She kept it on me for a while. Problem is before sometimes I would sneak it off at night as I would get half a hard on and couldn’t get to sleep and have discomfort and was hard to sleep in. I am primarily a stomach sleeper, which is an issue with the cock cage. How do you find this for sleeping on your stomach? Do you have any issues with comfort or hard ons? TIA

    1. I don’t have any experience with that device, but yes, sleeping on one’s stomach in a device in the middle of an erection is an uncomfortable proposition. I can easily fall asleep on my stomach but can’t go back there in the morning unless the penis cooperates.

  16. I unfortunately have discovered that I can’t even get the head of my dick into the tube with the stocking method or any other trick. Have you heard of others that can’t fit into the diameter of the biggest standard tubes among the popular devices. I need advice as it looks like I’ll have to go the custom route like mm jailbird.

    My problem is the girth of my cock when flaccid and having lots of extra foreskin on the underside even though I am circumcised. In stocking method it gets pinched so tight that I can’t get the stocking through with out painfully pulling and inadvertently rolling the skin over the head inside the tube when trying to force it in.

    Really my question is it common to for others not to be able to fit into the largest standard sizes of tubes. I can barely get into The Curve and even then my dick gets pulled all out of shape because it’s such a tight fit.

    1. Every penis is a special little (or not so little) snowflake. These devices are designed to fit most, but they can’t accommodate everyone. Based on what you’ve written, I don’t know that there’s any mass-produced device that will work for you.

      1. Ok so narrowing down. How close to actual girth of penis head (where it’s thickest regardless of state) should the diameter of the tube be? I hate. Guessing on this with something that costs as much as a jailbird

      2. IMO, the tube should be as wide as the penis. For those who fall outside the averages with regard to size and proportions, I’d suggest reaching out to a manufacturer like Mature Metal directly and working out the specifics with them. They have always demonstrated great customer service and have experience locking up hundreds (thousands?) of penises.

  17. You are the man. I really appreciate the advice. Last Q. As a stand in I have determined that the bird cage will suffice until proper measurments can be calculated. It’s metal but I need to paint it pink. I’ve stumbled across someone who has done it in the past and was wondering your thoughts?

    Thanks again

    1. We started out with a bird cage while we worked out measurements for the Jail Bird and it worked out great for us. It was the best choice for us in working out if this was something we wanted to do and going cheaper first really helped with getting the size right. Hubby has a girth issue too and we could not do one of the typical “off the shelf” devices.

      Good luck to you!

    2. I’ve never painted a device before, but I don’t know why you wouldn’t except that it could change how it interacts with your skin. Not that the paint would irritate, but that it might end up being grippier than bare metal. Perhaps just paint the cage?

  18. I currently have a cb6000. I also have pinching or rolling of the skin within the cage. Talk about painful. I’m not sure why it causes that. I also have had balls slip out of a 50mm ring but the next size down I think it 1 7/8 is snug but when I get an erection it causes the cage to pull up words and my balls still have cirection but do turn a light purple color. I was planning on getting the holy trainer v2 next week but not sure on which size to get for the ring. I dont want to 50 to slip out and I dont want to 45 to be too tight. I do feel more secure with the 1 7/8 ring from the cb600 so i’m leaning towards the 45mm

    Any advice?

    Also I am a firefighter and would love to wear my cage longer then what I do. But since I work every 3rd day I can only wear it for 2 days at a time. Is there any advice on this? myself and my gf would love for me to wear it at work, but I dont want anything to happen. Pinching or pain or any discomfort when Im doing work. I would love to wear it at work instead of 2 days and then take it off. Would the holy trainer help in that?

    1. As I’m sure Thumper would agree, it is perfectly normal to have your cage pull a little away from your body during an attempted erection. Also the slight change in color is pretty normal too. You should not feel pain or have any temperature or color changes when you are wearing the ring at a flaccid (or mostly flaccid even) state. The temporary discomfort, pull and purple/reddish balls is pretty common.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks Lady M
        The temp is still warm and I’m still getting circulation.
        Ive had the skin on my head roll and get punched in the cb6000 I guess I needed more lube, not sure. This is what scares me about this cage.. Thats why I’m moving on

      2. Yeah we use custom steel devices so I can’t help with that part. We never could get hubby into the cb6k or an HT so it was right to steel and then custom for us.

        Good luck!

      3. Why cant he get into them?

        Also any advise whether or not I should wear the cage to my firefighter job? My gf and I have an agreement that I take off the morning I go into work, and when I get back home I put it back on. I work 1 day on and 2 days off (24hrs on 48 hrs off)

        I’m just afraid that something is going to happen while im at work

      4. My hubby is a bit too girthy and a little long for the “off the shelf” devices so they didn’t work for him.

        As for your job… I couldn’t make that decision but if my hubby was a firefighter I wouldn’t have him wearing it to work. The temperature of the heat you work in, the possibility for injury or worse where you might end up needing medical attention… Just too many what is ifs for me.

  19. I just received the ht2 in pink with a 45mm ring. It wasn’t bad getting my balls through but when I went to put my penis through the ring has two points that were scraping my penis pretty bad. I also had one nut that some how got back through and when I went to put the cage on I noticed it was pushed up inside. So I took everything off and started over. Again those two points are very Sharp. My balls sometimes are loose and some times tight as can be. I can only get the cage on with them loose. After everything was I Did notice that this cage pushes against your balls and pushes down. There is no rasing like the other cages can. Is this normal?


  20. “” I don’t have any experience with that device, but yes, sleeping on one’s stomach in a device in the middle of an erection is an uncomfortable proposition. I can easily fall asleep on my stomach but can’t go back there in the morning unless the penis cooperates. “”

    Can you elaborate a bit more on ” I can easily fall asleep on my stomach but can’t go back there in the morning unless the penis cooperates ”

    Thanks again!

