CB-6000 review (finally)

The other day while looking at Tumblr I noticed something strange. I found myself on someone’s Tumblr that was all men locked in chastity devices which are not normally the kinds of Tumblrs I hang out on or follow because I think most male chastity porn is kind of boring. I’ll post the occasional picture of a guy in a device (not counting my own, of course), but they’re remarkably repetitious (counting my own) and the kinds with captions rarely do anything for me.

So anyway, I will occasionally look at these “show me your locked cock” Tumblrs to see what people are wearing. It’s how I find out about new devices. What I noticed the other day was along with a bunch of metal that looked like cheap Chinese shit you get off Amazon and the occasional Mature Metal or Steelworxx device were a lot of Holy Trainers (v2). Like, at least half were Trainers. I’d guess half as many of those were CB-6000s. This was surprising because my CB-6000 tips and tricks page is still, all these years after I wrote it, the number one page on the site after the homepage. I have no idea why this is because the top search terms WordPress says people are using to find the site now rarely include the CB-6000. So I don’t really know how these people are finding the page, but a lot of them are. Every single day. My review of the Holy Trainer v2 is usually half or two-thirds as popular in any given month.

This bums me out because I’ve assumed these numbers more or less indicate how popular the two devices are and I think the Holy Trainer is far superior to the aging design of the CB-6000. But then I see this Tumblr and all the guys in Trainers and that makes me wonder. What’s going on?

I decided to crowdsource a possible answer. I asked Twitter “If you were recommending a first male chastity device, which would it be?” The poll is still open at the time I’m writing this so it can still change, but as of right now, 99 people have responded and, lo and behold, the Holy Trainer holds a clear lead. Nearly half (48%) say it’s the device they’d recommend to a newbie while the CB-6000 comes in second at just over a third (34%) saying it’s their choice. The Bird Locked comes in a distant third (as it should — not a fan of silicone chastity devices).

The Holy Trainer is, in my opinion, the correct choice. And yes, we’ve been over this before, but that was a few years ago. And it occurs to me I never actually reviewed the CB-6000 because I wasn’t doing that kind of thing when I wore it. So, I shall consider this its review.

  • The CB-6000 is overly complicated. It has spacers to allow a flexible distance between the tube and the ring and it has multiple ring sizes. That ends up being a dizzying number of size combinations that I used to think was a strength but now think is just too much. It makes people think fitting a device to a penis is tricky when it’s really not that much.
  • It has a hard-edged A-ring. Trust me, that’s miserable. Not the good kind of discomfort. And for the life of me, I can’t imagine why it’s still like this. The device has been on the market for something close to ten years and it’s never been replaced with a rounded A-ring like the CB-3000 had. It’s never been redesigned to a more ergonomic shape like literally every other plastic device on the planet. It’s still perfectly round and sharp and causing many men all kinds of awful pain that simply isn’t necessary.
  • It has obnoxious side vents. One might assume they’re for hygiene’s sake, but they’re totally unnecessary and lead to flesh bulging through during erections which in turn leads to soreness and even broken skin. A lot of guys epoxy them over.
  • It’s the only device I’ve worn that led to the development of edema. That’s the accumulation of fluid under the skin and it’s benign if caught and allowed to dissipate, but it’s uncomfortable. I believe this is caused by the fact that the tube is narrow along the shaft but far more open near the head leading to constriction, even when flaccid.
  • The tube is made up of two halves joined together. In the early years, they split more often than seemed acceptable. Their design makes that a possibility even now and, from what I’ve been told, there is no pain like the pain of penis skin being trapped and pinched down the entire length of one’s member as an erection goes away.
  • It still uses a padlock. They bounce around and take up room in your pants. They corrode. They can have sharp edges that poke.
  • Lastly, and I acknowledge this is subjective, the CB-6000 is simply ugly. It looks like a medical device your grandpa has to wear, not a sex toy. The “fashion” variants (gold, wood grain, camo, etc.) are like when Cadillac made the Cimarron. It was flashy and had lots of Caddy badges, but underneath it was still a Chevy Cavalier.

The Holy Trainer isn’t perfect, but it has none of those issues. It’s A-ring is so much more comfortable and it has never led to edema on me. It doesn’t have vents along the tube (the holes it does have are in the penis head area and don’t lead to the same issues). The tube is solid and made of a more forgiving, comfortable plastic. It’s also far more attractive (basic black is my preferred color). And it’s dead simple. Three parts, including the lock (which is integrated and won’t corrode or stop working).

The biggest improvement I think could be made to the Trainer would be an option of buying it with all three ring sizes. Ring size is the most important element in male chastity and is the difference between a device a guy can keep on for days or weeks at a time and one that can’t stay on overnight. It’s too bad they don’t have a bundled option for newbies to be able to try the different sizes.

There were serval comments to my tweet about “cheap knockoffs” available on Amazon for both the CB-6000 and Holy Trainer. Insert here my standard warning about saving a few bucks while at the same time endangering your one and only penis. Personally, I’d pay the extra $10-50 bucks and get the original, but I’m also the guy who buys genuine Apple Watch bands over their $9 Amazon counterparts.

I think the CB-6000 is a hugely important device for male chastity advocates and enthusiasts. It was the first really popular mass-produced device and undoubtedly led to many men and women (millions?) giving the concept of chastity a try. You know, like Belle and I. But times have moved on. There has been innovation in the space and the CB-6000 has not kept up. It’s a relic from another era.

