More PA cable madness

My obsession with increased chastity security via my PA piercing is well-documented. Last time, I had decided, once and for all, that a cable through my PA’s ring was not an option since the penis likes to move around in its tube over the course of the day and that movement causes a light yet persistent pulling against the piercing which, eventually, becomes intolerable.

But I keep thinking about it. Like, all the time. I hate the fact that, even with the KSD-3G, I could, if I really and truly wanted to, slip the cock out of the device (though I’m not entirety sure I’d get it back in). So the other day, I was thinking about something Tom did with o-rings and rubber bands (yes, he’s just that crafty). I didn’t use his method, not because I thought it would prove ineffective, but because I have hardware in the vicinity to work with that he doesn’t. His solution provided exactly the inspiration I needed to find what I think makes the CB6K perfectly secure.

Cable through o-ring through PA ring through flesh
Cable > o-ring > PA ring > flesh

I took an o-ring (not sure of the size, but I’ll add that when I get home) and put it into my PA ring before snapping it shut. The ring is big enough that it requires a tool to open, but brute force can close it. Then, with the little black ring dangling from my larger stainless one, I put the tube on and ran the PA cable though the o-ring. Once locked, the penis is perfectly secured. Yeah, I could always cut the o-ring, but I was never looking for a solution that couldn’t be defeated with tools. The entire device could be removed with the right tools, right? All I wanted was something that could not be defeated with nothing more than my hands and imagination. Now I have that.

I’m not in love with the MacGyver-esque look of it (at least it’s black), but I’m very please that, more than 24 hours after putting it into place, it feels no different than usual. So far, the penis hasn’t tried to move up into the tube far enough to cause any pulling whatsoever. I’m a very happy – and secure – rabbit.

PA cable project est morte

I put a bullet in the head of the brief-yet-storied PA cable project this morning. I cut the fucker off as soon as I got out of bed. At least for how I’m configured, I can’t see any way a cable through my PA ring will ever work as a permanent security measure. It’s just too painful, in the supernotsexy way. Either the ring is pulling on the piercing or the cable itself is poking into the spongy tissue of the penis head or pinching my scrotum or whatever. Maybe if you’re the kind of guy who’s flaccid state is on the longer side (a shower rather than a grower), it’d work. But if you’re like me and often see the resting version of your little buddy only filling about 60% of the CB6K tube, I think it’s a no go.

Belle unlocked me before she left for work so I could install the smaller A ring and the KSD-G3. I took the opportunity to clean myself and the device, shave, etc. As I withdrew the penis from the tube, I saw gobs of clear, thick fluid. And it just kept coming. I was careful not to handle the merchandise any more than necessary (I didn’t even get an erection), but the precum just kept leaking and leaking. I don’t know – maybe a tablespoon? It was crazy. Even now, 90 minutes later, I can feel little burps of the stuff oozing out every once in a while. So, uh, yeah. I’d say I’m pretty focused at the moment.

Anyway, I’m way over trying to wire the device to myself and am now content with having a pretty secure device as opposed to a totally secure one.


I won’t be trying anything for at least a week, though. Even if I’m not dealing with little cuts and it’s only abraded and raw, I need time to heal.

A week? A whole week? Nah. How about a day. Max.

I was soaking in the bath yesterday and realized, since I’m wearing the 1 7/8″ ring, that I could slip the tube off without hardly trying. Before, I would have shrugged it off, but now that I’ve had a taste of stainless steel enforced security, it’s totally unacceptable. You might be asking yourself what I’m going to do about it since I can’t unlock the thing. Turns out, you can wire yourself up pretty easily, even when locked, assuming you’re fabricating the cable at the same time.

It may eventually come to this.
It may eventually come to this.