    1. Sure, when flaccid or only a little chubbed out, sleeping on my stomach and on the device is fine. That’s nearly always how I fall asleep. But when the penis is trying to get hard, it’s impossible to comfortably lay on my stomach.

  21. Hey I had a problem with the cb6000s with when I would get in the shower I would slip out of it. Does this device stay on really good?

  22. I was wondering about getting a V2 but of course they’re quite costly, especially for a device which calls for you to determine the size and then order it with only one ring. There are various knockoffs on eBay and the like with more than one ring size but I’ve only ever managed to find a V1. How close are the sizes of the V1 and 2? If they’re close enough, I could get the knockoff and use it to determine which size of the genuine V2 I should go for.

  23. Hi Thumper – love the blog. 🙂 I have two questions I hope you can help with

    1) I bought a 40mm HT2 and it’s great during the day – I mostly forget that it’s there and it fits well. A few times a day, I find myself having to pull my balls down and the cage up so it sits closer to the body again. If I get hard, it definitely hurts a bit (good submissive pain) because I’m a grower and I find my head pulling out half way because the cage is pulling away from the body. If I think of something else, it will calm down.

    Nonetheless, I was thinking of ordering a 36mm ring for day time use hoping that tighter would reduce how much it slips down and to limit . What are your thoughts on this?

    2) My second question is related to night time and my 40mm ring. I’ve been having to unlock at night in order to get a good night’s sleep. Like you, I can fall asleep on my stomach without issues, but around 2am I will start to get night erections and the pain starts. I’ve tried not drinking/peeing before bed, adding oil to the ring etc but it doesn’t help. I end up having to stand up, calm down and let it go back down before crawling back into bed where I’m lucky to get another 20 minutes sleep before it happens all over again. My balls sometimes get colder and so then I’ve been inclined to try and warm them up, or if intolerable, unlock and sleep uncaged.

    I’ve been wondering whether I need a larger ring at night, or tighter?

    Needless to say, I hate breaking my locked period every night and would prefer to remain locked 24/7 but I haven’t been able to find a strong resource on night erections/sleeping/positions/techniques etc.

    Hoping you can help! Thanks in advance 🙂


    1. To me, it sounds like the 40mm ring may be too tight. Discomfort during the wee hours of the morning is a very familiar situation for me. A lot of this has to do with personal thresholds for discomfort and allowing sufficient time to pass for your body to adjust to the discomfort. Your balls should not be getting cold, though, so that’s what tells me the ring may be too small.

      Regarding the slippage of the cage during the day, that just happens and you’ll have to get used to it/stop letting it bug you. It’s impossible for most men to wear a ring that keeps things nice and snug when flaccid but not ridiculously constrictive when trying to have an erection.

      You say you’re applying “oil” to the ring. I recommend silicone lube over all others. It lasts far longer than any other substance I’ve tried. Also, don’t starve yourself for water before bed. Being hydrated is important, especially overnight when all you do is lose water from your body.

      1. Thanks for the reply 🙂 So I have so more details that might help.

        First of all, I’m uncircumcised, so when put in, I have some foreskin in there partially covering the head. I’ve experimented between pulling the skin all the way back away from the head and installing vs pushing skin forward and installing. Ideally, I think this cage is best for circumsized guys.

        So I’ve been trying to split test a few things the last couple of nights and wanted your perspective. I observed that my balls haven’t been getting as cold anymore, but I can feel a lot of pressure on the underside of my balls. Applying silicone lubricant definitely helps more but I feel it’s a symptom rather than the cause.

        When I’m limp, my penis mostly fills the large sized HT2, length wise (maybe a tiny amount of room at the front but more possibly due to the shape/design rather than me not being long enough – I’m about 3.5″ limp).

        When I get erect, my penis first expands in girth in the cage but then reaches a threshold causing it to pull back halfway out, leaving a large gap at the front (basically the head shaped part of the cage becomes vacant). This causes the device put a lot of pressure on my balls. This is why I was wondering if a smaller ring would make more sense, as it could prohibit/reduce the sliding when the penis gets harder and starts to grow in length.

        I can postulate the value of being locked in with a PA now, which may prevent this pull back. The head of my penis is slightly larger than the moulded size so the lip of the cage doesn’t truly grab a hold of me.

        I’ve read a lot about MM Queens Keeps etc and generally the argument is that because the cage prevents sliding because the penis never has the chance to really swell in girth, let alone length. I’m wondering (now with added context), if I should try a smaller ring to reduce the chance of sliding when it gets harder, if I should try the smaller sized HT2 cage so it’s a tighter fit in both length and girth, or if I should accept that this may not be the best cage for me.

        Thoughts and feedback and much appreciated! 🙂

      2. Hi Paul, we have te same experieces. I am also uncircumcised and have my foreskin pinching some times. The sliding is familiair to me as well, therefor I ordered a smaller ring, it will arrive tomorrow. I will tell here if it works. I prefer to have the HT2 close to my body, that also looks nicer.

      3. HI Sander,

        I’d love to know how you go! I’ve been deliberating between going smaller (36mm), larger (45mm), or buying the shorter cage. When I look at the Mature Metal fitment guides, they’re recommending to go with a cage that’s 1/4″ shorter than flaccid so the head is pushed up hard against the end, so I’m wondering if the same logic should apply to the HT2.

