Inside edging

I had this idea to track my relative horniness from day to day. It’s a myth that being in chastity long term and disallowed orgasm for weeks and months (honestly, not sure when I had a real orgasm last) causes one to be ever more horny every day. If that were true, eventually the kept among us would combust in sudden flares of superheated hormonal energy brighter and hotter than the surface of the sun.

More truthfully, being kept in an unreleased state doesn’t make one infinitely horny. I have found it does make one instantly ready. Always willing. My 0-60 time can be as close to the least amount of time that can be measured by modern instrumentation. But no, I’m not always distractingly, cravingly, achingly horny.

But I sure have been the last several days. It goes like that. Bumping along being more or less what passes for normal when you never orgasm then BOOM, horny as all fucking get out. Like, I am going to make bad choices kind of horny. It’s like and I guess literally is being under the influence. But not of a drug or man-made chemical. All hormonal. And it’s been like that pretty much all this week, culminating yesterday.

And the thing is, I have no idea why it’s like that. Why aren’t I always super horny? Or why aren’t I just always super ready? What causes the fluctuation? And if there is a cycle (as there is with so many natural things), what is it? Is this like some weird kept male version of a period?

So yeah, I was thinking maybe a tracker or something. Because if there’s one thing kinky people seem to love more than the Muggles, it’s tracking and quantification. And rules. And categorization. And process. Geeze, we’re like a bunch of management consultants.

Anyway, had I been tracking yesterday, I would have been at 11. The effects of which I wrote about on the other blog (for some reason, could/should have been here). But the tale of yesterday didn’t end with what I wrote there. Oh, no. Not even close.

The thing about the type of horny I was yesterday (ooo, sub-categories! hot!!) was that I was horny for everything. And since Belle was working and we’re all trapped at home and we still have a kid here with us, that meant whatever actions I took as a result of being in that state had to be on my own.

So, as the previous post relates, that meant some dildo and plug play. But it wasn’t enough. One thing led to craving the next. I had five different things in my ass by the end of the day and it left me with a fat and juicy prostate. The kind of swollen I can feel. Had I been the kind of person to have orgasms when he wanted them, I would have had a massive one. Explosive. But I’m not. So it was just in there burning and bugging me. Quite distracting.

Then I remembered. I have a thing specifically designed to deal with situations like this. I even wrote a review about it! The njoy Pure wand.

So I secreted myself away with it in the bathroom. I popped the big end (naturally) inside and let the natural curve of the wand find my nagging bits. Once it found them…uuuuunnnnfff.

The round metal bulb at the end of the wand ran up and down over my prostate and, through it, I could feel how swollen it was. I found I could angle the wand like a handle to control the level of intensity of the stimulation. For a while, I was worried I was only making things worse. It felt so fucking good, but was ultimately just more more. I didn’t need more. I needed less.

Then…things started to evolve. The sensations grew even more intense. I got on all fours like a dog in heat and grasped the wand like a joystick (which, literally, it was) and worked that fucking prostate hard. I started to feel like I was going come.

OH. Oh, god, Oh, fuck. I’m going to come. I’m…unf, I’m going to come…URGH…I’m…I’m coming…I’m…I’m…coming…I’m…ARGH…

I didn’t come. But I was right there. So goddamned close. Two things occurred to me. One, getting a person into the condition I was in and then strapping them down and using the njoy Pure wand on them the way I was using it on myself for hours would be an excellent way to torture some poor son of a bitch. And two, all that being the same but also having access to the penis and jacking off to completion while feeling that could, actually and literally, cause my head to explode at orgasm.

I can’t tell you how long I was on the edge like that. Edging myself from inside. Could have been 30 seconds, could have been an hour. Hard to tell time when your brain is liquified. But eventually the sensation began to change. I had an odd feeling of pressure and something like needing to pee. Instinctively, I felt that if I flexed as if I was coming, I would…express the built-up ejaculate. So I did.

Oh my god, there was so much. It just kept coming. Over and over. A little push, a little flex, and GOOSH. I was well and truly milked.

And after, I could feel the relief. I felt empty in a way I didn’t before I started with the wand. And, yes, relief, but not satisfaction. Not like I had come. Nothing like that. 100% as turned on and horny as I had been, but without the physical component of having an overly-juiced prostate. Frustration without the discomfort.

If yesterday was an 11 on the Horn-O-Meter, today is about an 8. I feel like I’m past the peak. Took about three or four days to get there and, I expect, it’ll take about the same to come back down. Part of feeling less horny today is thanks to Belle letting me get her off this morning before she started work. Feeling her come releases pressure for me, emotionally and psychologically. Pressing my body into hers while she writhes and convulses with orgasm, with my legs clenched around hers and my finger pressed against her clit and both our heavy breathing mixing. That time when her pleasure and desire flow out of her. A little bit of mine flows out, too. The reflected satisfaction of sexual service. Of her pleasure always being paramount.

Fuck, now I’m back up to 9.

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  1. Two things:

    I didn’t realize you had another blog. I will investigate.
    “Like a bunch of management consultants” made me laugh. Not least because I’m working with a bunch of management consultants right now. And, yeah… Baaahaahaha! Ermagheard. And they’ll be on Zoom with me in an hour. 😛

  2. I have found you are quite correct about levels plateauing, the ebb and flow. No way to maintain upward trajectory indefinitely. Mine stops when I physically stop and my body comes to grips with the ending not happening. I relax a bit and almost like the calm after an O. I try the wand, although I get a fair amount of semen out, i only get close, I’ve never had an O no matter how much on the edge I get to or how much comes out. I feel less horny but mostly for the same reason as I do when she cums, I plateau and then drift back.

  3. I call it being hyper-horny! I get these patches of time (usually two to four days) where I am super horny. Every thought is concerned with sex. And then I’m not again… Like you I find I go from zero to one hundred in an instant—but when I’m at 100 I seem ever hornier. It’s this underlying horniness that is so much fun. That ability to get to the edge of the top is fabulous!

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