“Can you feel it?”

Belle asked me that as I was wrapped myself around her in bed, pressing my naked body against as much of her bed-clothed body as possible, hard stuffed tube pushing into her thigh. We’re at about the end of the second week of my six week lock-up prior to Spring Break.

“Yes,” I said quietly into her hair.

And I can. A lot. Everything is so much more now. How she looks, how she feels, how she smells, how she tastes. I’m starting to think more about what she might want or how she might feel about something or what she’d want me to do. It’s like fucking magic.

“I can tell,” she said before turing over to sleep, “It’s good for you.”


Then, after a moment, “It’s good for me, too.”

Four more weeks.

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  1. When you cannot orgasm, you find other ways to sexually satisfy those feelings. Usually, that one way is achieved through the sexual satisfaction of others. You can start to feel satisfied by giving Belle orgasms. It’s a very interesting feeling to experience but it works.

    I read in a blog entry today ( about someone who keeps her husband in chastity and says that very thing about her being able to feel a sense of satisfaction in him after she orgasms. It’s a very similar feeling as those women who have sex and the guy climaxes before she does. She goes on to state that now its the mans turn to get close but no cigar. now he knows how it feels to not complete to orgasm when the man is not focused on the pleasure a woman is feeling. He is learning to feel satisfied being a part of another persons orgasm. I really enjoyed reading that one and was turned on by that very thought.

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