        During the day, apart from the occasional slip, the device feels mostly fine. The problem is erections, whether normal ones during the day, or nocturnal. When flaccid, I’m about 2.5-3″, and after a few days in the HT2, I’m possibly even shorter than that as it sits 1/4-1/2″ off the front of the cage. Another trick I did was to spray it with lidocaine spray which helped it shrink a lot before inserting. When doing it this way, I had quite a bit of room to move inside the cage.

        But I’m also a grower, so when hard, I’m about 8″. When it gets hard in the cage, it first swells and you feel the pressure, but then the head swells and starts to pull out of the cage and slips out of the contoured area, and gets stuck in the tube part. So I then have a 1/2″ gap at the front of the HT2 when hard, my dick is stuck halfway in the tube, and then it pulls hard on my balls causing the pain.

        I’m wondering, based on the Mature Metal fitment advice, that if I used the shorter (and marginally tighter) cage, it could help keep it all tighter together and limit the room for the head to even grow at all in the first place. Ideally, I’d like to catch the erection before it really has the chance to grow much at all, which seems to be what the MM devices are about.

        As for the foreskin, I’ve experimented with pushing the skin into the cage, and also pulling the foreskin back and then putting my dick in. I’ve found it’s much more sensitive (which I prefer) and the fit is better when pulling the foreskin back but you get bunched up skin outside the cage which doesn’t work too badly. It’s easier to pee with the foreskin forward but the skin allows for more lateral movement of the penis, exacerbating slippage. I also found with the foreskin forward, it would pull a lot harder in the cage/on the balls when erect.

        More than happy to send/show pics if it helps and/or take this to email or chat. 🙂

      4. Paul, I have the small cage, erect i am about 6″, a bit smaller ;-)). I will let you now how it goes with th 36mm ring, we could mail if I have your address.

      5. Hey Sander,

        Awesome 🙂 How does the small cage feel – do you have room or is it a snug fit even when most soft? How big are you flaccid?

        Let’s chat over email so we don’t fill up Thumper’s thread – I’m at lifelockedinacage@gmail.com

      1. I fitted the Guardian today. I could easily pull out before but it was so comfortable I didn’t want to go down a ring size. I have tried to pull out twice to test it and about half way the fingers start to dig in and then it just stops. You might be able to pull out but I don’t know how much dick you would have left so my vote so far is a big yes. Having been in a Queens Keep last few times I find that after a month I am so damn horny that even just my pinkie through the bars on my frenum gets me to orgasm point. Absolutely no way with the trainer. The missus loves it.

  24. So what do you guys use to keep the holy trainer lubricated. I’ve heard some use lotion some use lube. Lotion seems to last the longest for me but often makes me itchy and smells terrible once you start sweating. Lube works as well but gets sticky after a period of time. Some lube takes longer then others but it seems it all eventually gets someone sticky or dry. Any advise?

  25. We have been using a generic one we purchased online. Neither one of us is happy with it at all. It has been alright but not one we like to use often or for long at a time. I found the HT a couple months ago and have been saving up the money to get it. Everything I have read about the HT from the beginning until now has been positive. I have read all the reviews and as many blogs about it as I can find. I am planning on keeping him locked up for at least a few weeks+ at a time so I wanted one that he would be comfortable in. With the one we have now after about a week he starts getting irritated. I am very excited about getting it and trying it out.
    BTW – thanks for the US site for purchase. I will be checking it out today. I don’t need any extra charges since it took me a few months to save up for this.

  26. Hi, I’ve started with a CB6000s and quickly ordered the Holy Trainer v2 when I found out about it here (great blog btw!). I agree it’s a fantastic device in many ways but for me two problems remain.

    For one, my balls’n’sack are massive and even with the largest ring it’s a very tight fit. This tightness causes the top of the ring to press against the base of my penis which starts feeling unhealthily painful after a day or two.

    Secondly, hygiene. To my mind a few more holes would be really welcome as I am unable to properly clean my tool. I don’t usually notice the smell much until I take it off but taking it off after even only one day uncovers a pretty disgusting smell.. After two days it’s a horrific stench. Not sure why it’s so bad, I don’t generally see this mentioned much as a problem for the HT.

    I travel a lot and have to regularly take the device off as a result which gives me an opportunity to sin that I occasionally make use of and then am unhappy about and so is my wife.

    I’m not keen on going custom with metal and have now come across this which would apparently help with the hygiene issue and allow me to get a bigger ring as well:

    Sadly, no integrated lock. I think I’ll purchase it regardless.

    I can’t find much info on it online apart from the links above. I suspect it’s new and thought I’d mention it here as a potential alternative to the Holy Trainer. (I’m not in any way affiliated to the makers of the cage.)

    1. I didn’t realise it would display the full contents of the tumblr links. If you know of a way to turn them into simple links, please feel free to do so.

  27. Haha well the interwebs are small after all… First thanks for the amazing blog Thumper! On the ghost gents it seems a little off and scammy. I did a bunch of searching and couldnt find anything, no reviews, no pictures of the device other than the guys tumblr nothing in regards about the company. Even the pics on the website look to be using a digital image. Id buy with caution the website comes out of australlia and thatd be a place known for ganking people…
    Im definitely going HTv2 through keptforher it will be our first device. thanks to a few certain reviews i believe its the best device starting out.
    But of course whats a post with out a few questions before pulling the trigger on the HTv2.
    Now that you have had the clear version for a while Thumper how would you rate it on staying clear? Does it get that funky dirty look that a lot of clear toys get over time? Does anyone have thoughts on the white version?
    Ive been taking measurements for the last few days and will continue. But on a good day i hang around 3-3.5″ but can get super smaller than that. I know you say smaller is better Thumper and will more than likely be purchasing the short.
    the short from your reviews measurement is 3.5″ which im thinking is a good fit. But Rich over at kept for her is saying possibly the standard if im constantly hanging around 3.5″
    im just torn between the regular and short. Im also going with the 40mm ring. Thanks for the replies to my questions.

