Metal Holy Trainer review

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I’ve said it before, the Holy Trainer v2 is just about the best male chastity device design you’re going to find. It’s affordable, it’s comfortable (most of the time, wink wink), and it’s easy to put on. So when I started seeing what appeared to be metal versions of it in the, ahem, erotic pictorials I sometimes peruse, I was intrigued. If you’ve read my site for any period of time, you know that I kinda have a thing for steel.

In checking the Holy Trainer website, I found a metal version of their product was not listed. I asked them if they made one, and they said any metal device based on their design was not made by them. They’re all knock-offs. So then I looked on Amazon and couldn’t find any (though I feel I’ve seen them in the past). Failing there, I turned to Google and the first place it sent me was to House of Denial. From their About Us page:

Our aim is to offer high quality products at affordable prices with discreet worldwide delivery. Many chastity belts that we’ve seen on the market are incredibly expensive and we don’t think that’s particularly fair, so we do our best to offer the best devices for the lowest prices. All of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure that you receive a safe, quality item that you’re happy to use on a regular basis.

I’ll say right up front, I’m not going to be especially kind to House of Denial in this review. Bottom line, the Metal Holy Trainer they sell — which is their product — simply cannot have been tested at all, let alone thoroughly. At least not on anyone who wears a device for more than an evening’s entertainment. I’m sure some will take issue with me finding their product and their assertion of offering high quality and thoroughly tested products inaccurate and misleading since they’re apparently a small operator and how mean, etc. But their business name literally has denial in it. I would expect a site that sells nothing but male chastity devices to be more honest in their statements and more discriminating in their product selection.


But I get ahead of myself. As usual, I will assess the Metal Holy Trainer on the five basic attributes I use to judge chastity devices:  Cost, aesthetic, fit/comfort, security, hygiene, and stealth.


House of Denial sells the Metal Holy Trainer for £79.99. With shipping, it came to £93.98. As of this writing, that’s about $124. Pretty cheap for a metal device, but in keeping with the extraordinary low prices of all their devices and much more than most of their other metal devices. Unlike Steelworxx, House of Denial appears not to refund VAT to American buyers.

IMG_7AAC48BCDE66-1As I said, House of Denial sells nothing but what appears to be knock-offs of other manufacturer’s designs. They have a version of the CB-6000 they call the HoD600, but the Holy Trainer-type devices are all called “Holy Trainer.” They even have the HTv1 design, both in plastic and metal, along with the v2. I guess I don’t take issue with the selling of knock-offs if the knock-off is plainly labeled as such (aka, the DoD600), but not changing the name of their Holy Trainer clones shades closer to fraudulent behavior. Yes, a cautious buyer should intuit they were knock offs because the prices are simply too low, but that’s not really an excuse. They’re doing all they can to make these products look authentic.

IMG_9434D4AE8BC9-1The illusion of authenticity is extended to the unboxing of the product when it arrives in a Holy Trainer package. This is where they cross the line from knock off to forgery. This appears to be a genuine Holy Trainer and they want you to think that, but it’s not. It’s like buying a fake Rolex, essentially.

The other issue I found unsettling is they don’t say what the device is made of. It’s described as steel but what grade? Is it surgical quality? No idea. But why not say? Most competitors do. I couldn’t find mention of the grade of steel used in any of their products. This could be an issue for those with allergies or sensitivities.

But yeah, it’s pretty cheap. If cost is a primary drive for you, you’re in luck in that regard.


IMG_D9C4C70C5AC1-1Flat out, this thing is gorgeous. The cleanliness and efficiency of the Holy Trainer v2 design looks even better in high gloss metal. I was and continue to be totally in love with how this device looks on the outside. In my opinion, the Holy Trainer v2 is like the Porsche of male chastity device designs: timeless and near perfect. Bonus, it’s a lot more affordable, relatively, than a Porsche.


Here we go.

IMG_B3C7B4EEA63D-1First, fit. The metal HT2 tube is just a bit smaller than the plastic version in a way I found really appealing. That’s somewhat visible in the image to the left. It may be just a little shorter or it may only appear that way due to the plastic being thicker, but it is definitely a bit narrower. The internal circumference is smaller than that of the small-tubed plastic HT2.

