February, by the numbers

The shortest and most obnoxious of Winter months is behind us here in the Great White (but not this year) North. Here’s a breakdown of the month’s activities using the newly expanded metrics.

img_2790February was all about the Halfshell. I went into it just before February started and stayed in it for all but .07% of the month. Belle was travelling again in February so that less-than-1% outcome is mostly due to her not being around to let me out for her pleasure. Pretty sure .07% is the lowest amount of freedom the penis has experienced in any one month since the new “it shall always be locked” rule was implemented.

Just like in January, Belle’s travels worked against her having a normal number of orgasms. She enjoyed the same number, seven (in a perfect world, I’d like her to have 8-10 in a month). Two were self-administered (presumably with her vibrator), four were via the ministration of my fingers, and one was while riding the penis (and yes, I was able to resist coming myself).

I had my first orgasm of the year on the 18th. It was just OK. Not the head-exploding release that is physcially painful but also not purely enjoyable. Two days later, any lingering effects were totally gone. Through February, the Belle-to-Thumper orgasm ratio is 14:1.

Like last month, I was only allowed inside her four times. Three of the four resulted in ejacualtion without orgasm, the fourth was the one orgasm I had in the month. I think she likes it when I shoot in her and that’s half the reason she lets me do it. I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing where the line is between ejaculation and orgasm. For most men who aren’t focused on staying denied, that line is the width of a human hair. For me, it feels like it’s five feet across. I know exactly where it is, even when it shows up more quickly than I was expecting.

This month, we’re travelling to Europe for Spring Break. This will mean some extra time out for TSA, etc., and there’s no telling how much of the time we’re vacationing she’ll want the penis locked up. It hasn’t seen more than 2% of free time in five months. Might it even get into double-digits in March!?

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  1. How come your post has made my cock go hard?! And what’s your technique for obtaining ejaculation without orgasm? Would love to know.

    1. “What’s your technique for obtaining ejaculation without orgasm?”

      Practice, practice, practice. And a commitment to not wanting to orgasm. It would be really easy to come in those moments, but when I start to sense it’s close, I stop thrusting. Orgasm is the combination of ejaculation while continuing to stimulate the penis. I stop the stimulation just before the ejaculation starts and thus avoid the orgasm.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Thumper. Sounds like a kind of ruined orgasm technique – but maybe involving even more last minute restraint. Been trying to practise that quite a bit myself – it’s hard to stop the lizard from getting the better of you though (as you might say!)

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