Time really has lost all meaning. I was about to start this post with “the other day, Tom blogged…” and then, when I went to get the link, I realized “the other day” was like more than four months ago. That’s either cabin fever or old age or a combo plate of both. Anyway.

The other month, Tom made this great post about definition and terms related to chastity and denial. Like, what does “permanent” mean? And then, in further discussion, what’s a good term to use for the whole practice of what we do? I’ve often resorted to saying things like “chastity and denial” because they don’t always go together. And if the practice (which Tom suggested should be called “erotic orgasm denial”) is called whatever it is, what word should guys who are locked and denied use to describe themselves? What’s the right adjective? The right verb?

“Chaste” is often thrown around but the obvious problem with that is those of us who are locked and denied, usually, are not chaste. Belle and I have had more and better sex since the penis was locked up than before. “Chaste” means to abstain from sex and that’s the fucking opposite thing that happens while in chastity.

Of course, chastity is the root of the problem because it conflates access to genitals and ability to have sex. It has a very PIV bias. Chaste comes from chastity (or maybe the other way around) so the mess is predictable.

But what I want and have wanted for years and years (this blog and my chastity are now solidly into their thirteenth year) is a single, different word to encapsulate what Belle and I and, apparently, millions of others are doing by locking up one or the other penises in a relationship. One word that isn’t literally wrong or totally made up or just dumb sounding. And then, a word that I really like came to me.

Kept. Belle keeps the penis from me. She keeps me from masturbation. She keeps me from orgasm when I want to. She keeps me at a heightened state of sexual arousal. She keeps the key. She keeps total control over the penis and how I get to enjoy sex. I am kept.

I just…like it. I like how it feels. I like how it sounds. I like the protective nature it implies. The connotation of care. Of benevolent control and discipline. I am kept in this place, mentally and physically and emotionally, because it makes me a better lover and partner and person. Because it is what I need.

When the folks at Holy Trainer reached out to me and offered the new fourth version of their device for me to try out and review, they also offered to customize its “cartridge” (the part of the base ring that receives the lock). I wasn’t aware of this as a thing they did, but you can have image or words put on the device. The first and only thing that sprang to mind was “kept.”

And at first, I was like whatever. I did it because they offered and presumably wanted people to know it was an option when I reviewed it and posted the inevitable multitude of pictures of it locked on me I am apparently unable to stop doing. But I have to say, every time I look down and see KEPT looking back up at me…it’s a soothing, comforting thing. It centers me. It’s powerful.

So yeah. Kept. That’s me. Maybe it’s you. But I like it and will be using it from now on to describe who and what I am. I am kept. By Belle.

10 thoughts on “Kept

  1. ““Chaste” means to abstain from sex and that’s the fucking opposite thing that happens while in chastity.”

    Wow, you really nailed it here.

    I am kept in this place, mentally and physically and emotionally, because it makes me a better lover and partner and person.

    Wow, you really nailed it here, too. I like it.

    I’m having a little trouble reconciling one of the connotations of “kept men” as being boytoys for wealthy older women, but that’s probably a dated usage that nobody else would even remember.

    “Mrs Edge has kept me for the last couple of years.” I think it works. Nicely done.

    1. I don’t know how dated it is generally, but it was my first thought when I read this. Even as a non-vanilla, if I hadn’t read this first I would have thought “Belle wants him to be a house husband now? Good for her.”

      Which isn’t to say that it’s not great and that one can’t supplant the other, just that it is going to court some confusion in places. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a conversation about how top and dominant aren’t the same thing that I have to win.

  2. Yes, “kept” is great for you guys that are locked up by someone else. But what about those of us that are self-locked? We may be chaste most or even all of the time but we aren’t “kept” by anyone. But it is the case that we “keep” ourselves in chastity. So, yes, we are “kept” – by ourselves. I think that works for us too. Congratulations!

    1. Yeah, I think it applies to guys doing it solo, too. But I also think “kept” suggests more than just locking up for a little while or situationally or whatever. To me, it suggests a bigger commitment. A longer duration. A more permanent change in lifestyle and being. But that’s just me.

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