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I know, you’re not really viewers, you’re actually readers. Whatever.

Ive been reading your blog on and off again for a couple years now.  Great reading.

A question for the steelheart: does your pa ever get caught between the tube and the retaining bar?

I’ve owned a cb3k and switched to the 6k a while back. I have the security cable from keptforher and when I used as instructed, it caused some bleeding from my pa not being able to move when flaccidity set in. So I thought, put the cable in the inside. Works okay, but as the ring rides the cable down and I get hard again, sometimes it will catch around mid tube and as I keep growing it can be painful. Lately I’ve just been putting on more lube and it works.

I’ve had my eye on the steelheart when i read about it on your blog. Wife loves the look of it. Just haven’t taken the leap to buying one. Don’t want the back and forth to Germany if something goes wrong.

Thanks for the blog. Insightful.

Short answer, yes, there is occasional pinching. Since I can’t see what’s going on in there, my guess is that some portion of foreskin remnant and/or the little strip of meat between the PA and penis slit get’s trapped between the bar and the tube wall. This is most annoying in the early AM hours since it’s all too compressed to do anything about, but when the internals are depressurized, usually all it takes is a pull and a twist (in one direction or the other) to sort things out.

My experience with cables is much the same as yours, though I never bled. I also experimented extensively with different types of cables and varying lengths and even putting it inside, but it was never good. I think the biggest diference between the cable inside a CB6K and the bar inside the Steelheart is that there’s just more room in the Steelheart tube. It’s cylindrical rather than oval and things can move around in it more easily. As you’ve found, the ability for it to move along the fixing and not be stuck at the end of the tube is critical.

The going back to Germany thing is a pain, but the end result is really worth is. You may want to consider Mature Metal if you’re concerned about the back and forth, though they don’t have a model equivalent to the Steelheart. Which is a nice segue to the next question…

I’ve been following your blog for some time, and am using the CB3000. I do feel like swapping out to the steelheart like yourself.

Should I base the dimensions on my CB3000 fit? I’m not sure if I make it too small, and when my buddy turns super horny?

Can you give me some suggestions?

If you haven’t already read Steelheart vs. CB-6000, you should. There’s all kinds of stuff in there for people in your position.

I ordered my original SH according to my CB6K fitting and it turned out way too big. Both the A-ring and the tube. I eventually got a smaller ring that would have been nearly impossible to wear had it been multipart plastic. I can’t explain this definitively, but I suspect that the combination of how the steel interacts with skin (less grippy) and the less severe shape (not squared off) make the SH ring significantly more comfortable (the same would be true for any steel device, not just the SH).

For me, the difference was 5mm in the A-ring. I wore the 45mm combination in the CB6K and have a 40mm ring on the SH. I think you could easily knock 3mm off from your plastic fitting. With regard to the tube, it’s not so easy. That’s a more customized thing. I think the best measuring advice I’ve seen is on the Mature Metal site. Remember that a tube which allows for less growth of your erection is, in my experience and as illogical as this sounds, more comfortable.

Princess Annie (whose blog you should check out), asked in an email:

Thumper, this is one of my central questions. How do I know if my boy, my pet, has ejaculated without me? He could lie – you could’ve lied. I can act like I will know… but I wouldn’t really. hmmmm…

Tricky. My answer is, if he’s a good actor, you can’t know. Absent a secure device, there’s just no telling. You have to trust him and he has to commit to accepting the control he’s presumably give to you. There are times when he’ll be weak and will succumb to temptation. We’ve all been there. If and when those times happen, he will need to be honest with you and admit them as soon as possible. If he doesn’t, then he’s not a good fit for that kind of relationship.

Practically, you need to be a keen observer of his personality. What is he like when you know he’s been chaste? What is he like after you let him come? That kind of thing. Other than that, I’m afraid I don’t have much for you.

