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Looking for your first chastity device? I have some advice for you ↦


Back in early December, 2008, I attempted to summarize a few things I had learned about living with the CB-6000 male chastity device. I was (and maybe still am) relatively new to the practice of wearing such a thing and was somewhat annoyed at the relative lack of actual, real world info I could find about how one lives in one (there are a few notable exceptions listed below in the Resources section). Thanks to Google, that original page has become one of the most frequently read on my blog. I decided that since I have a little more experience under my belt (pardon the pun), it was as good a time as any to take that original idea and expand upon it.

I’m writing this for the person who, like me not so very long ago, was just beginning to consider chastity as a part of their sexual lifestyle. Specifically, those considering or recently acquiring the device known as the CB-6000. While some of what I write below probably applies to other chastity devices, my only experience thus far as been with the CB6K.

Please feel free to help me make this page a better resource for others by adding your own two cents via a comment. I will occasionally edit this page to help ensure its content is as complete, up to date, and helpful as possible.

CB-6000 overview
The CB-6000 is the fourth in a line of very popular male chastity devices manufactured by A.L. Enterprises. It’s constructed of clear polycarbonate and consists of seven interlocking elements (their website says it “fits together like puzzle pieces” and that’s not far from the truth). Those elements are:

  • A tube, or cage, into which the penis is inserted. The tube is 3.25 inches long and 1.375 inches in diameter (though it’s wider from side-to-side than it is from top-to-bottom). It has a slotted opening at the end to allow for urination and three openings on either side to allow for ventilation and hygiene.
  • A three-piece ring which is worn around the penis and behind the testicles and onto which the tube is locked. The ring comes in five diameters: 2″, 1.875″, 1.75″, 1.625″, and 1.5″. The top portion of the ring, though which the tube is locked on, consists of two semicircles, one of which has two white plastic pegs that help support and stabilize the entire unit when it’s being worn.
  • A locking pin. This white plastic pin comes in four lengths. The pin slides through a hole in the ring and a matching hole in the tube. The lock goes through a hole in its end. The pin is not perfectly circular so that it won’t turn when inserted (which helps keep the lock in one position and adds some structural stiffness).
  • A spacer cuff. The spacer also comes in four sizes and slides over a matching sized locking pin. It lengthens or shortens the effective length of the tube and ensures the tube does not pinch the scrotum. It also provides structural strength to the entire apparatus.
  • A small padlock, the purpose of which should be obvious. 😉

When looking to buy a CB-6000, you should be aware that prices vary widely all over the web. You can buy it directly from the manufacturer for $150 or from the site I used for $130 (Update: The site I used has been down for more than a year). Be careful not to purchase units priced “too good to be true” on eBay or other sites as inferior knock-offs abound.

Before I go further, I think it’s hugely important to point out something really obvious: The human male was not designed to have a polycarbonate tube locked onto his dick. You can hurt yourself playing with chastity. Listen to your body and don’t try to man-up and accept excessive pain just because you think there’s some kind of kinky merit badge waiting for you at the end of the ordeal. Common sense is your friend. If something feels wrong or looks wrong, it might actually be wrong. Go slow.

How it works
The ring goes around your cock and balls and the cage is connected to the ring via a locking pin and spacer. When presented with an erection (and yes, you will still get erections in chastity), the CB-6000 will begin to rise away from your body as the head of your penis pushes against the end of the tube. This will lift the ring and, since it’s encircling your scrotum, pull your testicle sack tight. In effect, the CB-6000 harnesses your cock to your balls. Where it goes, they go…until they can’t go any further.

You’ll read on the internet some people who say the CB-6000 stops erections. That’s not true. Short of taking drugs, there’s no way to stop erections, even when in chastity. If they’re caused by erotic thought or imagery, they are somewhat controllable and may quickly fade in the face of physical discomfort. You may find that you stay soft in some situations in which you would normally get hard or that you don’t get as hard as you used to. In my opinion, this is a result of “training” (i.e., your body and/or mind learning to keep you from experiencing pain) and not the result of any physical change or damage being caused by the device.

The erections you get while sleeping, though, of are an entirely different kind. Called nocturnal penile tumescence, these are not caused by sexual stimulus and are purely physiological in nature. You have no control over them and they are typically stronger than those that occur randomly throughout the day and are therefore the most uncomfortable to experience. See the section of sleeping for more info.

What the CB-600 does is make erections uncomfortable and maddeningly inaccessible. Not having access to the one part of your body with which you have the closest and most intimate relationship will require you relearn how to deal with your sexual urges. During sex (and of course, you will still have sex, just not with your cock), you’ll be surprised how much more there is to your body besides the part locked in plastic. And if you’re a straight guy, you may be shocked at how many different paths there are to your woman’s sexual satisfaction. By itself, but especially when combined with prolonged orgasm denial, a device like the CB-6000 will entirely change your world view

Fit and comfort
The first and most important thing to remember when it comes to fit and comfort is that these things are in the eye of the beholder. There will always be an element of discomfort in wearing the CB6K (or any chastity device for that matter). In fact, discomfort is, for many, one of the defining elements of living in enforced chastity. If you are someone who does not endure pain well or who gets no erotic pleasure from feeling pain or being forced to endure it by your partner, then enforced chastity (that is, chastity ensured by a physical device) my not be for you. If, on the other hand, there’s a bit of the masochist in you or you get off on bondage or suffering for your mate, you should keep reading.

Getting it on
It has been said before that getting into any chastity device can be a highly ironic experience. The device who’s purpose is to entrap and control your erections will, the first time you try to put it on, probably give you a terrific erection. My advice is to make the first attempt right after you’ve already come (though, if said coming was from penetrative sex, I’d clean up a bit first).

The included instructions say to use lube to help get the penis in the tube. This is bad advice since many lubes contain glycerin which is a chemical closely related to sugar. Unless you’re trying to give yeast something to snack on in your moist, warm chastity tube, I would avoid using it. A better bet is body lotion. It absorbs well into the skin and is useful on a daily basis to help keep the penis moving around easily. It’s not entirely necessary to get the head of the penis all the way down into the tube, so just get enough of it stuffed in there to keep excess skin out of the way of getting pinched during assembly and you should be fine.

However, if you’re like me and want to start your imprisonment fully inserted or are uncircumcised or have a larger than average penis, you may want to consider the “sock method” of insertion. I could go into a lot of detail telling you how this works, or I could simply link you to this page on the Tickleberry site that has words and pictures. This is my preferred method for a few reasons. First, as I mentioned, I like to be all the way in when I put it on (just because I’m like that). Second, I find full insertion makes it easier to avoid pinching. The more of you inside the tube, the less of you to pinch when you slide the spacer over the locking pin, etc.

Lubrication is a key to comfort while in chastity. After my daily cleaning ritual, I usually put a small amount of lotion on a Q-Tip and swab it between the shaft of my penis and the the tube wall (not on the penis head directly). This makes movement within the tube more comfortable, especially during erections when the friction caused by the swelling of the penis can actually prevent it from filling the tube completely.

The other place lubrication is necessary is around the ring, especially between the ring and scrotum. That skin will tend to get bunched up causing it to pinch and burn. Having it properly lubricated is a must. This can be done easily and cheaply with baby oil. On the plus side, baby oil is easy to obtain and inexpensive. On the minus side, it doesn’t last all day and, well, it smells like babies. Another option (and the one I prefer) is 100% silicone lube. It’s much more expensive than baby oil, but you don’t need to use as much (a few small applications a day) and its affects last longer than baby oil. I have one 4.5 oz. bottle that I’m only half way through after four months that I think I paid about $15 for. In addition, it’s orderless and a great way to keep the scrotum skin conditioned as it begins to stretch (I did mention the CB6K stretches your scrotum skin out, didn’t I?).

Finding the right fit
One of the nicest features of the CB-6000 is also one of its biggest issues. The net result of all those little pieces of polycarbonate that come rattling out of the box are twenty different sizing combinations. I’ve read a lot of stories from people online who gave up on the CB6K because of comfort issues that were probably due to incorrect fit.

My advice at the beginning is to find the smallest ring you can comfortably get around your flaccid penis and balls (“comfortably” means they don’t turn purple) and use the next-largest size up in combination with the largest spacer. Wear that combination for just a few hours on the first day. Look for abrasions or pinch points. The flesh down there is not accustomed to being squished by with hard plastic and it will probably hurt in a few spots. If you see any areas where the skin is abraded or sore to the point of being swollen and red, leave the device off until it heals and try again. After a while, the tissue will toughen up and these things will diminish. In any event, wear the device for a few hours each day and for longer periods as you grow used to it.

Once you find you can wear the device all day with a minimum or acceptable level of discomfort, it’s time to try sleeping in it. I will tell you now, don’t do this the night before an important meeting or job interview. You won’t be getting much sleep. You’ll wake up several times and be in a lot of pain. Obviously, one of the primary objectives of a chastity device is to control erections. The erections you have at night are among the strongest and hardest you can have. Chances are, you will feel pain in your erect penis as it tries to break out of the tube, burning around your scrotum where it’s being pulled tight against the ring (possibly along with a mild version of the feeling you’ve been kicked in the balls), a sharp biting from the ring as it constricts your entire unit, and even internal pain from the erection being backed-up into your body. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Short story is, you’ll get used to it. See the section below on sleeping for more info.

Once you can (mostly) sleep through the night and find all these various pains and discomforts coming under control, you should switch to a shorter locking pin and spacer. This is likely to start at least part of the pain/adjustment cycle all over again, but to a lesser degree. Once you adjust to that combination, keep using shorter pins and spacers until you find the one beyond which you cannot go. Once you adjust to that, it’s time to drop the ring size. When doing this, switch back to the next longer pin and spacer. After the adjustment period is over, go back down to the shorter spacer.

There are at least three reasons for wanting to find the smallest ring and spacer combo you can stand. First, the less plastic you have between your legs the more comfortable you will ultimately be. Second, a smaller package is less noticeable under your clothes. Third, and most important for some, smaller rings and spacers mean higher security for the device (that is, the harder it will be to slip out). I’ll get into security in greater detail below.

Once you settle in on the correct fit and, specifically, which locking pin you want to use, you have the option of trimming the extra length off the two support pins that are part of the ring assembly. These pins are long enough to accommodate the longest spacer and chances are you will not be using that one. Trimming the excess (using a Dremel or something similar) will take just that much more out of your pants and help just that much more with concealment.

