Post-Election Erection

With both Virginia and Florida going Obama’s way, I dodged a bullet and stayed free. Until, that is, she had a different idea. She started her period and decided that, as long as she’s imprisoned by biology, I’ll be imprisoned by technology. Seems fair to me.

The other day over on FetLife, I started a topic looking for advice regarding my previously mentioned issues with sleeping while locked up. Lot’s of good advice over there, but the best comment came from chastitygoddess who said:

As others have said, it takes some time to adjust. But what is important is you re-channel your feelings from ‘throbbing, painful erections’ in your device to relishing the delight of ‘throbbing manhood held in your keyholders embrace.’

She’s absolutely right, of course. And I think that’s where I am. It’s not that I don’t like the feeling of being encased in chastity – I absolutely do relish it – it’s that it was keeping me up and making me lose sleep. Until last night.

I awoke just once (that I can remember) and didn’t get out of bed until after Belle’s alarm went off. Of course, I had major morning wood. It was so bad, in fact, that I couldn’t even pee. My shaft was squeezed shut by the trapped erection. I was able to force urine out in tight bursts, but not enough to empty my bladder. Chalk up another new sensation to enforced chastity.

Today, I’m wearing boxers and the loosest pants I have and I must say I’m extremely comfortable. A few times I’ve forgotten I’m packing plastic. If I had a few more pants like these and could sleep more or less though the night, I could stay in this thing indefinitely. Just don’t tell Belle, k?