BON4M chastity device…er…“review”

About what you’d expect from a NSFW image perspective, so we’ll put this one behind a jump…

thumperMN_2015-Apr-19Usually, when I write up my opinion of a chastity device I like to give it some time. Several days, sleeping and excreting and wearing clothes over it. I’ve been around the block with enough of them that I don’t need to wear it for weeks and weeks to grok its vibe, but I feel like 48-72 hours is about the minimum amount of time necessary for a decent review.

That’s why I’m not calling what I’m writing today a review. More like my impression. The device in question is the BON4M and it’s one of the least appealing devices I’ve worn. Let’s back up a bit…

imageSeveral months ago, Drew gave me the BON4M to check out. He and Axel had bought it, tried and didn’t like it, and put it in a drawer or something and forgotten about it. Since I had expressed an interest in it before, he let me have it to review. Then I promptly forgot about it. The other day, I was rooting through the toy drawer and found a black velveteen bag I didn’t recognize that made all kinds of clanking noises. Oh, right. That.

I never tried it on because a) I was fairly certain Belle would hate it on aesthetic grounds alone, and b) Wearing your boyfriend’s chastity device around your wife is even too weird for me. But I was curious. Luckily, Belle’s out of the country and wouldn’t need to suffer through seeing me in an ugly device with a sketchy provenance. I asked her if I could pop the key on the Steelheart and try out something different and she said I could. That’s how I got to be in the B4M last night.

It reminds me a lot of the CB-6000. It comes with several hinged A-rings and, like the CB6K, they’re sharp edged. Listen, people, hard sharp edges should be nowhere near a hard penis, let alone steel ones. Period. Fucking hell. But the B4M has them all over. It’s as if someone was trying to design a device with as many hard, sharp angles as possible. Anyway, besides the multiple rings, it’s secured with a locking pin and has two thin posts that hook into two little holes in the A-ring on either side. Looks very much like a Borgified CB6K.

image (1)At first, I tried on a ring that seemed to be the exact same size as the A-ring I wear every day on the Steelheart. I got it on but it was already biting into my far from hard flesh so I moved up a size. Looser rings feel less secure, but this one gripped pretty well just the same. The gap between the A-ring and the cage is fairly massive and there’s no way to adjust it. This ends up leaving a lot of unnecessary space down at the tip. Like so many other devices, the BON4M now comes in a short version. The one I wore was the standard size and too big. Drew tells me it’s actually the short version.

The device appears to be cast metal and while the rings and the outside of the cage are buffed as smooth as possible (resulting in a not unattractive brushed metal finish), the interior of the cage is filled with rough nooks and crannies. Some might get off on the roughness of the interior from a sensation standpoint, but I’m used to the perfectly smooth Steelheart so it felt very alien to me. I expect that after several days, the end of the penis would be abraded and sore. Similar to other cage-style devices I’ve worn, the penis tip got caught occasionally giving me a nasty little pinch. Also, I’d imagine that rough surface and the complicated topography of the interior would make hygiene a nightmare.

The small brass lock that came with the device, of course, clanked loudly against the cage. I was happily wearing sweatpants commando prior to putting it on but had to resort to wearing underwear so as not to sound like a belled cow as I walked around. Also, the brass lock smelled like brass. A lot. I hate that smell and I certainly didn’t like how it mixed with my own eau du Thumper.

I made dinner, helped with homework, and then cleaned up before catching Game of Thrones, all while wearing the B4M. At no point did I get used to the sharpness of the thing. It was just uncomfortable. I fully intended to wear it all night but I’m way past putting up with sharp-ass rings around the penis at this point in my chastity career, even for you people. Potentially worse, had I woke up with a boner at 3:00 and the ring had caused me injury (like the CB6K routinely did), then I’d have to be out of any device for healing and that would not be appreciated by Belle (or me). So, after about four or five hours, I ditched it. And man, did that Steelheart feel nice. Like putting on a fine Italian suit after a day trying on jackets at Men’s Warehouse.

So no, this is not a review. I didn’t need to wear the BON4M for very long to know that had I shelled out my own money for it, I would have very disappointed in the purchase. Thumbs down.

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  1. I’m glad you ditched it. I did not like the Bon4’s at all.
    My CB’s I really had to play with until I finally found the settings that worked for me (pinched less).
    I’m back on the Holy Trainer today which is probably my most comfy but also most embarrassing in the locker room. (It’s black on my pasty skin, lol). Then again, I like it when others notice. The embarrassment always makes me struggle in the cage.

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