The fit process might sound like it takes a really long time. If can. For me, I would say I had a combined time in the device of about 6-8 weeks before I found the right combo (1.75″ ring, second to shortest spacer). Ultimately, you’ll appreciate all the work you put in to finding the perfect fit.

Living in chastity
Wearing a chastity device 24/7 will definitely impact more than just your bedroom life, even when it’s one as relatively unobtrusive and comfortable as the CB-6000. It will likely be on your mind almost constantly (and, if you ever forget about it, it will find a way to remind you of its existence).

First and foremost, unless you’re cool with everyone you meet wondering about the odd bulge in your pants, you will want to think about the right clothing to maximize concealment of the device. As you’d expect, pants with more room in them are better than those that are tight. However, the most important aspect to consider when thinking about pants is where the crotch point is. Some pants labeled “loose” might actually have a low rise which effectively reduces the amount of room in the crotch. Since the tube of CB6K does not squash or give at all under your clothing, this would be bad. Not only would your condition be more noticeable, it would also be very uncomfortable as you (the only flexible thing in your pants) are twisted and contorted by the device. Personally, I had about five pairs of pants that worked reasonably well with the CB6K when I first started wearing it. One, a pair of flat-front dress pants, wouldn’t look like a good fit, but when combined with correct underwear (keep reading), the device was invisible. It goes without saying, but the best bet when looking for new “chastity pants” is to wear the device into the changing room.

The other variable in concealment and comfort is choice of underwear. Loose, boxer-type underwear is better for comfort in that the device (and you inside it) moves more freely and isn’t pressed down as severely, but doesn’t help with concealment very much. Tight, low-rise jockey-style underwear is best at holding the package down and hides it better, but can be more uncomfortable, especially when sitting. Personally, I’ve found going without underwear to be worst of all the options. Not only is the CB-6000 much more noticeable while going commando, but the inside seams of some pants can be very rough on stretched, unprotected scrotum skin.

Here are some pictures I took of myself wearing the CB6K.


In the image on the left, I’m wearing a pair of Banana Republic relaxed fit jeans while the right image shows me in a pair of light BR flat front trousers. As you can see, in the jeans, the device appears as just a large bugle which could be mistaken for either a very large flaccid cock or short, fat erection. In the dress pants, and especially due to the thin fabric, the ridge on the head of the tube is plainly visible (to those looking, anyway). In the jeans, I was wearing a pair of relatively forgiving boxer briefs that didn’t press the device down as much as the tight jockey-style underwear I was wearing with the dress pants. You can see the difference in how high the device rode in the jeans while it sat down further in my crotch in the trousers. Obviously, the jeans were more comfortable.

I’ve found practically all pants show some kind of clue that I’m wearing the device. The pair I have that shows the least is a pair of fairly baggy cargo pants. There are some dress pants I can’t wear at all due to the lack of crotch room (both because the device is plainly evident, even when I’m standing, and also very uncomfortable when sitting).

My final note on clothing and concealment is this: Get over it. No, it is not possible to totally hide the device all of the time. Sooner or later, someone is going to see the odd bulge in your pants. You can’t do anything about that. Personally, I’ve stopped worrying about it. Not only is it highly unlikely that anyone will ever ask me about it, it’s really none of their business anyway. And besides, it gives them something to think about in their free time. 😉

As mentioned in the fit section, sleeping can be a very difficult part of living in a chastity device, especially at the beginning. It will hurt. A lot. The only thing I can say is, it will get better. Eventually, you will sleep through it or even come to like and look forward to the sensations.

Sometime during your first night in chastity, you will find yourself wide awake with a full tube, a tight and painful sack, and a burning sensation beneath the ring. As I said above, lubrication will help somewhat with the burning sensation. The tight sack will begin to fix itself as it stretches over time (you will find your scrotum will actually get bigger and hang lower when you’re out of chastity if you spend extended periods locked-up). Also, I’ve found my body seems to adjust to the ring as it encircles my erections. It just hurts less over time. Whether that’s the brain becoming numb to the pain of the body actually adapting (or some combination), I have no idea.

You will spend some time trying to find the most comfortable position. I’ve found that laying on my side, with my lower leg put forward and my package pulled forward and resting on it, is the best of several bad options. I find laying on my back to be unacceptable since the package will then flop one way or the other and pull in the opposite direction. Laying so that the erection is underneath my body causes more blood to rush into it. You can actually feel the erection become more engorged when you roll over onto your stomach.

The main thing to remember when laying there in agony at 3:00 AM is, it will get better eventually. You will even sleep through it, in time. I promise. If you’re like me, you might even find yourself enjoying it. Until then, the scrotum pain can be eased by lubricating the ring before bed (as described above). The strength of your erections can be lessened somewhat by ensuring your bladder is empty before you go to sleep. The biting of the ring around the root of your erection will start to go away as your body gets used to it being there, but the tube’s not getting any bigger and your hard cock’s not getting any smaller, so that’s pain you’ll just have to deal with. If you find it entirely intolerable, move up to the next larger ring size for a while. You might also consider wearing the smaller ring during the day and switching to the larger one at night for a period of time. However, nighttime discomfort is part and parcel of the enforced chastity experience and can never, in my experience, be entirely eliminated.

Vertical Urination
Many say living in chastity means an end to peeing standing up. This is not true. With a little practice and the proper technique, it’s entirely possible. (Note, I only recommend trying this with urinals as aim is not so important. With a toilet, you’re aiming at a finite spot below you while with a urinal you’re just sort of shooting it over yonder.)

First thing you need to you is push and hold the cage back toward your body. This will help press the head of your dick against the slot at the end of the tube (if your flaccid length is too short to accomplish this, then you probably won’t be able to pull this off). Then using your pinky, line up (the best you can) your slit with the tube’s slot. Try to pee slowly at first, because failure at this stage can lead to a lot of large, hard to explain wet patches running all down the front of your pants. Once you’re sure the stream is unobstructed, increase the pressure until you peeing normally. I’ve found the KSD-G3 security device to be helpful when attempting vertical urination. The device holds the penis down into the tube by design and makes it easier to get into position when nature calls.

All that being said, if, like me, you have a Prince Albert piercing and wear jewelry through it, peeing will forever be an activity done while sitting. I’ve found the jewelry makes it impossible to properly align with the slot. Remember what I said about the large, wet stains on the front of your pants? Trust me, it ain’t worth trying.

Here’s the deal with security: It’s all in your head. It’s best if you consider the CB6K a deterrent to accessing your cock. If you feel you need, for whatever reason, to have absolutely no ability to get to your meat, then the CB-6000 (and probably any trapped-ball designed device) is not for you. In my opinion, the most effective chastity device is between your ears. The CB6K will get you 80-90% of the way there. You have to bring the rest of the equation with you in the form of will-power, self control, and respect for the authority of your keyholder (assuming you have one).

The CB-6000 can be defeated. Depending on how it’s been fitted and your anatomy, it can sometimes be defeated quite easily. Even if its design was such that pull-out was impossible, there’s still the fact that there’s just a little bitty lock holding the whole thing together. If you’re a real man, you probably have three different tools that could cut it easily if you really wanted out.

That being said, there are a couple of ways to enhance the security of the device. The first is the KSD-G3. This product consists of a short plastic tongue that fits over the locking pin and extends into the tube with a rib at its end that presses into the top of the penis shaft (you get three units each with progressively larger ribs at the end to help with proper fit). It’s supposed to make the opening of the tube smaller and make pull-out more difficult as the rib will catch on a flaccid penis’ loose skin. I’ve found the KSD-G3 will make a well-fitted device more secure, but probably not totally secure for everyone. Lot’s of soap and a cold shower will stymie even the KSD-G3. Another negative aspect of the device is its rib can actually cut into the top of the penis when pressed against it during erections. I’ve never had it actually break the skin, but it’s left deep abrasions that can sometimes develop thin scabs.

Another security option is a PA cable. This is a stainless steel cable that connects to the lock and goes through a ring inserted through a Prince Albert piercing. You can read my review of this device here and more posts about my unsuccessful experimentation with my own homemade PA cables here. In short, I found wearing cables to be very uncomfortable and I can’t recommend it. However, it is a popular option among those with PA piercings, so if you’re one of those guys, give it a shot. It’s just ten bucks (or even less if you build your own).

Ever been in a particularly nasty restroom in a greasy gas station or well-used roadside rest stop? Know how that smells? If you’re not careful, you’re CB-6000 can end up smelling that way, too. I have two ways of dealing with chastity hygiene. The first is my daily routine accomplished while still in the device and the second is a once-a-week cleaning with the device off.

The first thing you’ll need is a squirt bottle with a long, angled tip. KeptForHer sells the one I use, though I’m sure something similar can be found at a beauty supply store or well-stocked pharmacy. I put a dollop of antibacterial soap in the bottle and then fill it with warm water. Once the soap and the water have been thoroughly mixed, I quirt all over inside the end of the tube. Depending on your ability to pee vertically, this area can become pretty dirty after just one day. If I’m more flaccid than not, I’ll use my finger to block the bottom of the tube’s slot and fill it with as much water as will fit. Then, I’ll pull the tube back and forth so that my penis, in effect, scrubs the tube and sloshes the water around.

Once I feel the end of the tube is clean, I carefully insert the squirt bottle’s tip down between the tube’s wall and my dick. You need to be careful since the plastic tip is relatively sharp (duh). Squeeze as much water as you can in there to help flush out dirt and oils.

Once the soaping is finished, I flush the entire area with lots of non-soapy water. That soap can sting if it works its way up your urethra. If, like me, you have an extra hole in your dick due to a PA piercing, it’s pretty easy for the soap to find its way in there. Two words: yee-ouch.

After rinsing, dry the area as much as possible. I typically will use a Q-Tip to work some lotion into the tube at this point. I usually do this procedure at the end of the day before I go to bed with the entire unit hanging into the sink.

If you don’t feel you need to give yourself a thorough cleaning (and this is easily found out by running a Q-Tip around in the tube and then sniffing it), I’ve found a simple and quick alternative. Take a flushable wetwipe and push it unto the end of the tube with a Q-Tip. Using the Q-Tip, rub the wipe around as much as possible, then pull it back out the end of the tube. This does not leave you as clean and fresh as the soapy water method, but it’s a quick way to clean up on the run.

