Steelworxx Looker 02

There is surely a gradation of experience when it comes to enforced male chastity and orgasm denial. Some men are allowed to practice the honor system and don’t wear anything. Many more might buy a relatively inexpensive plastic or silicone device. A few more will upgrade to steel and might even chose to have their bodies modified to make them more secure (or allow it to be chosen for them). Somewhere on that far side of the spectrum is an experience like that made possible by the Steelworxx Looker 02.

The Looker 02 (L02) is unlike most other chastity devices in that it features a hollow titanium alloy urethral plug. The plug’s practical function might be to increase the security of the device, but surely, it goes beyond that. In practice, it dramatically enhances the chastity experience by not just encasing and entrapping a penis, but by also invading it. The device isn’t just locked onto your body, it’s locked into it, as well. The are times when wearing a typical plug-less device that you might forget it’s on. Not so with the L02. With nearly every move (and sometimes, with no other movement than your penis’ natural reactions to blood flow and temperature), the plug tickles the length of your dick, extending into your body. Everything about it is different than the usual chastity experience. You even pee differently. Erections are now not just stunted and compressed, they’re also squeezed from within. They feel as thought they’re clamped in a vice, not squished into a tube. A penis so entrapped has no ability to move or exist separately from it’s prison. At every point of every day, the device is engaged with the body it’s been locked to.

At least, that’s my experience.

First, a physiology reminder
The length of the L02’s plug will vary based on the length of the device ordered. For example, the one I wear has an overall length of 65mm. The plug extends a centimeter beyond the A-ring meaning I’m sliding 7.5cm of titanium up the penis when I’m wearing it. It’s hard to know exactly where that ends inside my body. You’re supposed to use your “normal” flaccid length when determining device length (erring on the short side, if necessary), which means the penis is a little over 2.5″ when soft (though that’s highly variabile as any man knows). The plug is almost 3″ long so, based on the diagram stolen from the internet on the right, I doubt it’s reaching the prostate gland. Instead, it’s likely hung up in the spongy tissue that makes an erection hard (the corpus cavernosum for all you med students out there – the sort of caterpillar-looking pink and purple stuff in the diagram) just below my pubic bone.

The urethra is only a relatively straight shot when the penis is allowed a normal erection, but the whole purpose of the L02 (and any chastity device) is to make that impossible, so when stiff, the bulb end of the plug is being clamped pretty hard by the dual lobes of the corpus cavernosum which itself is forced to bend down by the device at pretty much the same spot. During those times, the L02 provides a fairly intesene experience. Were the plug any longer, I’m sure it would be nearly impossible to wear the device at all.

The tissue lining the urethra is full of nerve endings and is quite efficient in relaying stimulation back to the brain. Part of this sensitivity must be for practical purposes (so your brain knows you’re peeing when it told the bladder to go) but part of it must also serve to make sex (and masturbation) more enjoyable. The upshot for those wearing the L02 is that you feel quite acutely the motion of the plug as it moves back and forth through the urethra. This feeling runs the gamut from mildly enjoyable to moderately distracting to incredibly frustrating, but isn’t so problematic that it gets in the way of everyday life (except for those parts of everyday life it’s designed to get in the way of).

Here’s a short video I’ve made of how I put the L02 cage on/in.

[wpvideo WEXCqUhY]

That would have been a lot quicker had I not found myself getting a stiffy the second the plug started sliding up the penis. And yes, I had lubricated the plug with a bit of silicone prior to insertion.

Here’s the Looker 02 from every angle, plus compared to the other steel devices currently in Belle’s rotation.

I ordered the L02 in a size simliar to that of the Jail Bird 2. The A-ring is 42mm in diameter, 2mm larger than the Steelheart Short’s A-ring. The only A-ring option for the L02 is what Steelworxx calls the “anatomical” ring. The bottom quarter or so is bent back away from the device’s cage allowing for a bit more testicular plumbing space. It’s the only device I have with this kind of ring and I think it’s a good modification and one I’d recommend. The circumference of the cage (what Steelworxx calls the “penisring” measurement) is 35mm (1.378″) and its total length is 65mm (2.56″). As you can see in the pictures, that’s a little smaller than the Steelheart and about the same external size as the Jail Bird. However, the Jail Bird’s crossbar design tends to reduce the amount of usable interior space a bit, so the L02 seems a little roomier, though not nearly as roomy as the Steelheart (which needs more space for the PA ring and fixing).