That leads to what I found to be a really satisfying tightness while the penis was attempting an erection. Distractingly so. The one morning I had it on during the early morning tumescence, I had trouble going back to sleep simply because it felt so hot to me. Note, the penis is not especially girthy and I’m a known fetishizer of penis constriction, so YMMV. I’m thinking dicks of better than average girth could have problems.

The A-ring is identical in all ways to the plastic version, including being very comfortable. They offer two sizes, 38mm and 45mm. I chose the 45mm. While the penis was compressed more than usual, there was no associated excessive tightness around the scrotum. No testicular pain at all. It was essentially a perfect fit in that regard and exactly what I like in a chastity device: A tube that’s tight without a ring that’s crushing my balls.

The device is heavy. Far heavier than any other I’ve worn. But I really liked that, too. I like the feeling of heft between my legs like that and the sensation of being pulled around as I shift in bed.

IMG_AA6707C5A2FA-1OK, now comfort. Based on all I’ve said so far, what’s the problem? Sounds awesome. Sign me up, right? Wrong.

I was able to wear the Metal Holy Trainer for 27 hours before the rough, poorly finished interior had abraded the corona of the penis’ glans. This became apparent the second night I tried to sleep when, after I urinated for the last time, I found an intense burning emanating from the device’s interior. Belle was already fast asleep and the pain was unbearable so I was left to break open my emergency key and take the device off.

I believe my pain was caused by an approximately 4 mile walk I had gone on earlier in the day. It wasn’t until I was laying down and the inevitable remaining urine was able to make contact with my abrasions that I knew they were there. Then, OMG holy shit did that hurt. In my opinion, this would have happened anyway but would have taken two or three days of normal movement before the same issues manifested. Perhaps if one is a total sloth and engages in zero physical activities, the rough and poorly finished interior would not present a problem. But I doubt it.

Bottom line, this “high quality” and “thoroughly tested” device is entirely unsuited to daily wear. It’s not for someone who has made enforced chastity part of their lifestyle and thinks of the device locked onto them as part of their body. Which is really tragic since it’s so beautiful on the outside. You could wear it for a play session or for a night, but not beyond. Unless you like the feeling of a burning penis that’s so torn up you almost can’t sleep even without the device on because of the irritating sensation.


The Metal Holy Trainer is no more secure than any other trapped-ball device without a PA fixing. The weight of it makes it feel less secure since it pulls down and, if poorly fitted, could leave much of the penis exposed above the ring. If you need high security, this is not the device for you. House of Denial’s assertion that “you certainly won’t be able to get out of this device” is bunk.


Pretty much the same as the plastic Holy Trainer v2. It’s easy to wash and drains satisfactorily. No pluses or minuses in this regard.


I found the Metal Holy Trainer to be very stealthy. Like its plastic inspiration, it sits in a way that is more nestled into the scrotum which leads to a less-pronounced profile. The tube is reasonably small so it was very hard to see in a pair of jeans. Less noticeable than the Steelheart for sure.

The two pieces of metal don’t fit especially tight so there was a tiny bit of occasional clanking when not contained in briefs, but not so bad. All in all, this is a very stealthy device.

Bottom line

Don’t buy this device. It’s unfinished and can injure you if worn for longer than one night. Sure, it’s cheap and beautiful, but it’s also totally unsuited for the kind of chastity most of those reading this blog are into. If I had a business selling nothing but chastity devices, even of the “budget” variety, I would definitely not sell this as-is. The poor quality of the Metal Holy Trainer leaves me suspicious of all the other products House of Denial sells.

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  1. Sounds like you were disappointed in this purchase. 😉

    My guess is that they are simply buying the knockoffs from a Chinese distributor and reselling them. That’s why they sell a device actually labelled “Holy Trainer,” complete with the bag and all. I’ve seen on DH Gate that you can buy bulk devices from some vendors, so they’re probably just getting whatever they can. Like you, I don’t particularly like the knock-off business, and if nothing else, they should stop selling actual counterfeit devices.

  2. Do you suppose someone with a Dremel and who was willing in invest a few bucks in the right attachments could fix this by themselves? I’ve seen poofy polishing attachments and there’s special compounds, but I’ve never done anything like that and have no knowledge of such work.

    Seriously would have paid twice as much for a device that was finished both inside and out.

    1. Without a better shot, or being able to feel the inside myself, it’s hard to say. In theory, yes, given enough time and polishing material, you could smooth out those seams. However, in practice, it might be a lot of time.