Once a week, I ask my keyholder to unlock me so I can disassemble and clean the entire device. This is done in a sink full of warm, soapy water. I let it soak while I take a shower and thoroughly clean my groin. I also take the opportunity to trim pubic hair and shave those areas I prefer to keep smooth. Of course, this is a prime opportunity to do exactly what you’re not supposed to do while in chastity, so your keyholder may want to supervise this activity or even perform it for you. Once out of the shower and dried off, I use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub each component of the device, paying special attention to the interior of the tube.

If you know where to go, there’s a relatively large and vibrant array of resources on the internet for those interested in more information on the CB-6000 or chastity and orgasm denial in general.

  • Edge of Vanilla
    While Tom Allen prefers not to have his terrific blog lumped with the rest of us in the “chastity ghetto”, the fact remains that it’s an excellent resource for practical, real world information in addition to how chastity and orgasm denial can be integrated into one’s relationship. Plus, he’s a swell guy. I’ve learned a lot from him.
  • Maybe Maimed but Never Harmed
    Maymay’s blog is more about kink in general, but his Top Ten Tips for Long-Term Male Chastity Device Wear is full of great info.
  • Chastity Forums
    A reasonably well behaved group from around the world discussing the practical aspects of chastity.
  • CB-FAQ
    From blogger Aarky, a comprehensive list of frequent chastity questions. I only wish I had found it sooner.
  • Fetlife
    Fetlife bills itself as a “BDSM & fetish community for kinksters by kinksters”. There are several groups there dealing with chastity and orgasm denial. I find there to be a little more chaff and little less wheat than on the Male Chastity Forum, but it’s still a worthy source of information and advice from other chastity device wearers.
  • Tickleberry
    This UK-based online retailer of sex toys has a terrific amount of chastity-related content. From practical advice on choosing and living with the device to chastity photo essays, you will find a wealth of useful information. Plus, this is the site that originally introduced me to the concept of male chastity, so it’ll always have a special spot in my heart.
  • Kink on Tap
    Maymay and Sara’s podcast series included two episodes relevant to chastity and denial. Episode 6 – Sexual Teasing and Denial and Episode 7 – Tom Allen.

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205 Replies to “CB-6000 tips & tricks”

  1. Wow, this is a fantastic compilation of your experiences and advice, Thumper. Thanks for writing it, and thanks also for listing my previous writings as resources; I wish I had more time and energy to devote to creating these resources. There’s just…so much to do.

  2. Thanks for your great tips. I bought my CB-6000 yesterday. Of course I had to put it on as soon as I got home. My partner is out of town and I doubt he would want to be a key-holder. I would like for him to get to the point that he accepts I want and enjoy chastity. I suspect a realistic outcome would be that we have sex just as regularly as we do now and that he just doesn’t have a problem with me wearing the device between sex. If the control aspect comes, that’s great, but for now, it’s just a great turn on that will build until we have sex.

    I was able to get a good fit following your tips. I started with the middle size ring and the smallest spacer. This was a little tight but comfortable during the day and evening – even considering I was aroused the entire evening. Overnight was a different story. After last night, I moved up to the next size spacer this morning because last night was too much. This seems a little loose but is very comfortable. I think the smaller size will ultimately be best and hopefully after my ball sack stretches some, I can move back to the smaller spacer. Right now, with the second smallest spacer, I can’t reach the end of the tube when I am soft so I have had a couple accidents trying to stand to urinate. Actually, I don’t know if I need a smaller spacer or smaller ring, I just know that when I tried anything larger (ring or spacer) my balls would pop out and get squished.

    One tip you might want to add or experiment with is that I had almost complete concealment wearing a jockstap over the device. I wore the kind of jock that is designed to hold an athletic cup (obviously I didn’t have the cup on) and really couldn’t see anything. It’s a little tight but wasn’t uncomfortable (and it’s old and smaller than I need). I think it helps that it is extra thick since the whole pouch that holds the cup is covering the device. Later when I took the jock off, I had the small bulge like on your pictures.

    I just wish I could find the magic way to sleep through the night. I was in a lot of discomfort many times, actually almost the entire night. However, I may have rushed it to try sleeping in it the first night after only wearing it for about 6 hours. You might want to add that as a tip – don’t try to sleep in it the first night

    Anyhow, thanks for the great blog.

  3. Right now, with the second smallest spacer, I can’t reach the end of the tube when I am soft so I have had a couple accidents trying to stand to urinate.

    You may want to check out the KSD-3G from keptforher.com. It’s an anti pull-out device, but I find it also does a good job of keeping the head of the cock down lower in the tube (which makes vertical urination easier).

    One tip you might want to add or experiment with is that I had almost complete concealment wearing a jockstap over the device.

    I’ve read that some have had success with jockstraps. I tried it once but found it pushed the device into me in an uncomfortable way. Tight jockey-style underwear I’d guess accomplishes the same thing.

    In any event, I’ve found myself moving towards looser underwear rather than tighter. My desire for total concealment has gone way down over time while my interest in comfort has gone up. Looser undies don’t hide very well, but I’m much happier at the end of day for having worn them.

    I just wish I could find the magic way to sleep through the night…

    The only magic is time. It sounds like you’ve got the right size on. Now all you can do is wait for your body to adjust and your brain to become accustomed to how it feels at night.

    Thanks for your great comment!

  4. Very interesting. i have worn the 200 and 600. The 600 has burst during the night twice on me. (The part at the top of the ring on either side is not to strong).
    I also found the seem was coming away and had to glue the container part itself. However an excellent bit of kit.
    I am still in the 2000 and it proves almost as effective, especially with the teeth you can buy.
    Great to read all this

  5. Great post. thx for the effort.

    Just an FYI. I am wearing an “s” model and because it is smaller, it is much easier to conceal. Comfort is fine for me and I think any guy who is not a goliath down there.

  6. I have found that since the “s” model is shorter, going to the bathroom is easier. Almost without exception, I line-up with the hole at the end of the tube.

    I really like this. I think it is the culmination for A.L. Ent.

    A comfortable, functional, and discreet answer to male chastity management.

  7. Alas, while I suspect the short would be better during the day, it would be far too short to wear when erect. My erection is perfectly average (being at or near the tip-top of the bell curve), so that’s not a boast. It’s just not for me.

  8. Great writing, thanks!

    Being new at wearing a cb, the cb-6000 is great stuff.
    You don’t feel it during the day that much, but at some times you’re reminded it’s there. That’s why one wears it, I guess. 😉 Nights are a different story, though. Anyways, it’s easy to get used to the device & enjoy wearing it.

    Maybe these might be some hints for 1st timers, like I was around 2 weeks back:

    1) Putting the cb-6000 on became a routine at morning in the bathroom for me. But I usually still get stiff before I do it. So, I just start doing other things (shaving my face, eg). Sooner or later, your dick will get softer. That’s when you put it into the device. Use the sock-trick!!

    2) Though using the sock-trick it might, at least in the first days, be possible that the head of your penis will not end up in the end of the device, cause some part of your penis’ base are not in it. The best result, in my opinion, is, that your glans (the tip of your penis) gets close to the end of the cb-6000. Nevertheless, this might not be the case, which can include that you can seal the device, but your penis is only 4/5 in. In that case you could either pull it out and start again (I have to go to work, so time is limited!), or you do this: If your thing is not completely in the cb, but you can still lock the device, it usually means that some of your dick’s skin will push through the holes of the device at the base of the cb-6000.
    What you do then, is to take 2 q-tipps, cut them in halfs (which makes them 4) and enter 2 of them at the left side and 2 on the right side of the device through the holes, with the soft side upwards. a) It doesn’t hurt! b) It helps pushing the surplus skin into the device and pushing your whole dick more towards the top of it. c) It gives some more “internal structure”. At times, I found it more helpful than trying again & again to get my dick completely in. Works fine!!

    3) Nights. Well, you’ll wake up. At least I did & do. Best idea is: Go to the toilet before you go to sleep, even if you don’t feel like going to the toilet is necessary! You will, after a while, piss a little anyways. And, believe me, you’ll be thankful for having done so. Nightly erections can be really strong, and with a full or semi-full bladder they can become really painful with the cb-6000 on.

    Final remark:
    The cb-6000 is good fun, a tight friend (pun intended!), and it’s not hard to get used to it (unless you are).


    1. Which one you should get depends on how big your dick is when erect (duh, right?). I wore the standard tube and am just under 6″ long and about 1.5″ in diameter. I found the fit to be quite snug. If you’re smaller than me, then perhaps the S is for you. How much smaller? I have no idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen precise fitting advice, though I’d guess someone 5″ or smaller would be a better candidate for the shorter tube.

  9. I think the products they make are great. I had a cb3000 a few years back and we were able to fix the seams up the side when it separated but i’d like to tryeither the 6000 or 6000s. The 3000 fit well and when I was soft there was some room up front. If it fit well, does that mean I am better suited for the 6000s or 6000? I can also imagine the 6000s is much less visible in the pants.

  10. Hello Thumper,

    Thanks for your insight. I’m a new at this game. Used the cb6000 for 5 days during two weeks and already a ring broke and the shaft split in half on me. It’s the official cb6000.
    They are sending me a new one of course.Do you have experience or ideas on this infamous quality of the cb 6000?
    Maybe you’ve already commented on it but i can’t find it.

    Thanks, Caballero

    1. I’ve heard a lot about the tube splitting issues on forums, blogs and FetLife, but I was pretty lucky to never have it happen to me. How did the ring break? Mine got pretty close there at the end, but that was after a year’s use.

      The good news is that I’ve heard, as you’re experiencing, that A.L. seems to be willing to replace the broken parts. Still, the stories I’ve heard about tube seams opening up during erections only to close again on the skin that poked through…OUCH!

      Once you figure out if all this chastity weirdness is for you, invest in a nice steel device. There are plastic fans out there (hi, Tom!), but IMO, once you stainless, you never go back.

  11. A very minor correction in the CB-6000 overview section:

    The 4th ring (between 1.75″ and 1.5″) is 1.625″, not 1.375″,

    Thanks for the great article!

  12. Thanks very much for a brilliant article. I have just received my CB6000 and having some of the problems you mentioned. With your tips I may be able get through the initial stages of chastity keeping my Mistress happy. Thanks again.