Of course, “roominess” as an attribute tends to lose its meaning when the engaged penis is empaled by a 7.5cm titanium shaft. There’s absolutely zero lateral motion by the penis when in the L02. It’s still more or less free to move up and down on the plug, but not side to side. In fact, due to the arc of the plug, there is a bit of space always beneath the penis shaft, hard or soft, and the top of the penis is pushed up slightly more than it would be otherwise. You can see how Steelworxx has attempted to maximize the space above the penis shaft by mounting the top bars to the outside of the cage. I think its design could be slightly improved if the plug’s terminus was slightly lower in the cap at the end of the cage.

The only flaw I can find in the device from a workmanship perspective is with the A-ring. On the Steelworxx site, these are shown as having the bottom 25% or so bent back to allow more room for testicles to hang. The bent point is perpendicular to the centerline axis of the ring (if you draw a line from the center of the lock down and another at the point of the bend, you’d end up with an inverted cross), but on the L02 I received, the bend is in the wrong place. It’s at an angle to the centerline. I haven’t noticed any comfort issues whatsoever as a result of this, and you can’t tell it’s bent wrong when it’s on, but I noticed it pretty much immediately after it tumbled out of its black velvety bag. It’s not the kind of thing I’d expect from the usually very precise Steelworxx.

One might imagine that having a titanium alloy tube up one’s dick all day long would prove to be uncomfortable. However, it rarely is. As I mentioned above, it can be distracting and frustrating, but not painful. The only times I’ve experienced actual discomfort is during urination. At first, the issue reminded me of how pipes behave when they have air in them. Then I realized it probably is exactly that. What I think happens is a small pocket of air develops in the urethra just outside the opening to the plug. Then, when I pee, the air gets trapped and causes a kind of cavitation to develop. The urine flows out in a stuttering fashion and the “air in the pipes” rattles and shakes and feels like a vibration in the plug. It kinda hurts, to be honest. One solution I’ve found is to push back on the tube once the cavitation starts. That seems to force the air bubble down or around the plug. At first, this happened about half the time I took a leak. Now it’s only about 30% of the time. It’s possible it will get even more infrequent as my body adjusts to the plug.

One advantage of the L02 is the cap at the end of the cage. As I mentioned in my Jail Bird review, little bits of penis meat can sometimes get pinched between the bars and my underwear (assuming I’m wearing any). The cap pretty much eliminates this issue entirely. Plus, while the side bars still allow for some skin contact and stimulation, all the really fun nerve endings are shielded beneath a shiny dome.

Outside of the normal sensation of the plug being in place and the occasional peeing thing, the L02 has to be one of the most comfortable devices I’ve worn. I haven’t yet felt a single pinch anywhere. I would have expected the plug to give me a twinge from time to time, but the closest thing I’ve felt to that wasn’t painful. The anatomical ring design, even with its flaw, and the slightly larger ring would probably allow me to sleep uninterrupted, but I haven’t yet learned not to let the feeling of the nocturnal tumescence clamping down on the plug wake me up. Perhaps with time. In addition to the anatomical ring, the L02 has the biggest gap between the cage and A-ring of any of the devices I might find myself in. That probably contributes to overall comfort.

Interestingly, I’ve found that I don’t need the typical morning and night application of lubricant beneath the A-ring. With the SH-S it’s mandatory. Even with the JB2 and its slightly larger ring, it’s not something I can usually skip. But I don’t need it at all with the L02. I presume this is due to the anatomical ring. Clearly one more reason to get this upgrade on the SH-S. A real plus for the L02 in this department.

While it doesn’t say so on the Steelworxx site, I seem to remember at some point that the urethral plug is supposed to be a security measure. Maybe I made that up, but it seems reasonable. If the plug extends beyond the A-ring, maybe it’d be impossible to pull the penis back enough to disengage it from the plug. In practice, though, it’s not much more effective than any other non-piercing security measure I’ve seen. Penises are just too squishy and pliable. While I’ve never gone so far as to actually defeat the plug, I got close enough to know I could if I wanted to. No idea how getting it all back into place would work, but I assume that’s also possible.

