Plug run

I was getting ready for my run yesterday and decided I really didn’t want to be unplugged during. I admit, that’s not logical. I run better when there’s nothing up there (as you would expect), enjoy it more, etc., but I’m also slightly compulsive about some things (you don’t say) and I’m obsessed over keeping myself plugged until Saturday (Friday night, minimum).

Thinking that the issue with the WMCBP was its mass, I thought I’d switch to a plug I hadn’t used in a long time: The njoy Pure 2.0. The Pure is a lovely, lovely thing. So smooth and shiny and, I had forgotten, really dense and heavy (one and a third pounds compared to the MWCBP at 1.1 lbs). Turns out, the smooth part makes it particularly poorly suited for running (though the narrow handle is better than the other plug’s large stoppers).

I wasn’t a half mile in when I realized it wasn’t going to work. It’s so damned heavy and smooth that with every impact it was trying to slip out and I had to focus very specifically on gripping it. If I let my mind wander, it’d start to move down again and more than once I felt more of it slipping back in than I thought had moved and was worried it’d fall right out. My flimsy running shorts wouldn’t have done much to stop it. I kept a look out for a secluded spot to pull it out and found one at about 1.6 miles into the run. It only took a few seconds to reach back and grab the oval handle and slip it out. It was totally clean (as I expected it to be) and I was able to hold it in my hand the rest of the way. Well, I had to swap it back and forth because, oh, did I mention, the fucking thing is heavy! At least I got a little arm workout from it.

My obsessive spirit guilted me out the rest of the way. Back in the driveway, I immediately slipped behind my truck and put it back in. By that point, my poor little sphincter was all tuckered out from fighting it so I eventually had to go back to the WMCBP. Much wider, but more to grip and significantly more comfy. That big boy’s not coming out accidentally, that’s for sure.

Other than that, no issues. Remarkably easy, actually. Sleeping last night was easier since Belle was home. I did wear it to the gym this morning. It was biceps and triceps day which meant preacher curls which meant a particular combination of bench and weight and motion that drove the plug in very deeply.

I find there are times when the plug’s a distraction and I’d rather it not be there but there are a lot more when I either stop thinking about it or really enjoy the feeling of it. The Pure plug was both distracting and enjoyable (prior to the run) in that it’s curved shape draws a bullseye on the prostate. Already puffy from more than week since the last orgasm and three days of contact with the other plugs, the Pure gave it quite a poke. Perhaps if the WMCBP hadn’t already opened me up as much as it had or I had been wearing more supportive clothing like a pair of jeans it would have stayed put better.

Of course, not everyone’s into this kind of thing or likes it, but it does seem to me that this part of a man’s anatomy is wired for significant pleasure potential. The low-grade buzz from the weight and heft of the plug and how it moves with me as I do is more than a little hot. I wonder, now that I’ve found this door and gone through it, how far down this rabbit hole goes (pardon the simile). How will my normal fluctuation of interest in anal play change because of this? Will I more often than not want to be plugged? How will Belle react? No idea, but nearing the halfway mark in the revised goal of one week, I can’t think of anything that would keep me from making it (except if Belle told me to stop, of course — she’s in charge).

Plug life

Saturday morning, I tweeted…

Because, as I also tweeted, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. The notion of leaving a butt plug in place for an extended period in one I’ve toyed with before but I could never make it past the first night. After a dozen hours or so I’d freak about not sleeping due to the sensation and I’d wimp out. I think one time I made it to midnight.

Then I read unixslut’s post I linked to the other day and the idea came back. She infers that she’s plugged all the time since she mentioned it as part of her daily routine. Since it was Saturday and I didn’t have to worry about sleep so much, I decided to give it a shot.

I started out with the Rattler since it’s not as impressively built as the XL World’s Most Comfortable (WMCBP). I took care of hygienic necessities, put it in place, and went about my day. Even went for a four mile run.

I’ve run several times with the Rattler so that was no new thing. I noticed my average pace was up a bit with it in there. Not sure if I was just having a slow day or if the plug affected my time. I could feel it banging around as I ran and if you were running with me you would have heard its clickity pinging. Four miles and no real issue and no desire or need to take it out when I was done. By the end of the day, though, I decided the Rattler was the wrong plug to use for an extended trial. It’s just too long. When inserted, and counting the rubber connector between the plug and the base, it’s about 5.5″. Too much of a good thing.

Interestingly, the XL WMCBP is 18% heftier than the Rattler with a 6.5″ circumference but the Rattler is 18% longer. In this case, as in most issues of phallic size, girth is preferable to length. The WMCBP really is the world’s most comfortable. Bonus points for the way the WMCBP almost always causes me to express a slug of clear precum as it settles into place next to my prostate. Its long, sticky string hung off the end of the Looker’s cage as I flexed my kegel and felt the big plug nestle into my rectum.

The first night went very well. I was, of course, totally aware of the plug as I laid there since it’s more than a pound of dense metal but it wasn’t distracting for some reason. I fell asleep rather quickly and didn’t wake up until a relatively reasonable hour. There was a bit of concern as to what it would be like to wake up plugged (and the possible hygienic issues), but everything was great. Nothing out of the ordinary or especially unpleasant.

I didn’t run on Sunday, but I did do some errands (shopping, etc.). The mass of the big heavy plug was my constant companion. It’s hard to forget it’s in there, but not impossible. I realized at some point that this little experiment was going pretty well and the part of me that always wants to overdo everything was telling me I’d probably miss the sensation of being filled and plugged and that I should keep going past my original 48 hour goal.

Last night was not as good as the first. After a day and half in place, I noticed the plug moving around inside me more. Presumably, my rectum was adjusting to its heavy guest and felt more open than it had the day before. The previous night, it felt like an inert mass. Last night, it was a lot more alive. Every time I’d shift of turn over, the heavy slug would quite noticeably shift into a new position. Laying on my stomach was especially distracting since it felt like the plug was hanging down inside me, suspended from its base. Over a pound of metal squashed my prostate flat and sent a steady thrumming signal to the antenna that was the Looker 02’s urethral insert. That, in turn, caused the penis to swell accentuating its plugged state and the fact that I was plugged from both ends. It was excruciatingly sweet torture. One week’s denial is just enough to get me good and horny and my especially invaded state fed my imagination’s furnace. When I get like this, I can’t not let sexual fantasies run roughshod over my sleepy brain. But I never seriously considered taking the plug out. I had a goal.

Eventually, I did sleep, but it was late and I was up early. Not because of the plug, though once up, its presence helped keep me that way. As I write this, I’m about an hour out from my 48 hour goal. I do admit that I have grown attached to the feeling of being filled and plugged and will keep this little experiment going. Minimally, I’d like to double the original goal. On the outside, one week is a nice round number. We’ll see. The two biggest practical issues I’ll need to deal with will be running (going to try again this afternoon, depending on how much energy I have by the end of the day). Not sure how practical it is to go for another 4-miler with a pound of aluminum in my rectum bouncing around. The other is my trainer. I’m pretty sure the base of both the plugs would be visible through workout clothing if he had me on my back with my legs in the air (ahem). So I guess we’ll just have to see how daring I feel tomorrow morning.

Twitterer schwuld00d pointed out a blogger who strives to stay plugged 24/7/365. I don’t know that I’m capable of going that far. My interest in playing with my butt is one of those things about my sexuality that waxes and wanes. Some days, I have less than zero interest in it. Others, it’s about all I can think about. Right now, I really enjoy how it feels and want to feel more of it. By the end of the week, who knows?