Rigid Chastity Halfshell

There’s a new (to me) player in the stainless steel chastity device game called Rigid Chastity out of Otwock, Poland (just south of Warsaw). I think it was someone on the Twitter who first brought them to my attention.

As of right now, they sell eight devices on their site. Four are classified as “Chastity Devices PA” since they’re designed to work with PA piercings, but they all stick straight out from the body in an odd way that may be sorta hot for scene plate but would seem to make them impracticable for lifestyle wear (in which case, why bother with the PA?). [EDIT – They’re supposed to be supported by the PA. I see that now. I blame my old eyes on not seeing if before. Still, if they’re made of stainless, I can’t imagine that’s in any way comfortable or tolerable.] They have another category called “Chastity devices,” one of which also has a PA security option, but the other three don’t. At least they’re curved like you’d expect to make them wearable all the day long.

Then there’s a third category called “Modular chastity devices” in which it’s indicated there are seven options but only four are displayed. Not sure what makes them “modular.” At first I thought maybe they were making stainless steel devices with interchangeable parts but they say on the site they’re custom made and require fitting if options are added after the fact.

All in all, their products appear to be knock-offs of Mature Metal and Steelworxx designs at perhaps slightly better prices (though it’s hard to tell with currency fluctuations and option costs) which, all by itself, would make them barely worth a mention. But. They have a PA security design I’ve never seen before and it’s really interesting.

halfshell-2-700x700It’s been implemented in one device in particular that has caught my eye. It’s called the Halfshell and, from the front, looks like a Steelworxx Steeheart (even in how it uses the now ubiquitous integrated brass lock) but, from the side, you can see there’s something different going on. The backside of the tube is cut away and there’s an extra ring with a bar that comes down the bottom of the penis shaft. That’s the cool bit. That bar. Rigid Chastity has an extra piece that fits over the tube’s pins and goes through the PA from underneath. It doesn’t attach to PA jewelry the way Belle’s Steelheart does. The fixing is integrated into the device. That’s made my inner chastity gearhead all giddy.

PA fixing is maybe the trickiest part of chastity device design. I’ve noodled over it myself quite a bit and it led me to a PA fixing design Steelworxx sells to this day. It works really well, but it’s not perfect. It depends on a U-shaped bar that goes down into the tube with the penis and through a PA ring which allows the penis some degree of movement (which is good) but also will occasionally cause pinching where the jewelry meets the bar or when the skin on the penis shaft get’s caught between the bar and the tube during erections (which is bad). Rigid’s design seems minimize the pinching possibility. Thanks to the cut-away tube, there’s a minimum of area for the fixing bar to pinch against the tube. Plus, their design utilizes a single bar, not two. It also fits over the pins like mine does in a way that makes the device (at least sans penis) look more complicated and busy, but is undoubtedly just as secure.

The only downside to their fixing that I can imagine from a comfort perspective is, since it goes directly into the PA piercing, that the penis, as is its wont, can’t lengthen or shrink over the course of the day. This particularity of the penis is what drove me to design a fixing that would allow a bit of movement. But it’s also true that when I designed it I was wearing a tube that was altogether too long for the penis I was born with. I presume that a correctly measured tube and its Rigid-style fixing wouldn’t need to much variability in design.

So I ordered one. It was just too intriguing to pass up. If Belle likes it, it’ll be hers. If she doesn’t, I’ll wear it enough to write a review then I’ll put the Steelheart back on.

Unfortunately, Rigid’s ordering experience hasn’t been fantastic. I got an email saying my account had been set up but not one confirming my order. I was charged, but when I log in to their site, my account records don’t indicate I’ve placed any orders. Worrisome. I’ve contacted them through their site and will update this post when I hear something back.*

So, how about you? Any interest in their designs? Are you wearing a Rigid device right now? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

*UPDATE: I did receive an email from them. Their site does not confirm orders automatically. All is well.

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  1. I believe the four ‘straight out’ designs are not ball-trap devices, so they secure via the PA only – a bit like Steelworxx’s Securo-Cage-1. (I have a Securo-Cage-1, and it doesn’t work for me – it pinches intolerably.)

    I really like that Rigid Chastity’s products have turned the lock upside down; When pondering how to break out of my Steelheart (OK, Steelhearts – I got my second today) I imagined taking a Dremel disc to grind out the lock, which can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

    I think we need some photos of how the three PA hooks work. I have a PA but I’m uncircumcised, and it was pinching of the foreskin that made the Securo-Cage-1 intolerable. There’s a comment on one of the ‘straight out’ designs suggesting it’s suitable for uncut people, but I’d like more data.

