About the bunny

The Conception of Merlin

This is the second version of my about page. The first was written soon after I started blogging 127 years ago and was only tinkered with here and there over time before being forgotten about and more or less abandoned. So let’s start over.

Some facts about me:

  • I’m a man
  • (you can call me Thumper)
  • who is married to a woman
  • (we’ll call her Belle Fille)
  • and bisexual
  • but not biromantic
  • (that means I want to have sex with men but can only be emotionally attracted to women)
  • plus I have kids
  • one of whom is also bisexual
  • plus there are guys who occasionally fuck me
  • and yes, my wife knows about them
  • (but the kids don’t).
  • I’m submissive
  • and into bondage
  • and pain. Mmm, yes.
  • I live in the American Midwest
  • but was born in the great state of California
  • (EUREKA!)
  • during the Summer of Love
  • (which I think is kind of fitting).

This blog was started to chronicle the addition of orgasm denial and enforced chastity in our marriage, as both a kind of journal and hopefully a resource to other couples. It could also, at times, be seen as an extended love letter to Belle. Over the years, it’s morphed a bit and now deals with more than just chastity. I like to write about kink in general and how it’s portrayed in popular culture, non-heteronormative sexuality (like my personal favorite, bisexuality), and the benefits of open marriages and relationships.

If you’re the kind of person who needs to start at the beginning, here you go. The Chastity Advice content I’ve written is very popular. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a line. I’m also on FetLife and Twitter.


9 thoughts on “About the bunny

  1. Hi thumper

    I’m exploring my bisexuality (with my wife’s support and approval). I wondered what rules and/or boundaries you have for the open realshionship side of things? Thanks Mr S


    1. How did I miss this? Yes, there are rules. She doesn’t want to know the specific details of what we do together and I am required to be locked in the Steelheart whenever I’m with him. Also, I’m restricted to fooling around with only men.


  2. I apologize for the length of my comment:
    Thank you for your blog that I am ravenously
    devouring as I have just discovered it, as well as, the concept of male chastity and submission. The fascination I have with it is that it seems that very strong-minded, heterosexual and virile men are attracted to this lifestyle which is counter to my initial supposition of weak-willed, mostly young homosexual men being swayed or seduced into something that isn’t necessarily psychologically healthy for them.

    I have never read a blog nor replied to one so this is a bit daunting to me but very inspiring. My husband fits what I consider the aforementioned archetype I have in my head of the virile American male…must sew wild oats which was performed thousands of times during his first marriage of 20 years with hundreds of sexual partners. However, he is very vulnerable which lends to validation of manhood, hence, he’s a walking cliché.

    I am leading him toward the path of chastity and I do know for a fact, he has not been unfaithful to me during our short marriage as I’m tech saavy; I’ll leave it at that. He wants to change, no longer wanting or needing multiple sexual partners. I love him very much and would never hurt him, but he is so orgasmically-driven that he can hardly go a day without sex or masturbating. I have a lot in my head on that subject as it pertains to instant gratification, hedonism, selfishness, Baptist doctrine, etc.

    Hopefully, one day he will consider some sort of chaste situation and maybe I’ll blog about it into the ether. Again, thank you for your thoughtful and vulnerable posts which I started reading from the beginning.


  3. Hi,

    I am looking at getting the new Holy Trainer. I have read many reviews, including yours, and think it is a great first device for me (and my wife) to enjoy.

    My question is about size. I don’t want to say I am huge or anything but I worry about not fitting into it. I tried measuring myself with the string like they suggest on their site and I measure around 8 inches. There biggest ring size says it only fits up to 6.41 inches. Do you think I can make that work?

    I am also a shower not a grow and hoping I can fit into the standard tube too.

    I just would hate to spend the money and not be able to fit into it. Thoughts?

    Also it says it is $165 on there site but do you know how much that is in US dollars?

    Thanks for you help. Super excited to order one but just want to make sure it will work.



    1. Eight inches!? Geeze. If you’re that big, plastic may not work for you. That’s quite a bit bigger than normal. You may want to talk to a metal manufacturer like Mature Metal. They can fix you up.


  4. slave caged has more of a question than a comment! slave is in a long distance relationship with it’s Goddess/owner.slave has been caged 15 months without release, slave is finding itself more and more devoted to Goddess the longer slave is caged. is this normal?


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