So, if you’re the kind of guy looking for the ultimate in chastity security, in my opinion you’re still going to have to get your dick pierced. Sorry.

It would be a reasonable assumption that having a hollow tube inside one’s urethra would allow one to urinate through said tube and not through the aforementioned urethra. Reasonable, but incorrect. I’ve found that whether or not the urine takes the tube route depends on how badly you need to go (i.e., pressure). If you’ve got to go real bad, some of the urine will travel down the urethra around the plug and come out as it’s supposed to. Luckily, Steelworxx has put a series of small holes around the opening in the plug. This allows the overflow urine to easily leak out.

I’ve begun to get a feel for how hard a stream will cause the urine to overflow and can almost regulate how hard I push to make sure it doesn’t happen. Even when it does, though, it’s easier to pee in the L02 than it is in the JB2 (the Steelheart is still the champ). If there is overflow, it’ll either simply dribble out the little holes or, as I’ve seen it do on occasion, join back up with the center stream and arc out that way. In any event, peeing isn’t that traumatic and, after getting the hang of things, is easily done standing up. If you’re dying to see how this works, click here (and yes, I cleaned up after myself).

From a cleanliness standpoint, it’s about the same as the JB2. Urine gets on my balls and can lead to odor issues by the end of the day. Also, since I’m not able to give one or two extra squirts at the end and wring the penis out, a quantity of urine stays in the plug and slowly leaks out after all is said and done. In that way, it’s more like like Steelheart, though shaking it won’t really make the excess piss come out like it will with the SH-S. During my shower, I pay special attention to rinsing out the space between the penis head and the cap on the end of the cage.

For a reason I can’t exactly explain, the L02 is more stealthy than the nearly identically sized Jail Bird. However it’s doing it, it’s just less noticeable in my pants. Far more stealthy than the Steelheart. It must have something to do with how it hangs on my body. Also like the JB2, there’s nothing to make any noise, so it’s perfectly silent.

The Looker 02, while being a more intense and frustrating chastity experience, isn’t as scary or intimidating as you might think it would be. Once my body got used to having a rod up its penis, it seamlessly became just another aspect of the locked up life I lead. I’m not sure I’d recommend this device to a chastity newbie, but if you’re not squicked out by urethral penetration and have already established enforced chastity an element of your sex life, the Looker 02 is an effective and sexy way to spice things up a bit.

Version history
24 September 2012 – Originally published
25 September 2012 – Fixed the name of the anatomical ring, added the bit about not needing to lube the A-ring every day
26 September 2012 – Added the movie of me peeing

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  1. First of all: an excellent review! I own a CB6K and considered buying the looker, mainly for security aspects. It’s a pitty that the plug doesn’t work out the way I hoped it would. I can’t say I’m keen on having my penis pierced 😉
    Another important thing is the comfort. I’m currently using the middle A-Ring delivered with the CB6K and occasionally find it a bit too painfully pulling at my balls when I get erect. The other rings are either too small to even get them on or they’re almost falling off while wearing the CB. So now I’m thinking about a short steelheart with one of the “comfort rings” included with the looker. Is it the same as the “anatomical ring for all CBs” and would you recommend one?

    Thanks again for your great work here!

  2. Two questions come to mind here that you did not really address …
    1. Risk of UTI with an open urethral tube for any given period of time
    2. Damage to urethra once any lubrication dries up or is washed away with urination.

    1. I can’t answer the first question, but I’ve seen it come up with regard to this device before. In the research I was able to do, nobody who had worn it had reported UTI as a problem. I’m willing to accept the risk as there are no things in life without. If I get a UTI, I’ll certainly pass that along.

      With regard to the second, I presume the silicone has dissipated since it’s been several days since it was applied. So far, there’s been no sticking or other painful events. No significant pain to speak of other than the weird cavitation thing I mentioned above and the expected discomfort during an erection. I was concerned that sticking would be an issue, but it hasn’t been so far.

      1. I also guess the small bulb at the end of the tube makes it safer. I have worn shortly one where the tube just gets a little thinner at the tip, but it caused bleeding so I promptly stopped the experience.

