After Frodo

I was right that Belle was good with the whole Frodo thing.

She hadn’t thought it would happen but didn’t mind that it did at all and…

She didn’t even consider that I wasn’t secured until I mentioned it.

We were at a tequila bar near Faneuil Hall when we talked about it. We had several hours before we needed to be at the airport so we had some drinks there and then wandered over to the North End to seek out some Italian food. Found a really nice little hole in the wall place on a narrow little street where everything, from the bottle of wine to the Ceasar dressing to the amazing entrees, was far above average. Then…


Thing is, Belle just doesn’t get off on being actively dominant. Tying me up and inflicting pain, etc., doesn’t do much for her, but she knows it does a lot for me. Way back at the start of all this openness, her original suggestion was I find a Domme to give me those things, so this isn’t really a new position for her. More of a completion of a circle.

For a while, I wasn’t sure I could be with another woman like that but I think now that the experience I’ve had with Drew has allowed me to better understand how one would approach it. The way expectations and limits need to be clearly established beforehand and how best to compartmentalize the different relationships. A year ago, I might have been too tentative to approach something like that with a woman. Today, I would.

However, I find it difficult enough as it is juggling work, home, hobbies, and just the one extracurricular player. Now there’s the potential of a second (hopefully, more than potential) and the prospect of opening up to a whole other gender. How in the world will I find the time for all this hot sex? Maybe if Belle got a promotion and I could be a stay at home housesub who whiles away the day going to the gym, getting tied up, whipped and fucked, then coming home to fold laundry and make dinner. But that’s not the life I have. Not unlike when we first opened our relationship, I suspect this new expansion will be more a potential than a reality for the foreseeable future.

Towards the end of our meal as the waiter was pushing their cannoli and tiramisu (we declined), another party came in and sat opposite us. One of them was a guy who may have been a football player at one point in his life. He had to be six and a half feet tall and had big arms. Belle noted this to me and posited that he may have other attributes, as well. She mouthed to me her suspicions over her glass of wine.

10 thoughts on “After Frodo

  1. Thumper, my first comment but I’ve been here forever. I follow you on Twitter and saw the exchange earlier today about people are surprised there is nooutcry for Drew. That exchange bothered me and I have thought about it which is why posting here. Clearly Drew is okay with things because he’s participated in this and reached out to Frodo on his blog even though I suspect that was wasted on many people and Frodo prolly will never know. So I can’t figure out why I am still bothered and I think it’s the THOUGHT that there might be a pure assumption (the way it comes across at least) by you and others that Drew had zero right to have even been upset and that you can just start new relationships left and right as long as Belle clears it. Especially in a D/s situation it can be disrespectful, even as part time as you are. It may be your agreement with him, but it sounds so dismissive of him and that if Frodo did want more or could travel more, that Drew would just become someone who had to wait in the queu.

    He’s apparently fine, you are apparently fine, Belle and Frodo are apparently fine, but the tweets just struck me that perhaps people should think there there might be some concern for him that is not just reducing him to a character that turned you gay or just the first one to fuck you.

    My two cents and I feel bad for saying it. Thank you for all you have done for me and my marriage. You’ll never have any idea how you helped me,even as I went into my 70’s!

    A chaste brother,

      1. I now wish I hadn’t said anything and I didn’t say my feelings were justified, I simply reached out with an observation you may not have seen or realized. Honestly, I don’t think Drew should be upset either but I do think the consideration that he might be shouldn’t be ignored or, worse, laughed at and just wondered why that felt so ignored. That’s all.

      2. You seem to think this blog is my primarily means of communicating with him or that I write here all the things I think or do. It’s just a little window into my world.

        Of course I spoke to Drew. Of course we’ve talked about what Frodo means to he and I. This blog is primarily about Belle and I though. Regardless, Drew does not own the exclusive franchise to me and guys. Even if he did, Frodo is hardly a random trick. He’s only the most significant and long-lasting male relationship I’ve ever had before Drew. I don’t consider being with him to be “cheating” on Drew nor do I think it should be something he worries about. Of course, we’re humans and we have complicated emotions and our intertwined relationships aren’t exactly typical, but if anything comes of Frodo, that doesn’t mean I’ll “leave” Drew. That’s silly.

        Just remember what I said. This is a small aperture through which I let people see into my life. It’s not a complete record.

    1. Cuck,

      I do not “twit” and I most certainly do not speak for the bunny or for his boyfriend, but since you seem to actually care about people’s feelings (thus the ‘why does everyone seem so dismissive of Drew?’ question), I will just share an observation:

      D/s dynamics, perhaps more so than other types of relationship structures, require constant and consistent communication, much of which is hammered out “behind closed doors” (so to speak), and what is “seen” publicly is really only a 3% sliver of reality. I think many of us who are fans of Thumper like him for his openness, so it’s easy to forget that there are aspects to his openness that are, for all intents and purposes (and rightly so), closed to us.

      As a blogger myself, I will also say that one of the most frustrating things about writing in a public format is self-censorship. Especially when what I’m writing involves someone(s) who reads what I’m sharing/processing. I’ve had a hard time in the past, because I’ve allowed worry for someone else’s feelings to get in the way of my writing. As a fix/result, one of my hard lines in my relationships is my blog. It’s MY blog, and I reserve the right to write as I please. So when I enter into a relationship, it’s a key negotiating point. Again, I don’t speak for Thumper or for Drew, but having been in a similar situation myself, it makes sense to me that this sort of “what if” scenario would have been discussed ahead of time, including (and perhaps especially) what each might expect to read from the other.

      My two cents, for what it’s worth. 🙂

      1. Mrs Fever, can I respectfully request that you do ‘twit’ cos you’re super smart and super snark, so it’s a medim made for you. (Although you may not like the false economy)

      2. Mrs Fever and Thumper,

        Thank you very much for both thoughtful replies and each of you are correct and I did need to be reminded of the small aperature in which you share your life and what you do behind the anonyminity of this blog. My question did come from a caring place because, I am fully a cuck to my wife of 20 years. I know my role. I asked for my role versus divorce. But sometimes I am deeply hurt, if only for a period of a few minutes, when she starts to appear to fall for another, but that’s rare. And, when that happens, she often forgets to even tell me I’m pleasing her, etc. THIS is my issue and a bad example but the only thing I can think of at 5am. I am not at all implying anything of the like on to Drew as I think he’d made a really bad cuck (sorry Drew).

        In this case, and I know this blog is about Thumper and Belle,the characters of the real people you are able to share, and not the boyfriend, I have just always wished there’d more to compliment to Drew because I think he changed things in a great way but completely unexpected way. We hear he’s a nice guy and not fat, but very rarely do we hear anything of substance aside from that Thumper does really value him and appears surprised by the fact he “genuinely cares for him”, but you hit the cock on the head with your statements and I am adjusting my thinking because it is not about him and Thumper.

        I do think I was too sensitive and admittedly I am jealous of what you two have and think I have a fantasy crush on Drew, but I want him to have sex with my wife too and Thumper hasn’t reached that part in his “turn Drew straight plan” (twitter inside joke). I admire all of you and thank you for the space here.

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