      A few years ago, I milled out a circular section at the tip of my Fort, a cast stainless steel version of the CB3000 (it was to make lining up at the urinal easier). It took a lot of trial and error to be able to round off the sharp edges and burrs – and the section I was doing was relatively accessible compared to the area of those seams in the HT.

  3. I got one of these from a cheap Chinese seller via Ebay. The internal finishing was very poor; but I adapted some tools to improve that. It is acceptable now; though it is is the larger tube size and really heavy.

    It’s not entirely a dead loss (See below for a few ideas on that). I also tried the Metal ring, with a Bio-resin tube. With some GENTLE persuasion, this works. It might be worth checking to see if yours will.

    To refinish the tube I used a craft grinder with some small stones to remove bumps in various spots. A small reshaped FlapWheel head (inserted into the wide end of the tube; but driven through the pee hole) and various abrasive materials. Another trick is to use some emery cloth held on a long split head spindle, driven by a die Grinder (or drill on a stand). If you have such equipment and experience; you may be able to improve the tube sufficiently to make it practical.

    The key problem is that the Resin tubes can be produced with a reasonable finish quite cheaply (you can buy HT copies on Ebay; and these days they seem OK). The metal tubes can be mould poured and exterior polished cheaply enough. But the inside of the tubes, require the hand finishing above. I think the Chinese makers could easily do this (it really isn’t that difficult) and once done the device becomes usable. So – the truth is this maker (and the Chinese Ebay sellers I have found) simply don’t care. They are sold as novelties – so buyer beware. The really annoying bit is that these Chinese makers are now producing some new and interesting designs. If they would only improve their finish and quality control a bit. They would have some rather good devices. But they don’t – so it is still worth buying something which IS properly made by Steelworxx.


  4. I have this one too and I really like it! I’m not at all bothered by the inside finish and I quite happily exercise (walk, run) in it every day with no drama. It’s a little heavy – thats cast metal for you I guess – I’d like something lighter and better quality one day. I’ve put some plastimake around the base ring too which takes off a few mm diameter, adds a little friction to the ring and makes it properly secure feeling. I think I could still pull out with some lube, but getting back in would be very challenging. I find the biggest issue is a tiny bit of the end of my foreskin poking through the slot at the end and getting pinched – maybe thats where the finishing of the thing would help. Taking it off for cleaning is needed about once a week.

    1. I suspect the issue is with the friction caused by walking or jogging. It’s not suited for those who want to wear it for a long period of time while doing those things.

  5. I usually agree with Thumper’s reviews.
    My take on the HT does differ from his, possibly because I do wear it long term.
    I wear a stainless steel Holy Trainer V2 24/7 Short and have been using it for 8 months and unless I can find someone to make one to our design I will probably be wearing the HT for another 18 months at least.

    My only complaint is the issue I ‘ve had with the ridge at the upper open end of the tube it traps my skin. It might have it uses but its a damn nuisance I think the distance between the upper edge at the open end of the tube should be extended by 1cm or maybe even an inch. And/or remove the ridge/shelf

    I do have to remove it more often for cleaning than my Fort (a metal cb3K knock off) as it is a much more snug fit and does not allow water to run through as well. Showering or bathing appear to be the best way to keep it odour free withot removal.

    Overall I prefer it to all my previous devices. I’ve used all the cbxxxx chastity tubes not the 5K (as it is not really a chastity device that could prevent self induced orgasms) and the afore mentioned Fort.

    I have had no chaffing or rubbing of the penis but do need to keep the ring lubricated to stop it making the scrotum sore in one tiny spot right at the bottom of the ring.

    I am however looking forward to seeing the stainless copies of the HT3

    1. Hi Fill Tee,

      I agree with you, I got one from Lock The Cock and I have to say its both very secure and comfortable and I’m in it 24/7 as well with a once a week let out for cleaning. I don’t have any chaffing or rubbing and no shaft damage at all.

      I find it totally secure because my shaft is tight in the tube and the skin friction on the inside combined with the extreme difficulty of getting any purchase on the base of the shaft because of the tube overhang and turn down tip combined with the large deep head of the ring its impossible to get any purchase on the shaft to pull out and within a few minutes I’ve got a semi and its them completely impossible.

      I did have a bit of skin pinching initially like you but I found a method of putting it on that prevents that. The ONLY issue I now have if that if i get a prolonged semi it gives me a dull uncomfortable pain under the base of the ring but that goes when my semi goes so its quite effective training.

