Mailbag, the “There’s more where this shit came from” edition

We will continue to dig through the mailbag backlog, this time starting with the most recent.

Zel zipped…

First of all thanks for keeping the blog alive. In some weird way it feels that I know u and the rest of ur close friends. 

I was wondering if u could have tried the axel from drew or any steelwerks extreme. I think it’s time to replace my dickcage for something that can be used more permanent. But I’m between steelworxxs and steelwerks extreme. 

I’ve never tried it on. Chris at Steelwerks is, as I’ve said, an artist. His prices are high but, if anything, they’re low considering the amount of passion and craftsmanship he brings to his work. Steelworxx are far more affordable but also well made, though using very different techniques and materials. I don’t think you can go wrong with either. It’s all a matter of how much you’re willing to pay. Don’t forget Mature Metal. Also affordable and they offer excellent customer service.

AJ asked…

Do these male chastity devices completely rob you of tactile sensation? Im interested in something that will prevent me from being able to feel my penis rub the inside of my clothes. Ideally, it would also keep me from being able to become, um, engorged to any degree.

If you get a closed tube device like a Holy Trainer or the Steelheart from Steelworxx, no, you will definitely not feel your penis rubbing around inside your pants. However, if you wear them as much as I do, you’ll feel nothing but your penis inside your pants when you’re not locked up. Being enclosed and robbed of feeling makes the skin hyper-sensitive for a while right after getting out. 

They also don’t keep you from getting engorged. Your dick will still try and get hard, it just won’t go very far. It’s a common misperceptions that chastity devices keep you from getting hard-ons. They don’t. All they do is squish the fuck out of them (which can be, in itself, an intensely erotic sensation).

Chris crooned…

I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’m hoping maybe I can get some advice. My wife and I have been practicing chastity and orgasm denial for a little over a year and we’re both enjoying it. My wife enjoys denying me orgasms and keeping me locked up, but she also likes my cock and getting fucked by it. The issue I’m having is that, after a few weeks or even months without being allowed an orgasm, I can’t go more than a few strokes without wanting to explode inside her. 
You might say “Well, what do you expect?”, but after reading some of your blog posts, it appears that you can go long enough to at least allow Belle an orgasm. I don’t know if she cums especially quickly during PIV or maybe there’s something I’m not seeing, but I just wanted to ask for any advice you have on holding back your orgasm so that you can give Belle hers. 

We’ve purchased a cock sleeve and my wife likes it, but sometimes just wants *me* inside her. Did you work up some “tolerance” over time? Numbing cream? Any advice you have would be great. Thanks!

Ah, yes.

No, you don’t develop a tolerance. If anything, the longer you go without coming, the less time you’ll last while fucking. The only way to last longer is to come which, of course, defeats the purpose of the excercise. 

Also, context matters. When Belle wants me to fuck her so she can get off, I find it incredibly difficult to last. I can’t sustain any kind of rythym and she can’t get off from me. Some of this is because the pressure of my having to hold off so she can come first is too great, but also she makes all these wonderful noises while getting off and that can make me come all by itself. If she’s already come and just letting me fuck, I can sometimes go for a long time (but also sometimes not). Then she asks, “Where was that when I needed it?” You’re right that I used to be able to do this for her, but then I also used to come more often. It’s nearly impossible for me now.

You can try numbing cream. I’ve written about it before (here and here and here at least). It works really well, but it takes time to take affect and you need to take precautions that it doesn’t get on her and numb her bits up, too. It’s not a good thing for us because Belle doesn’t like to wait around or use condoms. Hoestly, I think the sleeve is the best compromise. When she really wants to feel you in there, she should wait until she wants you to come and do it then. 

Jaime juxtaposed…

I’ve been reading your blog intermittently since forever, and I think my beloved has read the occasional post as well. It certainly has influenced our sex life, in good ways, which is a good thing. So, Thanks.

But now that I’ve figured out how to conveniently get here more regularly, I’ve noticed that you’re scarce. So this is a note hoping you are well. And if you’re not, sending you best wishes for the great “out there.” However tenuously connected, I’m sure you know there’s a wide net of folks who care about you.

Aww. Thanks. 