  3. Terrific review and information, thank you for writing it and sharing it with us. I am just about to get my first device, the Jail Bird.

  4. >on the L02 I received, the bend is in the wrong place. It’s at an angle to the centerline.
    Maybe it is due to asymmetry of a testicles? In normal state the left one is placed higher than other one so that rotated ring can give more comfort. (sorry if my English is weird, it is not native for me)

  5. HI, I just ordered the Looker 02 and I hope you can help me with a couple of questions while I still have a chance to change my order if necessary.

    I ordered the tube removable. I have another cheapy device with a removable tube, and i have found I can’t wear it for any lenght of time, partially because of the angle in the tube that should have been a smooth curve. I am and will be locked long-term. Do you think it is possible to wear the tube in 24/7 for months?

    I have had my balls busted very seriously a couple of times. I think this is the reason I can not wear a regular cock ring like the one shown here. If I can get my cock and balls through it, my balls will work their way out during the night. For that reason I have to wear a hinged ring that is very tight. You said something about being able to get away with a larger A ring than normal. Do you think I might be able to up the size one notch and therefore be more comfortable. I realize this may be hard to answer.

    Finally, when you measured and ordered, did you and any extra room in length or width. If so was it a good idea, if not, does it feel as good as I imagine it would to have it fit like a glove?

    I’d appreciate any other ordering tips yo might offer.


    1. Do you think it is possible to wear the tube in 24/7 for months?

      Absolutely. While I haven’t had to (yet) I have worn it for weeks at a time and can’t see why I couldn’t have kept on wearing it indefinitely.

      Do you think I might be able to up the size one notch and therefore be more comfortable.

      Hmm. Tough one. My ring is about 43mm in diameter. With a cage that’s 35mm, that leaves a 7mm gap between them. It’s just impossible to get my nuts through there. I guess it depends on the gap between your current cage/tube and ring.

      when you measured and ordered, did you and any extra room in length or width.

      I made the cage shorter than my Steelheart because there wouldn’t be a PA ring in there to make room for. I probably could have made the cage just a big shorter. The circumference of the cage was the same as my Steelheart. It seems to work for me, though it could have been just a tad smaller and still work.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  6. I often modify chastity devices. Some years ago I was experimented with a CB3K fitted with an adapted metal A ring and support system. Later I turned up a plug in 316 Stainless, about 70mm long, with a flange that kept it inside the device. This was inserted before the device was assembled and it worked OK, but tended to leak slightly.

    After I read this I made a replacement with a bulb tip (similar to the above) and added a press fit stopper for the tip. This works well, the stopper is simple to remove when needed. Perhaps something similar can be made for your device.

    How do you think the Looker would work for an uncircumcised male?

    1. I’d be curious to see a picture of that stopper.

      WRT to uncut guys, my own experience with a foreskin ended after about 24 hours of life, so I can’t say for sure. I can’t see why it would be a problem.

      1. Steelworxx says on the site that the solid “dome” is in fact ideal for uncut men… I hope so as I have ordered one… the dome will keep our extra skin from sneaking out and getting pinched;…. big problem with my other devices.

      2. I have done a bit more work on this idea and taken a few shots of the plug & cap for it. How can I send them to you?

  7. When you remove the looker 02 after it’s been on for several days, is the opening of your urethra dialated? Does it stay that way, permanently or semi-permanently? Does it slam shut as if nothing was in there?

    Just wondering.
    Thank you.

  8. Hi,

    I was looking at the Looker 2 as a potential future purchase but…and this might be silly…I don’t have a shower in my house, only a bath.

    My question is whether or not there is like an end cap to close the opening of the urethral plug? I don’t wanna take a bath and have water forced up my urethra, lol.

    Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.

    1. Personally, that wouldn’t bother me. I’ve been in lakes and pools with it. But to answer your question, I don’t know of anything like that. You might be able to fashion one after the fact, but it might fall out. Or Dietmar might be able to put some kind of screw-on thing.

      1. Hi James & Thumper: I had similar concerns and made some extra wands (plugs) to use with my Looker 2. I turned screw in M4 plugs in 316 Stainless to fit them.

