The prince and I

Today is the 15th anniversary of the day I got my PA piercing. Some things leap out reading that old blog post. One, it’s really weird seeing me talk about the contents as if they were a) mine and b) not just the contents. I even called it a dick (which, I suppose, is a pretty innocuous term — at least I didn’t use the C-word). Two, I was worried about how the piercer would judge it for being small which, I mean, lol at this point, right? I was still holding on to a lot of outdated masculine pride.

It’s always kind of surprising to me how quickly we went from playing around with denial devices to me having my body modified to help with the enforcement aspect. It was only about two months from my first blog post, which I wrote before even having the CB-6000 in our possession, to when I was getting a hole punched through me to make it all that much more metal. And all that PA security experimentation was pretty much disastrous. I probably wrote a couple dozen posts about trying to figure out how to use a length of wire outside the CB6K fed through the PA ring and then attached to the lock. That was about the time I realized penises like to grow and shrink as part of their daily routine and when you literally wire it so it can’t do that, it motherfucking hurts.

I do kind of miss PA jewelry. Feeling a thick, heavy PA ring move around inside the head of a penis during sex or masturbation is pretty delicious and I think PA rings in general look hot as fuck. But that kind of expression is behind me, of course. Most men use PA jewelry as a way to beautiful their cocks and enhance the pleasure they receive from them. I don’t have a cock, let alone anything that resembles one, and the days when I could use the contents for anything pleasurable are over.

What the PA represents to me is a way to integrate my body into the device that perfectly enforces my permanent denial. The metal I’m encased in wraps around and through me. It’s not about affectation or beautification. It’s about absolute security.

Though, that said, I do think most devices I’m secured into are more attractive than what they contain.

I don’t judge anyone who does enforced denial without a PA (or some other) piercing. Of course not. There is no One True Way. But, for me, it’s not real unless a part of it goes through that 15 year old hole in me. Unless I have no choice but to always be in it. Everything about it is different. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

Luckily, devices in general and my knowledge of how to use them with the PA piercing have advanced considerably over 15 years. It no longer represents an often painful complication of being locked up. Rather, as with the hollow PA hook in the Evotion Orion, being pierced actually enhances and simplifies being permanently denied.

Thank you, Prince Albert, wherever you are.

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