  13. Instead of using the sock-trick, I have good results by using a condom. It works the same way, but it also lubricates the penis automaticly. The condom is not damaged and can be used many times.

    1. Instead of using the sock-trick, I have good results by using a condom. It works the same way, but it also lubricates the penis automaticly. The condom is not damaged and can be used many times.

      Just a note of clarification to any future readers: please do not use a condom (for sex) more than once, and although I know of no research evaluating condom effectiveness after using it for chastity device installment, I would strongly caution against using a condom for sex after using it in this fashion.

      Here is some basic safer sex information. See especially item 10 “Throw out the used condom right away.”

      1. It goes without saying that the condom must only be used for mounting the cage. Moreover, when the cage is locked, there’s really no other use for it…

  14. Can I ask the forum about opinions concerning reversing the locking pin? In this way the lock itself is very close to the ring, and the whole CB6000 seems more in balance.

  15. Does anyone make larger rings?

    While I’ve just started wearing my CB6000, I find even the largest ring too small.

    My “ball sac” is quite thick and my balls are high…


  16. contrary to what most people prefer (and you in this article) i find the best and most comfortable fit while wearing the cb6000 with extremely tight panties. i will not sleep with it unless i have the panties. because they are tight they hold the entire package against your body, greatly reducing the amount the ring pulls on your balls, thusly greatly reducing the discomfort. i also enjoy the feeling of erecting into the very tip of the device which happens all the time when it cannot pull away from the body.

    throughout the day i rarely even notice it until i go to the bathroom, or sit in the low bucket seats of my car. office chairs and such are no matter.

    i also discovered if you are a grower, the cb6000s may be better. it is shorter and therefore even a flacid penis will fill the cage to the tip, leaving much less room for erection and again making it pull less. the best description i can come up with is like trying to blow a balloon up with a brick laying on top. if the balloon empty blowing it up with the brick is really hard to do and you may even give up. but if the balloon already has air in it blowing it up more is much easier. the shorter cage is the brick. 😀

    1. because [the panties] are tight they hold the entire package against your body, greatly reducing the amount the ring pulls on your balls, thusly greatly reducing the discomfort.

      Um, yeah, except in *my* case pushing everything all up and against my body would result in very great discomfort. What you described sounds like torture.

      The shorter cage is a good tip, though. Totally agree.

      1. interesting. for me when it is pushed against the body the ring is held flat against the body, and there is nearly no discomfort at all when i compare it to the stretching of my balls to the tip of my penis. night erections are still uncomfortable, but much more easy to bear for me that way.

        i tried that sock method of getting in the device, it caused problems getting in like it was the first time i ever have but after i get used to it i believe it is the superior way of getting in.

    1. No, it’s not impossible to out of. In a warm bath with soap, it’s quite easy. You can make it feel more secure by adjusting its fit, but it cannot be made totally secure without something like a PA fixing.

  17. Great review, I learned a lot. I just got my CB6000. Put it on for the first time last night. I drank lots of water to get used to urinating in it. Sitting was the only way I could make it work. I, too, have the problem of the biggest ring being a little too small. My balls started turning blue. I removed it, waited a little and reinstalled it. Do they make a larger ring, or will my scrotum stretch so my balls sink lower? I made sure they were very warm and hanging. Living up north, I am concerned when our temps get colder. I am going to try the sock method tonight for installation. My skin was bunched up where the cage met the ring. This may help with the ring fitting better. It felt really different, loved it. When I reached to touch my cock, all I could feel was the plastic. No sensation in my cock. It would be fun to get together with some others who are wearing it to see how they are doing things. I live in North Dakota. Again, do you know of a one size bigger ring? Thanks

    1. As far as I know, the biggest ring available is the biggest one in the box. It’s hard to believe now, but it also felt too small for me at first. Give it some time as your scrotum will stretch and balls will hang lower over time. As long as things aren’t getting cold, you should be OK. I would avoid trying to sleep with it for a while. Just try getting though a day first (and don’t forget the lube!). If you’re getting all bunched up, then the sock method will probably be good for you. After a while, once you get the hang of getting it on, you may not need it.

      Regarding cold, unless you’re wearing very loose and thin material out in sub-zero conditions, I don’t think you have much to worry about. I live right next door in the Minnesota and things don’t change very much from season to season with regard to fit.

      I agree that the first time you reach into your pants and feel nothing but warm hard plastic it a bit of a mind fuck. Actually, the 10,000th time you do it can be that way, too!

      1. I thought I would try if for a few hours each night for a couple of days, then go to all day. I think if I go one length longer on the spacer and get totally inside of it, it will be ok. Hopefully my scrotum will stretch and I can go down one size ring. I am confident it will work. Are there any groups, or would you be interested in getting together to compare methods? I can travel. You can email me if you like.

  18. I played with the spacers and got it to fit comfortably. Lots of lotion worked wonders. When I got home to where I was warm, everything settled into place. I wore my CB6000 for the first night last night. It is now just about 24 hours. When I got my morning erection, it really hurt. The head of my cock was not to the end of the sleeve and it pulled on my balls. I was complaining before about the ring being too small, I sure am glad it wasn’t any larger. In the morning my sac is usually pulled up tight. The ring is keeping my balls extended. Tonight I am going to use a shorter spacer in hopes of keeping cock to the end of the sleeve. I ordered a CB6000 short sleeve. I see the new CB3000 sleeve fits these rings. It is a little bigger around. Would you recommend trying that? I put some lotion around the sleeve this morning and pushed it in with a q tip. My cock now slides better in the sleeve. I also put some tight jockey briefs on this morning to help support the weight of the unit.

  19. as with all of us, i think i’m still looking for a solution without having a PA, there must be something these companies can develop which will de the job…. the KDS-g3, is probably the best i’ve found so far, but still not great in all honesty and sometimes painful 🙁

  20. My penis is too big around to fit into the CB6000, which arrived today.

    Also, my testicles get caught putting on the ring. Any suggestions?

    1. You’re probably going to have to think about a custom device. My suggestion would be to work with Mature Metal as the proprietor is well versed in fitting issues and willing to make whatever changes are necessary for a custom fit. I suggest MM over Steelworxx only because the language barrier can make dealing with SW a little more challenging. I personally prefer SW’s devices.

    1. I have. I’m currently using the “baltus” ones, but I also tried the ring they call “Security insert.”

      Mixed results. I really liked the security level of the ring insert, but it was truly painful when i got hard. I had hotspots and small bruises…not fun. They talk about how you can cut or remove the delrin tines, but i didn’t have great luck with it. I think if a person had a smaller diameter when hard, it would be super effective. I’m also perfectly willing to admit that someone else might be able to do more with the “settings” so to speak.

      The baltus does fairly well. I don’t have a lot of basis for comparison…this is my first device, and I’m newer to it all. But it’s enough security to make the mental game easier. Even with the right settings in terms of what would fit me (medium ring size, anything less would not shut) and smallest spacer…i felt like i could just fall out if the device was tugged in the right way. The feeling just was not there.

      I shortened up the tines on the baltus a fair amount. The longer ones are actually easier to defeat, so trim slowly until you get the right feel. Pretty comfortable…my biggest complaint any given day is the feeling of the ring (i’m still building tolerance) and secure enough to help me stay in the mindset.

  21. Hey, really interesting and informative. I’ve had a cb3k for two years and today is my first day in a cb6k – just about to ‘sleep’ in it for the first time. A couple of points I found: One day outdoors I luckily happened to notice one of the cb3k’s guide pins on the ground where I had just already walked. It turned out to be from my cage – it had come unstuck. I was really lucky to see the pin as I didn’t feel it go, and if I hadn’t seen it my cb would have been useless. I was actually able to twist the top of the ring open and escape with the pin gone but glued it back later and it’s been fine since. I was wearing loose boxers that day and so the pin fell through, so since then I have worn boxer briefs/briefs to make sure it can’t happen again!
    The other thing is with peeing standing up – I just keep a Q-Tip handy in the bathroom to line up my pee-hole with the cage hole before I go. Just don’t leave it till you’re desperate!

  22. Deep knowledge carefully spelled out and an utterly delightful writing style in this article! I’ve been playing at forced chastity and reading all I can find about it for 10 years, including denial periods as long as 100 days, and I’m here to tell you you may be relatively new at this, but you’ve got it down. Making readers laugh out loud more than once, as you’ve done to me, is a refreshing change from the absurd fantasies and rigid orthodoxies so often found in web posts on this topic. Bravo!

  23. Just got my CB-6000 this week and the hardest part had been, even with lubrication, getting the head and shaft into the tube at all, much less all the way in. Which was causing skin to bunch up and pinch and hurt. BUT THANKS TO YOU, I tried the stocking trick to get it on and WOW! SO MUCH BETTER!

    Thanks for a great informative useful read for us newbs.

  24. I have worn the 6000 and now I am in the 6000s. I have to tell you the 6000s is so much better and I’m around 7″ hard. But the way I fill up the cage when soft So that I’m always lined up to pee is priceless.

    1. If I were going into the CB6K again, I’d definitely go with the S option. If there’s a constant amount of empty space in the tube when you’re flaccid, the fit is wrong. The S seems closer to what most guys would need (even the seven inchers, apparently).

      In fact, they should probably rename the 6000S the 6000 and call the original 6000 the 6000L.

  25. What do you guys think about my situation? I’ve worn a cb6k for a few weeks with no probs but I’ve been wondering about the cb6k[s] too. I think filling the cage is also important, as I don’t like space either, but I feel maybe the cb6ks would be a little too small for me. I found out the tube length is 0.75″ less than the cb6k but then I guess I could compensate if it is too short by using a longer pin. There is also a chance of buying a second hand one cheap from someone too. Now Jordan has said he is 7″ hard, I am thinking the ‘s’ would be fine as I am not that big! I am about 2.75 soft. Should I go for it? Thanks.

    1. You should be trying to size your flaccid state, not your erect length. And yes, I think you should be using the spacers to fine tune the fitting. In my experience, allowing the penis room to grow in the tube ends up being less comfortable than not. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s what I’ve found.

      That being said, you could always buy a non-S tube from cb-X.com and see how it goes. Every penis is like a snowflake, after all.

