Skinny dip

Belle and I have been using her pool lately. That’s not a euphemism or anything. We have a pool in our backyard and I refer to it as hers because she wanted it and I really wasn’t too enthused but she paid for it so there it is. Her pool.

Anyway, it’s been hot as fuck for the past few days and we’ve been jumping in after workouts and runs and such. Sometimes together, but not always. I’m in it alone as I write this post, actually.

A couple of days ago we were in it and, since the fence is high and we’re living without offspring at the moment, we were naked. We came together and I had my arms around her and she had hers around my neck and her legs around my hips. The Orion started to feel tight as my thoughts turned to how her snatch was hovering, open and inviting, just over it.

The remembrance of being in similar situations before entered my mind. Of shifting my hips up and pushing her down and sliding into her under the water. Even as the Orion grew tighter at the thought, it almost felt like I had a proper erection extending away from my body and that the only thing keeping me from being inside her was a few inches of warm pool water. I shifted my hips up futilely, craving the contact that couldn’t happen, as the notion and the concept rather than the actual word never fell over my urges like a heavy wet blanket.

There’s a difference in being locked up and forcibly denied in that situation when instead of “never” you think “not now.” Her pussy was right there. Available, warm and inviting. And I’m told I will never feel what’s it’s like to be there again.

I don’t deserve it. I have no reason to feel entitled to it. It’s a gift from her to me that she has all the power between us to grant or withhold. I ceded that to her when I asked her to lock me up. This was always a potential outcome and one I had fantasized about many times before.

So as hard as it is to accept never, I don’t have a choice. And I have to admit that even now, as I sit on the ledge in the deep end of the pool with the sun warm on my shoulders and the current from the jet caressing my thigh and exposed balls, I’m incredibly tight from acknowledging having been put in this situation.

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