Enforced denial basics

Over the years, a lot of basic advice on the topic of enforced denial and male chastity has been imparted on these pages. Here’s a quick way to get to the heart of it.

Why in the hell?: What would motivate someone to subject themselves to enforced male chastity? I try and answer that.

Meditations for the chastity submissive: Five meditations that make living in permanent chastity easier.

The two types of men in chastity: You might start as one and end up the other.

Random thoughts about sex: Our preconceptions about what sex is or isn’t can get in the way of integrating chastity or orgasm denial in a relationship.

The Rules: As in, the rules Belle has established that govern my sexual behavior.

Keyholding 101: Thoughts on keyholding from the point of view of a guy whose key is being held. See also: Reflections on the care and feeding of a locked penis-having person

The “best” male chastity device: A newly updated buying guide for those considering a male chastity device.

How to measure for a male chastity device: It’s complicated and nuanced, just like you.

Use it or lose it? Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but does chastity make the dick grow smaller?

The campfire rule: Sexual desire doesn’t build in a straight line when you’re denied and/or locked-up long-term nor does satisfaction arrive as you might expect. Eventually, the way your desire works changes and evolves.

The Mailbag: People ask me questions. I answer them in a semi-regular installment called Mailbag.

The Stocking Method: Getting a squishy thing like a penis into plastic and silicone devices can be tricky. Here’s how you do it.

For information about specific male chastity devices, visit the Male Chastity Device Reviews page.