Morning wood

Over on the Twitter, I was asked in a DM about waking up from morning wood. And this is, I suppose, one of the more pressing (ahem) issues a lot of penis-having people find with long-term chastity. The fella I was chatting with says, after two years of being locked most of the time, he still struggles with the pressures of the morning.

At this point, after more than a decade of being locked most mornings and several years of being locked nearly every morning, I find that I am woken by pressure in the device maybe 20% of the time. More often in the Steelheart than the other devices I’m usually in (Evotion 8, Holy Trainer 4 Nano, Cobra tight, Halfshell). I think this is because the Steelheart has more bits and bobs inside the tube that can be pinched or weirdly squeezed than the others plus its tube probably has the largest internal capacity of any of the others.

In general, I’d say (as always) smaller tubes are better and more comfortable in the morning. It’s also necessary to have a well-sized base ring. Too big isn’t better than too small but way too small can bite like hell. But assuming the fit is OK (and honestly, the base ring on the Steelheart and Evo8 are probably both a little small for me), a lot of it is just waiting for one’s body to accept and adjust.

If you search this blog, you’ll find me bitching about morning wood after years of being locked up. But now, I don’t wake up from it most of the time. And even when I do, most of those times, I’m able to roll over and go back to sleep. Of course, every day I wake up with a very tight device, so it’s hard to discern the difference between waking up normally and being woken up by the tightness. But the real difference is, over time, I stopped feeling discomfort from the tightness most of the time. I almost always find myself loving the feeling of the extreme tightness. It makes me feel comforted, cared for, and sexy.

Is this mental or physical? I think both. The contents are different now than they were at the start of being kept. My scrotum is more stretched out even as my testicles are larger. And the shaft of the penis itself has a groove from the base ring pressing into it every single morning. So I have physically adapted to permanent chastity.

But I’ve also mentally adapted. The feeling of that device (whichever it is) holding me tight in the morning is honestly, most days, the best feeling in the world for me. I adore it. I crave it. I will often lay on my stomach and press my pelvis into the bed to feel it harder. I’ll flex the contents when I sense they’re losing their compression to get more blood in them and make the sensation more intense.

In actual fact, tightness is the signature sensation of my sexuality. It’s what feeling horny feels like. It’s the physical manifestation of my being controlled. It’s the gravity that keeps me centered as a kept male.

So I don’t know when the switch gets flipped from waking up annoyed at the pressure and waking up energized by it. I’d start with the fit. If that’s in order, I’d have a talk to myself about what being a permanently kept male is. I find that the fastest way for me to get my head on straight when it comes to chastity challenges (besides getting Belle off) is to tell myself this is what I am. That what I’m dealing with is part of who I am. That I want to be this way and that there’s no real way for me to not deal with it without losing the whole package.

Then I roll over onto my stomach and grind my tight package into the mattress and flex the contents so they swell so fucking tight. Because MMMMMM, yeah.

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  1. I fully agree with you about morning wood; I’ve been caged 98% of the time since 01/03/2020, and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the feeling of a full cage when I wake; It makes my hole tingle and want to be fed, which feeds my sexual being. There were mornings when it hurt a lot when I first started, but in the past 6 months, things have settled down, and made being caged wonderful…dare I say addicting? Maybe some day I’ll find a KH who will hold my keys…

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