    2. Wait, I misread your comment. You already have the regular tube, not the S. My advice is the same: fit for flaccid length, not erect. Also avoid cheap of second-hand tubes. There are many stories of tubes that split and even though that’s still a possibility from an authentic Miller tube, it’s much more likely from a cheap Chinese knock-off.

      1. What websites do you trust to stock authentic products? Is cb-x.com a valid supplier for the CB series? I’ve been looking around and can’t figure out where to order mine from, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Thanks for that – I recently discovered when I changed from the cb3k to the cb6k that having a shorter and narrower tube actually is more comfortable when I get hard – but I am still finding I get some space in the cb6k when soft.
    I keep using shorter locking pins with each lock-up, but that’s restricting the space for my balls, so that’s why I am thinking of going even shorter to the cb6k’s’ to get a tighter fit, and if it’s too short for me then I guess I can use a slightly longer locking pin again, though I somehow doubt I would need to.
    Thanx for the advice about the prices, though my last cb6k came from eBay but I wore it for 4 weeks solid and had no problems with cracking etc. I imagine I’m just too small to cause any damage!

  27. I modified a CB3000 sleeve that is maded for a CB6000 ring. With it’s bigger diameter, I couldn’t use the short spacer because it squeezed my scrotum too tight. I cut the bottom out a little so there is clearance, use a short spacer and it fits great. I is a little larger diameter than the 6000 so as I get an erection, my penis fills to the end. I am a grower and my diameter gets big too fast in a 6000 to allow the head to come to the end. I have also tried a 6000S, that is better than the 6000 because my head is close to the end, but the 3000 with the bigger diameter works real well. I have had it on for 48 hours now.

  28. Yeah I think my balls would be squeezed if I used the very shortest spacer too – that’s partly why I think I need a shorter tube so I don’t need such a short spacer. Luckily I don’t get too thick like you and then not reach the end Dave, even with the 6000, so I guess with the 6000s I would definitely not have that problem!

  29. I still use my 6000s. It has some advantages. I love it when I get erect and the head is pushed against the end, the vents in the tube have penis bulged through them and my scrotum is pulled tight. My penis is pretty short when soft, it has a hard time reaching the end of the 6000s, but with the smaller diameter and no lube on the shaft, I can pull it through with a sock and the tube holds it the head area of the tube.

  30. I have been wearing the cb6000 for about a month. I can wear it all day and all night without much trouble. It feels very comfortable and i love it

  31. Since I last wrote about the cb6000s, I ordered one and have been wearing it for 2 weeks. I love it too. One of the things I really like is that even when I’m soft, my penis reaches the end of the tube so there is no room to get any longer at all, apart from behind the ring which seems to happen only at night. I also find it stays much cleaner – even after 2 weeks I can keep it really clean just by squeezing soapy water in and scrubbing around with a cotton bud, I guess those little emissions go outside the cage now instead of inside it! So now if someone else had the key I would be able to do without them for longer!

  32. Thanks for the blog! Two comments:

    1. You can pee standing up with a PA. Just get some paper towel, fold in and hold it between your cock and the toilet/urinal. This will catch any mutation sprayback and prevent trouser wetting.

    2. To your weekly cleaning ritual may I suggest you add: after cleaning the stuff with soap and water, rinse clean and then put the parts into a plastic container filled with warm water. Add a bit of bleach and leave to soak for 15 minutes. Then tip out the bleach and rinse thoroughly. Let air dry for 4 hours. Or don’t.

    1. With the CB6K, it is best to use some tissue to catch the extra. One of the best things about moving to the Steelheart was it’s point-and-shoot urination feature. I still use some tissue to catch extra fluid when I shake it out, but the entire elimination process is simpler.

      With regard to bleaching the CB6K, I guess that’s something you could do out of an excess of caution, but I wonder how that would affect the plastic over time.

  33. Thumper, thanks for the well written summary. I’m just experimenting with male chastity and the lack of resources on the internet about devices has been frustrating. If I may ask a question, you mentioned be wary of too good to be true devices. Amazon has multiple sellers right now offering CB6000s for 35-50 dollars. Do you think these are legit or probably fake?

    1. I think they’re likely fake. The success of the CB6K has led the knock-offs to proliferate and, from what I’ve read, they’re just not very good. A common complaint is that the seam on the tube cracks under pressure letting a bit of the penis skin to shove through. Upon decompression, really nasty pinching ensues. This can happen with the genuine article, too, though it’s my impression that the knock-offs are much worse.

      When you think about it, we’re talking about a thing you may lock onto one of your most treasured and tender body parts. Seems like the wrong place to throw the dice. I’d go to the source if I were doing it again today.

    2. So I did a search on Amazon and see what you’re talking about. The pictures they’re using appear to be the real deal, but that doesn’t mean they are (or that they’re using pictures of what they’re actually selling). On the one hand, you could always pop the $25 and find out. Not that big of a deal if they’re fake. On the other, like I said, the worst time to find out is when your dick is pressing through the seams at 4:00 in the morning.

      1. Yeah, I guess I could see the ones selling for $100 as just on sale, but $30 seems excessive given the normal price is 150. Eh, someday I’ll have disposable income. Thanks for the advice though!

    1. The cage I ordered from the supplier was packed discreetly. If you buy one from eBay it depends on who sends it I guess. Who knows about Amazon?
      My cb6000s came from a mail-order company thru eBay and it had ‘6000S’ printed on the tracking label [without the letters CB], so anyone in the know, including my postman [and in my case my neighbour, as she accepted it because I was out when it arrived!], would know I have a chastity device, and in my case a small penis too!!
      But then that was quite exciting I thought!!

  34. Hi, if it’s any help here’s my experiences with regard to cheap devices.
    I’ve been wearing a cb6000s I bought on eBay for about GB£25 for the last 7 weeks continuous [exc for 2 or 3 washes] and have had no probs with splitting etc. I think this depends on how thick your penis gets when you are hard – we are all different and those who get the biggest are more likely to split their cages I’d say.

    Also since changing to the shorter cb6ks myself I find that it helps prevent my erection from growing so much, so there’s less likelihood of splitting the cage.
    Apparently erections need momentum to continue growing – so don’t give them too much space to start off with seems to be the moral here.

    The probs I do have with the cheaper devices is that they seem to come with I-beam shaped rings, unless this is just a coincidence with me. These rings pull into your scrotum when an erection pushes the cage forward and they do hurt! For this reason I am using a smooth ring from my full-price cb3k. So I guess it could be said that for me the cheapos are ok so long as you have a full-price device as well!

    Hope that helps

    1. The squared-off rings on the CB6K are how the original manufacturer designed them. They’re different than the rounded rings on the CB3K. As I recall, they can be quite uncomfortable when wearing the smaller sizes.

      1. Thanks. That’s good news for the supposed knock-offs then in that the price isn’t the reason for the uncomfortable ring design as that was the only problem I had.

      2. I’m using a CB3000 ring and CB6000S cage. I just cannot believe how much more comfortable it is compared to the square ring from the 6k which could be really uncomfortable at times. Works best with a home made spacer to get the best fit. The lock pin hole in the ring needs to be reamed out to fit the 6k lock pin though.

  35. I have a 6000s and do not fill it when I am soft, but the rings I beam design kills me. I use the largest ring and lots of lube to no avail. My balls are burning within minutes of putting on the device. Silicone lube every 1/2 hour doesn’t help. The ring leaves deep grooves in my ball sack. They now sell a larger ring size but with the same design. I wish the solid smooth ring of the old cb3000 was still available. That might help. I have ordered a custom device from MM and can’t wait for it to arrive.

  36. Why not try filling the groove with Elmers glue and letting dry as to make it like the original squared ring. It will dry somewhat clear but might be the quick fix for the discomfort problem. I just find that I have to keep the area under the balls lubed or the burning sensation kicks in. I will try the Elmers glue fix and report back.

    1. Or as suggested by others I have read online. Use Surgical tape wrapped tightly around the ring. I too have the cheap version of CB600s. The ring is H shaped and can be very uncomfortable. I have been looking for ways to modify this issue.

  37. Do you Thumper or anyone else know if the Camouflage cb6000 is any good? I love how it looks but will it hold up to scratches? Will the paint or whatever it is made of, scratch off, or is it as durable as the clear? It is in the designer collection along with a wood one and a chrome looking one on their website. Just wondering if the lock and multiple washings will rub the camouflage off or not. Thanks!

    A Tip I found on the cb6000 (I have the clear cb6000) and I use aloe vera baby oil – found at Walmart. It smells good, won’t cake up, won’t smell like a baby, is cheap in price and won’t cause buildup like those other lotions. Also at night, I wear white briefs but take my cock and balls out – still in the cb6000, and put my briefs under and behind the ring behind my balls exposing my cock and balls and the cb6000. For some reason this keeps them elevated and doesn’t cause erection pains so I can sleep all night with no problems. Boxers may not be firm enough to keep your balls elevated up but briefs work great this way. Last tip is always clean your cb6000 in a plastic bin with soap and hot water and not in the sink. The sink has a lot of bacteria and if you ever have the drain accidently open, any piece can fall in, by putting it all in a bin, you can clean each piece separately and get every crevice clean and not worry about any of it falling down the drain should the drain open. Happy suffering!

  38. Great article. I wanted to share a discovery I made. Has anyone ever tried coconut oil for the ‘lube’? I find it can be used generously, lasts a long time, and seems to be really great for the skin and non irritating compared to silicon lube and of course water based lube which can be a real no-no I find. Just thought others might have comments if they have used it, and if they haven’t, I really recommend giving it a try!

  39. Alright, I bought the CB 6000. When my cock gets as small and as soft as its gonna get its almost still to wide to get into tube but is always about a inch to short. I think I might need the cb 6000 s tube. What’s your opinion please. Even when using the socking method I can get my head into the end of tube but once it again shrinks up it never makes it back to the end. I did manage to ejaculate while in the tube also. I think there is not enough restriction & this is used with the middle size ring & smallest spacer

      1. Yeah it’s about 70$ for just the tube. I was in conflict about which one I needed in the first place lol. Thanks for your reply

  40. I got my CB6000 the other night and ran into your blog a couple of days before that. I’m very happy to have done that, becaus I NEVER would have gotten the device on without the stocking trick.

    The biggest ring turned out barely big enough and my cock completely filled up the tube, but it’s very well possible that this is because just the mere thought of me going into the device made me get an erection.

