Cheater’s dent

I don’t remember who told me this, but the indentation on your wedding ring finger left behind when the ring is not there is referred to as the “cheater’s dent.” I thought this was a common phrase everyone had heard of, but it turns out it may not be that prevalent. When I punch it into the Google machine, it steadfastly refuses to acknowledge anyone on the internet has used those words together before.

“Chester Dent?” it helpfully suggests. No. Not Chester Dent. “Are you looking for information on carpool cheaters in California?” No. I am not. “Dental…something or other?” No. Try again.

I have a cheater’s dent on my finger. I bet if you wear a wedding ring, you do too. Apparently, people can figure out if the person hitting on them is already married by looking at their ring finger and seeing if there’s dent.

The only thing I wear more than a chastity device is my wedding ring (but not by much). Turns out, I have two cheater’s dents. And here they are…

Back in 2015, I wrote about the one on the penis. It’s been created by the slightly too-tight base ring of the Steelheart squeezing the nightly attempted erection. It’s not as obvious in this photo as it is in real life, but you can see the subtle narrowing of the shaft in the middle. It’s more obvious from the side. It is a freakish clone of the one on my finger.

I am allowed by Belle to have sex with other people. I am not allowed to have sex with other people while the penis is unlocked. So, in a way, the penis’ dent is far more a sign of cheating than the one on my finger. I would never be able to be sexual with anyone in a setting in which I could see that dent and not appreciate the meaning of it.

The dent bothered me for a while. I had a hard time with it. Now I don’t. I’m over it. When it developed I don’t think I had quite evolved to where I am today regarding who and what I am. Perhaps I was still overly attached to the penis in a way that makes sense to most men who haven’t had theirs locked away from them for the better part of a decade. But that’s not me anymore. I don’t think of it separately from the device it’s in. At least, I don’t like being in situations where I can. So the dent is a simple byproduct of what it is: a semi-permanently locked penis.

It still does what she wants it to do. I can still use it for all the same things it could be used for in the past. So, as they say, no harm no foul. If anything, I’ve grown to really appreciate the dent. It’s like a “this goes here” kind of mark. Just like the dent on my ring finger. It shows what’s missing so it’s not really missing, except physically. Its presence is obvious even when it’s absent.

Physically and emotionally, I carry the imprint of enforced chastity with me everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Cheater’s dent

  1. I have heard of cheaters dent. In fact, one of the ways I look to see if maybe a woman is taken and not a lesbian is to glance at her hands. I mean, I use other methods as well but I will glance at her hands.

    So, in a way, the penis’ dent is far more a sign of cheating than the one on my finger.
    Since I am a lesbian I will take your word for it instead. lol

    My first and I had sweetheart rings. The job I had at the time required me not to wear jewelry so I had to remove it for work. The dent made me miss having the ring on and was a reminder of who we were together when I was at work.

    Good post


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