Rick rocked…

I don’t know if this has been discussed before with the CB6000s , but I produced a simple anti-pullout device out of a piece of fishing line, and in my opinion, it seems bullet proof to me. I created a 6″ length of line which has about a 3/4″ diameter loop in each end created by a single “overhand loop” (see wikipedia for an example). then I created a slip knot out of one end by feeding one loop through the other. Just before attaching the cage, place the slip knot around the penis and feed the other loop through the bottom slot on the side of the cage. Feed the loop up to the one of the pins and slip it on, then install the cage, trapping the loop — one end captured on the pin, the other around the penis behind the head. The length should be enough so the slip knot can grow to the inside diameter of the cage, but there should be very little extra length to play with, so you might have to make a few to get it right. When you try to pull out, the noose tightens around penis preventing pullout, but even if you do get out, it is almost impossible to get the noose back around the penis without removing the cage. The best thing about it, is that its not noticeable, and the worst thing about it is that you know it’s there and it would be a mistake to try to defeat it, because she’ll know.

Clever. I think the “if you do it she’ll have to know” kind of security set-ups are second best to the ones you can’t defeat at all, but since those require body modification, second best is pretty good for most. 

Mike marked…

Can u plz re explain sock method for cb6000 trying to understand and re read and re read

Even better, I’ll show you a video.

Allison allowed…

Hello! We have praise and questions. First, thank you ever so much for your awesome blog! It’s been a HUGE life-changer for us and is simply the most educational site for what we’re into (for example, we learned almost exclusively from your blog that we’d fallen victim to the “room-to-grow” fallacy (phallus-y? 🙂 ) so anyway, big love for Belle and Thumper. 

Question: We can’t find info on this anywhere else, so we are to ask you. Did Thumper get his Prince Albert before, or after starting chastity training? Our training is such that we are about ready to get a custom steel cage, but she has also decided she wants him to get pierced, and he will wear a cage whose design accommodates that. What we’re wondering/trying to decide, is if he’ll be doing any chastity training during the recovery from his piercing? Would the cage cause problems during healing? Would it be best to simply regard the new jewelry as chastity enough until it’s healed? Obviously he can’t have sex during the healing process, and I hear erections during this time can be total hell. Not that we’re trying to torture and inflict pain, and we certainly don’t want to cause any damage to our …uh….favorite toy.

I got pierced after we started locking the penis up and in large part because it would allow a more secure chastity experience, but I also really liked the look of a pierced cock and really got off on the idea of physically modifying the penis to make chastity more hardcore. Let’s say it was 80% about function and 10% about fashion and 10% kinky hot shit. I had no idea that it also made sex and masturbation so much more pleasurable.

No, I would not advise locking him up until after the piercing is fully healed. Any kind of tension on the piercing can be very painful during that process and even slow it down. Also, the inside of a chastity tube is exactly the last place one should be healing an open wound. If he gets poked in the peepee, enforced chastity should be off the table for 4-8 weeks, depending on how quickly it heals up. 

Rusty ruminated…

I have just recently been introduced to chastity and I love it. I have not yet defined why, exactly, this is but the sensation of being locked up and out of reach from my own hands is strangely intoxicating. It’s only been about a week of being “locked & denied” but I’d like to see if I can make it a full 30 days. At least to start. 

Over a decade and a half ago, I gave up masturbating for Lent but only made it 21 of the 40 days before exploding like a fire hose. I have a feeling that being under lock and key will extend that record considerably. 

Thanks for your blog and all the advice and insights you provide. As I save up for my first metal chastity device, have you any suggestions on how I can prevent my CB6000 from pinching and even cutting into the underside of my ball sack? There are times it fits just fine and others–frequently–when it becomes so tight that the pain is not only a distraction, but its slicing into my skin requires me to remove the CB and see to the cuts. 

I do enjoy chastity, and would like to keep going, but not at risk to my health. Thank-you in advance

My advice is buy a Holy Trainer. It’s SO MUCH better than the CB6K and for exactly the reasons you’re experiencing. It’s significantly simpler, in design and construction, and better in every way other than perhaps cost and customization. Then go back to saving for your steel. 

Well, that put a dent in it. Still so much to get through. Next time…

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