    My girlfriend is still a bit uncomfortable with it, but I hope that I will get more horny towards her so she will come to love it and will force me to wear it more often.

    We’ll see, thanks a lot for the tips & tricks, I’ll be visiting your site regularly from now!

    1. I’ll be curious to see how it goes for you. I recall that the biggest ring was barely big enough for me, too, but now I wear one quite a bit smaller (~40mm vs. 50mm). And yeah, I remember the “I can’t get my dick in this tube to arrest its erection because it’s so damned hard” conundrum! Now that only happens to me is Belle’s watching me put it on. Gets me every time.

      With regard to your girlfriend, there might be one of two posts here that will resonate with her. Other guys have told me they passed some things along to their significant others. Maybe that will work for you, too.

      1. I put it on again this morning, because I’m so damn busy at work right now, I don’t dare keep it on all day, even though it feels comfortable enough to think that I could..

        I haven’t peed in it yet, so that will have to prove itself. I’ll have a chance to wear it for a couple of hours Saturday evening, see how that goes.

        My girlfriend came over and touched it right when she saw it and she tried to make me horny to see what would happen. She is especially scared of my cock getting hard in it and me suffering terrible pains. I got very horny and my cock being locked up while she touched me was a sensational feeling with no discomfort at all. She seemed to like that and teased me a little more, holding my locked up cock in her hand, sucking my cock while in the device and licking it through the peehole.

        My ultimate fantasy is to be locked up during the day and being released when we’re home and she wants to fuck. I’d also love it when she would get a boyfriend that she fucks every now and then while she makes me watch, locked up of course.

        I’ll keep you posted!

      2. I’ve had it on for a couple of times now and I’m down two sizes on the ring as well as the spacer. Making the whole ‘package’ more compact brings more comfort.

        Only problem I’m experiencing, especially when wearing tight boxers and jeans, is a tiny little bit of my foreskin bulging out and getting pinched between my boxers and the device. I tried tucking myself further in with a q-tip, but that’s not really working.

        Any suggestions for that?

        My girlfriend kind of likes it (http://www.imagefap.com/gallery/3772546) but doesn’t want me to wear it all the time or on a regular basis, so we’ll have to find our way in that.

        Next saturday, we’re going to Wasteland (http://www.wasteland.nl/), maybe I’ll get a chance there to wear it out in the open and let many, many people see. Wonder if I’ll be able stay in…

  41. I’ve always fully retracted my foreskin behind my glans when locked. The cage itself holds the skin back very well and only needs a little adjusting every day or two. At first I thought it might be uncomfortable, being used to wearing my foreskin forward all these years, but I didn’t even notice it. Of course I don’t know how long your foreskin might be as mine is I guess on the shortish side, but hopefully this might help!

  42. A lot of the stuff you mentioned here is stuff that I was eventually (very recently) able to figure out for myself, but damn I wish I had found this website sooner. It should be a must read for everyone starting out. All the fantasy websites out there make it sound like it’s just women holding men against their will, when anyone with common sense and familiarity with the lifestyle should know that it has to voluntary. There may be a few cases out there where the man is coerced against his will, but those are probably not healthy relationships. Obviously there’s some arm twisting, but you get what I’m saying: it’s ultimately a game.

    Everything I’ve read about the 6000S is definitely true. If you’re more of a grower than a shower, the S is more for you. You want to be able to fill up the cage while flaccid so that there’s less room for erection and so that the slot will line up better. The regular 6000 is more for “show-ers”. Those who can’t decide between the 6000 and 6000S should base the decision on their flaccid size, not their erect size. I’m sure there are guys out there who will get the 6000 rather than the 6000S simply because they don’t like to think of themselves as “small”, but you should put that idea aside and get what’s going to best restrict your erections. Besides, with this lifestyle, a lot of guys might actually get off on the idea of being “small” even if they’re not small at all. It’s all part of the fantasy.

    It’s very interesting how the brain adjusts once you’ve been wearing the device for a long time. Erections definitely get less frequent, less powerful, and subside quicker, and eventually might even go away completely. Wear it long enough and your mind and body sort of “give up” and it induces a sort of erotic impotency. This is only temporary, and after being out of the cage long enough your erections should return to normal, but I’ve heard stories of being taken out and being smaller and impotent for quite some time before returning to normal. This is one of my goals. I find the idea of ejaculating with a flaccid penis to be highly erotic, so impotency (as long as it’s temporary) is kind of a turn on. I like the idea of my penis shrinking (again, as long as it’s temporary, which it is).

    As with most, my biggest problem is wearing it as night. It would just get so unbearable that I’d have to take it off and then I wouldn’t be able to resist jerking it, and I also found it difficult to resist the urge to pull out of it when the pain was bad. I thought about getting a security device like the KSD-G3, but after what I read here it seems that those devices aren’t really for me, and don’t really solve the problem. As you pointed out, the device can only get you 80-90% of the way there, and the rest is willpower. I’ve resisted the urge to pull out, especially after making past the few days mark when you notice a decline in your erections, so once you get over that hump, it becomes much easier. I wish I had known this sooner, and I wouldn’t have given up so easily before. As for the nocturnal erections, I just take off the device and resist the urge to touch myself, then the device goes back on first thing when I wake back up. This was very difficult for me before, but now I have the willpower to do it. I’m going to try to step it up and take a cold shower next time instead of taking it off to get to the point where I can where it 24/7, but it feels good knowing I now I have the willpower to take it off if I must and still remain chaste.

    Another tip for those trying to get rid of erections that just won’t go away: try holding your breath for as long as you can. DO NOT use any device to try to suffocate yourself. Just hold your breath for as long as you can. The decrease in oxygen and blood pressure should kill your erection pretty quickly. It’s almost as effective as the cold shower. I hope this is helpful to anyone trying to get through the nights.

    1. There are those on the web who say that long-term chastity makes them impotent and actually shrinks their dicks. As far as impotence goes, I think you’re right that its an adaptation to being locked up and not actual impotence. I’ve never found the penis to be anything but highly interested once the device was off. With regard to the shrinkage thing, I’ve checked this myself several times based on the assertions of others. While I’ve had thousands of attempted erections contained by the CB6K and those devices that came after it, I can tell you the penis is exactly the same size when erect now as it was four years ago. I personally don’t think there’s anything to the “chastity makes your dick small” thing except fantasy and wishful thinking.

      It’s hard to understand, but I agree that part of the mind-fuck of chastity can lead to you fantasizing about further diminishing your dick. I never would have thought that an outcome when we started this, but I’ve experienced it. You *want* to be inadequate. You want your very manhood to be worth less. But in a good way, as funny as that sounds. For me, it led to an intense interest in cuckolding porn.

      Anyway, glad you eventually found the site. Good luck!

  43. Sorry for the long post, but I’ve got just one more thing to add. Recently, when I had an erection, I was able to get the entire head (glans) of my dick through the slit at the end of the 6000S. At first I was worried I’d be stuck and wouldn’t be able to slip it back in, but I managed with little trouble at all. Has this happened to anyone else?

  44. It is easy to pull out of a cb6000. I have a frenum piercing and wear a ring when I have the cb on. It is easy to thread a padlock through the ring making pull out impossible!

  45. Well I got the CB6000s in and with it , the smallest spacer and 2nd to biggest ring, everything fits just fine.. although i was still able to jack off while in it.. so I swapped out to the 2nd to smallest ring. With the 2nd to smallest ring, shortest spacer and the 6ks tube, it takes a while to get everything bunched up in there, like 45 mins without pinching skin and useing the sock method…. I cant jack off and it is almost impossible for me to pull out… The sock method is the only way to go, although Im small in size is wide and with the sock method it gets right in there… thanks for you help

  46. There are actually forty combinations with these. The eyes at either end of the rings are offset, so depending which way round you connect the top section you are either slightly closer to or further away from the tube. It took me a while to spot that!

    Thanks for a great blog which has been really helpful

  47. I am about to embark on my first foray into chastity. Thanks for the tips. My question is in regard to shaving. My wife believes I should shave the entire area. She believes it would reduce sweat and irritation. Any ideas?

    1. I find shaving to be potentially problematic. Razor burn sucks donkey when all the skin is packed in tightly and newly grown stubble is just as much an issue as the skin is folded over on itself. The stubble almost acts as sandpaper. IF you can keep it smooth without razor irritation, then go for it. Personally, I’ve found it best to leave the hair closely trimmed, but not totally smooth.

      That said, I’m shaved all around the device right now because I like how it looks and I don’t always follow my own advice!

  48. Is it necessary to keep it shaved down there to wear a CB6000, or is that just a little added control and humiliation?

  49. Thanks for the excellent intro to the CB-6000. This has been an indispensable source of info for my starting to wear mine (CB-6000s).

    One question that I have not seen a consistent answer on regarding fit. Should there be room inside the cage around the penis for air or cleaning? With mine, I fill it completely even when flaccid. I am unable to move inside it at all and my skin is in constant contact with the cage.

    I was wondering if there needed to be room for hygiene or if this isn’t an issue.

    1. I found that I was almost always in contact with the sides of the cage, but the penis was squishy enough that I could get water in there and clean things out. The slats on the side were enough to allow drying, etc. Unless you’re experiencing irritation or itchiness or something like that, I don’t think it’s an issue.

  50. thanks very much for your effort!
    I got to say it’s so difficult to pee wearing cb6000, it leaves lots of urine inside the tube. Is there any device to facilitate peeing?

    1. It helps to try to line the tip of the penis to the slot in the tube before starting. Other than that, my other suggestions would be to shake the device a bit more strenuously when you’re done to get as much excess urine out as possible and to rinse the tube out at night before you go to bed. Unfortunately, urine is just something we need to deal with.

    2. I don’t know if you have a solution or not, but it might be handy to keep a q-tip with you in case you need to adjust where the hole is a little bit.

  51. Very informative blog! I started out with the stainless steel birdcage. My wife and I like it but was wanting to try something different for a while, something smaller and lighter, therefore easier to wear. So I ordered the CB6000S. I went with the smaller version for for constriction and a much (MUCH) tighter fit!! I’ve been in it on and off for about a week or so now and I am happy with it. The stocking technique is exactly what I was searching for, as I’ve had a problem with cramming my above average penis in the CB6KS, I will be applying this technique the next time I don the device! Thanks for the informative tips! This device is very much worth the money and fits and wears great, especially long term and I usually don’t use much lube if any, but I believe I will follow the tip on lubing the inside of the tube. Thanks again!