This one was submitted via The Portfolio:

Hey Thumper. I always enjoy your Portfolio and I have wondered about the mix /selection of pictures as it relates to your chastity lifestyle. Do you know the ratio of heterosexual images vs. homo erotic images? Do you find that you post more homo erotic images the longer you are locked up? Or do you find that the less attention that Belle is able to give you the more you fantasize about guys and pegging and the like. – Just Curious

Regarding the mix of hetero vs. homo imagery I post from day to day, to be honest, it really depends on what I find on my dashboard in the morning. I follow 366 372 different Tumblrs of all kinds and some days the mix is heavier on the boobs and beavers and some days it’s more cocks and hanging nutsacks. I try to keep things mixed up, but I only have so much time in the day to look at porn (alas). I don’t know the exact ratio, though it’s probably slightly more gay than straight. For whatever reason, gay porn has always been more stimulating to me than straight so I’m sure it gets favored over time. However, with the addition of the Pit Stop, I’ve found some male images going there rather than on The Portfolio (meaning the female ratio should be going up).

Regarding how my chastity affects what I post, I know it does, but I’m not sure I can tell you how exactly. I post more the hornier I am. I think I usually post more graphic images when I’m really in the soup than at other times when I might favor more arty compositions. I think I end up feeling more crude and base. I’ve written before that being locked up makes me more fascinated with pictures of cocks. I get kind of entranced by images of guys jacking off and I’ll watch a whole video only to see the shooting at the end (though I try to never post an image of a guy coming on The Portfolio). I always vacillate in the middle of the Kinsey scale, so I don’t know how I feel is different or the same as other guys, though anecdotally, it seems as though chastity and long term denial can make nominally heterosexual men more interested in images of other men (which supports my contention that all people are, if only a little, bisexual).

The Steelheart returns

Back on the 15th of December, Dietmar shipped the modified Steelheart back to me. I had sent it to him sometime around the 23rd of November. Based on the amount of time it took to receive it the first time, I didn’t expect to see it again until after the New Year, but lo and behold, there is was all nestled in my mailbox yesterday evening. A Christmas miracle.

new_sh_rings-pTo summarize, I had wanted two things done to the device. First, the original A-ring turned out to be too big. Even though it was roughly the same size as the 45 mm ring I had grown accustomed to on the CB6K, it turns out that 45 mm of steel is not the same as 45 mm of polycarbonate. For one, the Steelheart’s ring is thinner than the CB6K’s and doesn’t grip the same. Also, the Steelheart is significantly heavier (duh). Also also, the CB6K’s ring, being made up of a top section designed to fit all the differently sized bottom ring sections, ends up not being round. It’s 45 mm from side to side, but less than that from top to bottom. So anyhoo, I wanted a smaller ring. My options under 45 mm were 42, 40, 38, and 36 mm. The 42 would have been better, but I decided to go with 40. Thirty-eight and 36 seemed ridiculously small.

new_sh_fixins-pThe second modification I asked for was a new PA fixing design. The original fixing didn’t work for me. My PA ring kept slipping off the end. I sent Dietmar a drawing of a continuous design that would allow the cock to be withdrawn partially (even mostly) but would not allow it to come all the way out. This seemed a good compromise to me between security and comfort.

So as soon as I realized what the unexpected little box in the mail was, I rushed off to the bathroom to open it in private. Even though Belle had said on Saturday she wanted me back in a device, we had both forgotten to put me in it on Sunday. I was free to test out the fit. First off, 5 mm is a pretty big deal. I found getting the ring on involved a second or two of testicle twinge as the second ball popped through. It’s a very snug fit. Getting the cock though, even when totally flaccid, required a fair bit of pulling and squashing. I find the device sits a lot higher now, though I need to lubricate the ring to avoid discomfort. Sleeping is very different now in that the ring bites a lot harder into the base of the erection and also pulls against the balls causing a fair bit of testicle pain. This may sound like a negative, but I found the old fit to be too forgiving. It never got close to waking me up at night and never caused me a bit of discomfort, even when fully erect. Personally, I like a tolerable amount of discomfort from a chastity device. The new smaller ring makes the Steelheart just a bit more intense than the CB6K was. Just on the edge of what I can tolerate.

