Evotion Orion review

Previous to the arrival of the Evotion Orion male chastity device, I was locked into the Evotion 8 for 43 days. This is easily my longest continuous duration in that device and was due to Belle’s newly reinvigorated key discipline but was also helpful as I approached writing this review of the 8’s more evolved sibling. As I said in my Evotion 8 review, I really like that device. Do I like the Orion as much?

Typical NSFW close-up images of me wearing the Orion behind the jump…

I found the Orion to have a couple key functional advantages over the 8. The most important is the simplicity of its design. There’s a base ring, the shaft segment of the tube, and then a cap that covers the head of the penis. The 8 has many more parts that interlock and while I am a fan of how the 8 feels once on, it can be a pinchy proposition getting it there. The Orion goes on very easily.

The Evotion Orion with both the standard partial coverage head cap and optional full coverage head cap

Another advantage is what I assume will be better durability. The Orion’s base ring has a tongue that sticks out that the tube locks into. The plastic used is thick and substantial. On the 8, the analogous part is much thinner and has broken for me twice in three years (the second time was just as I was taking the 8 off to replace it with the Orion). Evotion replaced the ring for me the first time it broke without issue, but if you’re looking for the device you’ll be wearing day in, day out that’s a consideration.

The base ring is also wider and more flared on the Orion than it is on the 8. This provides a more comfortable experience during attempted erections. Additionally, I haven’t found the need to keep the Orion lubricated with silicone while wearing it at all.

Subjectively, the Orion has a cleaner, more closed design that some may prefer over the 8 (though I came to appreciate the 8’s funky monkey look). By default, the Orion comes with a cap that covers the head of the penis but that exposes the corona of the penis head. Presumably, the advantages of exposing the corona is to allow for easier cleaning and also a bit of teasing. It allows for some stimulation, but not nearly enough to provoke an orgasm. Personally, I prefer the full coverage look and haven’t noticed any appreciable differences in hygiene between them. There is a slight gap between the shaft portion of the tube and the cap and that prevents pinching and also allows for some water to get in there while showering.

I would also prefer if the Orion covered more of the shaft. There’s a larger than average gap between the base ring and the end of the tube that shows, in my opinion, quite a bit of penis meat. If I were to order the device again, I’d probably ask for that gap to be minimized. I expect it adds to overall comfort, but I like to see as little of the contents as possible as a general rule.

The big improvement in the Orion I’m wearing over the 8 I’ve worn previously is the hollow PA pin. The 8 has a 4GA solid rhodium plated brass pin to ensure total security. After a while, I found the plating wore off the end of the pin from being in contact with underwear and the inside of pants, etc. While not super surprising (plated metal will do that), it also didn’t lead to any ill-effects and was still perfectly functional.

With that in mind, I opted for titanium this time around. And I wanted a hollow pin to make the necessities of a being a biological organism easier to deal with. The hollow tube requires a minimum pin thickness of 2GA which was not a problem for me to insert. My piercing is many years old at this point and I’ve found it’s stretched sufficiently over the years to accommodate 2GA without issue.

Vertical peeing in the 8 was always a bit of a crapshoot. Most of the stream would follow the direction of the pin but some leaked out the piercing and would sometimes defy gravity in a way I can’t explain leading to a lot of attention needing to be paid in order to avoid embarrassing overspray. The hollow pin is a revelation. Nearly all of the stream flows unimpeded through the pin and only a few drops leak out the piercing and they follow the laws of gravity. I can now approach urinals in absolute confidence with the pleasant additional benefit of having a steam of urine that sounds like the other guy’s, too. I have no other device that offers both those features.

All this leads to a device with above average hygiene. A small about of urine does remain in the PA pin so a couple of good shakes or the application of some tissue is recommend to clear it out, but I’ve found it stays cleaner than just about any other device I can think of.

The Orion doesn’t use locks and keys like the 8 or most of the other devices I’ve worn. It has two long security hex screws not unlike the type of screw on the Mature Metal Birdcage I’ve worn. However, in the Orion the heads of the screws are countersunk so they can only be removed with the “key” (unlike the Birdcage where the screw is easily grasped by pliers). There are two because one secures the shaft tube to the base ring and the other secures the head cap to the tube. The head cap also covers where the PA pin fits through the bottom of the shaft tube so its screw both protects the head from stimulation and keeps the PA pin secured. It’s an ingenious design carried over from the 8. In the Orion, though, it ends up being less bulky.