    Oh and if you havent figured it out im the one that asked the question regarding the ghost.

    1. Hi blazedone,

      thanks for your thoughts on the Ghost. I can’t imagine someone investing so much time and effort into building a website (then again, a pretty cheaply set up standard shop site… hmmm) with uniquely produced digital images for this type of product… Aren’t at least some of the pics real? I can’t tell for sure, the comparison pic on the tumblr does look perfectly real to me. If they were selling something with mass appeal, yes, but they’d likely be making more money using their website dev and digital image production skills for something legit.

      And if you pay by credit card (or paypal which they seem to preselect as standard, I’ve just checked) my understanding is that you can quite easily get your money back within 60 days or so if it’s a scam. Or perhaps that’s just protection UK law affords, not sure.

      In any case, I’ll hold off for now, your concerns could well be valid, I’m not in that much of a hurry and happy to wait for others to review first. Also, I’d like a clear Ghost 300 and that’s apparently not on offer (yet?).

      I’ve got the clear HTv2 and have checked, it has turned slightly yellowish on the lower sides of the cage which isn’t visible at all while I wear it, other than that it looks pretty much as new. Makes me wonder if that yellow tone contributes to the smell issue I’m experiencing? So far I’ve only cleaned it with hottish water and soap in the sink and I’ve had it for more than a year now. I think I’ll try cleaning it in the dishwasher but will have to wait until I’m back home (currently travelling) and the kids are out. I’d be somewhat embarrassed if they got to empty the dishwasher first… In any case, will try to remember to report back.

      Apart from the issues that I’ve mentioned (smell, >24h comfort) I’m a big fan of the HTv2 and the company’s customer service, too. Even if in the end the Ghost 300 turns out to be legit, I don’t think you’ll regret having bought the HT. I certainly wouldn’t mind ending up having both.

      I wanted to mention – funny how that works – just writing down my thoughts on the issues with the HT here have made me think more about them and I found when pulling the little one in yesterday that I could pull through quite a bit further than I’ve previously done and now the base-of-the-penis pain hasn’t yet materialised. After 1.5 days. I’ll see if I can improve my cleaning as well, perhaps I’ve just not given it enough time and dedication.

      Oh and if you havent figured it out im the one that asked the question regarding the ghost.
      Haha, I hadn’t! Now I get the “interwebs are small” comment.


      PS: I’m offended on behalf of all Australians re that ganking comment.

      1. Tom
        Thanks for the reply i was curious if the clear like other clear plastic gets the ugly yellowish tint, the debate continues in my head on the color to choose now…
        Hey man i agree the tumblt image for the ghost is what sold me to be homest it looks very nice. Unfortunately their website has no such image that draws a flag on my part not knowing if the ghost might be a 3d printed device. Theres no real information on what its made of and if youre making the devices why not take pictures of how they actually look not schematics drawn up on a computer of how they will potentially look. Theres also a forum setup within the site for customers to ask questions when looking through forum posts there are comments but no replies from the main site. Im just reporting back with what i found with my litttle bit of research. By all means youre more than welcome to purchase one id like to know how they are because the design and material look cool on tumblr.

        Ps. I should have said Australlians are known for getting gangked they lost 90million to phone and internet scams in 2014. Im offended that youre offended by a silly turn of phrase on a chastity blog. Im not about to get attacked or back down from the pc police



      2. Im offended that youre offended

        😉 I should have placed a smiley there. I take neither myself nor comments on blog posts on the net all that seriously.

        Will take the device off later today and clean it with some boiling water and an old tooth brush and then report back on the yellowish tint. It really isn’t visible at all while I wear it. I’d go with clear any time for everyday wear. Perhaps somewhat irrational but feels more incognito… well, I guess if the kids entered the bathroom while I just have it on display my hope is I could better explain it away as some sort of medical device if clear or at least white.

        And as for the Ghost 300 I agree with you that there is a chance it’s dodgy. Considering they offer loads of customisations that may indeed well be 3D-printed, perhaps their achievement is that they can 3D-print quality devices that aren’t as rough as Thumper reported the KHD X3 espresso to be? I guess we’ll find out within a couple of months.

        If the company is confident of their product and clever they’ll offer Thumper a free unit for testing. I’d take his word for it. Have done it before. 🙂

      3. Took me a little longer to get to it but I’ve cleaned it now with boiling water and an old tooth brush. There is still a wee bit of discolouration but it’s not (and never has been) affecting the main body or even the sides, it’s just on the perhaps 2mm thick border and it’s really quite minor. I suspect what you imagine this to be from me mentioning it earlier is worse than what it really is. Personally, I think it shouldn’t stop you from getting the clear one if that would otherwise be your preference.

        I know the situation though, I very often try to ensure a perfect purchase but I find that as a result I’m wasting a whole load of time ruminating over the options. Remember that you’re denying yourself some perfectly good denial in the meantime! Just pick one, you’ll very likely be happier than without one. 🙂

      4. I had wanted to comment on short vs long cage but forgot. I’ve just measured (varies quite a bit though) my currently unlocked tool – don’t have a ruler here – turns out it’s a little shorter than a credit card’s longer edge which according to Wikipedia would be 3 3/8 inches. For me the short cage is – when I don’t have an erection – perhaps 70% of the time a little too long, 30% of the time a near perfect fit. I suspect the small one is a good choice.