    Finally, I’m not convinced by the half-shell stuff. I’d want a full tube, like a Steelheart. The half-shell leaves exposed the most sensitive part for obtaining sexual release, though there’ll be other stuff in the way.

    1. “I believe the four ‘straight out’ designs are not ball-trap devices, so they secure via the PA only…”

      DUH! Of course. Damn my eyes.

      “I have a PA but I’m uncircumcised, and it was pinching of the foreskin that made the Securo-Cage-1 intolerable.”

      It’s not well explained on their site (maybe not explained at all) but the “S hook” option is for uncut guys.

      “Finally, I’m not convinced by the half-shell stuff. I’d want a full tube, like a Steelheart. The half-shell leaves exposed the most sensitive part for obtaining sexual release, though there’ll be other stuff in the way.”

      Shh. You’ll ruin my review. (I wonder the exact same thing.)

  2. Hi Thumper,
    Check your paypal confirmation and you should find a message from Adrianna with an estimated build time for your device. Some of the website features don’t work yet, it seems to be a work in progress.
    I ordered the model 05 device 8 weeks ago, at that time the website showed build time as 4 weeks, but I see that has changed now to 6-8 weeks. Hopefully mine will be ready soon.
    I currently wear a mature metal queens keep with my 4ga pa ring fitted over the lower horizontal bar. I’m usually in the device for 3 to 4 weeks at a time. It’s mostly comfortable, but occasoinally I get an almighty pinch that brings a tear to the eye. Like yourself, I really like the look of this new pa fixing solution, this could be the mythical ‘perfect device’.
    Here’s hoping,

  3. Also, I don’t know if you found it or not, but the only place they show their measuring tips is in the description for the modular device 01. What they are looking for as a ‘cage length’ measurement is the distance from your scrotum to pa hole times 60 to 70 percent.

  4. I’ve also emailed the with questions. Does a tone have a direct email address for them? You can see the site is work in progress, so I wonder if their email form works.

    Of course they also list a phone number

  5. Hey Thumper,
    I’m wearing Rigid Chastity’s “Beast Muzzle”, which is basically the MM Jail Bird, but with some important improvements that make it a much better device in my opinion. Firstly, there’s no fiddly and insecure security screw or awkwardly positioned padlock, but an integrated lock that is mounted in such a way that it doesn’t expose your sensitive bits to any sharp edges. (I wonder why Steelworxx don’t mount their locks like this. It is safer, looks better, and the lock stays cleaner and drier.) Secondly, the Rigid Chastity base rings are 8mm thick, which is much more comfortable than Mature Metal’s 6 mm rings.

    The craftsmanship and attention to detail on my device are excellent (again, in my opinion better than Mature Metal). The parts fit together beautifully, and everything is perfectly smooth and highly polished.
    Communicating with Rigid Chastity can be a challenge; I get the impression that they are a bit overwhelmed and it can take a long time to get an answer to an email. But if you’re patient, Adrianna is very helpful and the quality of their work makes it well worth the wait.

    I look forward to reading what you think of your Halfshell once it arrives. I love my Rigid Chastity cage and I think that, once they improve their customer service, they could become a major player in the custom chastity device market.

    Thanks for your excellent blog btw. I’m sure your writings have helped a lot of guys realize their chastity dreams. They’ve certainly helped me a lot!

    1. Communication is one area in which Mature Metal excels. No language differential and no timezone issues (assuming a US location, of course).

      Good to hear your take, though. Thanks!

  6. Hi Thumper,
    I sent you a lengthy message via the feedback option with regards to measuring for these devices, now I’m wondering if it got marked as spam because I included a link. The link was to a video posted by Rigid Chastity on xhamster. Did you get it?

  7. I placed an order with them on 3/9/18. The order was accepted on 4/9/18.
    At this time the estimated build time was 9-12 weeks. It is now 14 weeks and I have heard nothing. I’ve sent messages by the website and also to the email address used for their PayPal account. Still heard nothing back from them.
    I put in my messages that if I had had no communication by the end of 2018 I would begin proceedings to recoup my money via PayPal

    I would be careful ordering from them until we know more as to what is going on.

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