The first approach I took was to loop the cable around the PA ring directly and then (a la Birdlock) loop it under my balls onto the CB6K’s ring. I figured the cable could be shorter that way and might even move around easier. Unfortunately, it was pretty uncomfortable. The cable around the cock ring kept pinching my scrotum skin. My second approach was to affix a permanent loop around the PA ring and another around the padlock. I figure this would greatly reduce the amount of wire I was carrying around in my crotch. This was what I slept with last night.

Well, tried to sleep with. I need Belle back in bed with me. Somehow, when she’s there and I can hold her, I fall asleep easier than if she’s not. This seems counter-intuitive to me, but it is what it is. Without her there, I’m just too damned horny to drift off. The sex lizard in my subconscious keeps interjecting erotic thoughts into my brain as I lay there. That causes the tube to fill which in turn reminds me of my status and what I can’t do about it. The engorgement subsides after a few minutes, but I find myself wanting to feel it again as soon as it’s gone. I think I finally fell asleep around 1:00 AM.

At 4:00, the cable woke me up. The aluminum ferrule had ridden up into the tube and was pinching me when I was hard. In fact, the fixed hoop’s inflexibility and the close proximity of the ferrule to sensitive meat is the downfall of that particular design. Once awake, the aforementioned subconscious lizard kept me up for the rest of the night.

Now, I’m back to the original design but with a slightly longer cable. So far, so good. Haven’t felt any pulling or other pain. The cable does form a bit of a hard point where it’s bent around the PA ring and that does occasionally poke the part of the head of the cock between the PA hole and urethral opening, but it’s manageable so far.

In other chastity nerdery news, I’m somewhat amazed at how my scrotum has adjusted to the device. For the longest time, it would be stretched tight, especially at night. But now, even when engorged, I find a noticeable amount of loose skin. Overall comfort has increase dramatically. I may have finally and fully “outgrown” the 1 7/8″ ring.

Be sure to check back later for another exciting entry in Thumper’s PA cable saga.


I cut the wire off. The pain was getting worse and more frequent so I didn’t really have much choice. I’m pretty sure I know what happened, though. I’m currently wearing a 6ga segment ring in my PA instead of my old 8ga captive ball ring. The segment ring, when assembled, looks like a continuous and (mostly) smooth ring. In the case of mine (and maybe all of them) there remains a very small gap between the segment and the ring into which it snaps. While the ring is in, it rotates freely through the piercing. Sometimes the segment disappears into the head of the cock, sometimes it’s visible.

Insert tab A into slot B
Insert tab A into slot B

Well, what I think happened was that the gap between the segment and the ring, when rotated into the head of the dick, was being pulled against the incredibly sensitive tissue in there when the shaft was trying to retract. The edges of the ring are actually pretty sharp (sharper than they appear in the picture). I wasn’t being pinched as much as I was getting cut. Owie. So anyway, the wire’s off and I haven’t felt anything except during the night and this morning when I was fully engorged (“erect” doesn’t seem like the right word). Well see how the day goes. Belle (and the key) gets back Monday night. If I feel like I need to remove the ring, I’ll need to stage a breakout from the CB6K. I really have no idea if I can get the entire thing off when it’s locked. Hopefully, I won’t need to find out.

In the future, I’ll either need to make the wire a little longer so it doesn’t pull at all or I’ll need to get a 6ga captive ball ring. On the one hand, it won’t have any exposed sharp edges like the segment does, but on the other hand, the ball will keep everything from moving as freely and will eat up just that much more internal volume from the tube (which already gets a little crowded). I won’t be trying anything for at least a week, though. Even if I’m not dealing with little cuts and it’s only abraded and raw, I need time to heal.

Pinch pinch

Well, maybe I spoke too soon when I gave my homebrew PA cable the old Thumper seal of approval. Today, I’m getting sporadic, intense pinching sensations from the area around the piercing. Like right now ouch ouch ouchouchOUCH!