        Note I found it really difficult in the beginning to put it on. It’s quite important you follow the order: One testicle, then the other, then the penis through the ring. I found to my surprise that I get better results when I start with one testicle instead of the other. And I think on this blog I got the link to http://www.tickleberry.co.uk/male-chastity/stocking-method/ which is brillinat. I usually forget to carry a stocking with me though and then just stuff it all in somehow and once I get an erection (or mostly fail, obviously) it all sorts itself out.

        Let us know how you get on!

      5. Thanks Tom for getting back about sizing!!

        Alrighty gents the Holy Trainer hath arrived! I would definitely recommend going through kept for her the package arrived quickly and theyre really good at getting back to you on questions.

        First night was pretty awesome to say the least, but i do have a few questions on fit after last night. The 40mm ring feels really comfortable, im wearing just the ring now as its the see how everything fits stage. Getting it on one nut at a time is fun because ill pull one through and the other will follow with a lil effort to fill the void in the sack, and then its tugging up on the ring while pushing my unit down through while situating the ring just behind my cock. After all that its a few quick breaths while a Joey Russo “whoa!” is running through my mind.. i start situating the ring by pulling on my sack while sucking the ring up so it sits comfortable behind everything.
        Heres what im noticing theres a lot of meaty skin from my sack and scrotum which doesnt leave much room for the tube. When i do get the tube on it pulls the ring down away from my base and the square end of the tube sits right on top of my member digging into the base making my skin bunch up and push away the ring from my body.
        Granted everything right now is exciting and im a lil more excited trying to fit the device which is what im thinking the problem is, but when i do get a hard on it creates a lump just behind everything im not sure if thats the restriction the device causes? Im guessing if anything maybe the short tube? I definitely fill the tube..
        Could the ring be to small? Or is it just perfect? I did try the stocking method.. Which is really hard when you have a foot and stocking fetish lets just say the feel of the stocking is devine. When i did use that the stocking it kinda pulled my meat through the pee hole. Im uncircumcised.
        Before finishing this post i put everything together and its the same problem its seems like the end of the tube where it meets the base just digs in a lil too much… I am wearing it around to see how everything goes once im not excited.. This last time i used a lil coconut oil to help slide everything into place..
        Any tips or suggestions? What are your thoughts gents?

  28. So heres my thoughts the 40mm ring fits snug and sits perfect until i try and put the cage on. When i do beg it on and everything situated it automatically pulls away from and digs into the base of my memeber. Im thinking the standard tube might be better for my lil snow flake. When flacid theres absolutely no wiggle room.. What are do you guys think tube or ring?

    1. Getting it on one nut at a time is fun because ill pull one through and the other will follow with a lil effort

      You’re lucky, for me getting the second one through involves a lot of pushing, nudging, contorting and occasional pain!

      Heres what im noticing theres a lot of meaty skin from my sack and scrotum which doesnt leave much room for the tube.

      Here as well, that contributes to my difficulties with cleaning.

      When i do get the tube on it pulls the ring down away from my base and the square end of the tube sits right on top of my member digging into the base making my skin bunch up and push away the ring from my body.

      I have the digging into the base of the penis problem as well (as previously mentioned) but for me it’s just the weight of everything that pulls it down, I tend to get the skin mostly into the tube and to the sides. I think it’s otherwise normal that it pulls the ring away from the base of your body to an extent. Perhaps that’s unavoidable, the device’s weight plus the weight of your “bits” kind of have to. This I’ve not considered a problem, it’s just that the weight lies on the base which gets painful for me after a day or two.

      When i did use that the stocking it kinda pulled my meat through the pee hole. Im uncircumcised.

      I don’t have that problem and I’m not circumcized either.

      Im thinking the standard tube might be better

      It sounds to me like the ring size you have is right, as for the size of the tube, it does sound like it’s too small but I’d give it more time to judge. Seeing you sort of do fit in it, the standard tube might be too big. Perhaps it’s just a case of getting used to it.

      I can certainly say that I’ve got to know my device and body a lot better over time, and seeing it’s your first device (similar for me, I only very briefly tried the CB6000s prior to this) there’s still a lot of stuff you’ll figure out as you go.

      1. Thank youuuuuu Tom! Ive been waiting eagerly here and a couple other spots i posted for a response..

        That sucks pain getting your 2nd nut through the ring. What i try and do is too pull all the nut sack i can with the missing ball down and then push it on through to the other side.. My boys dont like the missing void in their home.

        Sweet happy to see im not the only one with the digging into and pulling away from the base. Im on day three of fitting and getting used to the device. The digging into and not completely flush/falling away from im thinking might be a standard thing.. Thanks for verifying that Tom! That was a huge sigh of relief..
        I will say though i have been playing with just the tube to see how everything fits, it almost covers the entire shaft. when i do need cram myself all in i can feel my shaft push back up into me .. Im a grower not a shower and wondering if that might be the problem.. When i do get hard every thing builds behind the ring and looks like an anteater sniffed its way into a ring 3/4ths the way down its nose.. Also i figure pretty normal?

        ill keep at the stocking method but damn the silky kiss from the
        nylon just before going into a tube is a real mind fuck not to get hard for the foot and stocking fetishist..
        Sorry Siri autocorrected and felt that im not circumcised but i am.

        Totally agree the standard tube looks ginormous. Again thanks for getting back and easing my mind with a lot of the same things/issues that seem to be the common. Ill keep at it as its the fitting stage now for day 3 i mostly just wore the ring to check fit and get used to the constant hug it creates.

        Being totally new to chastity its nice to be able to share here and get feedback. Thank you!!

        Im going to throw up some links for visuals of what im talking about so heres the NSFW disclaimer for the links..

