2023 by the numbers

Usually, I make a post about my year-end enforced denial stats. Usually that’s right after the end of the year, but here we are half way into January and I’m not writing it until what I’ve just recently learned is International Male Chastity Day. So I guess this will also be my, erm, “celebration” of the day.

I was locked in just three devices this year. The plastic Evotion Orion, the titanium Evotion Orion, and the venerable Steelheart. Had I not had to send the ti Orion back for some adjustments that involved the PA hook, it would have been just those two devices all year.

As I write that, I realize I never wrote a proper review of the ti Orion. As I recall, it showed up about the time fucking WordPress nuked my blog. In any event, I probably should write something up. Short story is, the Orion is, in my opinion, just about the best bespoke male enforced denial device design on the market, especially when factoring in PA security, so the titanium version is also quite good. I went back into the plastic version yesterday in order to attend to hair, hygiene, and to give it a deep clean and have been thinking that I might consider the plastic one to be the optimal version of the device. The titanium looks amazing but the plastic has a lot going for it (lighter, smaller due to thinner material, can go more places).

Another thing I’ve been tracking lately is when I last saw the exposed contents. I talked about it in my last post, so I won’t get into why again, but swapping devices is made into much more of a production when I’m actively avoiding seeing the thing inside truly naked. When I had the ti device off and was about to put the plastic one on, I wanted to shave the base of the shaft and some bits high on my sack that are either hard or impossible to get to when locked. To do so, I wrapped three-quarters of the contents in my hand and pulled it out so the base was fully exposed and I could clean up the hair. When swapping hands, I either looked away or closed my eyes.

I managed to avoid seeing the thing while also avoiding getting an erection, which was something of an accomplishment IMO. It felt clinical and my relationship with the contents is such that I can maintain my dissociative POV with regard to it and pleasure at least long enough to do some quick shaving. I had zero temptation to do anything with it whatsoever except lock it back up as quickly as possible, which I did with little drama or tumescence. The whole thing felt very transactional. As if I was tending to livestock or something.

Anyway, it’s been 102 days since I saw the stupid thing.

So I ended the year having been unlocked for just 20.5 hours. That’s down from 94 hours in 2022, 224 hours in 2021, 413 hours in 2020, and 2,099(!) hours in 2019. It was sometime in 2019 that Belle put her foot down and told me I had to be locked up at all times unless given explicit permission because I was “forgetting” to after she let me come, sometimes for weeks at a time. The last time I was out overnight was March 6, 2020. I’ve only been out for a handful of hours here and there since then (1,409 days). After that, I was only out for sex when she wanted the contents. Obviously, since that’s not going to happen again, the unlocked time has dropped precipitously.

It’s been 665 days since I last came inside her.

My unofficial goal for 2023 was less than 24 hours unlocked. I was doing really well in the first half of the year and it looked like I was going to come in way lower, but the second half had more travel. Thankfully, I still made it under. I asked folks on Bluesky and Mastodon what they thought my goal for 2024 should be. The options were:

  • 24 hours again (99.7% locked)
  • 18 hours (99.8% locked)
  • 9 hours (99.9% locked)
  • 0 hours (100% locked)

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people said 0 hours. The most popular choice was 18 hours. Just enough to beat last year. I asked Belle what she thought and she said it had to be fewer than last year to show progress and suggested 18 hours. So 18 it is. That’s about 12% fewer hours than I managed last year. And since she said it, it’s The Law.

Obviously, the big number for 2023 is zero. Zero times I was allowed to do anything with the contents that resulted in orgasm. Zero times is my expectation for 2024, too. Zero times is what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life.

Happy International Male Chasity Day.