HNThumper LXXIV: Waterlogged

I got a new app for my iPhone called Waterlogue (which apparently isn’t that new to everyone else) that makes pictures look like watercolored paintings. Typically I don’t go for apps that do gimmicky things to photos like that, but for some reason this one I like. Here are a few decidedly non-HNT examples…

Muir Woods

The neighbor’s oak tree in fall

Sailboat off the coast of St. John, USVI

These were all pretty enough pictures by themselves but their rendering as watercolors looks very realistic to my eye. Not every picture is a good candidate for this treatment, but what about HNT? Follow the jump to find out…
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HNThumper LXX: Further faux clit action

In the shower this morning and, yet again, I found myself fingering the wet ‘n soapy penis in the Steelheart like it was a clit. Like last time, I was thoroughly enjoying myself when I realized I was breaking the “no playing with it” rule. Sigh. And after just saying how Belle can trust me.

In any event, I captured the following image of my hot, forbidden, faux clit action.

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HNThumper LXIX: Rubbing day

I’m going to get a massage today. This is a Good Thing™ but, as usual, I’m carrying some steel between my legs and my masseuse is not privy to that info. As a result, I have to bust open my emergency key since Belle’s in Hong Kong until next week.

This is a perennial struggle for me. Right now, today, the last thing I want is to see the penis. I’m so grooving on being locked up I’d be more likely to break the key in the lock than use it to escape, but that’s what I have to do because I’m not an asshole. I woke up this morning gripping the hard, hot steel around the remnants of my morning wood and felt that electric craving for its contents buzzing in my chest wrapped in an insulation of submissive contentment. I know I have to get out for an hour this afternoon. I know it. But the spoiled little rabbit inside me does not want to! NO! DON’T WANNA!!

[insert adorable little fuzzy foot stomp]

FullSizeRender 27Bah. Whatever. To keep the chain of custody in order, here’s a picture of the key safe with its current numbered tag along with the tag Belle left me to resecure the key before I leave the massage room when I’m done being rubbed by the adorable hipster I pay to do it. I will not unlock myself until I’m getting undressed for the rubbing and I’ll immediately relock myself before getting dressed and leaving the room. Later, I’ll post a picture of the key with it’s new number.

And yeah, I know it’s not Thursday, but if you can stand yet another fucking picture of me in the Steelheart, I have one waiting for you after the jump…

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