        Day 3

        theres some vaseline which made the ring a lil slippery
        Day 3

        in order to get it this flush to my base i pulled up on the ring and down on my sack one side at a time. This is the closet to my body ive gotten


        Fit looks nice but.. See next image link
        Day 2

        This is the perfect example of what im talking about and how everything seems to fit most the time.. Possibly still excited..

      2. Strange, now I do see the earlier post, not sure what went wrong there.

        My ball sack is just massive and the second testicle always seems to find a way to hide somewhere closer/inside the body but by now I’m managing ok getting it all in.

        When i do get hard every thing builds behind the ring and looks like an anteater sniffed its way into a ring 3/4ths the way down its nose.. Also i figure pretty normal?

        🙂 Yeah, I wouldn’t have been able to quite put it that way but getting hard with the device on leads to a sort of remarkable view for me, too.

        The last two of your pictures show the digging into the base and indicate my issues with cleaning quite well, thanks for putting them up!

        easing my mind with a lot of the same things/issues that seem to be the common

        But are they really common, I wonder. When you read through the reviews on holytrainer.com there are a number who claim to have received it and worn it for x numbers of days, with x easily being over a week, and not complaining at all. I think it’s either true that it just works for them, or they are just living out their fantasies in writing, or (but I think that unlikely) the section is heavily edited by the makers of the device.

        And finally, the excitement when you’re getting it on will get less over time. Which is both a bit of a shame and a blessing, too. 😉

      3. Man o man i hope the almost hour of writing and fleshing out my reply didnt get deleted or lost in cyberspace waiting for the load.. If so it makes replying to things difficult as this isnt the first time ive lost long winded well thought out posts in forums, blogs, damn interwebs..

      4. i hope the almost hour of writing and fleshing out my reply didnt get deleted or lost

        Looks like it since this is the only response I see. I’ve made it half a habit (meaning I still often forget) to copy/paste the text I’m writing into a text editor before submitting.

  29. Whoops sorry Thumper!!
    i posted the imgur as links.. Didnt think theyd show up like that. Also i gotta wait 5 mins before losing my cool and blaming the interwebs for slow loading

  30. I have the HT2 45mm (short) on order. I used to have a CB6000s with a 41mm (1 5/8″) ring but that broke. According to the guide the 45mm is the right size for me although a lot of people seem to be opting for the smaller ones. I guess I will see how it goes when it arrives!

  31. Hi Thumper!
    Excellent review! There seems to be a lot of information and discussion going on about the size of the ring. However, the length of the device seems to be less of a concearn.

    I am curious to know how long are you when soft (as you say the short cage was a better fit).

  32. hi Thumper, i’m ready to order a HT2, but my gut keeps telling me not to order too small….my cock-ring that fits great but is painful with nightime erections is 1.75 diameter and my flaccid penis looks like it’s 2.5 inches. but, reading your review makes me think i should go with the 40mm ring and small tube…instead of a size larger with each.

    1. My advice is wear the smallest you can comfortably fit into. If you have to err, go with a tube that’s on the small side and a ring that’s on the big side.

      1. Thanks. Got it today and love it. I went with the small tube and the 40MM ring (which I was worried about). I thought the ring might be too small, but since it’s a different shape and more anatomically correct, it fits fine. We started with a heavy chrome device, but this is what i really wanted….something low-profile and comfortable i could wear 24/7. this is perfect so far. thanks again for the advice…your blog was key to finding a great device.

  33. Hi, i can not find it anymore… you once wrote “better a bigger ring and smaller cage” or “better a smaller ring and bigger cage”. Which of these two options was it?

  34. Hi! Could you confirm that I should go with the standard ring (45) and standard (non-small) cage?
    Here are my measurements:
    Circonference: 14cm (5,5 inches)
    Lenght: 8,5cm (3,35 inches)

    I wear the 45 from my CB600 and it’s OK.
    Thank you for the great blog!

    1. 14 cm circumference would work out to 44 mm diameter, so that sounds right. The tube part is highly variable and hard to say. Erect dimensions are also worth considering, but if the standard CB6K tube worked for you, then the standard Trainer tube should, as well.

  35. Hello, I can pull out by bending the device downwards while lifting it, especially if I take a pencil and push my penis through the urinal opening. Do you know how I can modify the device in order to make this impossible? I have the smallest ring and the big cage.

      1. How can I make it as hard as it possible can be, even though not impossible?

        Also I bought the second smallest ring as well, and I tried to put it on, then put on the smaller ring, then locked the cage. If I put the locking mechanism of the larger ring on top of the smaller one, it becomes very hard, perhaps 99% impossible. I’m not sure about the long time wearability of it though. This could be a solution if I manage to make the rings stay that way

  36. Hey I stumbled upon this great blog and you seem to have quite some experience with the HT2. I received mine 2 days ago and I’m still messing around with it but I’m not sure if the ring size is right for me. I went with the default sizes (45mm default tube) Because when I mesured with string like described on the website I ended up at the end of the 45mm bracket and I also mesured the ring of the Cage I was wearing before which resulted in the middle of the 45mm bracket. So heres what I’ve experienced so far:
    For the most part it’s very comfortable and doesn’t feel too tight but after wearing it for a “long” time say 12 hours+ I feel a little uncomfortable around the underside of my balls where the ring is holding them. It’s not really painful well maybe a tiny bit but it just doesn’t feel good. It’s not a pinching either more like it`s a little sore. I can fix it for a while by moving them a bit so it doesn’t press against the same spot of skin anymore or adding a bit of saliva helps too. Is this normal? Should I use some lube or oil or is the ring really just a bit too tight. (I also woke up the past nights but mainly due to nighttime erections and not my balls. I don’t want to order a bigger ring without being sure that would fix it because even just a ring is quite costly. Have you got any advice? (There were some sharp edges where the peices were welded together but I smoothed them out already but I will check again if i made it perfectly smooth)

    1. You’re just started to wear a device so it’s not unusual to have a bit of discomfort. I advise using some silicone lube on it and seeing if that helps. After a while, the skin under your balls will grow accustomed to the ring. At least, that’s my experience.