If you’re thinking of buying a CB-6000, spend your money on the Holy Trainer instead.


17 thoughts on “CB-6000 review (finally)

  1. “It has obnoxious side vents. One might assume they’re for hygiene’s sake, but they’re totally unnecessary and lead to flesh bulging through during erections which in turn leads to soreness and even broken skin. A lot of guys epoxy them over.” This one part right here. You sir, deserve a slow clap standing ovation. I rarely ever see that mentioned.

  2. You can buy “knockoff” Holy Trainers from Aliexpress. For $6.99. With free shipping. And they come with 4 rings. That’s more than just a $10-50 saving.

    The first one I bought only came with 1 ring and also came in a tacky black vinyl bag with a zip, which appears to be the same one on the official HTv2 website, just it had different screen printing on it. That suggests it is actually exactly the same product, made on the same production lines (this sort of piracy is common in China).

    I’ve subsequently bought 2 more, and they appear every bit as genuine as the first one I bought.

    1. Besides the issues of quality (you have no way of knowing if they’re exactly the same product or just a copy), there’s a moral aspect of buying an obvious knockoff of someone else’s innovation and design. Some are OK with that to save money, others (like me) are not.

      1. Morality goes both ways – charging obscene prices for what is effectively a mass-produced piece of moulded plastic isn’t moral either. If they had priced it more reasonably at $40-50 I wouldn’t have a problem paying that. Also I’ve had zero problems with the quality of what I’ve received (I do have a couple of the knockoff cb6000s and they aren’t great, one has split already, but it sounds like the originals have that problem too).

        And if you are the type who wants to buy “the original”, then you can buy one of these knockoffs first because they are so damn cheap – it will let you get the ring sizing perfect. Then go and fork out $165 of your hard-earned cash for “the real one” if that lets you sleep at night.

      2. The idea that the product is only the basic materials from which it’s produced is absurd. I’m really glad you aren’t one of my clients.

      3. I do agree that the Holy Trainer is awesome. And I got it thanks to you. Now, on the knockoffs… I bought a knockoff ring from ebay to test going smaller. It was NOT made of the same resin/material and was 150% more bendy. I then bought an original ring in the smaller size from the manufacture. But, since then (eight months later) I have purchased a steel HTV2 knockoff which I think is far superior. I almost went to a custom device and willing to spend $300-400. But I love the HTv2. So, the steel version was $30 from DHGate. Obviously they cast the Holy Trainer and made a steel version. It’s not for beginners as it’s unrelenting. Pick a ring too small and it will hurt. But there is no option to buy this in steel from the manufacturer. If I could, I would. And it’s amazing. So I don’t feel bad about that. I don’t think the Holy Trainer is good for extended lockups when it comes to months and years, because the give of the material will eventually lead to failure after hundreds of overnight erections and adaptations of the material to accommodate. But I will use my HTv2 resin for airline travel/trips.

  3. … and I’m just over here, still preferring the CB3000 to the CB6000. :-\

    I’ve advocated splitting those things apart as soon as you get them, and regluing them with a good gel superglue, because there’s no question in my mind: the internal hydraulic pressure will make them split. But especially agreeing on the stupid, fiddly ring style. Hard (as in sharp, not rounded) edges, and the little tangs will snap off. They really should have kept offering the solid style rings.

    The only thing that kept me from buying the Holy Trainer is that the ring can not be left on like a cock ring.

    The padlock thing goes either way. I would prefer to see it gone, but some people like them. Now that I’ve been using one with an integrated lock, I won’t look at anything else.

    1. I was surprised to see they’re still selling CB3K but have apparently changed the rings to be squared-off CB6K-style!? At least that’s how the pictures look. WTF.

      1. Yes, they made all the devices so that they could all be used with the same cuff rings. Unfortunately, they picked the worst possible cuff ring to be the standard. I think that Kept for Her still sells solid rings, but I haven’t bought any in years because I finally made one out of stainless steel. I got tired of replacing the plastic ones every year.

    2. What do you mean “the ring can not be left on like a cock ring.” I have left HTv2 ring on during sex a couple times out of laziness and once because I went down in size and couldn’t remove the ring after I was aroused. Yes there is a protrusion on the top but it didn’t get in the way and my wife barely noticed.

      1. If I get an erection while wearing only the ring, it bites into the base of my penis and is extremely painful. The pain is so intense that the ring alone would make an effective orgasm-prevention device if only it was possible to prevent its removal when flaccid. But maybe that’s just me. “Every penis is a special snowflake.”

  4. Totally agree, Holy Trainer should let you choose at least two rings. Considering I had to lightly sand and buff out the mold seams on mine, I can’t imagine they cost all that much to make. Maybe offer a cheap set of sizing-rings like Mature Metal does.

    Cleaning hassles aside, I prefer the enclosed feeling of the HT’s tube over cages. While an all-metal version sounds great, I think my next step will be a PA and a Steelheart. Pierced guys, feel free to chime in but I’ve kind of gotten the impression that the drawbacks of male chastity might be a little more bearable when you’ve fully surrendered choice and control to your keyholder.

    Nothing makes me feel more ridiculous about locking up my cock than the occasional reminder that until it can be rendered practically inescapable, it’s basically just a pervert’s promise ring. A sex toy that I wear to work. I don’t know… at the very least, build one that can serve dual purpose as an athletic supporter instead of leaving the most tender bits free to get pinched or smacked around by metal cages or plastic tubes.

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