I’m very happy with the fixing so far. In short, when wearing my 4ga captive ball ring, the new fixing turns the Steelheart into that most mythical of chastity devices: totally escape proof. I mean it, totally. I can only open my PA ring with a heavy tool and I can’t get that tool down into the tube where the ring is. The cock will only slide out so far before it stops and starts to pull on the piercing. I could probably get hard with it partially pulled out, but then what? The head of the cock would still be inside and pulling against the rail of the fixing. In short, I now have a system of stainless steel parts going though and around the cock that interlock in such a way as to make any kind of stimulative access totally impossible. This is not a toy. I cannot break it off and I don’t have any tools that can cut though the steel. When it’s on, it’s not ever coming off without the key. In other words, totally fucking hot.

I had a dream last night that after pulling the cock out to show Belle how secure it was that it somehow pulled though the piercing and ripped the PA ring out. That freaked me the fuck out. Like, big time. I woke up kind of shaky and groping at the device to make sure it had just been a dream and that I was still whole. So yeah, hot, but also very serious. I don’t need to convince myself anymore how secure my device is. Even my subconscious gets it.

This morning, I took the device off so I could take the pictures included in this post, then I put the Steelheart back on. Belle had left me with the key just in case, but I handed it over this morning. I suspect I won’t see it again for a long time.

A year of piercedness

Subtitle: In which Thumper overshares regarding his penile piercing.

Susan’s Pet left this in the comments recently:

I just want to remind you that your anniversary of your PA piercing is coming up. I am not saying what you should do, but, you know, giving thanks where thanks are due would be all right.

First things first. How thoughtful of you, remembering like that! It totally would have gone over my head you not said something. Second, I’m not sure where thanks are due (other than to the skilled professional that punched a hole in my urethra to begin with and Belle for being OK with letting it happen), but sure, I’m giving them.

I suppose it’s not a bad time to stop and elaborate a bit on what living with a Prince Albert piercing it like. However, I think it’s also worth noting that the one attached to me is not your typical pierced cock. Most notably, of course, is the fact that (especially recently) it’s been safely ensconced in some kind of chastity device for the majority of the time. I suspect normal guys would have slightly different experiences.

So here’s the good stuff.

  • It’s really hot.
  • It’s a beautiful thing.
  • Under the right conditions, it allows for a more secure enforced chastity experience.

Of course, the first two points are totally subjective. I think a cock with a thick stainless hoop through the end is incredi-fucking-sexy. Belle, apparently, is OK with it but hasn’t ever let on that she’s as enamored of it as I am. As for the chastity security, as I’ve written fairly extensively, it doesn’t work for me the same way it works for most people (that is, with a cable strung though the hoop outside the tube and affixed by the device’s lock). When the Steelheart comes back with its custom PA fixing, I believe security will be pretty near perfect, but it’s taken me a year of trial and error to figure that out.

Now, the negatives.

  • Peeing is not as straightforward as before. I used to be able to pee through the CB6K at a urinal with a high degree of success, but the extra hole in the dick and the disruption of the stream by the jewelry has forever removed that option. Even when not locked, extra care has to be taken to ensure that the piss doesn’t splash back onto my pants or that a second stream doesn’t get started spraying in an odd direction. The funny thing about piss is, since it’s at your body temperature, you can’t always be sure where it’s going without keeping an eye on it. I’ve become fairly adept at successfully using a urinal (while unlocked, of course), but, just like border patrolling, the order of the day is “constant vigilance”. While we’re on the subject, I can also report that another quirky aspect of peeing while pierced is that separate streams can form from each hole (mostly through the natural one, of course) and the new hole is positioned perfectly to douse my scrotum when I’m sitting down. The way to avoid that is pretty much the same thing I do when standing up. By placing my finger behind the hole and pushing a bit of foreskin against the piercing, it will usually block the hole enough to make the stream just a steady drip. Now you know more than you ever wanted about the urination habits of Prince Albert.
  • On the relatively rare occasions I’ve had to masturbate with the ring in, I’ve found that it’s pretty easy to aggravate the tissue around and inside the urethra. For a long time, I assumed that this would go away in time as the flesh toughened up, but as Belle’s aggressive milking demonstrated just the other night, it appears to be a permanent risk. It’s entirely possible, I suppose, that a guy with a more normal masturbation schedule (or, for that matter, more plentiful opportunities to use his cock in any number of ways I can’t) would find the discomfort subsiding eventually, but that guy’s not me by a long shot. I find that if I leave my pointer finger more relaxed while masturbating and let it pass over or just graze the ring that the sensation is even more enjoyable than before I was pierced, but if I attempt to jack off the old fashioned way (all five fingers evenly grasping), I’m asking for trouble. Since the piercing healed, I haven’t experienced any discomfort from fucking, but then again, I also can’t say being pierced has significantly improved that sensation.