        One issue was dropping the tiny things when screwing them back in! So I skim them back; leaving a 10mm smooth section that slide in, thus locating the cap; followed by just 4mm of thread to secure it. This works very well and is water tight. It also has a 2mm contact.

        Dietmar made a M3.5×0.35 threaded cap for my titanium wand. So I obtained taps & die for that size and made a cap as described above. I’m sure Dietmar can make a cap like that for you.

      2. This gave me an idia about the air-locking problem, what if the tube was rifled? The vortex should suck the air right out. Dietmar: you can pay me later. 😉

    1. Sure, individual anatomies vary. But in my experience and on my body, I’d have to imagine the insert would need to go far past the ring to be truly effective as an anti-pullout mechanism.

      1. It’s a great device nonetheless, and I found the plug quite addictive too. When I don’t wear it, I feel like there is something missing. It’s far from the torture device some people pretend urethral plugs are, even with the big ball at the end it’s confortable once your organ is used to it. When I wear it I spend the day in a state of semi arousal.

      2. Totally agree. I really enjoy the feeling of the insert. It’s hard for me to understand why some guys get so creeped out over it. It’s actually pretty awesome.

  9. Hello,
    I’m going to order a L01 very soon. They offer a penis ring size that is 1mm larger than my own shaft size. After having your L02 for some time now, would recommend ordering the size nearest to my own, or go up one size?
    I see in your pic that there is space on your underside, caused by the urethral tube keeping everything centered. But, does your shaft press firmly against the top?
    I’d think that there would be undue stress and discomfort on the opening of the urethra if the tube were not big enough, or is very close in size to the penis’s actual size as the urethra isn’t in the center of the penis.
    Thank you.

  10. I’ve read quite a few scary things about UTI due to urethral plugs all over the web on various forums, so here are my thoughts and conclusions about it :

    First, I agree with Thumper when he says that there’s no zero risk. Hell, you even risk UTI without ever wearing a plug. I also agree with him when he says that the device doesn’t go all the way to the bladder, and stops somewhere near the root of the visible penis instead, which greatly reduces the risk too. I personally would NEVER play with something up my urethra that goes all the way to the bladder. The length of the Locker02 tube Thumper is using seems pretty decent to me without invading the body too much. I think nothing non-medical should ever get near the place where the semen tube joins the urethra, and even less up the bladder of course.

    I’ve also seen some devices with a mix of plastic tube and metal cap at the end. That’s something I wouldn’t use either. Disregarding the risk of using non-surgical grade plastic, imagine that for some reason the metal end gets lose inside your body… yeah, I let you imagination work on that.

    To me, the risk comes from 2 main points :

    1) Insertion of the device.
    Obviously, that’s the moment when the device goes into your urethra, along with everything that covers it… including the nasties.
    I think two precautions here can greatly reduce the risk again :
    – Keep the item clean. After removal, clean it throughly, and maybe put it a few minutes in boiling water. Also, keep it in a clean box, not just on some dusty shelf.
    – Before insertion, use cold liquid antiseptic cleaner to coat the plug and also the cap which will be in contact with the penis head. I’m using “Swiss Navy”, but there are other reliable brands.

    2) When the device is inside the uretha.
    There are two liquids that will be in contact with the plug.
    – Urine.
    Urine is antiseptic, that’s actually a good thing. It will keep both the inside and the outside of the plug clean, like it does normally for the inside of the urethra. Drinking normally and regularly going to the toilets will do just fine.
    BUT urine is usually not in contact with metal, and it may crystallize on the inside but also the outside of the tube, making the surface rough, which may cause lesions during insertion or removal. For this, cleaning the device with soap and water as soon as removed, shrubbing it to remove any residue, is a good idea, before you boil it.
    – Semen.
    Pre-cum fluid WILL happen. The tube is inserted in your penis, which is highly sensitive, and some semen will be produced and pass the tube. Semen can dry inside, turning it into a nasties nest. This said, as it does for the urethra, the urine flowing through should clean that up before the semen can dry, just like it does for the urethra, so I’m not too worried about that personally, yet since the tube is open unlike the urethra which retracts, the chance of stuff drying in the tube is still higher. This also means you have to clean both the outside but also the inside of the tube. Boiling the device should remove some of the residue, but using something to scrub the inside would be ideal. I’m using pressurized air after washing it and before boiling it to push out anything that would have stayed inside.

