Gym convo

I arrived at the gym this morning just as Belle was leaving.

“Are you going to see Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend?” the trainer asked with a smirky tone in his voice.

“See it?” Belle replied, “We live it.” Then she looked at me. “Don’t we, babe?”

“Yup,” I said.

7 Replies to “Gym convo”

  1. I have to comment of this. I was asked by a lady who was reading the book, if I had read it. My comment was that I had read bits and pieces, and that my life made it look like mother goose.

  2. I think that 50S/G is going to be one of those cultural shifts that might redefine the culture of the workplace. Commonly, such conversations would be considered taboo or the door opening event to one of those workplace hostile environment complaints. I have heard so much casual talk about it across the cube walls that it seems almost common place. Knowledge of the movie and the book is very wide spread, which makes me think that kink and other sorts of ‘fun’ may also be much larger widespread that perhaps once thought.

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