But I, personally, kinda liked the bulk of the 8. I like how it sits more forward and almost presents the contents like a caged specimen. The Orion, while not as low profile as the Holy Trainer or Cobra, lays much flatter than the 8. This makes it a stealthier device in jeans and other pants. I’ve found the bulge I present while in the Evotion to be very normal and natural-looking in all but the tightest or thinnest materials.

The Orion is ridiculously comfortable. Maybe too comfortable for me since I do like a bit of a reminder of my predicament from time to time, but even during the most powerful morning erections, the Orion is ridiculously easy to wear. I’ve found I am rarely even marginally aware of morning wood in the Orion. You might really like the sound of that if you have a hard time dealing with nocturnal tumescence, but I find I miss the feeling of a solid, tight tube in the morning. I don’t think I’ve experienced any pinching or other common chastity discomfort while wearing the device under clothing at all.

When ordering an Orion, you have many options. Evotion offers ten different “filagrees.” The device can be printed solid or with several different open lattice-type designs. I opted for solid with “facets.” It also comes in eight colors and you can even opt to have different parts in different colors. It can accommodate at least three types of piercings (or, of course, no piercing) and offers a number of other customizations including spikes, leash loops, and even lettering. I suspect if you have an idea not available on the device’s ordering page, the friendly folks at Evotion would be very happy to try to accommodate you.

The Orion is not cheap. The device I have prices out to $834. To be fair, half of that is the titanium pin. An un-pierced guy looking for the same device I have in all other aspects would pay $409. That’s still more than most plastic devices, but it’s 100% bespoke. Evotion offers a non-bespoke device called the Orion Impulse that is price-competitive with other off the shelf plastic male chastity devices, though it has more sizing options than devices like the Holy Trainer and Cobra.

The Evotion Orion is as close my “forever device” as I’ve ever worn. From a functionality and comfort standpoint, it’s essentially perfect. The Orion offers the best of bespoke customization with materials that can be worn anywhere. If you can afford it, it’s the easiest recommendation I can make.

If Belle so desired to lock it up and throw away the key, this is the device I’d want to be left in.

Disclaimer: After inquiring about ordering the Orion, Evotion offered me the device at no charge. I opted to upgrade to the titanium PA pin and did pay for that, so in essence I received the device at about half off. While the discount has not impacted my experience with the device or my opinions of it, I think it’s important for you to know.

10 thoughts on “Evotion Orion review

  1. I have been trying to solve for the pee-spray problem of long-term chastity and came to the conclusion a PA or urethral insert is the only way to keep things properly lined up. I’ve had good luck with the Kink3D Cobra but even when well aligned, I’m still liable to spray everywhere.

    I’d like to ask a couple of honest questions (and I appreciate your openness and expertise):

    1 – Have you found any device with a urethral insert that won’t slice & dice inside (one of your device reviews LOL) and would be suited for long-term wear without risking UTI or similar problems?

    2 – If you were starting all over knowing what you know now, would you get a PA piercing for the purpose of long-term chastity? (Not sure why you got yours, although I suspect you’ve posted about it.) Given how long you’ve been locked up, I wonder if you’d opt for a PA piercing sooner, rather than waiting?

    3 – As someone considering getting a PA so I could use an Evotion Orion (I’m convinced by your review!), any tips or considerations I should think about? (I’m cut so foreskin is not a worry.)

    4 – As a smaller guy (I’m in a Cobra Baby Narrow) and a grower when uncaged, any take on how well the Orion might work for me? I know, you gotta try and see, just hoping you may have some perspective.

  2. Superbe équipement qui te va bien. Merci pour ces belles photos. Un fan de Paris en France porteur d’une cage métal. Bien que homo j’aime beaucoup ton blog.

  3. Thanks for reviewing this one! I’ve looked to your write-ups several times in the past to move my own chastity journey forward. The hollow PA pin made me think that this might be “the one.” After seeing that you were getting one, I decided to wait for your thoughts on the hollow pin (and move myself from 4g to 2g). After reading the review, I pulled the trigger and now I’m impatiently awaiting its arrival. Hopefully this checks all the boxes that I need to get myself into the >90% locked box range. Thanks again!

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