Currently, I mostly wear a 4ga trapped-ball ring. I started out at 8ga, slipped back to 10ga due to an unfortunate accident, then clicked up to 6ga for quite a while. I don’t think I’ll go above 4ga. I think anything bigger would look out of proportion. The thickness of 4ga is just about perfect, IMO.

After ten HNThumpers, I’ve never actually shown “the full monty”, as it were. I’ve shown the 6ga ring in detail, I’ve shown the cock obscured and distorted and secured (twice), but in trying to respect the “half nekkid” part of the HNT, I’ve never shown you the entire package in a straightforward way. Until today. I figure, after writing in nearly 900 words about my PA piercing, it’s only fair to let you take a peek. So here you go. Obviously, NSFW.

In balance, I have to say after my first year of piercedness that I’m happy I did it. It can be a bit of a pain causing complications and discomfort, but at the end of the day, I find it so hot that it’s totally worth living with the negative consequences.

Moving right along

I’ve exchanged a few emails with Dietmar at Steelworxx. Not only is he making me a new and smaller A-ring, but he’s also working up a custom PA fixing. It’s similar to the regular one, except mine will run continuously from one post to the other (in a long U-shape) and be open on top (so it can be run through the PA ring). It won’t maintain the PA ring’s position at the bottom of the tube, but it will make it impossible (with the right ring) to fully remove the cock from the tube. It’s the same idea as the PA wire I fixed up a little while back, except in steel. It’ll look a little less MacGyver, a little more Cyberman.

I told Belle last night that, except for a day or two here and there to heal, she’s had me locked up almost continuously for a month (in three different devices, no less). She didn’t seem to think that was very interesting. Before our Mexico trip, I was locked up for a similar amount of time (though there was a 10 day to 2 week break around the trip, I think). I haven’t counted up the days with any specificity, but it seems like my default condition now is to be locked up with only special occasions where she lets me out. This is a fairly significant escalation over previous months where I’d be secured 50% of the time (or less). It would be 100% now, except for the occasional injuries.

This increased frequency is entirely attributable to Belle. There have been several times recently where, had I been able to choose, I would have stayed out but she was determined to put me in. I now believe she prefers to leave me locked up. All residual guilt or worry or insecurity seems to be gone. A year ago, I would have wanted nothing more. Now that it’s transpired, I have decidedly mixed feelings about it. It’s all good, of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But I now realize that 1) I really don’t have any control over wearing a device, and 2) it’s left the realm of über hawt fantasy and entered the more mundane world of the every day.

I said yesterday that I was “fully accepting that we’ll only have sex according to her needs.” This, too, is slightly different than my previous outlook. Before, I’d say something like I was “fully accepting that she controls our sex” and that’d be true, but adding the nuance that not only was she controlling it, but that it was only happening when she needed it is a new way of looking at it for me. Maybe I’ve talked around this before without knowing it or maybe it’s been assumed by my readers, but saying to one’s self that “I want sexual relief, but she’s not letting me have it” is very different than “I want sexual relief, but she doesn’t, so I’m not getting any.” A lot of this wraps back into the idea that my sexuality has been subsumed into hers, I guess. I’m sure I’m not saying it very well, but I think it’s amazing that even after more than year of playing around with this that it continues to evolve.

Last night, we tossed and turned quite a bit. She was dealing with jet lag while I was dealing with arousal. At one point, I wanted to wrap around her and feel the hard plastic press into her ass, but she was facing me and spooning a pillow. I couldn’t get a good vector and eventually rolled over to face the other direction. The cock was really hard, not because of any routine physiological reason, but because I was fucking horny. I wanted her so bad, but what “want” means I cannot say. My stifled needs and desires burned in my chest. And, I have to admit, it felt good.