  52. I have just come across this site , it has been so interesting and answer so many questions . I had been married for twenty one years living a run of the mill marriage and sex life .

    I have for many years when being intimate with my wife told I would love her to take a lover she always told me not to be so silly then out of the blue she came out to me that she was sleeping with a work college and had been for over six month , she told me she still loved me but would not stop seeing him . It was a shock but after a long row and talking for most of the evening and the next few days I came to terms with her having a lover .

    That was over a year ago and in that time I have bought a CB6000S . I am circumcised and not very well endowed and with the help of baby oil as a lubricate apart from being quite uncomfortable at night I haven’t had to many problems . I should say she spends every other weekend staying with her lover we have not had full sex now for more than six months . Annette enjoys locking the cage and the power of having the key , our marriage is now the best it has ever been partly thanks to me being in chastity .

  53. I have started to wear a CB6000S. Even with the largest spacer, my balls hurt after a while. I’m assuming that it is because my ball sack is small. Will it stretch after a while? Would it be a good idea to wear a ball stretcher half of the time and the cage the other half of the tim?

    1. Man, I’ve been wearing various devices for years now and even my balls hurt from time to time. The CB6K ring is a real bitch. Make sure you’re lubed up with silicone lube (my preference) and try to wear loose clothing and underwear. You will grow accustomed to it to a certain degree after a while, though I think the squared off edges of that ring will always give you issues.

      It’s possible your sack is too tight. Hard to say. It will stretch over time all by itself. Not sure about a ball stretcher since, as far as I can tell, the best stretching happens early in the morning when you’re waking up with a hard-on. Again, the only thing you can do is lube it up. Also, consider jumping up to the next biggest ring size.

      1. Thanks for the advice. I have another unreleated question. Is water an issue with locks? Activities like swimming will keep it wet for a long time. Are there issues with rusting?

      2. It can be. Salt water, BTW, is way worse than pool water. Be sure to use higher quality locks like brass Masters. Also, occasionally (like once a month or so) put a drop of 3-in-1 oil in the keyhole. After, have your keyholder put the key in and unlock, relock it, and unlock it again just to make sure the oil is distributed.

      3. I’ve only had it for 2 nights now. The first night I couldn’t get comfy and didn’t sleep more than an hour. Last night I was perfectly comfortable and was able to sleep fine. I did get woken up 3 times with a hard-on. It was a bit painfful, but not too much. I now know what you mean by “It will stretch over time all by itself.”

  54. Just bought a cb-6000s was going to get a normal 6000. I am a average size guy 2 inches soft and just under 7 inches hard and the 6000s fits like a glove. only been wearing it for an hour or so but i read this page before buying and because of this story i think i am going to enjoy this for a long time. Got the chrome one and it looks sexy.. Thank you, thank you thank you thumper!

  55. I love you post Thumper. Everything has helped a lot. One thing I wanted to ask here, because I’m not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this, is that when I put my penis into the tube using the stocking method my foreskin bulges out of the tip of the tube a bit. That can be a bit painful at times because it gets pinched throughout the day. Any suggestions on how that could be corrected? I really to like being fully inserted into the tube. I have no issues peeing standing unless my foreskin obstructs my pee hole. Thanks a bunch.

    1. I’m finding this interesting. What about a device that also covers the balls in addition to the cb-6000? Have you tried that before?

      I’ve found your videos a good useful info.

    2. I am uncut and have the same problem. What I have found is, I take 1 square of TP fold it a couple times and place it in the pee hole part. Keeps it from rubbing on other articles of clothing.

  56. Bought the CB6000S and put it on as soon as I opened it. Kept it on for almost 7 hours and actually slept with it on the first night. Had to adjust to new sleeping habits though. Wife likes to keep me caged for only a couple days even though I have expressed to her that we could set longer periods up to 1 month for starters and possibly longer. Her downfall is usually when I am satisfying her, she wants me in her and unlocks me then. Guess I’ll just keep trying to get her to extend the lock-up time.

      1. Best advice I have read on the CB6000. Thumper. Thanks! With regard to the ‘sock’ method of inserting the penis into the cage, I too have a foreskin and I find it works best if I retract it half-way up the glans. The sock does pull it down again, but usually not to the extent that it protrudes from the opening of the tube.
        One or two other points. I find a mild bio-wash is useful, both when showering when wearing the cage and also to clean it when it has been removed.
        I never had much of a problem wearing the device through the night but I have never mastered using the urinals whilst wearing it. I find that the penis is held at the wrong angle to make this practical.
        One problem I do have is with the metal padlock. I find this tends to knock on the tube making a tapping noise. Is there any way to prevent this? Of course, my partner can use the plastic combinations on me but these are one time use only so they have to be replaced after every occasion she wants intercourse.
        One further pint: the longer I am in chastity the bigger are my erections and the greater my orgasms. Users should be warned!

  57. March 18, 2014
    Dick wrote:
    “I’m using a CB3000 ring and CB6000S cage. I just cannot believe how much more comfortable it is compared to the square ring from the 6k which could be really uncomfortable at times. Works best with a home made spacer to get the best fit. The lock pin hole in the ring needs to be reamed out to fit the 6k lock pin though.”

    You can more simply use a cb3000 pin along with the cb3000 smooth ring Dick, which fits comfortably into the cb6000s base.

    1. That sounds good advice Dick. The square ring on the 6K can be a little uncomfortable at first although I seem to have got used to it.
      Another tip in getting the penis cage on: place an un-rolled lubricated condom over the glans and use this instead of the thin sock.

  58. I’ve just ordered a cb 6000s which is coming soon. I hope I won’t have problems getting into to it, my penis is almost 2 inches flaccid.

  59. Wow really good info an helpfull . Im just starting chastity long term with my mistress . Im going threw the stage of finding right fit an such the pain at night is really is hard to cope with . .but will get their in time . .i just been put in for 3 weeks an see how it goes . . If i can produce more .cos thats my problem i do wank way to much . . Umm wots the longest you been in chastity for ???

    Really helpfull thanks again

    1. Um, probably about three weeks or so. Maybe a bit longer.

      That’s locked up. The longest I’ve gone without an orgasm is nine months.

      1. Wow thats a long long time . I really admire you. Did you find you were/grew bigger ?? As i say im in for 3 weeks .arr. but i know mistress can just make it longer if she sees fit after 3 weeks ???

  60. You’re blog is great, Thumper, thank you. What a resource. For those new to chastity as I am. I’ve had my CB6000S for a week now and love the time I’m locked in it. Taking my time breaking myself in to wearing it. Currently I have it on during work, and take it off early evening. (About 12 hours). I wore it overnight the second night I had I and paid the price for being overly ambitious. I had to wait a day for the soreness to go away. Still trying different combinations of ring and spacers. Right now my biggest chafing area is on the bottom of my penis at the base where the tube ends. Is that common? Thanks again. I couldn’t have done it without your blog!

  61. I had my wife sew a sleeve to slide over the piece that goes around and underneath. Seems to havetaken care of that problem. However, she made several so they can be changed every now and then.

  62. What a great idea. Thanks, Andy. That’s a sleeve around the base of the tube, right? May I ask what did she make the sleeve out of? BTW, honestly, baby oil has worked better than astroglide for me to lube the CB6KS. Seems to last longer. Also, just for the record, I’m using the middle size ring with the next to smallest spacer. and have worn it for a whole four days and nights. Hard to believe I’ve only had the cage for around one month. Feels great.I think I’m making progress in breaking myself in to wearing it.Very pleased.I see no reason why I can’t make it a week and do the thorough cleaning as Thumper suggests and then right back in it. I’ll save the astroglide for other fun activities 😉 Oh and love the “sock method” of getting into the tube. That is the most enjoyable part of putting it on next to hearing the click of the lock. Love that!. Thanks again.

  63. Going under lock and key again. Wife doesn’t keep me locked up all the time even though I have strongly hinted for her to do so. Step daughter is coming to town and I’ll be locked up for the next 2 weeks. This is her way of saying that we are not going to make any noise during that time.
    Kinda wish the step-daughter would stay longer. 🙂

  64. My wife , is getting into the hot wife. Lifestyle and wants me in a cb. 6000 I’ve never worn a device before your .info is great she has also mentionoted .point is of. Intritque doesl that make chastity tighter or more painful or both

  65. Your detail is very helpful.I started using cb6000s recently.am using free ring size in the night and smaller ring in the night.i don’t have any key holder.am from a humid part of India.i remove it fail when I take shower and I don’t wear when i go to gym.is this is the right method? Or do I need to change anything in my routine? Thank you once again for the detailed information.

    1. I think a lot of guys take them off at the gym. And, assuming you can control yourself while it’s off, taking it off in the shower is also a good hygiene practice.

  66. Great blog thumper, your tips have helped greatly adjusting to chastity.

    I’m using a curve, size seems good (just a little clearance at the tip if I’m not hard, fills and restricts from an actual erection if the gf teases me).

    Here’s where it falls short … I only wear it for sleeping and the infrequent days when I don’t bike to work. I can only use the 2″ ring & mid size spacer, going smaller on the ring restricts blood flow enough to force erection and scrotum swelling (painful, not in a good way!) and the small spacer causes scrotum swelling.

    However npt typically pushes the ring up more than an inch allowing enough erection at the base of my cock that it traps blood flow, again forcing erection.

    What I think might work better is building my own cage and ring to get a device that doesn’t pull as hard. I’m also hoping that a metal ring will let me ride so I could be caged during the day.

    Any similar experiences? Thoughts?

  67. how long can this be worn? I’m going on vacation and my lover is in chastity. I will have the key with me. Should I be concerned about him being able to shower, hygiene, etc. I could be gone for 9 days, I’m not sure if that is too long for him to go without taking it off.

    1. It depends. If he hasn’t worn it much before, nine days could be rough. There’s no real reason he couldn’t be left in it that long except if the device didn’t fit right and rubbed him raw or something. He can keep it clean without removing it, no problem.

  68. hi thumper. sorry for the weird question but, not sure if i missed it but was there any advice you can give please about dealing with the emotional side of being locked in chastity? how to cope/deal with…… not sure how to explain just really struggling here and only been in cb6000 just over 3 days now. lol. very inexperienced. been feeling really anxious etc.

