Chastity rash

I have a new device I’ve been wearing for most of January that, I promise, I’ll be posting a review of relatively soon. It’s called the BA-31P (a sexy name, to be sure) made by a Chinese outfit called, and I’m not kidding, Badass Workroom.

This is not that review.

The BA-31P is what you’d get is the Stealheart and Halfshell reproduced. As such, the tube is enclosed and, like the Steelheart, it will retain urine more readily than a device like the Halfshell or the Jail Bird. Occasionally, for obscure reasons — I assume — based on my diet (the dots of which I’ve never been able to connect), my urine can occasionally become more acidic than usual. And when that happens and I’m wearing a device with an enclosed tube (read: most of the time), that urine can lead to irritation. It’s like diaper rash, but in a chastity device.

I was thinking today that I wanted a name for this affliction. And, yeah, it is like diaper rash (same causes, even) but only on the contents of the chastity device. So…chastity rash. That’s what I have and that’s what I’m calling it.

I should note for those guys who are really weirded out about hygiene that this doesn’t happen very often. That last time was when I was camping and was possibly exacerbated by the lack of showers one typically finds in the woods. I would guess it’s an issue maybe four times a year. As it is right now.

I swapped the BA-P31 for the Evotion 8 since it’s more open and I thought it would be enough to help the affected area recover. But no, it wasn’t open enough. So I was faced with the prospect of being…shudder…OUT to heal. Then I remembered the venerable Jail Bird. It’s very open as it’s a literal cage rather than a tube. But I had no idea where it was.

So I dug around for a while. Found all kinds of things I forgot about (kinky and otherwise) before, Yes!, I found it. But its key was not to be found. Bummer. Good news, though, is its “lock” is a special screw and I found it possible to screw it in sufficiently by hand to keep the thing together.

I really, really don’t want to be unlocked. Ever. I am fully invested in being kept in chastity by Belle so was kind of desperate to find a solution that involved some kind of security of the contents. I’m glad the Jail Bird is an option for me because, based on visual inspection, the parts impacted by the chastity rash already look better.

Hopefully, the contents will back to all hidden away in a day or so.