  37. Hi there new to chastity have a HT2 with a 50mm ring I’m a bit concerned as my balls keep turning purple every time i put it on I love the feel of it on n kh loves the look but she also concerned about colour change please help
    Thanks in advance

    1. I think blue, cold, and numb are bad. If you’re just getting flushed but not feeling discomfort when flaccid, I’m not sure it’s something to worry about.

    1. I contacted LockedUpLove and was given some advice, and since they had one 50 ring left and would ship today if I ordered quickly, I just went for the 50. The summary of my post was that I have a 2in rubber cock ring that is fairly tight, and my string measurement was at the top end of the 50, but so many reviews stated to go smaller. Your previou advice about erring larger in the ring coupled with the fact that this is my first device, I just went with the 50. If it’s borderline, I will just order the 45 later, as some say in time you can get a smaller one anyway. I know it’s a hefty price tag, but I can’t wait!

      1. Sounds about right. You’ll probably end up in the smaller ring eventually unless you have a really thick erection. Good luck!

  38. First, thanks for this blog. Not only has it saved me financially, it helped me consider EMC/OD from the keyholder’s POV and prevent it from becoming just some sex toy that gets pulled out of the closet on occasion. I recently had my first experience at being denied after servicing her. The immense frustration quickly turned into a sort of half-erect euphoria that while not as intense as an orgasm, lasted much longer!

    My first and current device is the Master Series Solitary http://www.themaster-series.com/ae794.php that I found on Amazon (which was my first introduction to chastity devices). I know it’s probably low-brow for you seasoned veterans but I love it. My only problem is that it turns urinating into something akin to a busted water main, and since I wear jumpsuits at work, sitting down to urinate isn’t very practical. How in the world do women get anything done in a day?

    After reading your blog and various glowing reviews, I decided to forego the CB6K entirely and order the HT2 from KeptForHer. Against my better judgment (being that I live on the opposite end of the continent and placing my order on a Saturday), I paid extra for the 1-3 day shipping. I received the HT2 the following Monday! Talk about fast!

    Anyway… Somewhere along the line, I must have misunderstood your sizing advice. I see now that you recommend to err on the side of a bigger ring and smaller cage, and unfortunately I did the opposite. While I’m in love with the HT2’s cage, the 40MM ring is a definite no-go.

    Things aren’t bad until I seat the cage those last couple of millimeters necessary to insert the lock, then I experience a mild abdominal ache not unlike when one receives a swift kick to the jewels. The first time I tried it on, my testicles turned blue and got cold after about 15 minutes. The second time, they only turned slight purple but remained warm. However, about 20 minutes in, it felt like someone was taking a cheese grater to the underside of my scrotum.

    I noticed in your photo that your scrotum appears to be a bit longer than mine (there’s a sentence I never imagined myself typing, LOL). The bottom of mine barely clears the tip of the cage and resembles two over-inflated balloons, while yours appears to hang well past the tip of the cage with plenty of room for the testicles to move around.

    I’m unsure at this point if the cause of my discomfort is due to the ring being too small or if the steeper downward angle of the HT2’s cage is putting too much pressure on the center of my scrotum. Or, could it be that my scrotum is just too small for the HT2?

    My Master Series came with 1.5″ and 2″ rings (inside diameter). The 2″ ring allows for painful testicle escape while the 1.5″ fits perfectly. The HT2’s 40MM ring is about 2-1/8″ horizontal, and about 1-1/4″ to 1-1/2″ tall vertical (depending on whether you measure all the way up to just beneath the lock or up to the rear-most point of the cage).

    I’m not sure if the 45MM ring would be big enough but also afraid that the 50MM might be too big. And I hate to spend the entire cost of a Master Series on an ill-fitting ring that’s non-returnable.

    I suppose the Master Series will work for now. All depends on whether the warden will grant me ‘work-release’ privileges.

    1. Update: As I sat here reading my second-to-last sentence about an ill-fitting, non-returnable ring, it dawned on my that barring an unlikely chance of finding someone willing to trade their 45MM ring for my 40MM, I basically already have an ill-fitting, non-returnable ring. So I did what any red-blooded American with a fetish for locking up his penis would do and headed out to the workshop.

      Remembering the manufacturer’s blurb about the HT2’s bio-sourced resin becoming slightly pliable when heated, I stuck the bottom of the ring in my vice, grabbed that top connector area with my pliers, and hit both sides of the ring near the top with my blow torch.

      Taking care not to get the torch too close to the ring, I heated both sides until the top portion began to flex slightly under the pressure of my pliers (imagine if you were wearing it, you’d be bending it back toward your navel). I held it in that position until it cooled down and its rigidity returned, then I took it back inside and tried it on. It fits!

      Thinking I may follow through with ordering the 45MM ring since there’s still some mild discomfort in the right testicle, but at least now there’s no scrotum discoloration and I didn’t end up with a $187 paperweight.

    2. “I noticed in your photo that your scrotum appears to be a bit longer than mine…”

      Probably is. That’s thanks to spending the better part of eight years strapping erections to my balls. Fact is, my scrotum is way looser than it was when I started. If you stick with this and live night and day locked up for periods at a time, it’ll probably happen to you, too.

      That said, it just sounds like the ring is way too small. Your McGuyvering it with heat is a good idea. But, if you have further issues with irritation under your balls, consider using some silicone lube on it. That will last a long time and provide comfort.