3.6 times hotter

In the comments to Security wankie (did anyone get that pun?), reader Wally shared some helpful experiences with the Steelheart, including this on security:

As for security may I suggest you go to a jeweler and have them make you a small chain with two closed loops on each end. These loops are small enough to go though the hole in the end of your tube, but large enough for one to go around your piecing jewelry and the other end go over one of the side alignment pins of your Steelheart. Basically the chain in installed on the end of your piercing ring and the chain goes down inside the tube out though the hole outside and up to the alignment pin. The chain will be long enough to allow your member to move up and down the tube freely but short enough not to allow pull out.

My issues with this idea are threefold. First, I need my device to be as quiet as possible. I imagine having a lovely chain coming out the end of the tube and running up the side would result in some noises. The noise, in and of itself, kinda turns me on as it’s an ever-present reminder of my chastity, but when you’ve got a couple of small kids in the house (or any size kids, I suppose), mysterious clanking is a problem. The other problem I have with Wally’s solution is that the chain, strung through the hole in the tube, would ruin my ability to pee vertically. The chain, I’m sure, would disrupt the stream and lead part of it off to the side. Having to sit to pee isn’t a deal-breaker since I’ve been doing it for months, but I really, really like using urinals. Finally, I’d be worried about the chain moving freely up and down the tube as the cock contracted and expanded. I am totally incapable of using any solution that pulls on my piercing.

Which is why I liked the Steelworxx PA fixing so much. Its design, inside the tube, allowed my piercing to move up and down the length of the fixing resulting in practically no pulling. However, that’s also the fatal flaw of its design since only one side of the fixing is fixed. The other has a little hook that, I assume, is supposed to keep the ring from sliding off. It doesn’t work. Even without trying to, my little buddy can escape the fixing shortly after being placed onto it.

So, to summarize, what I need is a way to secure the PA ring that doesn’t pull, doesn’t ruin vertical peeing, and doesn’t make noise but does make it difficult, if not impossible, to pull the dick out. I think I’ve got a solution.

What I’ve done is revisit the PA cable concept (the saga starts here), except this time, I’ve run the cable down the inside of the tube, not the outside. Then, I run the loops out and over the top of the device and secure them on the opposite side’s alignment pin (I’ll post a picture later to help make this clear). I run the loops on the outside since the aluminum ferrules I used to make them would be very uncomfortable sharing the tube with the tender secured meat. Hooking them to the opposite side’s pin helps keep the stiff cable from pulling out and getting out of position. The cable hugs the entire inside of the tube so the PA ring can slide around like the rings of a shower curtain. As long as it’s not immediately in front of the hole, it doesn’t get in the way of the stream. As long as it doesn’t come up and out the tube, it’s doesn’t pull on the ring. Since it’s coated in plastic and the ring is acrylic, it’s very quiet. So far, there’s been very little pinching or other discomfort (though I’ve only been wearing it for about 24 hours now).

Of course, it’s not perfect. I can slide most of the cock out of the tube, but it’s pretty uncomfortable to do so. Since it allows me to access the acrylic PA ring and since the ball is easily removed by hand, this is not total security, but it pushes off quite a bit farther any “accidental” slipping out of the tube. The only way I could get out now would be to disassemble part of the apparatus that secures me which is a hard limit in my mind. I could improve the security by using a stainless PA ring which, at 4 gauge, has a ball that cannot typically be inserted or removed by hand, but the metal would introduce clanking, so that’s a nonstarter. Also, I don’t think it’s necessary.

While I had the tube off yesterday, I took the opportunity to sand down the sharp edges of the brass locking mechanism. This proved to be a major improvement as the lock no longer cuts into me. Also, I’ve decided that the A-ring I ordered is too big. Even though it’s exactly the same size as the CB6K ring I was using before, due to its different design and material, it’s just too big. The whole device hangs too low when my balls descend. With the cable in place, this isn’t a huge problem, but it just doesn’t feel right since I’ve gotten used to the snug, closer fit of the CB6K. Dietmar says I’ll have to send the entire thing back to get a new ring since part of the lock is on the ring and part is on the tube. He’ll need both to make sure they fit properly. That sucks, but I get it. As soon as Belle decides I’m out for a while, I’m going to send it back and use the chrome CB6K in the interim.

