Belle and I were in the pool yesterday, naked and having a chat. I was sitting on the underwater ledge in the deep end and looking down at how the titanium Orion was glinting in the refracted sunlight. She referred to me as “Permanently Denied Thumper” when she noticed what I was doing. Then she said that she really liked our newest device.

“You’re not going to miss ever seeing the contents again?” I asked.

“Nope,” she replied. Mostly, she explained, because I was very good at all the other ways of pleasuring her. But also, she said it had something to do with her British boyfriend. Long time readers may remember this guy, but for the newbies, he’s someone she’s had a pretty long term virtual relationship with. They actually met about a year ago, though nothing physical happened. But something is still happening, clearly, because she mentioned him in reference to me never being let out of my device for sex again.

I try not to pry. It’s her thing, not mine. I don’t go into lots of gory details about me and Frodo and I want to give her space for…whatever it is she’s up to with this guy. Though I expect I’d be way more into hearing about him than Belle would be about Frodo and me. All I know about him really is he’s from the UK and has a big cock. Way bigger than me.

In any event, she mentioned to me that while it may not be in the way I’d like, she is cuckolding me with him after a fashion. That piqued my interest so I probed a bit.

“Does he know I’m not allowed to fuck you anymore?”



I felt that particular form of cuck squirmyness. The thing that’s embarrassing and emasculating but also hot and tube-tightening. I probed a bit more.

“Does he know you keep me locked up?” Last time I asked her this (and it was a long while back, shortly after they met), she said no, it hadn’t come up.



OK, now this is something else entirely. She’s not just having some kind of naughty sexting thing with him. She’s let him into our dynamic. He’s an actual real person in our lives (not that you all aren’t actual real people, but you know what I mean) and he knows I don’t have a cock and my wife has no use for what I do have. Also, that his presence in our lives factors somehow into her algebra to deny me permanently.

It will remain enigmatic for me, though, unless she decides to tell me more. That’s her life, not mine, and she gets to have it without me.

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  1. okay, but the rabbit is wayyyy tooo much of an investigative and persuasive sort. This reader is pretty sure we’ll have details about this new development in the very near future. And, tbh, very happy for Belle. This would seem to make complete sense for all concerned. Yes, even us readers!

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