  69. Thanks again Thumper for all your advice.
    I have managed to move down a ring size and it is surprisingly more comfortable than the larger one, probably because it fits snuggly and there is no room for it to move around. I have also progressed to the largest spacer bar. the combined effect is to keep the cock and balls much closer and tighter which seems to reduce the frequency and strength of my erections. It also makes the whole package neater and easier to wear. I wear microfiber briefs which I find are soft and practical over the device.

  70. I have a quick question. How do I find the right length for me? Product can range from 2 1/2 in to 3 1/4 in, and my size when flaccid is about 4 inches.

  71. My wife and I bought a CB6000. We have a problem. I have one undescended testicle. After she locked me into it, I can get out. We tried the smaller rings. The two smallest ones just are too small. They don’t have the height which is required to insert the pins and be locked. Does anyone have any suggestions. We were thinking of glueing the smallest one to a larger one. This may may the balls stay in it and also allow us to get it locked.

  72. I just got the CB6KS, I cleaned it and put in on right away. I have read this and other advice on the wear of these before I bought one. I got a real good fit! I used the sock method and fill the tube all the way. I do have some soreness from the ring, I lightly sanded the hard edges and applied more lube and it feels better. I love the feeling of being locked down. I went to make an adjustment in my jeans, It felt strange not feeling my dick. Thanks for the posting, it was very helpful and informative.

  73. How do you know to get the 6000 or 6000s? With all the parts I’m not sure about measurements. Better to have some more room? Or less room?

  74. After about 12-18 hours my ball stretch my scrotal sac to a painful level and it seems to focus on the line of skin running from the base of my dick over my balls to my asshole. This is especially intense when my balls get cold and want to retract in to my body but of course can not because of the base ring. Contact me directly with responses. p923turner@gmail.com

  75. Firstly, great website.

    I have been experimenting with the CB6000 for a bit and have found it very frustrating. Even going down to ring 3 and the shortest spacer, it is still possible to withdraw out the rear of the device. The second smallest ring works, but it is a little too tight for everyday use – ring 3 rubbed quite badly after 12 days.

    I am currently trying a novel solution – I have a large flexible cockring around my cock and balls and have put the 3rd ring behind it. It needs the second largest spacer to wear the tube, but even with my shrinkage (I am a grower) I can’t pull out. If I could, I doubt very much I could get back in again. The cock ring also pushes my balls forward a bit so the cage doesn’t pull and rub quite so much.

    It is early days yet, but I’m hopeful that this may provide a solution to my problems of being able to withdraw. I want to be unable to escape without my keyholder knowing. I may also sandpaper the edges to the CB6000 ring down if it still rubs too much.

    1. Already have one. Didn’t work. I could still withdraw using the largest. The middle one isn’t practical as it left a very large sore on my shaft.

      I still managed to withdraw using the setup above. It was very difficult but with lube I managed it. All very frustrating really.

  76. I read that the Master Series Rikers was difficult to withdraw from. Plus would the CB6000s make it harder ? (excuse the pun!)

    Hope springs eternal!

    1. Never heard of that one, but looking at it online, it appears to be a clone of the V1 Holy Trainer. No harder to slip out of than a CB6K. The CB6Ks might feel a little more secure because it doesn’t have a lot of extra space, but the smaller tube is more about comfort during erections than anything else. Smaller tubes = less pain while trying to get hard.

  77. firstly thanks for all the great advice! I found every bit of it to be extremely helpful!

    I recently got the cb6000s. And I’ve had it on/off for about 2+ weeks. Tube is a perfect fit. But I’m having issues with the ring. I’m using the largest ring and it seems to dig in pretty deep. Burns and leaves a deep groove around my sack. I had to take a week long break because it basically rubbed things raw and literally needed to heal. Silicon lube kinda helps but lasts maybe an hour. I’ve tried lotions and baby oil too.

    I really like this device and after some discussion my wife agreed to give enforced chastity a 2 month trial run.

    Any advice/thoughts on how I can get this ring to cooperate or what the cause might be?

    1. Silicone lube is about all you can do. The squared-off rings of the CB6K are a design flaw, in my opinion. The Holy Trainer is a much better device.

      1. I skipped past the holy trainer when I was initially browsing devices because I thought the material was stretchy. If I can withstand the CB6k until the end of our trial run maybe I’ll be allowed to upgrade.

      2. Just thought I’d share an update that might be helpful to some. I should have mentioned earlier I have a knock-off. Apparently the rings are a little different, they’re shaped more like an “I” beam with a groove/channel in the center. Which was the cause of basically all my issues. Skin protruding into the groove made it painful.

        Filling in the groove with hot glue then smoothing it out real good helped a lot. It was still a little too tight though so I ordered the 2 1/4″ ring from cbx. It’s solid and although square, the corners are well rounded. It works awesome now! Going on 48hrs straight with no issues that couldn’t be solved with a slight tug or drop of lube. Even slept through the night waking only once for the bathroom. Oddly enough I actually slept better in the CB. But I’m guessing it’s because it forces me to sleep on my back which apparently my body prefers.

        I think this is a decent device. I’d discourage anyone from getting a knock-off though. They might be ok for messing around in but trying to wear mine for anything beyond a few hours was hell. Had I not been so persistent I would have given up entirely due to the horrible experience.

        I still plan on upgrading after our trial period though. Either the holy trainer or if I’m lucky maybe a steel device

  78. What about the smoother rings that come with the full price models of the 3k, 6k, 6ks etc. These are available separately and so long as you also purchase the guide pin assembly, they are interchangeable with the ‘I’ beam ring type cheaper versions. I’m locked this way for long-term sessions and no probs.

  79. I had the same problem (don’t know if it is the material it is made of or what). I had a “sleeve” sewn together that slides right over the ring. Helped me a lot.

    1. What did you make your “sleeve” from? I saw an earlier post (maybe yours) about using a sleeve. I was concerned with how I would keep it clean if I’m locked up for a week or more.

      1. Hi Matt,
        I´ve also got grooved ring on my CB6000s, which causing me the same “I” troubles. Your upgrade with glue seems quiet convenient therefor I´d like to ask you for some furthre information. What kind of glue did you apply and how did you heat it up? And what about the glue persistence in ring.

  80. So I’ve been in mine off and on for about 6 months Thumper be a great mentor and inspiration. 4 weeks being the longest I’ve been in it. The more I had it on, the more excited I would get, giving me motivation to keep it on. I wanted to unlock myself for my birthday, as a gift to me, but that was the worst thing I could have ever done. I’ve been trying to keep it back on, but my porn addiction started creeping in again and I found pulling it out is way to easy. I would wear my anti pull out device, but it hurts, and I digs into my skin, causing minor bleeding. Now my problem is; how to stop the porn watching. I have my computer blocking it all, even blocking this site (typing this out on my iPhone). I have my iPhone blocking 99% of everything, but my biggest problem now is; I won a Playstation 4, and that has been my down fall. I found I can watch all the porn I want via the web portal, and I need stronger motivation. I had a great step-up timer on my iPhone but itsn’t helping anymore. I really need something more in my face, both on my phone AND on my computer to tell me how long I have been in it.. As for the device itself, I find it to be bulky, heavy, and too much in the way. I can barely tie my shoes with it on, and the last tattoo I got on my thigh was a 6 hour sitting, making me take it off about 1/2 way through. Seriously thinking of switching to the Holy Trainer. Any thoughts?

  81. The sleeve was sewed together using an old piece of flannel. Several were made and changed whenever possible. I felt when I showered it was getting cleaned also. Just took awhile for it to dry.

    1. I tried using a chunk cut from some old pj’s, nice soft material. It helped a little but inevitably led to the same issue just without the deep grooves. Maybe I just need a larger ring. It’s a pretty tight fit, things are kinda jammed in there. I noticed they have larger rings but those also look like they have the squared off ends. Thinking I’ll get one anyways since they’re only $20. I didn’t see aanywhere a ring that wasn’t squared off.

  82. Just received the cb curve in mail yesterday tried to put it on and got hard so put it away until this morning and tried again. with a lot of lotion and determination I finally got it on.Its a major pain.I wanted to thank you and everyone that posted there tips and tricks on here. Its making my life a bit easier right off the bat.
    Wish I had more time to adjust to it as you mentioned but wife says I wear it or shes gone. So for now I feel shes worth enduring a bit of pain for here while see how I feel next week and next month about it.

  83. Just got months ago into this chastity experience and found this page very useful for continue walking the line.

  84. I want to purchase my 1st cage and I have been doing a lot of reviews but I am still struggling to make a decision and I need advice. 1st I want to make a statement and tell me if anyone else has this experience or if I am the only person. I most often am 4in soft but i can push me penis all the way inside my body or pelvice so i can make myself be 1in or 2in or 3in or like i said 4in regular flacid. On top of that info i told my wife i am 4 in hard and i have found techniques and positions to portray a hard 4inches but it is a work of art. If i stand straight up i would be 5.5 inches but with certain positioning i can make it appear to be closer to 4. Anywho it should be obvios i want to look smaller then i am, and be dominated for having a small penis. It sounds like from reviews i read the cb6000 would be ideal for me because im 4in soft right? But i want to look small. She already makes small jokes about me and i love it. I dont want to get the cb6000 and look too big. Now keep in mind i can easily push my flacid penis inward from 4in all the way inside my body to give the appearance that i have no penis at all. Knowing this could i get away with being comfortable in the cb6000s? Ask me questions if it helps with giving a good recommendation.

      1. I have a CB 6000 v2 small (probably clone) and — firstly it sticks out badly, too visible.
        Sleeping with large ring doesn’t stop erections, whole thing just pushes away 5cm
        Sleeping with smallish ring ends up blood constricting painful.
        Ordered a HTv4Nub but while waiting — going to try pointing the CB6000v2 cage into tight speedos so it can’t push away and see how that goes!.
        We should be coming up with a nub-like design that is secure and has low-profile lock, different variants on the back ring etc. so that the whole thing can disappear under lycra and tights without bulges.

  85. Thank you for responding. May i ask why you recommend the holy trainer design? It appears as if the bottom is alot more exposed then the top. That makes me assume that if the penis gets small enough maybe it can escape? Also the top portion is long and looks like it would be pressed against the body and become painfull. Can you describe why you recommend the holy trainer to give me a better picture of why. Thank you in advance.

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