    Conclusions :
    Well, point 1 seems to bring to the conclusion that removing and reinserting the device too often is more dangerous, while point 2 says quite the opposite, and that the device needs regular maintenance to stay as safe as possible.
    I personally think that the period between two insertions should not be less than a week. If you remove and insert it every day or two days, you greatly increase the risk of getting nasties in your body. But it should also not be much longer, since then you take the risk of having crystals forming on the tube, and you may have difficulties removing the device, eventually harming yourself. The crystal thing depends on the composition of your urine, so experiences may vary as usual.
    I think a wearing period of one week between two cleanings, or one week between two insertions (if you only wear it two days and can’t hold it any longer, wait next week before inserting it again), is a reasonable value to limit risk to a minimum. For more long term wearing, I definitely wouldn’t exceed two weeks, but for me that’s already too much.

    I’m eager to read your reactions and own thoughts about this.

  11. Thumper, are you able to provide a photo measuring the size of the plug and ball at the end? I understand they are 6mm and 8mm, respectively, but I’m not sure if that’s a diameter or circumference.

    I have a set of urethral sounds and I’ve never used size 8, which I understand is 8mm. To be honest, the plug looks smaller than the #8 sound. I have some concerns about ordering a device with a bulb on the end that would be too big to fit up my urethra.

    Any thoughts you could offer would be appreciated!

  12. Note for IMPOSEDSENSATION (Information)

    Most commercial sounds are listed and fabricated in millimetre diameter sizes. The Looker 2 plugs have been made in various sizes. They are normally quoted in millimetres diameter.

    The shaft is a limiting factor at 6mm diameter (minimum) since the threaded portion in the removable form is threaded to M6 and screws into the cap end of the tube and secured with a lock nut . The longitudinal “Drilling” or bore diameter of the internal tube is 3mm. So the wall thickness is only 1.5mm.

    The teardrop shaped bulb end of mine is 8mm diameter. But the first one I received was 9mm (utterly impossible for me). In my opinion, the smallest practical bulb diameter for fabrication would be around 7mm. Bulb sizing is critical; just 1mm difference in maximum diameter is huge.

    I have fabricated and used alternative plugs in 316 Stainless myself. But I turn mine as a single part from solid 316 bar. Titanium is less reactive; which makes that safer for internal use.

    1. According to Dietmar, only 6mm and 8mm can be made by him, but I could purchase a 6mm plug without a bulb. I am particularly interested in the titanium plug because of a nickel allergy which seems to react to most stainless steels, even 316. :/

      How is it that you go about fabricating your own plugs?

      Thanks for the infos.

  13. I use 8 or 10mm solid 316 stainless bar; then turn and drill the plug to my specification (while straight) in my lathe. With an integrated shoulder (which sets the rotation stop).

    Secondly: Screw the plug into the tube section and carefully mark the top with a maker. The plug is the hand curved in a vice. That part takes some finesse and experience. One could use a proper bending jig, but I don’t have one.

    Finally I polish the plug on rotating buffs, using the right mops and cutting compound for 316. Most of this is very basic engineering, I just finish it well.

    Neither nickel or chromium cause me any problems, so 316 is fine. Turning titanium is a similar process, BUT you need to cut it VERY SLOWLY or the surface hardens and you break your cutters. Titanium bar stock is available on Ebay. Perhaps I should try some.

  14. Hello,
    I’ve just received my new chastity device with urethral plug. This one looks exactly like the locker, but has a 8mm plug with a 10mm ball at the end.
    Well the I urine leakage when peeing is gone with that new ball size.
    From your video inserting your locker, it seems it goes very easily in. On mine, the ball “plops” in, there is a slight resistance at the entrance of the urethra.
    So if you have excessive leakage on your device, it’s possible that you actually need a larger plug and ball.

  15. Other observation, the ball size has a direct effect on security. If the ball “plops” in, you will have a very hard time removing it without unlocking the device. On mine it is actually impossible for me, even with a very flaccid penis.

  16. The urine passing around doesn’t really bug me that much. I think a little it probably good for keeping things cleaned out. I’d still go a bit larger had I to do over, though, for both the ball and the tube.