Figure 1 (just like a biology textbook)

OK, it stopped. Kinda. I think this is being caused by one of two things. It could be that the piercing is being aggravated by some pulling. Even though it has a lot more leeway from the cable sliding in and out of the tube, there is still a minor amount of pulling. If the cable went in about a quarter inch more, it’d be better. The other, and I think more likely, option is that the segment ring is pinching some of my skin on the little lip caused by the flared “penis head” shape of the CB-6000 tube. Once in a while, this area swells a little while I’m locked up and I’m experiencing that now. This pinching is not a new sensation. I’ve felt it occasionally when wearing a curved bar bell, but it’s always passed fairly quickly. Now, though, it appears as though the wire holding the ring will allow it to retreat just enough to pinch a wad skin on that little ridge – and hold it there. In any event, this is not the good kind of pain. It’s the “oh Jesus, get this thing off of me” kind of pain. I’m going to give it to the end of the day and see if it gets better. I might have to cut the wire off. That would suck, big time.

Meanwhile, I’m horny as a phrynosoma platyrhinos. Once the offspring were down for the count last night, I spent the better part of the evening reading chastity and denial porn (which, by the way, is even more formulaic than normal porn) and otherwise making myself hot and bothered. When I’m alone like that, I feel as though I can get myself so turned on than I could ignite a match just by holding it between my fingers. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I think the new cable actually enhanced my arousal. In the past, I’ve always known in the back of my mind that I was choosing to leave the device in place, but now I know that I have no choice at all. It’s way. Fucking. Hotter.

Eventually, I decided to try to sleep (since, of course, I was never going to be able to alleviate my condition) and I just laid there, tossing and turning. I was afraid of repeating that horrible night last time Belle was absent when my abject horniness kept me awake for a day and a half, but, with the help of my iPhone and a relaxing noise generator app, eventually drifted off. My sleep was fitfull. The CB6K seemed to be straining all night long. Regardless, I know I’ll do it to myself all over again tonight.


A while back, I got a PA security cable from Kept For Her. As I said at the time, I couldn’t wear it due to the stress it put on my piercing by keeping the cock fully extended to the end of the CB6K’s tube. However, the thought of finding a way to make my incarceration undefeatable has stuck with me. Actually, it’s less of a thought and more of an obsession.

But why? I’ve taken umbrage against those who feel the need to have a perfectly secure way to lock up cocks. I’ve said, and still feel, the number one most effective security device when it comes to controlling the orgasms of any man in between his ears. Everything else is just window dressing. I don’t need my chastity device to keep from coming, but I like wearing it for other reasons (mostly having to do with my bondage kink). So no, I haven’t remained obsessed with higher security chastity because I can’t be controlled, but because I find it incredibly fucking hot.

As I mentioned, the biggest problem I found with KFH’s cable is that it held my captive ball ring in place way down at the end of the CB6K, even when the cock it was pierced through wanted to move up and down the tube. Normal penis movement is managed through the contraction and release of a ligament, so it can really start to pull and get very uncomfortable. Any man who’s been in a CB-X000 device knows his meat shortens and lengthens leaving the tube sometimes full (even without an erection) and sometimes only half-full (or even less).

So I wondered what would happen if the cable used to secure the ring were longer and could withdraw into the tube as the penis it was tending pulled back. Since the KFH’s cable is too thick to bend, I, in my very best imitation of Tom Allen, took off to my local Home Depot.

Man, how many pictures are you trying to hang, anyway?
Man, how many pictures are you trying to hang, anyway?

I procured two options, both in the picture hanging section. The first is called “invisible wire” and is basically a thick plastic filament. The other is 30 lbs. coated picture wire. I was unwilling to open either package in the store to find out their bendability, so decided to buy them both. Upon opening the invisible wire, I found it to be very stiff – even stiffer than than the KFH cable. There’s no way it would be able to go up the tube. The coated picture wire, though, was very bendable. Not so flexible that it would, all by itself, bend through the CB6K’s slot as the penis pulled it back, but it’s very good at holding a bend and isn’t too thick to fit inside the slot.


