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I’ve been wearing the Evotion Orion for almost three months (86 days on and about 6.5 hours off) and I posted my review back at the beginning of December so I thought I’d take a moment to give a bit of an update about the device and my current opinion of it.

It’s…like…perfect. Honestly. No issues whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever worn the same device for three months straight, let alone without issue. Even the venerable Steelheart was never on that long. I’d either get bored or pinched or something and need/want to swap it, but with Belle’s recently reasserted key authority, swapping hasn’t been in the cards for me so here we are.

I’ve noticed that I don’t get woken up as much by nighttime or morning erections. I can even slip a finger in under the base ring while the contents are trying to get hard near where the shaft ring attaches. The two parts come together in a way that leaves some room up there which seems to lessen the tightness of the ring. I do get a nice snug tightness lower down the shaft and around the head, but it’s not so tight that it ever becomes even mildly painful. I guess if I squint I could turn that to a minor disadvantage because I have grown to really appreciate a good, strong morning tightness. The kind the Steelheart gives me where every part of the contents feels the strain. But for someone who wants comfort above all other things, I can’t think of a reason not to advocate for the Orion.

This device causes zero discomfort while also always feeling incredibly secure. That’s a first for me. I can’t say that about any other PA-fixed device I’ve worn. It’s just…there. Doing its job. Day in, day out. The hollow PA hook continues to work great, though I have developed a bit of a dripping leak as my piercing has grown accustomed to the larger intrusion.

So, yeah, kinda boring, I guess. The Orion continues to be as great as it was after a few weeks. I know a few people who’ve reached out to me have said they ordered it following my review and I guess all I can say for others who might still be on the fence is to go for it. I can’t think of a single thing functionally wrong with it.

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  1. Hey Thumper! I have been considering an Orion for quite a while, your review spurred the final decision and I ordered one, and even decided to stretch my PA a little more to accommodate the open pin. This update makes me even more excited. I was wondering, do you still use silicone lube with the Orion? Would love to get away from it if possible. Thanks for such entertaining and informative writing.

    1. I find I very rarely have to use lube on the ring. I have a couple times. But it’s far more often the case that I just leave it as it is. I suspect a lot will depend on the size of the ring, of course!

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