  17. Update on the situation: well, after a few days of wearing, the device is again not escape proof anymore. Seems like the entrance of my urethra has adapted and now I can once again remove the plug easily even with the device locked.
    Well, the pleasure of wearing it remains, it feels like nothing I’ve ever tried before, so I keep wearing it anyway.
    Still, my next device will be a custom REAL Locker02 with a 8mm plug / 1cm ball that extends at least 2cm past the “ball” ring and also a smaller ball ring. Hopefully that is possible.

      1. Well, there must be one point where you can’t pull it out anymore… since you will be stopped by your balls.
        Maybe you’re right and this would require a way too long plug to be safe…

  18. I have the Steel heart with the pa fixing like the one you have. Can the looker2 use the same pa fixing to lock the device on? it looks like it would work. Also do you have an opinion on weather or not to get the tube detachable? Thanks,

    1. The continuous PA fixing goes through a PA ring but with the L02 the urethra is occupied by the insert. You can’t have the insert in there and the PA ring. The biggest downside to having the insert made removable is the big knob it makes at the end of the cage. Not only do I personally not like the looks of it, it probably makes the device less easily hidden under clothing.

  19. I bought the Looker 02 and it arrived yesterday and I’m having all sorts of issues with it. Firstly my penis goes all erect before the bulb part has even touched. I’m not sure if I bought the wrong sized cock ring but it feels snug. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Arghh! There are several tests you can do to work through the problem. But first, have you ever tried SOUNDS, to find out what size of plug you can insert safely? User a calliper to check the diameter of the bulb on the end of the plug. You should also check the A ring size and compare it to any device you have worn before.
      Perhaps you are simply going too fast. Try wearing the Ring only, for a while. You will soon discover if it is too tight. Only try to insert the plug, once you are properly relaxed. Getting the Insert in – and the cage on – requires this. If you chose the removable Insert – you could unscrew it and try wearing the cage without it – for the moment. If you still have a problem, I will comment further.

      1. Hi Paul,
        The bulb part seems to make it through the Urethra Opening but beyond that starts to tense up. I’m relaxed whilst doing it and there is no pain but not a lot seems to happen.

  20. hi,on stellworks web site i see a ring that could be inserted on penis prior to insert cage,ive never seen someone wearing that extra ring

  21. Great. My new Master will have me to wear such a Looker 02 to keep me chaste, including that urethra tube to impale my penis. The prospect is a bit terrifying, I must confess, but if I understood your review well, I shouldn’t worry.

    1. I would make sure the tube has a larger diameter than the default. It’ll make peeing way easier. And I’d consider removing the bulb from the end. It takes time getting used to that and the only irritation I ever had wearing it was due to the bulb. I think it’d be better if the insert was just the smoothed off end of the tube. But I’ve never tried it that way. But no, don’t worry. It looks scarier than it is.

      1. You mean a bigger diameter than their standard? What is their standard diameter? On the pic the tube already looks rather wide. Is even more wider not very painful and difficult to insert?

        1. I don’t recall the standard tube diameter, but it could be at least 50% wider and still be comfortable. Insertion is pretty easy actually. I like the sensation.

          1. It indeed must be a very special sensation. Yesterdau y came across a small clip of a steelwerk chastity tube with urethra rod, and the guy who got it applied gave a reaction showing je didn’t know what what happening to him at the very moment the rod was inserted into his dick. Looking forward AND fearing this very special moment…. You wrote about the painful bulb at the end. Is it indeed removable???

  22. One can indeed wear it for really extended periods without problems? so to say 24/7/365? ( if I’m right your thread was written very short after you got yours, so at that moment you couldn’t talk about that aspect)

  23. Thanx. I will consider not taking the bulb at the end, ans will ask Steelworxx if that indeed is possible. And regarding my second question, about 24/7/365? What are your experiences in that respect?

  24. Good to hear. And what do you recommand as the length for the urethra insert? I suppose that for maximal security it should be rather long, but i can imagine that for long-wear comfort it shouldn’t.

  25. I meanwhile had some contact with the maker, he wrote most Masters make their slaves wear one that reaches 1,5 cm beyond the cock ring, or even further…. So really far inside….How long is your urethra insert?

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