HNThumper LXVIII: Wood

I was out, I was reading porn, I was hard as fuck, I was not wearing underwear. So I took a picture. Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset Note that even though I was hot, hard, and horny (and unlocked) I followed the rules and didn’t play with it. That was…difficult. I originally shared this to Twitter so it you follow me there it’s a rerun. See previous HNThumper posts or see what the world is posting.

8 thoughts on “HNThumper LXVIII: Wood

  1. Just wanted to say about the dick breaking thing; I had a good friend who had a crooked dick, because his girlfriend snapped it one night in a rage as she found him getting a blowjob from another girl at this party. Grabed it with both hands while it was still hard, just bent it, and it snapped. Both halves got hard, but it now looks like a commuter plane with it’s nose folded down.


    1. Dude… I don’t even have a dick, and that made me have to cross my legs. I’m gonna go try to drown that mental image in vodka now, thanks.

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