Once upon a time, Belle would leave me locked in the Steelheart until Friday night. Then she’d let me out before she went to sleep so the penis would be right there for her the next morning. I’d stay out until Sunday night (or even Monday if I didn’t mention anything and she forgot). We’d have sex a few times over the weekend and I’d get to fuck her each time and she might even let me play with myself Friday night. Then she started leaving me in until Saturday morning, letting me out right before she wanted the penis. We’d still have sex and I’d get my pussy time, but no more jacking off. More recently, she’s been leaving me locked up until Sunday morning and wanting me back in that day. She doesn’t forget anymore. I get out Sunday morning (Saturday’s are just about her now), I’m back in by Sunday midday. I’d only get inside her once. 

Except today. Today, I didn’t get out at all. This is the start of my fourth week being locked up. 

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