So there you go. A thousand words about security on the heels of a post where I suggested security isn’t all that big of a deal. As I said, security = hotness. With the cable in place, the Steelheart is 3.6 times hotter than it was without. At least for me.

Further Steelheart Nerdery

In a comment to HNThumper X, Billus asked:

I’d be interested in how the ring size compares with whatever ring you were using on the CB6K. Did you simply measure the plastic ring, or disregard it completely and determine the steel ring size some other way? Same with the spacing. It seems like with all the trial and error involved with a plastic CB, you have to get the steel one absolutely right the first time.

When I ordered the Steelheart, I pretty much used the CB6K measurements I had settled into (shortest spacer, middle ring). For the circumference of the tube, I went with the measurement provided for the CB6K, though as anyone who owns one knows, it’s wider than it is tall. For tube length, I measured my CB6K configuration and subtracted 5mm since the CB6K’s tube is tapered and there’s a bit of wasted space toward the end that never gets filled.

What I’ve ended up with is a much more forgiving device than the CB6K, though it looks more severe. Even though the tube is shorter, the internal volume is greater due to the the Steelheart’s tube being closer to a true circle in shape versus the CB6K’s oval. In addition, since the Steelheart’s tube is blunt and rounded, I find erections fill it more efficiently. I have no way of knowing this for sure, but I’d guesstimate that only about 40-50% of my erection could fill the CB6K while it feels like closer to 60-70% fills the Steelheart. It’s an entirely different sensation. The CB6K was rather brutal in the way it arrested erections and ended up stuffing a lot of it back up into my body. With the Steelheart, I have the sensation of achieving something close to a full erection, though with a satisfying amount of restraint. Due to that and the more lifelike curve of the tube, I find myself stroking the Steelheart more like a real cock when I’m hard. All for nothing, of course, since I can’t feel anything. It’s significantly frustrating, though in a different way.

In retrospect, I might have been able to move to a smaller ring and tighter tube, but the jump from where I was to the next size down seemed pretty steep. I might order a smaller ring at some point (assuming I don’t need to send the whole thing back for that), but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Other random observations:

  • I’m struck by the heat of the device. The plastic tube of the CB6K did warm, obviously, but the steel seems to take on a heat all it’s own. At night, under the covers, it’s downright hot to the touch. Almost like a separate living thing. Also, it get’s noticeably hotter during erections, especially on top. These are all nicely sensual bonuses I hadn’t really expected.
  • Keeping it clean is more difficult. I’m not sure if it’s just because the Steelheart is harder to get into due to the one little hole or if it’s some difference in how the steel holds on to fluid more than the plastic, but I do more often get that “not so fresh” feeling now. I’ll need to clean more thoroughly and more often.
  • fixinMy previous comment about the PA fixing being “marvelous” was premature. It’s true that, when the PA ring is secured, I can’t feel a thing. It’s awesome. However, the damned ring doesn’t stay on the fixing. At some point I’ll post a picture, but As you can see in the picture, the fixing consists of thick stainless wire that runs down the left side of the tube and curves across the end before coming back up the right side a little. I think the issue is it doesn’t come far enough back up the right side since I know the PA ring is in place when I put it on, but it’s always slipped off when I check later. This is a significant disappointment. However…
  • Regarding security in general, the Steelheart is only a little less secure than the CB6K. To be fair, the stock CB6K, even when fitted properly, comes off pretty easily (at least for me). Had I a slightly smaller tube or ring, I suspect the Steelheart would be about the same. Since the device is not the primary way in which Belle keeps me chaste, this is not a deal breaker, but I, like so many other chastity enthusiasts, still crave total security since, you know, it’s way hotter.
  • I find myself using hardly any lubrication at all with the Steelheart. The steel just seems to interact differently with my skin so that I don’t really need it. This improves security a bit and, I’ve found, also allows the device to sit up a little higher. I think anyone using a steel trapped-ball device like this one and lubing it up like a plastic one will be disappointed in how totally insecure it feels. Less lube should also translate to better hygiene, so perhaps that’ll help offset the other issues I’ve had.
  • I created a short video demonstrating how the integrated lock works. The only place I could find to host it (for free) was Xtube. If you can put up with all the shit going on elsewhere on the page and are interested in seeing how the lock works, check it out.

