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I fucking hate Twitter. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again (and again and again). I even stopped using it for a bit hoping (it turned out, fruitlessly) that my fellow kinksters would migrate off the platform to Mastodon. However, Mastodon is complicated (please, this is not a invitation for anyone to defend how Mastodon is not complicated and if you do comment about how it’s not complicated, that’s cool, but I won’t engage on the subject because it’s exhausting — people perceive it to be complicated and that’s that) so some, but not a lot, set up accounts there. Not enough, tbh.

Then BlueSky came along and I was finally able to set up an account there and it’s been something of a mission for me to get as many other kinksters moved over as possible. But that’s also non-optimal since you need an invite from an existing BlueSky user to get in. There is a waitlist you can sign up for but I don’t know a soul who got on that way. It’s all invite based. Which is annoying.

Anyway, I’ve been cross-posting to all three for a little while now and have noticed some things. BlueSky users seem way more engaged. Mastodon users, not so much. And, considering my much larger following and years of established presence there, Twitter seems somewhere in between. I decided to look at some numbers to see if this was true and, turns out, they backed me up.

I picked four posts I made to each platform and then added all the interactions each had (comments, reposts, and likes) to determine the interaction rate (this is the marketing weasel in me coming out). One of the posts was a link to a blog post (the post immediately prior to this one), one was just text, and two were images.

The text post was: If you’re still worried about a chastity device making your dick shrink (it won’t), what you’re really saying is you haven’t been locked up long enough. (The BlueSky version was slightly different but substantially the same.)

The two images were these:


Here are the results:

Platform (followers)“Lockternity” image“Commando” imageText postBlog post
Twitter (7,947)2%11%1%0.2%
BlueSky (242)14%10%9%4%
Mastodon (474)0.8%3%0.6%0.6%

Relative to the number of followers I have, BlueSky is significantly more interactive than Twitter. Mastodon is rather sleepy, though I admit I’m not that active on that platform other than cross-posting and replying to comments. Twitter has more sheer numbers on its side, but I’d say anecdotally the interaction on my posts there has dropped quite a bit in the last year (even though my follow count continues to tick up).

I think the future of kinksters who feel a moral obligation to leave Twitter will be on BlueSky. I will continue to share as many invites as I get (and people will give me to share with my followers) to accelerate that eventuality. The time is coming, however, when I’ll again stop posting to Twitter and only come back to share more BlueSky codes because the place is honestly a cesspool and is owned and run by one of the worst people on the planet. It hurts my soul to open that app on a daily basis and the community on BlueSky, while small, is engaged and pleasant.

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