The other thingamajig I picked up were aluminum ferrules to secure the loops on each end that hook on to the padlock. The KFH cable uses thinner brass ferrules to secure their loops, but I couldn’t find those at Home Depot. I would have preferred them since they’re quite a bit thinner than the aluminum ones I got, but the Home Depot version isn’t so much bigger that it makes much difference.

The KFH cable, it turns out, is about the right length for what I wanted. At first, I assumed I’d need something longer, but all that extra cable just gets caught and otherwise in the way. My second attempt was almost exactly the same length as KPH’s design. I threaded the cable through the ferrules, and then back through them again to make a loop, crimped them shut with Vice Grips, and cut off the excess. When inserted through my PA’s 6ga segment ring and bent around the ring so it’s able to enter the slot and extend into the tube by about half an inch, it’s just about perfect. When the dick moves down or I’m hard, the cable slides out. When the dick retracts, the cable slides in. I hardly know it’s there. Total cost, less than $5.

Now, the CB6K is absolutely secure. There’s no way whatsoever for me to defeat it, short of cutting the wire and then pulling out. Since I’m only at day two of my current stint, I haven’t felt that urge to claw at the device yet, but I can already feel little electric thrills run through me when I stop and consider there’s no way to get it off.

Yeah, that’s hot.

Quick review: PA Security Cable

One of the reasons I got a Prince Albert piercing was because I wanted to make the CB-6000 more secure. I do not believe the device needs to be a lot more secure (for me, anyway) but the idea that it’s been made to be impossible to escape from is much hotter than knowing I could always slip out if I really and truly wanted to. (The other, and main, reason I got the PA is because I think it’s fucking hot to see stainless through the head of my dick. But that’s just me.)

The first step toward greater security is getting the hole made. Check. The second step is wearing a trapped-ball ring or other closed ring jewelry through the hole. Check. The third step is to acquire something like Kept For Her’s PA Security Cable. Triple check.

The cable, including shipping, costs ten dollars which hits the sweet spot of giving KFH an incredible amount of margin on each sale but not so much that you’d be bothered to go make something yourself. Ordering was a snap and they shipped and delivered it very quickly. The product itself is made from a short length of nylon-coated 1/16″ stainless steel cable with loops on each end affixed with brass ferrules. Very secure-feeling. The nylon coating makes the cable smooth to the touch and should, with wear, keep it from damaging the polycarbonate of the CB6K.

I got mine on Monday and immediately ran it though my ring and secured it in the lock. Here are some NSFW images (shot as demurely as possible so as to protect my delicate sensibilities) of the cable in action: through the lock, through the ring. Of course, the Achilles heel in this scheme is the ring. If you can push the ball out of the ring without tools, you can defeat the cable and, eventually, the entire device. KFH recommends a ball that’s too big to fit through the slot, which would enhance the security greatly. I can just get the ball out of my 8ga ring and it does fit through the slot, so I’d advise others to use 6ga or larger as those are more difficult to manipulate without tools and generally come with larger balls. I am planning on going to 6ga eventually (and maybe even 4ga), so I guess I’ll find out.

A bigger issue for me than my ring, though, was comfort. KFH says on their site, “This cable is totally comfortable to wear, you won’t even know it’s there.” I found that when my penis was extended and its head was up against the slot, their claim is true. However, my dick likes to move around in there and will sometimes retract about half way up the tube. When secured by the cable, this is impossible. It places a steady stress on the piercing which, at first, wasn’t too painful, but after 2.5 hours I found to be unbearable. This may be due to my hole not being fully healed (though I think it is). It may also be due to the jewelry being too thin at 8ga. I’ll try again at 6ga and see if there’s a difference.

Bottom line, based on my experience, I cannot reccomend the PA Security Cable. However, the concept of it is still incredibly hot and I would love to hear the experiences of those who have tried it and found it to be wearable.