      Been using mine for about 6 months and i haven’t got out of it yet without the mistresses key. I’d really recommend it and although its heavy to start with you soon don’t notice the weight.

  6. Sooo…. I got one of these from DHgate in April of 2017 to replace my official HTv2 and it has been a dream come true. I paid $25 and while the interior of my tube is not shiny and smooth like the outside, there are no seams at all. I have been locked in ever since only out for a couple nights. I love the weight and after getting used to it, hardly notice. It’s a part of me now. Never had any irritation. The 50mm ring size is slight larger then I prefer but the 45 and 40 were almost identical and too small. So, with a dremel I enlarged one and it’s almost perfect. I cannot say what grade steel but it’s not coated. (Watch the shavings when using a dremel, they are worse than fiberglass!!). I need to figure out why I can wear it a week or two and then all the sudden I get some swelling like epiditimitis that won’t go down. Perhaps because the gap is small and unrelenting… a real resin holy trainer will have some give during morning erections. Steel does not. For now I am back into the 50 mm ring but cannot escape due to a tetherspout and custom no-obstruction locking wire that 100% escape proof unless the steel wire is cut. I don’t doubt that you had problems with yours but I have not and was very much considering paying $$ for a custom Steelwerx cage.

  7. I tend to agree with qsmdd above, I got one from “Lock the Cock” which cane from China, nice and shiney on the outside but dull machined metal on the inside for about £35.

    Excellent quality fit, unlike most others who claim to be able to get out of the HT V2 I have never managed it. The recessed head of the ring and the extended tip of the tube goes right up against the bone.

    The tube on mine is extremely comfortable and a lot of the security is in how you put it on.

    The tricks I have found is DON’T USE LUBE.

    Put the ring on sideways to get your balls through then you can get the cock under the thin smooth part of the metal and then “right” the ring.

    In putting on the tube – DON’T use lube, point the tube downwards and then start pressing your flaccid member into the tube as far as you can and then when “well stuffed” you can pull the tube upto the ring and hold the ring up at the top to move it into the locking slot and lock.

    This is the only chastity cage I have found both comfortable AND 100% secure, the bevel down at the end of the tube and its extension through the ring means its very close to the pubic bone and it means that its extremely difficult to get and form of grip on the shaft to pull out.

    The other factor is that WITH NO LUBE the skin friction to the tube means its impossible even with limited grip to get enough purchase to overcome that friction. Trying for any length of time simply produces a swelling or stiffening which increases the friction and therefore defeats me every time.

    I have NEVER managed to get out of it without the key, that’s part design and part having the right size tube so you have that skin/tube friction fit and partly NOT using lube to put it on.

    And its amazing how quickly you get used to the weight but its also very comfortable.

    I’s seriously recommend the author gets himself another one of these or anyone else for that matter

    1. I would absolutely not get another. It’s beautiful junk that causes injuries. At least, that was my experience.

      And, all due respect, if you find you’ve never managed to get out the back of this or any non-PA secured trapped ball-type chastity device, you simply haven’t tried hard enough.

  8. thumper

    I think you had a bad experience with an early chinese knock off. Mine was a later chinese knock off because it was posted from China while the Website appears to be USA.

    I can honestly say that I can’t get out of mine for the reasons I provided. The extended tube and its downturn combined with the head of the ring make it near impossible for me to get any serious grip on my member and what limited purchase I can get cannot overcome the friction of the skin contact to the metal within the tube.

    In any case, (and this might not be the case for all – but it should me) that any protracted attempt to withdraw produces an attempted erection that further increases the internal tube fiction and therefore makes it harder.

    The only thin I haven’t tried is an ice pack to shrink my member but other than that I have to say that I can’t get out of it.

    If you have any tips on doing so I’d be very glad to hear them as I’ve been in mine without release for 6 days and I’m fit to burst, so if you can provide some tips I’d be grateful.

    1. I think it’s the nature of Chinese knock-offs that you don’t know exactly what you’re getting prior to getting it and potentially rubbing skin off your penis shaft. So no thank you I will pass.

      1. That’s fine, if you don’t want to give it another try. But do you have any good tips on getting out of these holy trainers and if so, do you also know how to get back into them afterwards?

        My experience is that it is very secure and I really would value any tips you have.

        And can also say that I’ve not experienced “rubbing off of skin” that you experienced

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