Other than that, everything’s hunky dory. I feel like I could wear this thing indefinitely and Belle and I are both very happy with how it looks. I’ll post further developments as they unfold…

Steelworxx Steelheart first impressions

brass and stainless

I’ve been wearing the new Steelworxx Steelheart for a little over eight hours now. Long enough to make some initial impressions:

  • Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot heavier than the CB6K. Duh, it’s made of steel, right? Not too heavy, but very noticeably there all the time (especially now since it’s new and all). The CB6K could feel very airy sometimes and kinda spacey while the Steelheart is incredibly dense.
  • I find it sits lower than the CB6K. I think that’s partly because of the weight, but also probably due to differences in the Steelheart’s ring. The CB6K’s A-ring is very thick and, I’ve found, holds on pretty well to the skin beneath. The Steelheart’s is just a steel ring. Kind like a thin cock ring, but with a weight welded on.
  • The integrated lock (seen above) is nice and sleek creating a much lower profile than the padlock used with the CB6K. A brass lock slides into a chamber made from parts welded to the ring and the tube fitted together. The end of it turns toward the body, holding it in place. Very cool. However, I’ve found the edges of the exposed brass part to be friggin’ sharp. If the lock get’s turned up and into the flesh, you can feel it. This happens more often than you might think. When I have a chance, I’m going to take the business end of my Dremel to those edges.
  • The PA fixing is (so far) marvelous. I can hardly tell it’s there. Actually, it’s more noticeable when the cock is hard than when it’s flaccid. On the CB6K, the ring in the PA has to drop through the slot in order to be secured with a cable. For me, that’s extends the cock too far and puts a slight yet intolerable amount of pressure on the piercing. On the Steelheart, the fixing is in a position relatively higher up the tube. When flaccid, there’s no sensation of pulling at all, but I do feel a bit of a pinch when hard, though so far it’s not proven to be that big of a deal.
  • I’m pretty sure that without the PA fixing, I could slide the Steelheart off with no trouble at all. Those of you who obsess over security and who aren’t pierced, beware.
  • I’ve found the steel to be incredibly sensual. It’s smooth and hard and warm and much more organic feeling than the plastic of the CB6K. In addition, the tube of the Steelheart curves a lot more than the CB6K. Somehow, it ends up looking more natural. Even Belle thinks so.
  • The tube of the Steelheart hides much better than the tube of the CB6K. I think this is partly because of the enhanced curve of the tube, but also because the device hangs lower. When sitting, it’s either invisible or looks very natural (like a slightly larger than normal bulge). The CB6K, with its flared head, strikes a much more noticeable profile. However, I found I need to switch to some fairly snug underwear to control the unnatural looking sway of the heavy metal.

I’m sure I’ll have lots more to say about it as time goes one. Tonight will be the first real test as the penile plumbing goes through a full cycle at about 4:30 AM. I will eventually get around to writing it all out, comparing it as much as possible to the CB6K since I have lots of experience wearing that and it’s so popular, along with many pictures. In the mean time, it’s…ah…well, kinda busy.

If you want to see a picture of it in situ, then you should be one of my Facebook friends of follow me on Twitter (links at the bottom of the page). I posted a sneak peek there. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until Thursday.


The other night at dinner, I offhandedly asked Belle if I could get a steel device. Even though the chrome CB6K was supposed to be the (relatively) inexpensive way to scratch my stainless steel itch, I’ve still been hankering for a real metallic solution. To my surprise, she told me to tell her how much one would be and she’d think about it.