      Good luck!

    3. After watching your video on the stocking method https://denyingthumper.com/2014/11/08/the-stocking-method/ I’m convinced you’re right about my 40MM ring being too small. Now I just hope that the 45MM ring I ordered will be big enough. Your method looks like a couple of well-behaved kids climbing into a hot air balloon basket. My method feels like being in a theater watching a cartoon-cat try to strangle a pair of mice, all while the view is obstructed by an obnoxious prick in the front row. 🙂 My right testicle especially, has a way of finding hiding places that I never even knew existed.

      I’m amazed BTW that you got the stocking method to work without any kind of lube. The one time I tried it, not only did I have to really pull the hell out of the stocking (to the point I was sure it would rip), but it pulled every last millimeter of foreskin into the tube in the process. At first I was like, Awesome! No lube required and no extra foreskin hanging around to get pinched between the connecting pieces.

      After about 10 minutes though, it was like a traffic pile-up inside the head of the tube and everything up there turned purple. It got painful to the point that I had to remove it, but just my luck, I was stuck. I had to squirt lube into both ends of the tube and basically push it back and forth like a car stuck in a snowbank until everything finally worked loose. It’s amazing, when you get an appendage stuck in something, the most instinctive and worst thing you can do (panic) is so often the first reaction.

      You’re right that the Holy Trainer’s finish isn’t as smooth as typical plastic. Maybe the colored versions are different? They certainly look more reflective in the photos I’ve seen. I wonder if this really is a characteristic of the resin or if they just didn’t (or couldn’t) polish the finish? I ask this because the inside of my ring feels much smoother than the inside of my tube, and this being my first plastic device, the molding joints/seams are much more prominent than I expected to find on the inside of a chastity tube.

      I agree that lubes and oils inside the tube seem to promote unpleasant odors. Do you think something like talcum powder or stick deodorant might work as a sort of dry lubricant? I wonder if wearing a small condom with its tip removed might help? Aside from possible urination issues, what if the stocking was left on the penis while locked up? Kind of like a penis sock? Our feet and shoes tend to get less stinky when wearing socks. Maybe the same could be true for a caged penis?

  39. Hi there! New to this, considering a Holy Trainer as my first device. I’m trying to get the measurements right. Been trying to do the “string method” described on their website but either I have a gigantic penis (not) or I’m doing it wrong. The string, going around the base of my penis and balls, ends up measuring 180-190mm (~7 inches), which would put me in the “too big to wear” category. This doesn’t seem right, my dick is thick but not that much. I thought I’d go with the 50mm ring but then I’m afraid I’ve measured wrong and get something waaaaay to big. How do you usually measure for yours? Thanks!!

    1. I’ve never noticed a difference in high and tightness based on shaving.

      If you’re measuring ~185mm in circumference that’s about 58mm in diameter and that’s pretty big (I’m somewhere around 42 or 43). So I’d want to know if you’re measuring hard or soft. You will not need the full diameter in a chastity device as you would in a cock ring since the chastity device will reduce the size of your erection (I know, duh, but still). Even if you’re measuring soft, my initial experimentation with chastity measurements had me on the high end of the spectrum (https://denyingthumper.com/2008/10/13/blue-balls/) and I’m definitely not that. If I was measuring about 10mm too big, that would put you around 50mm-ish. It’s hard to say, though, as each penis is like a special little snowflake. Perhaps 50mm would work for you, though if it’s still too tight, you’ll need to have something custom made.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Turns out that yeah, the shaving was a factor. Today the boys finally came down to their relaxed state and I measured to a way more manageable 160mm, which puts me in the chart for the 50mm ring, correct? I feel like I’m part of the system again hahaha btw all measuring flaccid (as it can be).

        Speaking of which, the lowest measurement I’ve gotten flaccid for the shaft is 60mm, but considering I was touching it with the tape, it wasn’t the flaccid-est it can get. The prudent thing would be to get the standard 60mm sheath but I’m afraid of the “room to grow” problem which makes erections hurtful. On the other hand, 49mm could equal castration?

        PS: I did find the article about measuring but only after posting, sorry about that!

      2. I have no idea why shaving your balls would make them retract (unless they were covered in fur and, after, they became very cold). That’s a new one on me.

  40. I am an above average guy (75mm length), so I knew I wouldn’t be fully comfortable with it but with all the great reviews I thought: “eh, why not give it a try”. As a result, I purchased the cheap 3rd party brand (60mm cage size with a 50mm ring) in case I had to throw it away the exact day I got it. Low and behold, I found one major flaw. When your penis is 75mm and the tube is only 60mm, it cannot reach the end of my shaft where my testicles are attached and as a result, that small carved tip designed to help lead the penis into the tube pushes into the shaft skin, leaving a red mark after a while. There is still a 10mm space of open shaft skin even when locked in tight, so the painful rash is located near the middle of the shaft and not at the start. Even when I fixed this by cutting it off, I made the tube even shorter and the end of the tube blocked my urethra. I was right that something would go wrong but I still wanted to see the results. All in all, I am glad I only spent under $15 with free shipping and for the above average guy, it is best to wait until they make one with a cage length of 75-80mm. I am not even sure if they will.

  41. Hi Thumper! I’ve been wondering what’s the best “sheath” size for me. The lowest measurement I’ve gotten flaccid is 60mm long, but since I was measuring, it’s never been totally flaccid. Should I get 60mm or 49mm? I’ve heard it can hurt to have spare room. What do you think?

    1. My preference is to go shorter rather than longer. In my experience, a shorter tube is more comfortable plus it’s easier to wear and less noticeable. Good luck!

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