100011_bThis morning, I priced out a Steelworxx Steelheart device from Germany. I spec’d it with a 45 mm A-ring and a tube 35 mm in diameter with a 105 mm total length. This is comparable to the combination of spacer and ring I’m currently sporting, though the tube is a bit shorter to account for some space in the end of the CB6K that never get’s filled. I added an integrated lock to help reduce overall bulk and clankiness, a PA fixing, and a smooth, more rounded edge to the tube in order to make it more comfortable. All in, this ended up being €281.71 (plus €17 for international shipping). In real money, that turns into $424.91. Quite the investment, but if I’m wearing it 75% of the time (as I have been lately), it’ll average out over time.

I told Belle the damage and she told me to buy it. Just like that! Minutes later, I had completed the transaction and ordered my new steel chastity device. Within half an hour, I had received a personal confirmation from the proprietor of Steelworxx, Dietmar Posledni. Since the Steelheart has a round hole in the end of the tube, I requested a slot more like the one found in the CB6K so my PA ring can (occasionally) find a place to go when the meat’s filling the tube and Dietmar needed to know the measurements of what I wanted. This kind of prompt, personal service was something I had read as others had related their stories about Steelworxx devices. It certainly helps one feel as thought they’re getting their money’s worth.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to tolerate the PA security device, but I figured it was worth a shot. The “fixing”, as it’s called on the Steelworxx site, consists of a thin metal rod that it secured through the two pins on the tube which, in turn, lock into place on the A-ring. The rod appears to go down the left side of the tube before dropping down at the end and up the right side a bit. The PA ring goes over the rod and is fixed in place toward the end of the tube. To me, it looks like it’ll hold the ring higher up the tube than the PA cable does on my CB6K. Hopefully, that’ll result in a tolerable fit.

So anyway, that’s the story. I need to measure the slot in the CB6K’s tube and figure out if I want Dietmar to modify the standard design. I may decide to just leave it as is since I really, really like the look of the near-fully enclosed tube.

Self imprisonment

Belle let me out of the device on Sunday. It’d been nearly a week since she had some bunny lovin’ (due to her trip and a monster-long menstrual cycle) and she wanted her cock. She said it just like that. “Tonight, I want my cock.” Fucking awesome.

So she let me out and I cleaned it up, shaved, etc. I had that nagging insecurity regarding coming without permission, but it turns out she came so fast from my fingers that the issue never presented itself. After an appropriate amount of basking on her part, she told me I could go inside her. No coming, of course. Just like last time, I was overcome by gratitude. There’s the feeling of thankfulness, of course, but then there’s also this meta feeling that flows from that. The feeling of inequity and unfairness and how I, the husband, the traditional “head of household”, have so little control over my own sexual functions that I am forced into this position of servile gratitude simply over the chance to get the dick wet. Of course, that’s exactly where I want to be. Not emasculated, but harnessed. Restrained. Maintained.

In any event, I got very, very close to coming more than once. I love that feeling when the primal lizard urge to just keep going and come fires up and I have to struggle to reassert her control over me. And when she tells me it’s time to stop and I have to pull the throbbing meat out of her, cold and wet. It just says hard. Twenty, thirty minutes. Not bone hard, but there’s a plumpness to it that doesn’t seem to want to go away. My blind sexual instincts never seem to learn. I know there’s not chance of getting off (especially once she falls asleep), but the motor keeps purring just in case.

In the few days since, we haven’t had a chance to connect. Today, I’m at home alone and find myself extra super horny. So horny, that the urge to stimulate myself was becoming difficult to avoid. As I’ve written recently, I had this problem where I’d jack myself off, but never let me come. Doing so kept the hormonal levels high, but totally broke the link between my sexual gratification and Belle. She’s since expressly forbidden that behavior (again), so these thoughts were problematic. I decided to lock myself up as a preemptive measure. I couldn’t find her new lock or the keys (they’re not in the corner of her dresser drawer!) but I was able to scrounge around and find an open Master lock. Not a big fan of them since they’re kind of big, but at least it locks and I have no clue where the key is (on her keyring, I think). I was much more thoughtful this time around with regard to the device. The KSD-3G is in place, I used appropriately sized ring and my new O-ring and PA cable set-up. Very, very secure. No chance of rubbing one out (or even making the motions). When Belle comes home, she can decide if she wants me in it not, but at least I’ll be able to avoid making any mistakes in the mean time.